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( ????? ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ?? ????? )

“Bro!!” Ivy flew off from her chair and rushed to hug Mason who just stepped foot inside the living room.

He only parted her back twice, there was no current expression on his stoic face but he was happy to see his sister.

Ivy hugged his waist and looked up at him.

“Look at you, you have changed a lot now, you’re so handsome and I’m really proud. Hey bro, do you know that everyone is looking for you? Many years back, no one cared about you but now…

“Ivy, your brother just got back from Paris, allow him to go freshen up in his room and come down for dinner before you bug him” Maya rolled her eyes from where she sat.

Ivy pouted and stepped away from Mason but hugged his arms tight.

“I haven’t seen my brother for close to seven years, it’s normal for me to act this way” she pouted her lips.

Mason didn’t mind her, he just walked over to the dining and bowed to old man Mario.

“Grandpa, mother, father, uncles, aunties and cousins. My greetings to all of you” he greeted them.

“Welcome back cousin” Hudson smiled at him but Mason didn’t mirror it.

“Cuz is this you? You look so handsome” Carson admired him but as usual, Mason didn’t look bothered about the comments.

“Welcome back, Mason” Edna muttered to herself but Mason wasn’t even looking at her.

Jacob didn’t say anything.

Maya stood up and hugged him, she cupped his cheeks and took a good look at his face.

“You look so stressed, you’ve been working extra than usual, try taking a little rest so you won’t collapse” Maya said gently.

“I’m fine mother” Mason took Maya’s hands away from his face.

“You should go upstairs and shower then come down for dinner” Dylan didn’t spare his son a glance when he spoke.

Mason just nodded.

“I will show you your room bro, I had the maids clean it all up for you!” Ivy hugged his arms more tighter before pulling him towards the staircase.

Maya only stared at them with a smile.

“Ivy is really happy to see her brother” she whispered to Dylan and Rosa just rolled her eyes.

Few minutes later, Mason came back with Ivy. He was dressed in an ash colored long sleeve fitting t-shirt that brought out the muscular view of his body, a black joggers with a black Gucci slippers.

“Come sit beside me bro” Ivy said to him but Dylan glared at her.

“Don’t worry dad, I miss my sister too” Mason muttered and she smiled as he sat beside her.

“Since we are all complete, I’ll start the prayers so we can eat and after dinner, I want to talk to Mason and Hudson” Grandpa Mario said.

Hudson looked at him and nodded but Mason kept a blank face.

“What about my son?” Rosa frowned.

“He’s still too young to have a meeting with father” Maya gave her a mocking smile.


“Can you not start now Rosa?” Antonio who had been quiet all along finally spoke.

Rosa glared at everyone before keeping shut.



“Who can join me into counting the stars? One, two, there…” Skyler counted nothing on the air and laughed drunkenly as Ashely and Wendy knocked on her door.

They partied to their fullest last night and Skyler got drunk.

The door open, revealing a middle aged but beautiful woman putting on glasses. Her eyes went to Skyler and she gasped.

“Sorry aunty Kiara, she had a lot of fun” Wendy said.

“Yes mom, I saw queen Elizabeth, she attended my wedding” Skyler replied in a drowsy voice.

Kiara took Skyler from the girls.

“Queen Elizabeth is dead and you haven’t done your wedding” Kiara said and Skyler looked at her face in surprise.

“I haven’t done my wedding and the queen is dead? No!!” She began crying and Ashely shook her head.

Kiara just smiled then faced the girls.

“It’s getting late, the both of you should go so you would wake up early and get to the wedding venue on time” Kiara said to Ashley and Wendy, ignoring the way Skyler was crying.

“Okay aunt, good night, we can’t wait to see Skyler tomorrow” Wendy waved and Ashely nodded.

The girls left and Skyler was already singing dynamite by BTS ( her voice sounded horrible )

“Shinning through the city like the little funk and soul, so I’mma light it up like a dynamite!!” She sang as Kiara dragged her to her room.

“Dananana yeah! Dananana yeah!”

“Can you shut up!” Kiara groaned and dropped Skyler on her bed, she took off the heels Skyler was putting on.

“I’m getting married tomorrow mom, how many grand kids do you want?” She pouted.

