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( ??????? ??? ????????’ ?? ?????? )

Various thoughts were running through Skyler’s mind as she looked out of the window.

She was sitting in the car with Mason beside her, who kept ignoring her as he pressed his phone.

Skyler turned from the window to peep at him again. Is he really from the Delgado family? If yes then who was he because she has seen Jacob and Hudson and also the youngest grandson, Carson.

Was there another one she didn’t know about or maybe he was just bearing the last name. He can’t possibly be the ‘Mason Delgado’ everyone was looking for.

“Just ask” Mason didn’t take his gaze from his phone when he said that. He noticed her looking at him countless of times and he was sick of it.

Skyler cleared her throat before looking at him properly.

“I just learnt your last name is Delgado so I was wondering if you are related to old man Mario” she asked slowly.

“Hmm” he nodded, still pressing his phone while Alvin was stylishly watching them through the concave mirror.

Skyler gulped nothing down her throat before opening her mouth to speak again.

“If you’re from the Delgado family then what is your name?” She kept her eyes firmly on his face.

“Mason” he didn’t think twice before giving her an answer.

Skyler’s eyes widened like it was about to pop out of its socket.

“Mason?” She repeated.

He looked at her and nodded.

“No I don’t believe you.. your pulling my legs right now! How can you be Mason? Do you know who Mason is? He’s the hidden billionaire everyone are looking for! How can you be him!!” Skyler was starting to freak out.

She can’t be married to the hidden billionaire. He was rumored to make good cloths with really cool designs and she admired him a lot so how could this man sitting here be him?

“I don’t believe you” she shook her head.

“Alvin can you take a u turn to any nearest mall? I can’t bring my wife home dressed up like this” Mason ignored her as he instructed Alex on what to do next.

Skyler’s cheeks burnt when he called her his wife. The only person she pictured saying that was Felix but she guess things don’t work out the way people hope.

She was hoping to get married and see herself with kids, she was hoping to be called Mrs Skyler Newman but now she was actually called Skyler Delgado.

She sighed and looked out of the window. Now she was married to the hidden billionaire everyone are looking for. She wondered how life would be for her when people actually finds out she was now related to him.



The strong arms of Blake caged Ivy to the wall, she tried escaping from the other side but he used his other hand to block her path.

“What sort of nonsense do you think you’re doing Lucas? I told you, I don’t want you anymore” Ivy’s eyes were full of rage as she stared at him.

A smirk formed on his face and he began leaning closer to her while keeping eye contact with her.

His lips stopped at her ears.

“You say you don’t want me but your body says other wise” his voice came out in a whisper, his hot breath fanning her neck.

His voice sent shivers down her spine.

“See what I’m saying?” He whispered again before bringing his face closer to hers. His eyes on hers and she could hear her heart beating faster.

This has never happened to her on set before, why was this happening now?

“You see, you want me” as he spoke, his hands caressed her exposed laps upwards. His hands moved slowly and steadily.

Ivy bit her lips hard, his eyes went to her lips and he began leaning closer while Ivy’s eyes automatically went shut.

“Cut!!” Director James’ voice sounded the moment Blake’s lips were about to touch Ivy’s and he stepped away from her.

“Ivy what are you doing? You’re not supposed to allow him to kiss you, didn’t you read your script? You’re too push him away!” James complained.

“It’s okay director, don’t yell at her I’m sure she’s hungry, we have been shooting for three hours now” Blake said with a smile.

James wanted to talk but he just sighed and shook his head.

“Then let’s go on a lunch break then after that, the both of you will take some pictures for the film cover” James said and walked away.

Blake chuckled when he took his gaze back to Ivy, she laughed with an unsure look on her face.

“You did well by the way” he smiled at her.

“You too, will you love to eat lunch with me in my van?” She then asked.

“I will love to but my girlfriend is coming over” he shrugged.

How could she forget! Blake Andrews has a girlfriend named Regina Wilson, a super model just like her cousin Edna.

She knew Regina because Edna always talk about the way she hates her and back then Ivy didn’t care that Blake was dating her but now…

“Oh.. have fun” she mumbled and looked elsewhere.

