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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?



The ride home was quiet.

None of them spoke to each other

They got home and Kurt opened the door for them and they got out.

He followed behind them till they got into the house.

Please show me to my room, Alondria said the moment they got in.

Sure ma’am, he said with a bow leading her in, none of them spared each other a glance.

Damn! Jared exclaimed kicking the couch which didn’t move instead his leg took the pain.

He just couldn’t believe he actually got married today.

His mind drifted to Williams, how they were holding hands.

It doesn’t look like they just met, what is their relationship?

What is Williams up to?

What did they talk about?

He dialed his moms number but she didn’t pick.

He called her again but still got the same results.

What’s wrong? he wondered

Just them a text came into his phone.

? Why is your wife online and why are you calling? You should be having your honey moon sweetie, bye let me not distract you… with a wink emoji

Jared hissed so loud twisting his nose in disgust.

Honeymoon? Mom must be a joker

He dialed Ashers number but he didnt pick too.

He wasn’t going to call his dad, his dad will pick and scold they hell out of him, grudgingly he made his way upstairs.

He needs to find out what the relationship between Alondria and Williams is.

He can’t be married to a woman who is friends with his enemy.


I got into the room the driver showed me.

I watched as he bowed and left then I quickly went to lock the door.

I don’t want that son of a bitch….. huh… nah Sarah is not a bitch.

Son of a….. what name can I use?

Uhmm.. Son of a beautiful woman?

That’s not an insult then.

I have to find a direct name without involving his poor mother.



Don’t worry Mr Shame I will come up with a name for you before tomorrow.

Mr Shame should serve for now, I thought with water from the shower running directly on my head.

I finished taking a shower then I walked out of the bathroom with the towel tied around my body.

I quickly got dressed in my night wear, spread my self on the bed and drifted off to sleep instantly


Alondria got dressed very early in the morning to go continue her business.

She was on the phone with Scarlet who was yelling but who cares.

? Stay back and enjoy your honeymoon, its too early to work.

? What silly honeymoon? Get the flavors and….

? Are you really talking about the bakery now? Come on you should be gisting me about last night, is he romantic?
Did he serve you breakfast in bed this morning?
He woke you up with a good morning kiss right?

? That jerk? I would be disgusted if he tries that.

? But you weren’t disgusted yesterday when he almost swallowed you in church, aww I was so jealous

? Scar!

? But that’s true, he almost started his honeymoon in church you know, you are one lucky girl.

? What’s lucky about this whole drama?

? You are married to the most handsome and hot dude in Sweden, his display yesterday shows he is sure going to be a lion in…

?Don’t complete that, get off my phone, Alondria said with a scoff hanging up the call and switching off her phone.

She was dressed in the same town she was putting on the day Jared splashed water on her.

The gown and the little stain that was on it will sure fuel her anger when she sets her eyes on him

She walked out of the room bouncing her butt as she walked.

Kurt was standing downstairs when she got there.

Good morning ma’am, he greeted respectfully.

She flashed him a smile.

Breakfast is ready ma’am, the cooks assistant announced bowing

Where is Mr shame? she asked cutting her off.

Mr Sha….shame?

Oh… you didn’t know?
Or you are just pretending not to know?

I don’t know who you are talking about ma’am, the poor maid replied

I see, is he around? she turned to ask Kurt who was staring at her.

Ye…yes ma’am.

Is he coming down for breakfast?

No ma’am.

Show me to his room, Alondria said and Kurt froze.

He knew he couldn’t take her there.

Its absolutely the wrong time to take her there.

I’m waiting, she said I’m a stern voice this time

Ye.. yes ma’am.

After you then, she said with a smirk following behind him.

Kurt on his own was praying silently, hoping he doesn’t pay with his head.

Here ma’am, he said pointing at the guest room door.

Is this his room? she asked.


Alondria glared at him

No ma’am… its…. it’s….

You can go, she said dismissing him as he ran off instantly.

Without knocking, she pushed the door open.

There her husband stood completely naked with his back to her screwing the day light out of the blonde female who was bending before him.

She banged the door and they both turned quickly as their eyes met with the intruder

They didn’t bother locking the door because he knew no one dares come close to the door talk more of opening it.

Maybe he seems to have forgotten that he is no longer the only boss in the house…

She strolled into the room with a smile on her face.

What the f**k are you doing here? Jared barked still backing her with his c**k still buried inside his morning victim but he wasn’t moving anymore

Oh, me?

I was looking for my dear husband, she said clicking her tongue when a thought got into her head.

Since they had her back to her, she pulled out her phone taking pictures of them then she quickly put the phone back into her handbag.

The slut made to move away out of shame, she was expecting his wife to throw tantrums but instead she’s so calm and even discussing with him while she bent shameless like the whore she is.

But Jared’s hands held her back.

He wasn’t done yet.

He was almost at the peak when he was rudely interrupted and he’s trying as hard as he can not to take it out on the lady behind him

You can go miss, you will surely get your payment, Alondria told her calmly as she quickly ran out grabbing her clothes.

What’s the meaning if this!!

Alondria was busy looking around the room, it was empty.

How can those women let him screw them in such a room that has no dignity.

They are whores after all, she thought facing Jared who already threw his clothes on.

She saw his bare ass but she refused to check him out.

