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( ????? ???? ???? ?? ????)

“Oh dear don’t choke, drink some water” Emily passed a glass of water to Skyler.

Skyler collected it and gulped almost the whole cup while Mason just stared at her.

“I’m sorry, the food is just really spicy” she cleared her throat and arranged her hair backwards.

Mason suddenly exchanged her food with his own.

“If it’s too spicy then you should try eating something not too spicy to avoid choking next time” he said gently.

Skyler just stared at him but he looked like he wasn’t joking, she nodded and began eating his food.

“But why are you choking on the mention of great grandchild?” Grandpa Mario asked.

“Dad, they just got married and Skyler looks to young to have a baby so let’s stop talking about this” Maya rolled her eyes.

She wanted a grandchild too but not from Skyler.

“What’s wrong with you Maya? Skyler should be twenty four to five years old so what’s wrong with her having a child? Do you want dad to die first?” Rosa said with a smirk.

“It’s between my son and dad so you should keep shut and know when to speak!” Maya fired back at her.

Skyler squeezed her face as she continued eating.

“Aunt Rosa and aunt Maya, can you guys stop? You’re making Skyler really Uncomfortable, she doesn’t wanna have a child now because she isn’t done with making my red carpet dress” Edna added her mouth.

“Urgh! You suck! You only care about yourself” Carson rolled his eyes and Edna glared at him.

The table was filled with argument from them and Dylan exchanged looks with Antonio, not knowing what to say.

“If you guys make me angry then I’d cut off your allowance for this month” Grandpa Mario threatened and everyone kept quiet.

“After dinner, I want to see Mason and Hudson in my study” he added.

Mason looked at Hudson and Hudson scoffed before facing his food. He nodded and took a spoon of food in his mouth.


In the old man’s study, Mason and Hudson were sitting opposite Grandpa Mario. Mason had a blank look on his face while Hudson looked angry.

“So Mason explain why you did this to your cousin” grandpa Mario passed a file to Mason.

Mason looked at it and simply carried his eyes away.

“Because he was dressed as a driver” he shrugged.

Hudson immediately pointed his finger at him with widened eyes. He was about to start lashing Mason but Grandpa Mario was fast enough to stop him why raising his fingers in mid air.

“Incase you don’t know Hudson but dressing smart to work is a sign of seriousness” Grandpa Mario told him.

“But it don’t matter right? I’m your grandson, my grandma owns the company so I can dress anyhow I want” Hudson didn’t look pleased.

“Things are not done that way boy, you have to dress well if you’re really ready to work so leave my office and change your behavior, you’re on a week suspension from going to D•S” Grandpa Mario said to him.

Hudson gasped, he still wanted to argue but he didn’t want grandpa Mario to change his mind all of the sudden again ban him permanently so he obeyed and stood up.

“Fine Grandpa, I will change” he gave a short bow before away.

Mason wanted to stand up but Grandpa Mario stopped him.

“I didn’t ask you to leave” he said.

Mason frowned and leaned back on his chair.

“I noticed you don’t spend too much time with your wife. You just come back from the company around 8pm while she stays at home then you both have dinner and the same routine over and over again” Grandpa Mario gave him a stare.

“Well I’m busy with work” Mason simply replied.

“That’s not an excuse, the both of you are married and you haven’t gone for your honey moon yet, who does that?” Grandpa Mario said.

“Grandpa it’s too early to talk of honey moon, I just stared handling in the company so I can’t leave it” Mason frowned his face.

“I’m not telling you to leave the company I’m just saying you should spend some alone time with your wife, you can leave the mansion and lodge at a hotel for even three days” Grandpa Mario tried convincing Mason but he was reluctant.

“I already spent enough time with her in Paris” the moment that word escaped Mason’s lips, Grandpa Mario angrily banged the table with his fist.

“I’m going to eighty soon Mason, I’m not dum and you should know I was once your age. Do you think you can fool me bringing Skyler home the next day as your wife after I promised to give you the company” he looked at Mason.

Mason wanted to talk but he pressed his lips together.

“Don’t also forget I raised you so when you lie to me, I’d know” Grandpa Mario added.

“Fine” Mason sighed in defeat.
“We will leave on Friday and return on Monday or Sunday night” he mumbled.

“Good, you can leave now” Grandpa Mario smiled and Mason stood up and left.

The old man had a smile on his face as he stared at the door. If there was one thing he was good at then it’s observing, he could tell Skyler was a good and the right person for his son.