“You are already thinking of grand kids? Gosh!” Kiara shook her head as she helped Skyler took off her dress.

“Mom!!” Skyler pouted when Kiara pulled her up and dragged her to the bathroom.

She put her in the bathtub.

“Shower first and feel comfortable in your sleep, I wonder why you drank so much” Kiara muttered as she went to grab her makeup cleaner.

“Ashely and Wendy madddeeee me do it” she dragged so much on the ‘Made’

Kiara rolled her eyes and cleaned her make up before helping her to soak up and taking her back to her bed.

Skyler hugged on her pillow and looked elsewhere as she pouted her lips while Kiara’s eyes went to her sketchbook that was open on her table.

She smiled as she stared at it before closing the book and turning off the light.



In the old man’s study room, Mason and Hudson could be seen sitting opposite grandpa Mario.

“I’m sure the both of you must be wondering why I called all of the sudden” the old man looked at the both of them.

“We don’t know anything grandpa” Hudson replied since he knew Mason didn’t have any knowledge about why their grandfather called them.

Mario brought out a file and passed it to Mason, Mason took it and opened it immediately and as he was going through it, Hudson stylishly put his head to look at it.

“No way! You’re allowing Mason to be in charge of D•S styles” Hudson gasped and Mason looked at the old man.

“Why are you giving me this?” He asked calmly.

“Yeah, you never let anyone go inside grandma’s company but you’re suddenly giving it to Mason?” Hudson looked surprise.

“He has shown his capability to finally handle D•S by his success through out the years” grandpa Mario answered Hudson before facing Mason.

“You really made a wise choice when you went to complete your school is Paris seven years ago” Grandpa Mario looked proud.

“What about me? Why did you call me here? Is it to make me feel like a spoon?” Hudson pouted, looking a little offended.

“No, you’ve also worked hard but not enough and I’m giving Mason the privilege to give you a good position if he gets the company” Grandpa Mario replied.

Mason looked at him immediately. He was probably wondering what grandpa meant by “if he gets the company”.

“I need to make sure you’re legal enough to control the company” Grandpa Mario said.

“What do you mean grandpa?” Hudson asked and Mason kept his eyes on his Grandpa as he was interested in knowing the answer.

“You have to prove to me that you aren’t gay” grandpa Mario said.

Right from when Mason has been in highschool, he haven’t been spotted with any girl. There were sometimes Maya would try to set him up with her best friend’s daughter but he didn’t show any sign of interest and he took the behavior till he traveled out to Paris.

“Bullshît” Mason muttered.

“I’m serious Mason, I’m going to eighty and I haven’t seen my great grand kids. You are the eldest grandson of this family, do you want Hudson to marry before you?” Grandpa Mario complained and Hudson smirked.

“If marriage and having grandkids is the thing then no problem, I have a girlfriend already and we were planning to get married tomorrow” Mason suddenly said and Hudson looked at him.

“A girlfriend?” Grandpa Mario looked like he couldn’t believe.

“Yes grandpa” Mason nodded.

“Well since Mason say so then let’s celebrate. How is the wedding going to be tomorrow, are you going to register or are you making it grand?” Hudson asked.

“I never liked the spotlight, of course I’ll register and I’ll bring her home” he replied.

“Good, the both of you can leave now” Grandpa Mario said and Mason stood up, he was the first to leave before Hudson left.

Hudson’s father was waiting for him outside.

“What did your grandpa tell you?” Antonio asked the moment he sighted Hudson.

“That he would give Mason D•S styles” Hudson replied.

“And what about you?” Antonio frowned a bit.

“He would give Mason the privilege to give a suitable position but only if Mason gets married” Hudson replied.

Antonio sighed and nodded before walking away while Hudson followed him from behind.

Meanwhile Mason went to his room. He laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling for a while before his phone began ringing.

He turned his head to his side to see who was calling. It was Linda, his girlfriend from Paris, she wants to do a FaceTime.

He rolled his eyes and picked, her face popped up in the screen, she looked pretty.

“Honey, I’m so sorry I didn’t pick your calls earlier, I’m just coming back from work and-

“I’ve left Paris” he cut her off and she paused with a surprise expression.

“I told you I was coming with you, why didn’t you wait for me?” She frowned afterwards.

“Do you love me?” He suddenly asked.