He isn’t worth her second glance.

I’m set for work, come drop me off,she said with a serious look


Get that stench off your body, I’m waiting downstairs, she said walking away.

He stared at her like a moron as she swayed her hips to the door.

And don’t keep me waiting, she said this time blowing him a kiss then banged the door.

Who does she think she is? he asked no one in particular.

First she barged in here then dismissed that whore with a smiling face when she is supposed to be nagging like a market woman

Now she’s ordering me to go drop her off to work?

Is she kidding me?

She will have to spend her whole day waiting, he said with a smirk walking back to his room.

The maid who saw him walk out rushed in to clean the room for the next person.

He got into his room and met his phone ringing.

It was his mom.

Finally, he thought happily

He could wait to talk to her about Williams since she wasthe one who texted them the previous day.

? Hey son, she cooed

? Mom how..

? How was your night son?

How did it go? she asked like he was her gossip mate.

? How did what go?

? Come on son don’t be shy, tell me how it went, did you see those sexy lingeries in your room? Did she wear one of them?
Which colour did she wear?

? What?

? Wait you didn’t see it? What did she wear while seducing you then?

? Seducing me? Who?

? Come on stop being shy and tell me about it, my ear has been itching to hear how you did it, is she experienced?
I’m sure she blew your mind, right son?
I trust you to make a good first impression

? Mom???

? Don’t tell me you did it like you do it with those whores? Did you get her injured?

? WTF mom!!

? I see you did it better, I always knew my son was romantic

? Stop saying all these mom, I was going to ask about Williams, Jared finally got to say.

? Williams can wait son, I see you don’t want to talk about it, you are too shy, I will ask her instead.

? Mom don’t… he rushed his words.

He was sure his witch of a wife was going to tell his mom about the girl at the party and the one she caught him with this morning.

? Why not?

? You see.. we… I…. oh here she is,she wants me to drop her off to work,I have to go, he said changing the topic

? Aww, my son is so cute, go drop her off then, I will call you on video call while you both are in the car.

? Video call? It’s not even necessary…

? It is, hurry lover boy, I can’t wait to see her happy face.

? But you can call her..

? I want to see your faces together son, go ahead now, she said and hung up Instantly.

What have I gotten myself into?

Now i have to take her to work.

Why did I have to mention it?

He sat down ruffling his hair when his phone rang again

? Mom?

? Can I call how? Are you with her now?

? Mom???

? Hurry, I’m so excited, I can’t wait, she said and hung up again.


He rushed into the bathroom taking a quick bath.

In less than twenty minutes he was already downstairs.

You are here, Alondria said with a fake smile.

He rolled his eyes at her collecting his SUV key from Kurt.

The MayBach, Alondria spoke from behind him.

Kurt produced it and ALONDRIA snatched it before his hands could touch it.

What are you doing?

Follow me, she commanded handing him her handbag then she rushed off before her head pays the price.

The maids present stared at them like they were seeing strangers.

Jared stared at the female bag on his hands.

Grudgingly he followed her out with the bag hanging awkwardly on his big hands

Alondria was already sitting on the drivers seat when he got there.


I’m driving, get in,she said and he stared at her.

Are you getting in or not?

Get down,I’m driving, he counted.

How can he watch a girl drive him while he sits.

I’m going to drive off, you have to come get your car later,she said with an eye roll

He grunted under his breath trying to maintain Jared’s gentleman man countenance.

He got in with the bag on his hands, he was looking like some kind of sissy or gay.

Alondria burst into laughter staring at the bag on his hands.

He quickly threw the bag at her with a sigh.

Are you going to drive or not?

Ofcourse, i will,she said not bothering about hiding the laughter or the mockery in her eyes.

And don’t get yourself killed, he warned with a glare.

You should be scared of me getting you killed, she said with a scroll on her face.

She drove out of the compound.

Her eyes caught a car parked outside the gate with the occupant sitting inside staring at them.

Jared too saw him recognizing him instantly.

The guy she told the he was her Uber deiver.

The dude that hugged his wife few days ago

Hey River, Alondria called stopping the car surprised to see him.

Hi, he said nervously.

What are you doing here? Jared asked with a growl

Come on sugar, I’m sure he’s here for some business, right River? Alondria asked hoping he won’t foolishly say he’s looking for her.

In as much as she wants to deal with him, she doesn’t want to be tagged a cheating wife.

In my estate for some business? Jared asked with anger dancing on his eyes.

He didn’t seem to realize Alondria called him sugar until she smiled at him.

Sugar? he muttered to his hearing alone.

River stared at them speechlessly

She said she doesnt love him right?

Why then is she smiling at him and calling him sugar with the marriage ring on her finger.

She’s even driving him out happily.

Did they already start their honeymoon? he thought gritting his teeth.

He regretted not doing anything yesterday, only If Hillary didn’t drug him he won’t have to be watching her with this arrogant dude before him.

Right, i’m here for something, you should go ahead, he said with a fake smile.

See you later then, Alondria said driving off immediately.

Why Is he here?
Why didnt you tell him you are married? Jared asked angrily

I’m not married, she said with a snare.

Only on paper, she added rolling her eyes as she increased the speed.


Marriage never start, you don’t dey carry handbag ?

River no go respect em self now?

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