Mason thought he was doing a casual thing but he didn’t know he found true love without knowing but it was left for him to discover it.



Mason was surprised to meet Skyler sitting on the study table and cutting a piece of cloth with scissors.

“Still one this” he muttered and moved towards her then took her sketchbook.

He began going through it and though his face didn’t show it but he was impressed.

“You drew all these yourself?” He asked and Skyler nodded without paying him a glance.

He flipped through another page and nodded to himself.

“How long have you been drawing and designing?” He asked.

“Since I was five but I did my first design when I was eleven” she replied before dropping the scissors she was holding.

“Hmm.. they are nice” he muttered and closed the book.

Skyler looked a little surprised when she heard him compliment her drawings but she smiled afterwards.

“Thanks” she said.

In the past when she showed Felix what she drew, he won’t say anything to praise her, all he’d always say is that she was good and she should help her draw for him. How could she not know that he has been using her all these while?

“If I asked you to be one of our artist in D•S styles then would you agree?” His question woke Skyler from her thoughts and she looked at him, blinking repeatedly.

“Me? Work at D•S styles?” She asked in shock.

“You haven’t replied me” he frowned.

“Yes of course” she said cheerfully.

“Good because we are looking for good artists, I can see you have a lot of potentials, you just need a little training and you’ll be fine” he nodded at her before walking to take his laptop.

“Are you inviting me?” She asked.

“After I seen what you’ve done on Edna’s dress then I will consider you working there” he replied and began moving towards her with the laptop.

“Challenging, I like it” she smirked and he dropped the laptop in front of her.

Skyler looked at it with confusion. They were three pictures of hotels in the screen.

“Choose one” he said.

Skyler creased her brows but pointed the one at the middle.

“Good then we will be going there one Friday” He told her.

“Huh?” She creased her brows at him.

“Grandpa told me to take you out for you to spend some time alone with me during the weekend” he answered the question he knew she wanted to ask.

“But..” she wanted to talk but he beats her to it as he covered his laptop and went to bed.

“It was grandpa not me!”

Skyler sighed and continued what she was doing, she was feeling sleepy after two hours and she stood up from bed, turned off the light before joining Mason on the bed.



“And we’ll be having an important guest today.. Regina Wilson!!” A woman sitting on a chair and crossing her legs said with a mic.

Claps started as Regina found her way in. She was dressed in a mini red gown and black heels.

She sat opposite the woman and crossed her legs together.

“Regina how are you doing today?” She asked.

“I’m doing good” Regina smiled.

“So we will love to ask you some questions ready?” She asked and Regina nodded.

“So how do you feel about your boyfriend and the Mario Delgado granddaughter acting a really strong romance movie together?” She shot her first question.

“It’s fine, it’s just work” Regina forced a smile.

“Are you sure? Remember when Blake said Ivy was pretty and he would love to date her? How did you feel about that?” The reporter asked.

“Well I felt a little hurt actually, he has been spending more time with her and Ivy looks sweet, I don’t think she would wanna steal my boyfriend but if Blake abandons me for her one day then I’ll understand, I mean she’s a Delgado, who wouldn’t want her?” She laughed with a pain in her eyes and the reporter laughed along with her.

As Regina was talking, millions of people were already watching and Ivy was starting to get backlash for trying to ‘steal’ Regina’s boyfriend.



‘Ivy is a bitch!’

‘If you don’t stay away from Blake then we will send you to hell!’


‘Leave Blake and Regina alone!’

‘Blagina for life!!’


The hate comments Regina’s fans were hurting Ivy but she kept on reading them.

“Ivy stop reading the negative comments” Daisy forcefully took the phone from her.

“Everyone hates me now” Ivy covered her face with her palms.

“No they don’t, it’s just a silly rumor and it will pass soon” Daisy rolled her eyes.

“But they are not wrong,I actually do like Blake” she sniffed.

“But that doesn’t mean you’re trying to steal him from Regina or were you trying to do so?” Daisy asked.

“I swear I wasn’t” Ivy replied immediately.

“Then stop crying” Daisy sat beside her and cleaned her eyes.

Blake walked in and Ivy immediately cleaned her face and arranged her hair.

“Hey Ivy, I heard about what happened and I..” he stopped when he noticed red eyes and red nose.

“Were.. were you crying?” He asked and Ivy just hid her face from him.

He moved closer to her and squatted in front of her.

“I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault and I shouldn’t have said that in the interview” he gave her a apologetic look.