“Babe” a tiny female voice sounded and Ivy raised her head to see a slim tall fine woman dressed in a mini green dress with glass heels. She was holding a white purse as she walked over to them.

That was Regina Wilson, people classify her as one of the hottest model in LA which made Edna very jealous of her.

Blake turned to face her with a smile.

“I’m glad you made it” he smiled and kissed her lips which made Ivy blinked then he turned turned back to Ivy.

“Ivy my girlfriend Regina, Regina my co star Ivy” he introduced them.

Regina gave Ivy a kind of fake smile.

“Nice to meet you Ivy, I hope you can work in agreement with my boyfriend for the success of this movie” she refused to extend her hands for a handshake, she just kept hugging Blake’s muscular arms tight like he was going to run away.

Ivy forced a smile too and only nodded.

“We will see you later then, babe let’s go I’m starving” she rubbed on her flat stomach.

“Sure babe, I’ll see you later Ivy” he smiled at Ivy once more before leaving with Regina.

Ivy kept watching them leave till they were out of tight.

“Ivy what did you wanna eat for lunch?” Daisy appeared in front of her.

“I don’t know, anything” Ivy mumbled and walked away.



Edna admired herself in the mirror. She was dressed in a short shinny dark blue gown that hugged her tiny waist together as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

“Zita, do you think I’m slim enough to be called the hostest model in LA this year?” She asked as she hugged her waist tight.

“You are very hot Edna, if you keep getting slim you might loose all your curves and no guy would want you” a man dressed us as a woman who was named Zita, replied.

“I’m not talking about looking for a boyfriend here, I just want to be better than Regina” Edna rolled her eyes and looked away from the mirror.

“You’re still obsessed over that Regina girl? How many times do I have to tell you that you’re more pretty than her?” Zita also rolled his eyes, getting tired of her already.

“That’s why you say but I see it all, I see what they say about me online, I see all the comparison and it’s always on her favor! Gosh I hate her!” Edna said hatefully.

There was knock at the door and it opened revealing a young pretty woman, dressed professionally.

“Good afternoon ma’am, Reynolds empire’s team has brought their skin care for you to try and the cameras are waiting” she passed the information to Edna in a polite tone.

“Thank you, I’m on my way” Edna rolled her eyes and the woman left.

She looked at Zita and he rubbed her shoulders.

“For the last time Edna, you look good” he smiled at her.

“I already know” she dusted his hands off her shoulders before catwalking out of the office with so much pride.

Zita just rolled his eyes as he catwalked after her, his eye heels making annoying sounds.



All eyes were on Skyler as she stepped into the mall with Mason and Alvin. Skyler could guess that they were looking at her wedding dress and she was not wrong judging from the side comments she was hearing.

?️Is she just going back from her wedding or something?

?️The gown looks beautiful!

?️Why is she putting on that to the mall? Is she trying to grab attention or something?

?️Is the handsome man beside her, her husband?

?️He’s cute!

?️I bet they will make some good babies!

“Let’s go over to this side” Mason pointed a place where some good looking gowns where kept and Skyler followed him.

“Pick the one you want” he dipped his hands in his pocket as he stared at the gown.

They were not from his brand and they didn’t look as good as the ones his family makes. Maybe when she gets home with him then she would get better cloths.

Skyler picked an orange gown that had a golden zipper in front of it. The zipper was used to divide the thigh openings of the gown.

“A gold colored heels will match with it” he simply said and Skyler nodded.

They went to the shoes section and Skyler picked a gold heels of her size and a small black purse that matches with the outfit.

“You should test it and make sure it fits you well so we can pay and leave” he added.

Skyler nodded she went to the dressing room, she came out few minutes later. She didn’t have the best body but the gown fits her so well.

She stared at Mason who just looked at her from head to toes a few times before nodding his head.

“Looks good, take it off and also take some makeup along with you so Alvin can pay for it” he said next.

Skyler did as told and Alvin paid before she wore it again for the second time. They also got a bag she used to fix her wedding dress before they went back to the car.

