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( ?????? ???????????)

A feminine figure stood under the shower as she allowed the water to pour freely on her body from her head to her toes.

Her slim toned arms washed the soap off her inky black hair and face, she had a glossy white skin, flat stomach and tiny waist that any girl would wish to have.

After few seconds, the running sound of the shower stopped and Skyler Wang stepped out of the bathroom.

There was a white towel on the cloth stand and she didn’t waste a second before grabbing it and wrapping it around her body.

Hour glass shape, slim and tall figure, pretty face and long hair was definitely what defined her beauty.

After drying herself up, she took the peach colored dressing robe on her bed and put it on before moving gracefully to sit on the vanity table.

A diamond ring was the first thing that came to her view, a wide smile formed on her lips as she picked it up and slid it on her third finger.

Last two weeks, Felix Newman proposed to her and she said yes. Felix was her long time boyfriend, they met at glamorous designs, Skyler’s work place.

Glamorous designs was a fashion designer company where handmade clothes and fresh designs are made. It has always been a dream of Skyler to be recognized as one of the best designer in the game so she enjoys working hard.

The ringing tone of her phone Interrupted her thoughts. It was from her best friend named Ashely and she picked.

“Skyler!” A female voice mixed with some other noises and music, sounded from the other end.

Skyler could tell that her friend was in a club house.

“What’s up bîtch?” Skyler replied but her gaze was admiring the diamond ring on her middle finger through the mirror.

“Skyler where are you?” Ashely asked.

“I think I should ask you that?” Skyler rolled her eyes and dropped her hand down.

She put her phone on speaker and dropped it on the table then took her makeup box.

“What is wrong with you, we planned to meet at 24 night club but you’re not here yet, are you planning to miss your bridal shower?” Ashely sounded like she was scolding her.

Skyler dropped the powder and took her red lipstick then began painting her lips.

“I was working” she simply replied when she was done.

“Wor… Working? Girl today is the last day for being unmarried don’t you wanna enjoy it?” If Skyler could see Ashely’s face, she would have seen her frowning.

“I’m getting dressed now” she muttered and took the mascara.

“Please hurry up, Wendy and the other girls are waiting” Ashely hung up.

Skyler rolled her eyes and continued with her makeup, she smiled when she felt satisfied with her work.

Her phone began ringing for the again and this time it was from Felix.

She picked up immediately.

“Baby can you send me the drawings you promised to help me with?” His voice rang out immediately.

Skyler frowned.

“Here we go again, work, drawings, help me with this and that! Have you forgotten tomorrow is our wedding?” She squeezed her face.

There was a short silence before a playful laughter was heard.

“I was joking babe, wanted to grab your reaction”.

Skyler joined in the laughter too.

“Make sure you have all the fun you want this night because tomorrow is going to be a different day” he said afterwards.

“Yeah, we are getting married” Skyler smiled sheeply.

“And I can’t wait for tomorrow” he replied.

“Me too” Skyler smiled widely, she could already see herself looking good in her wedding dress for him.

There was another silent again before Skyler heard Felix clearing his throat.

“Can you still send the design ideas, I want to admire your hard work babe, since I have nothing to do this evening” he stylishly asked.

Skyler smiled and nodded.

“I will send them to you and I need to go now, Ashely and the girls are waiting for me” she said.

“Okay” he nodded.

“Love you” she smiled.

“Yeah bye, and I’m expecting the pictures” he replied and hung up.

He didn’t say he loves her back which made Skyler frown but remembering tomorrow was their wedding, she smiled and shook it off.



The restaurant was field with various couples sitting on their romantic table and eating, some where dancing to the soft music coming from the piano.

A man dressed in a light blue blazer was sitting alone, his feet kept tapping the floor like he was impatiently waiting for someone.

Mason sighed for the umpteenth time before checking his silver wristwatch. He was a good looking man who had a well defined face. A pencil nose that matched with his almond shaped eyes and thin lips and also a sculpted jaw line any guy would wish to have.

He looked like the coldest person anyone could ever lay their eyes on but despite this look, he could still have thousands of girls wrapped around his fingers if he wants.

He picked up his iPhone from the table, dialed a number and placed it on his ears again.

??? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ??????. ?????? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ?????, ????? ???!

He sighed and put his phone in his pocket. His date stood him up again and he wasn’t happy with it.

“Waiter” he called in a calm voice and a waiter came to him immediately.

“Cheque please, I’m leaving” he stood up.

In terms of body and height, it would be a ten out of ten for him.

The cheque was given to him, he paid for the glass of water he ordered then left.



The loud musics, the disco light and the people dancing crazily could be seen happening in the club.

In a table near the bartender section, Skyler and her friends could be seen having fun.

“Please guys, I can’t take anymore!!” Skyler shook her head as she refused to drink more beer from Ashely, Wendy and her other friends.