“Huh? You know I do” she replied.

“Then book a flight to LA tomorrow and let’s get married” he said and again, she looked surprised.


“I will be expecting you tomorrow if you really love me. You’ve been busy with work and don’t really have time for us, if you’re not interested in this relationship then let’s call it off but if you are then come tomorrow and let’s get married” he sounded really serious.

There was a moment of silence between the both of them before she sighed and stared at him.

“I love you, I will arrive tomorrow” she mumbled.

“Wise decision” he replied and hung up.

He knows Linda don’t really care about him, well he also don’t care, he just keep her to fulfill his desires as a man since he hates sleeping around with so many women.

Linda does the same with him and Mason was sure if Linda knew he was actually the hidden billionare that everyone are looking for then she would give him her full attention.

She knows his name Mason but she has never for once ask what his last name is or what he does for a living, she’s interested in his dìck and little money she thought he has well so was he ( to her pûssy alone ).



“Rise and shine baby, it’s your wedding today” Kiara gently woke Skyler up.

The moment Skyler’s eyes squinted open, she groaned at the throbbing pain she was feeling in her head.

“It’s okay, I made hangover soup” Kiara sat beside her and stirred the glass bowl of soup she was holding.

Skyler drank few spoons before feeling slightly better.

“Go shower up, your hair stylist and make up artists are on their way she where did you keep your wedding dress, let me put it in the stand for you?” Kiara asked.

Skyler pointed her wardrobe before entering the bathroom. After showering to her satisfaction, she came out to meet Kiara admiring the wedding gown.

“It’s beautiful right?” Skyler smiled as she stood behind her.

“Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking” Kiara replied.

“I designed it myself” Skyler smiled even more.

“Gosh you’re so talented, you’re just like your father” Kiara muttered and Skyler’s smile reduced a little but it was still there.

“I’m sure he must be so proud of how you’re doing. Soon you would be like him, you will be recognized in front of millions of crowds for your talents” Kiara said softly before cleaning the tears from her eyes.

Skyler sighed and moved to her mother.

“It’s my wedding, let’s not reminisce about father today, I’m sure he’s happy” she said and Kiara nodded before the door bell rang.

“I’ll go get it, it should be your make up and hair stylist” Kiara immediately walked out of the room while Skyler smiled and continued to admire her wedding dress.



Mason sighed as he removed his phone from his ears. Linda wasn’t picking up his calls as usual.

His phone rang, it was from Alvin, his personal assistant from Paris and he picked.

“Boss, I’m at the Mansion” the male voice sounded before Mason hung up.

Alvin was the only person that knows who he was and he don’t dare rat him out simply because he knows no one messes with him.

Mason descended the stairs and meet Ivy waiting for him.

“Ivy, I thought you were going to shoot for your Starbucks movie?” He asked with his eyes narrowed.

“I wanted to see you before I leave, where are you going? My driver can take the both of us there” she said immediately.

“It’s okay, you go ace your movie,we are going to a different direction” he replied and Ivy pouted.

“Fine, but let’s walk to the garage together” she pleaded and Mason nodded.

She hurriedly hugged his arms as usual and smiled at him before they both climbed down the stairs.



The wedding was already going on, it was just few people, Skyler’s friends, her mother and few of her work colleagues including Felicia.

Skyler and Felix were already facing eachother, they have both exchanged rings and the priest was already making them take their vow.

“Do you, Felix Newman promise to take Skyler Wang as your lawful wife, love and cherish her and be with her in times of hardships, happiness, pain and sorrows?” The priest asked Felix.

Felix looked at Skyler with a smile before nodding.

“Yes I do” he replied and people were trying not to clap or make noise as they waited for them to finish.

Felicia was boiling inwardly but was masking it up with a smile.

“Do you, Skyler Wang promise to take Felix Newman as your lawful husband, to love cherish and be with him at all times including hardship, happiness, pains, struggles and support him on his daily life activities?” The priest asked.

A tear drop of joy fell from Skyler’s eyes, once she says yes then she would be finally married to the love of her life.

She nodded vigorously.

“Yes I…

Her word was interrupted when she began hearing some funny sounds, like two people having sex and the male moans sounded familiar.

Skyler’s heart skipped beats and she slowly took her gaze to where the sound was coming from..


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