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We Hate Each Other

By Genevieve E.?




Marry my son please, Sarah said breaking into tears.

Is she kidding me?

No, she’s not kidding

There’s no camera here.

This isn’t a prank.

Sarah is serious..

Sarah? I called but that made her cry more..

Anything you want, just name it, this is really important to me, she said pulling out a handkerchief to wipe her tears.

I stared blankly at her as my mind drifted to my sick mom then to what the doctor said the last time we visited the hospital three months ago.

“These drugs will help sustain her for few months but it won’t stop her from dying if nothing is done as soon as possible”

Is this a sign? I questioned

Can she save my mom if I ask her?

What am I even thinking?

I don’t even know who she wants me to marry.

If he is a fatty ass dude or a criple.

Ahh, Sarah wants me to nurse her bedridden son, I thought with wide eyes…

Or is he ugly?

I get it, your son is so ugly that no girl wants to marry him thats why you are asking me to marry him right? I said staring into her eyes and she stared back at me like I just found out the truth.

But you should have faith Sarah, I’m sure he will find a good wife who will love him for who he is, I went on and on giving words of encouragement as she only stared at me.

Sarah? I called to know if she’s listening

Sarah? I called again and she jolted out of her thoughts.

Have I been talking to myself?

Sarah just smiled weakly at me then took my hands.

My son is actually cute, I can assure you that, he’s got the features every lady wants but…

Then why are you looking for a wife for him?

Every lady wants him, I interrupted her.

Its not like that SAS

Is he Sick? i asked with concern

You areny getting it SAS, she said in frustration..

What does i do?

I’m just trying to help, I thought.

My son is completely, he has no issues, he is cute, he is working and rich but…

I waited for her to finish

He has refused getting married, he is womanizer, he likes to sleep with different women, he hates commitment, I just want him to stop.

At 31, he should be taking life serious but its like he is just starting.

So why did you choose me? I asked

I feel you are the perfect girl for him, you are humble, you have good morals amd respectful but you also don’t take shits from anyone

I sighed, thinking about it.

Can i do this?

Is marriage not too soon?

We should at least date first and see if we are compatible.

Jared has dated enough, I want him married

I already told him to get me his bride today, she said.

Then let him get his bride?
Is he not dating anyone?

She let out a small laugh.

If i could trust him with that then I won’t be here.

What do you mean?

I’m sure he already payed someone, maybe a slut to act as his bride to be, she said and I was stunned.

This is no joke.

Can i let my first relationship be with a maniac?

Do i even want to get married?

No, I can’t do this, I have to tell her.

You should think of your mom, I’m sure you are working your ass off to get her treated, this might be a huge opportunity for you, she said and i frowned

I’m not a gold digger Sarah, i spat out venom.

I didn’t….




I sprang on my feet immediately I say Elliott rush in all sweaty and tensed.

Why is it Elliot?

What’s wrong? I asked shaking already.

Sarah sprang on her feet too

It… its mom…..she

She what?

She collapsed on the floor, he said amd without asking I rushed out as Scarlet followed me.

Londria wait, you don’t even know where she is, she said and I rushed back to Elliott work was already out with Sarah.

Where is….

At the hospital, they took her to the hospital.

Without asking for which hospital I ran off again.

Londria wait, the hospital, Sarah yelled running after me.

Seeing her run to me with so much concern melted my heart as I broke down in tears.

.Let’s go with my car SAS, she said and I saw her driver already opened the door.

I eushed in with Eliot but Scarlet had to stay back to take Care if the shop.

Elliot cried all the way to the hospital.


They all rushed in but Alondria was the first to get in.

One of her footwear slipped off her feet but she didn’t care.

She left it there and ran in.

Where is my mom? she asked no one in particular when she ran in.

Calm down ms, who are you looking for?

Mrs Ruby

Ruby Sweet, she was brought in here unconscious, she said panting.

Okay, she’s in the emergency ward, you should wait for the doctor.

The three waited as they paced impatiently for the doctor to get out.

Mrs Sarah’s phone rang and her eyes widened.

Just few minutes left for the celebration and she isn’t home yet.

? Honey… where have you been? Mr Justin’s worried voice rang in her ear

? I’m on my way, please honey…I’ll be there right away.

She gave an apologetic look to Alondria who nodded then she walked off.

Just then the doctor called her into his office.


How is she? Alondria asked and he shook his head.

She is very weak, he said.

Has she been skipping her drugs?

No, I make sure I get her drugs whenever it finishes.

She has been skipping her drugs Dria, Eliots tiny voice spoke up.

How? Alondria half yelled.

I have been..

She doesnt want to disturb you so sometimes she had to pretend she has drugs, he Said and she almost fainted.


Disturb me?

Damn mom.

This is all my fault,she said hitting her head on the doctors table.

That’s enough, he said calmly helping her up.

We need to prepare for her surgery.

But you said the drugs wil sustain her till…

That was before.

What do you mean?

She might not survive if nothing is done on the next 48hrs, he dropped the bombshell

No, no, thats not….. she couldn’t complete her statement because she slumped right there and fainted.


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