She was dressed in a mini silver sparkling dress that brought out her sexy curves and flat stomach.

“It’s your last night of being unmarried, enjoy it” Wendy forced another glass of tequila in her hands.

She was a beautiful girl with blonde hair.

“I’m okay with being like this, I’ll enjoy myself the most tomorrow” Skyler shook her head.

“This is called bridal shower Skyler, all women does this and I’m sure Felix is somewhere, drinking with his friends” Ashely said, she was also very beautiful with this dull brown coloured hair and sexy body that any guy would die for.

As she spoke, the other girls agreed with her by nodding.

“Fine, one last shut” Skyler collected the glass and gulped it whole.

“Whoooo!!” The girls screamed and clapped.

“Right, I have a surprise” Ashely grabbed Skyler’s hands and made her sit on a chair that was kept in an empty space.

“What are you doing?” Skyler narrowed her eyes at her, she was feeling a bit dizzy but not drunk.

“You will see, boys!!!” Ashely shouted and almost immediately some shirtless guys dressed in only black fitting jeans came in.

They were the definition of what any woman would call hot. The girls began clapping and squealing in sight of them.

“Who are these?” Skyler’s eyes widened.

“Shhh!” Ashely bent to Skyler’s level and put her forefingers on her lips.

“Talk less, enjoy the show” she whispered and stepped back before clapping her hands.

The men began twisting their waist in a sèxy rhythm they would occasionally arrange their hair backwards which brought their sèxy hairy armpit to view.

“So sèxy!!! Gosh my eyes are burning!!!” Wendy screamed.

Skyler blocked her eyes with her palms immediately.

“I can’t, feels like I’m cheating on Felix” she whined and shook her head.

One of the men moved that seemed to be the sexiest, moved close to her. He took her hands away from her eyes then placed it on his chest then made her caressed it.

Skyler’s eyes widened even more, his rock hard chest felt so smooth, she was tempted to squeeze but it was wrong.

“So sèxy” she muttered.

“I know right?” Ashely smiled and the man released her hand before going to join the other men to dance.

“So good!!” Wendy and the other girls clapped loudly, the took another bottle of beer and began drinking and that was how their night kept going.




“Did she send the pictures?” A sexy woman dressed in an exposed nightie walked to the living room with two glasses of wine.

Felix was sitting on the couch with his laptop on his laps as he was going through the drawings of some cloth designs.

He was a handsome young man of about twenty five years old. He had this arrogant look that gives this play boy vibes to people other than Stella.

Felicia sat beside him and peeped at the laptop. She was also his work partner.

“Your fiancè is actually talented” she sounded jealous.

Felix snorted and closed the laptop.

“She is talented but I’m better than her” he rolled his eyes before taking the glass of red wine.

“Yeah you’re better than her that’s why you always need to look at her designs before trying yours” sarcasms was definitely present in Felicia’s voice.

Felix shook his head and gulped the wine.

“So, you ready for your wedding tomorrow?” Felicia asked.

Felix smiled and stood up, he took his phone and put on the record then placed it on the selfie stick in front of the couch.

“What are you doing?” Felicia narrowed her eyes and crossed her legs together as she watched him.

He smiled and turned to her then suddenly lifted her up from the couch. The next thing she knew, she was straddling him.

He rubbed on her ass and spanked it.

“Felix!” She smiled naughtily.

“Today is my last night being unmarried, why don’t we have fun?” His voice was husky as he stared into her eyes.

“What do you have in mind?” She bit her lips and he pressed her tightly to himself.

“I want to have a recording of me fûcking the hell out of you” he replied huskily.

“Are you going to show your chinese fiance?” She asked and he buried his face into her big bóobs and she moaned softly.

“I’d be really stupid to do so, but your pûssy is sweater than hers. I want to watch it each time I feel horny” he replied and crashed his lips on hers.

Felicia pulled away from him immediately.

“Does this mean I won’t get to feel your big dick inside of me again?” There was a frown on her face.

Felix smiled and before Felicia knew it, he pushed himself inside her. She gasped loudly and turned her face back to see her panties on the floor.

“When did you take it off you bad boy?” She said naughtily but Felix only replied her by moving in and out of her with full speed.

“Fuck!” Felicia gripped on his shoulders right.

She turned back to have a peek of his huge dick was coming in and out of her and she began screaming.

“God look at that long dîck! Fuck me baby!!” She moaned crazily.

“As you wish princess” Felix replied and adjusted her properly on his lap then began moving as fast as hell inside of her.

“Ahhhh!!! Felix yes!!”

“Don’t stop… fuck!!!”

Her bîtchy moans were so loud and his phone kept recording every single thing.



The last name Delgado was a really popular name in Los Angeles California. The name alone has different billion dollar fashion designing companies and brands re-presented under it and it’s controlled by an old man in his 70’s.