“Don’t blame yourself, it’s just a rumour, I’ll be fine” she muttered.

Blake stared at her face for a while before standing up.

“Don’t cry anyone, I will fix it okay?” He said to her before turning around and leaving.



Mason was sitting on his chair and pressing his laptop with pure seriousness when Alvin stepped in.

“I just confirm from Y. U. M restaurant and seems like the parking lot security camera got tampered with before the incident with your car happened” Alvin reported.

“Hmm” was just Mason’s reply without even sparing him a glance.

“So what do you think boss? I think someone is trying to threaten you, you should be more careful around people and I will hire some extra securities” Alvin looked concerned.

“Hmm” was another short reply from Mason still not looking at him.

‘What’s with the hmm? Is he even listening to what I’m saying?’ Alvin asked himself with a frown as he saw Mason was only looking at him laptop with pure seriousness.

If only he knew what Mason was browsing. Mason finally looked up from the laptop to Alvin.

“Let me ask you a question” he said and Alvin nodded.

“If you have a wife and the both of you are going away from your family to spend some time alone with eachother what would you do?” He asked with a serious look.

Alvin’s eyes widened, he thought he heard wrong but he didn’t, was Mason going out with his wife? When?

“Uhm.. you can spend time in the beach, movies, restaurant and get to ask her about herself… Or just be on each other’s arms if you want” Alvin couldn’t believe he said that last part but he has watched a lot of movies and he see them does this.

“Start again, let me jot them down” Mason took a jotter and a pen then stared at Alvin.

Alvin sighed inwardly, if Mason was asking him all these questions then what was he doing with Linda? He tried organizing few dates with her but she never showed up was all Alvin could remember.

“Go to beach, walk outside the street together, watch movies, cuddle, talk about anything, go to a restaurant” Alvin repeated.

Mason nodded and folded the paper then put it in his pocket.

“Thank you Alvin now let’s get back to work, what were you saying earlier?” He looked normal like he wasn’t asking Alvin weird questions again.

Alvin felt happy that hear Mason appreciate him for the first time in his life all because of Skyler.

“You’re welcome boss, the person that crashed your car did it purposely because the parking lot CCTV footage at Y U M restaurant was tampered with” Alvin repeated.

“Who ever the person is can carry on or show his face to me. I don’t have time to pay anyone any attention, I’m married and I have lots of work to do” Mason shook his head.

“Oh and about your sister, I don’t think she’s fine” Alvin added.

“What happened to her?” Mason narrowed his eyes.

“She is currently receiving lots of backlash on the internet” Alvin replied and Mason sighed.



The moment Ivy stepped out, a lot of reporters were waiting for her. They began taking aggressive pictures and videos of her but her bodyguards were there to protect her from them.

?Ivy is it true?

?Are you trying to steal Blake from Regina?

?Hey I need some comments about you and Blake!

?Do you have a thing for Blake?

?Do you think the chemistry between you and Blake is more than acting!

?Ivy say something!

Ivy successful got into her car and they began driving off but the cars of the paparazzi were chasing after them with high speed.

“Step on it before they get to us!!” Ivy yelled at the driver and he sped the car.

They finally lost the paparazzi and Ivy got back to the mansion. She stepped out of the car and stormed in.

“Ivy you’re back early” Skyler who was sitting on the couch and drawing asked but Ivy ignored her and stormed into her room.

Skyler saw her face, she didn’t look okay. She left her drawings on the couch and ran to the room to check what was wrong with Ivy.

“Ivy, are you okay?” She knocked on the door.

“Leave me alone and go away!!” She heard Ivy screamed.

“You can open the door and talk to me, don’t go too hard on yourself in there” Skyler placed her ears on the door.

“I said leave me alone! Are you deaf!!” Ivy shouted again.

“Ivy talk to me, I thought we were friends now?” Skyler said softly but Ivy didn’t seem ready to want to talk to her.

“What is wrong with you, if you think we will get along easily because of one stùpid chocolate then I’ll just buy it return it back to you the next morning!” Ivy shouted.

Skyler sighed and stepped away from the door. She didn’t know why she felt a bit hurt, she thought she already build a good relationship between Mason’s sister and her but she guess not.

‘I wonder why I’m trying too much, our marriage is fake anyways’ she thought and began leaving but the door opened and Ivy stepped out.

“Skyler!!” She called and Skyler halted.

The next second Ivy ran to her arms, taking her unaware.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it” she cried.


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