“I want to call my mom, my phone isn’t with me and I’m sure she would be worried sick about me” Skyler muttered after a while of staying silent and looking at the road as the car moved in a steady speed.

“You can use my phone” Alvin passed his phone to her.

“Thank you” she muttered and dialed her mom’s number.

After some rings, Kiara picked.

“Mom it’s me Skyler” she said and Kiara’s voice began ringing out.

“Skyler, my baby where are you? Give me your location I’ll come pick you up. I know you’re hurt but don’t do anything to yourself I beg of you!!” Kiara sounded like she was crying.

“Mom, I’m fine” Skyler muttered.

“Okay then tell me where you are, I’ll come pick you up!”

“No mom I can’t but I’m really fine, I might return home late or tomorrow morning but I really am fine” Skyler tried to assure her.

Mason was just listening without saying anything.

“Skyler!! What is happening?” Kiara asked.

“I’ll explain everything to you when I’m back but I really I’m fine, I need to return this phone back to the owner, I’ll talk to you later, I love you” Skyler hung up immediately after saying that.

She faced the window to hide the new set of tears that were pouring from her eyes. Mason let out a quiet sigh before passing her a tissue.

“You shouldn’t look tortured on way to my family Mansion, luckily we brought some make up, you should use them” he said to her.

Skyler nodded and collected the tissue, she wipped her face before opening her purse to take the make up out.



He was field with so much rage as he paced back and forth throughout the living room.

The door opens and Felicia stepped in, she blocked her nose immediately and looked elsewhere.

“You should limit the way you drink Felix” she moved closer to him and before she knew it, a loud slap landed on her face.

Felix just slapped her hard and she couldn’t believe it. The slap was strong enough to cut her lips.

“Why did you ruin my wedding?” He looked at her with so much rage in his eyes.

Felicia was still holding her cheeks, she scoffed and wiped the blood off her lips.

“Shouldn’t you thank me? Where you actually ready to marry her?” She replied and slowly dropped her hands from her cheeks.

“For two and the half years, she has helped me with lots of things Felicia. She own a great impact in my career, she was making me stand out and you think I’m ready to lose all of that?” He yelled at her.

“Skyler isn’t the only one good at making good designs, I can be of help to” she moved closer to him.

“Fuck you!” He replied and took his phone then tried calling her again but he couldn’t reach her.

“Damn!” He angrily threw his phone across the wall.

“Relax, Skyler is gullible, she will forgive you later if you can look for a good lie, like maybe I drugged you into having sex with me because I was into you or something?” She said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You’re the man, lying shouldn’t be hard” she whispered, giving him seductive look.

Felix’s jaw clenched hard, he suddenly grabbed her and threw her on the couch.

“I should punish you” he said while taking of his belt roughly.

“Yes baby, I ruined your wedding so punish me” she winked at him.

“I really should” he smirked and hovered her then began tieing her hands together with the belt.

“I’ll drill you so hard and you won’t be able to walk for two days!” He unzipped his trousers and tore her skirt then from dived inside her without warning.

“Fuck!!” Felicia screamed out, trying to release her hands as he banged her mercilessly from behind.



The car passed a big gate that automatically went open and Skyler’s eyes widened the view she saw next.

The compound was really big, decorated with beautiful flowers and they were some gardeners presently streaming the flowers.

Many expensive cars were packed in the parking lot before Alvin parked the car they were currently in.

“Tensed?” Mason’s voice rang in Skyler’s ears and she turned to look at him before nodding slowly.

“My family don’t bite so relax” he replied before opening the door and stepping down.

Skyler didn’t know how to open the door from her side. It was her first time entering a bugatti la voiture noire. If she was not wrong it should cost more than twenty million dollars.

Alvin was about to help her get the door but Mason stopped him on time.

“I got it” he walked towards the car and opened the door for Skyler to come down, he even stretched his hands towards her.

Skyler was shocked because Felix had never done this to her since the last two and the half years of dating him.

She slowly accepted his hands and he helped her down.

“Let’s go in” he said gently and she nodded before he began leading her in, still holding her hands.


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