Old man Mario was what everyone calls him. He was among one of the top five richest man world wide and his children takes after him.

Speaking of children, the old man has four which consists of two men and two women and together, they gave him six grand children.

His first son was named Dylan Delgado who has a son named Mason that’s about 26 of age. Mason was not currently in the country.

Dylan also daughter named Ivy ( 22 of age )and a wife named Maya who was as stubborn as her daughter.

Old man Mario’s second son was named Antonio Delgado who has a son named Hudson who was 25 of age, following Mason from behind and a daughter named Edna who was 23 of age, her character is to always fight with Ivy.

Antonio was divorced with his wife so Hudson and Edna grew up under his care.

Then Mario’s first daughter was named Emily, she was a barren so she didn’t marry but has an adopted son named Carson, who was just 18 of age, still a highschool student. Everyone in the mansion picks on him because he’s the youngest.

And lastly, Mario’s last daughter was named Rosa, she has a son she was not proud of because he doesn’t work hard like his fellow brother to impress his grandpa and take part in the company, he just love being alone.

His name is Jacob and he was 24 years of age.

The names of people mentioned are one of the most biggest names in California. They are the most talked about family especially the first grandson Mason Delgado.

No one has seen his face but they have heard about the splendid clothes designs he had created over the years. Rumors has it that he was very handsome and of course filthy rich.

People want to know about him but he wasn’t giving any chance. He was a hidden billionaire that world has been trying to find for years.

The Delgado mansion was decorated with some art painting and sculpture. The wall was painted white and the chairs were made out of smooth foams with a well designed wood.

A maid just dropped the last plate of dish on the dinning before picking up the small bell that was always kept on the center and ringing it.

Almost immediately, Carson slid down from the golden hem of staircase and landed on the ground.

“Can you kindly dish my food Matilda? I have test at school tomorrow so I need to go to bed early” he gave the maid a puppy eye since he was the cutest and youngest of them all.

“Not this time Carson, your mother has already told me to make sure you don’t eat anything until your grand father comes down” Matilda smiled at him and began leaving.

“If you help me this once then I might consider dating you” he shouted after her.

“You wish” a female voice sounded beside him.

When he turned back, he screamed out of fright.

“What?” Ivy frowned at him, she had a black colored beauty mask plastered on her face.

“What in the mother fucking hell did you put on your face? I just finished watching a horror movie and you look like a zombie” he replied.

“Hey take that back! Do you know who you’re talking to? I won the beauty pageant last year!” She frowned at him.

“How? With that zombie face of yours?” He laughed and she pointed at him.

“Carson! This is why you don’t have a girlfriend even when you’ve clocked eighteen” she shouted.

“Yeah that’s because I keep turning everyone down but you’re twenty two and you’ve never heard your first kiss talk more of a boyfriend” he sticked his tongue out.

Ivy lost it and began chasing him around.

“Ivy!!” Edna was holding a carton as she angrily matched down the stairs in her pencil mouth heels.

She missed a step and fell then began rolling down each stairs by steps till she got to the main floor.

“Gosh you still can’t walk on heels? And I thought Ivy the worse big cuz!” Carson slapped his forehead.

Edna ignored him and stood up then pointed to Ivy in anger.

“One of my beauty mask is missing” she said.

“I didn’t take it!” Ivy looked elsewhere.

“You didn’t take it? Then what is that on your face!” Edna yelled.

As she was yelling Carson walked to sit on the dining.

“Come on stop this sis, you have lots of those so it will be nice to just share with your cousin” Hudson said from behind as he came down.

He was a handsome young man,dressed in a shirt that was half buttoned with jeans trousers.

“Bro I would mind if someone else use it but this girl is an ugly toad! She don’t deserve to touch my things!” Edna complained.

“Watch your stùpid mouth, I won beauty pageant last year!!” Ivy fired back.

Hudson rolled his eyes and went to sit on the dinning with Carson, listening to them fight was just a waist of the his time.

“Can the both of you shut up and please?” Rosa climbed down the stairs with her son. She stopped walking and angrily pushed him to the front.

“And be smart for once, do something with your life!!” She yelled at him.

“It’s not nice to yell at kids” Emily came down with Maya, Dylan and Antonio.

“And before you talk to me, try to give birth to your own children” Rosa eyed her.

“You’re talking as if you’re not the reason your son is worthless and your husband committed suicide” Maya scoffed and Rosa faced her.

“Not today” Dylan held his wife and pulled her downstairs, Antonio rolled his eyes and followed behind while Rosa was fuming hard.

Soon the table was complete, old man Mario was already sitting on first chair.

“Grandpa can we start eating now? Who are we still waiting for”

Immediately Carson made that statement, the main door opened and a pair of well polished shoes stepped in.


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