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( ?? ?? ???? )

“Bro it’s not fair, I’ve always wanted one of
those, but it got sold out yesterday!” Ivy pouted.

Mason ignored her and looked at Skyler. His
eyes darkened when he saw her putting on an

“Why are you on that? Come here” he called her

Skyler dropped the plate of soup before she
walked over to Mason and Ivy was still glaring
at her.

“What do you think you’re doing in the kitchen?
Take that thing off, it’s Matilda’s job!” he said
and she rolled her eyes.

“It’s Matilda’s job but I insisted on helping her”
Skyler scoffed and he passed her the rose

“Bro!!” Ivy squeezed her face, she gave Skyler
another glare before matching upstairs.

Skyler looked at the chocolates before looking
at Mason.

“This is my favorite type of chocolate, I don’t
remember telling you about this and you don’t
have to buy me things” she told him.

Mason only gave her a blank stare. Truth was
going to get it for Ivy on his way back but he
remembered her saying she didn’t want to gain
weight so he gave it to Skyler instead.

“If you’re not going to eat it then trash it” he
rolled his eyes and began walking towards the

Skyler just shook her head before opening the
package. She took a piece and was about to put
it in her mouth but stopped.

“His sister really likes, maybe I should give it to
her instead” she said to herself.


They were all eating dinner except from Ivy who
still instead that she was watching her weight.

“I don’t get why Ivy is so obsessed with
watching her weight, she’s already so slim is
she planning to have toothpick legs?” Carson
wondered out loud and Edna burst into laughter.

“What do you think you’re laughing at, aren’t you
the same?” Maya glared at her.

Edna was about to talk back but old man Mario
hits the table.

“Can we all eat in peace?” His voice carried an
authoritative tone which made the table quiet
again only the sound of their cutleries.

“So Mason, you still haven’t given me any post
yet” Hudson started a new conversation.

“Come tomorrow in the afternoon and I’ll see
what i can do” Mason didn’t take his eyes off
his food.

“Cool, I’ll be there” Hudson smiled sheeply.

Edna stopped eating and looked straight.

“Actually everyone, I got invited to this year red
carpet event. Since Mason is handling D•S
styles then I wish to get a cloth from his side, I
want to beat Regina as last year best look and
be mentioned as number one of the hottest
women in the LA and world wide” she
announced and Skyler stylishly stared at her.

“On a serious note, I don’t want to be mean but
why is hot magazine choosing girls with tooth
pick legs as the hottest woman on earth? What
happened to Nicki Minaj or cardi B?” Carson
narrowed his eyes.

Edna pointed her table knife at him and faced
Grandpa Mario.

“Grandpa, I thought you said no insults, Carson
is insulting me again!” She complained but the
old man ignored her.

“What do you say Mason? Are you going to help
Edna in designing her dress?” Hudson looked at

Mason kept chewing on his food without
sparing them a glance.

“Mason has a lot of work to do, he just inherited
D•S styles with means he has lots of
responsibilities. He needs to gets clients to his
side, he can’t waste his time in doing favors for
you” Maya rolled her eyes.

“But we are family, it’s always family first” Edna

“Mom is right, I need to work on other clients so
I can’t help you” Mason finally spoke.

“But..” Edna still have more things to say but
Skyler beat her to it.

“My father was a really good fashion designer
and I use to work at glamorous designs before I
married Mason. If you don’t mind I can help you
with your dress” Skyler suddenly said.

Everywhere turned silent and every eyes were on
her including Mason’s.

“You haven’t told us about yourself before you
married my son! What does your parents do for
a living?” Maya asked her.

“Like I said earlier, my father was a really good
fashion designer, he was my role model until he
died and my mom works as a catering, she
makes really good food and thought me how to
cook. I made this beef soup” she pointed the
bowl of soup.

Maya glared at Matilda who was standing
somewhere beside them.

“Why did you let her near the kitchen?” She

“She insisted ma’am” Matilda replied.

“Trust me mom, it’s really good” Skyler forced a

“Who’s your mom” Maya mumbled angrily.

Mason took the big spoon and dished himself
some soup on his plate. He tasted it and

Everyone began tasting it one by one except
from Maya. It smells and looks nice but she has
a lot of pride.

“Hmm.. it’s really good and I love the beef” Edna
complemented Skyler.

“She’s not wrong” Grandpa Mario smiled and

Dylan took a spoon and tasted but he didn’t say
anything along with Antonio and Rosa.

“You see Maya, this is how you should train
your daughter. No wonder she was lucky
enough to marry Mason, you know that saying
that the easiest way to win a man’s heart starts
from his stomach” Rosa said while flashing a
mocking smile at Maya.

Skyler didn’t know if she should smile or laugh.
Was Rosa complementing her or trying to drag
her into her fuel between her and Mason’s mom.

Maya hit the table and stood up angrily.

“All of you irritate me” she squeezed her face
and stormed out.

Rosa felt satisfied on seeing her leave.

“Hey Skyler, I will let you design my dress for me
because I trust you” Edna winked at her before
standing up and leaving.

Skyler just smiled within herself, how she
missed drawing and designing cloths.



Ivy just finished dressing up for work, she was
dressed in a short flare gown, next pop socks
and long black boot, she came out of her room
only to bump into Skyler who was dressed
casually as usual.

“What do you want?” She frowned at her.

“Actually, yesterday I saw you really wanted this
rose chocolate and your brother wouldn’t give it
to you so I thought you should have it” Skyler
showed her the chocolates.

“What if I take it and you report my brother?” Ivy
crossed her arms together.

Skyler smiled at her.

“It can be our little secret, I won’t tell your brother
that you broke your diet and you will start being
nice to me” she smirked.

“If I refuse?” Ivy raised one of her brows up.

Skyler sighted a trash bin beside Ivy’s door and
she smirked even more.

“I will just throw it away” Skyler walked towards
the trash bin and acted like she wanted to throw

“I asked if I refused, I didn’t say I was going to
refuse!!” Ivy shouted with the fear of thinking
Skyler was going to throw it.

Skyler smirked and stretched it towards her.

“It’s a deal then” she said the moment Ivy
collected it from her.

Ivy immediately tore the package and took a
piece of the chocolate in her mouth. She
groaned at the sweetness immediately but
stopped when she saw Skyler looking at her.

She cleared her throat and pressed her lips
together for some while before speaking up.

“Where are you going to this morning? I can
drop you since I’m also off to work” she stylishly

“I’m going to jiggy, Edna’s work place and
Mason is dropping me off” Skyler replied.

“Thank God he is, I can’t park my car in that rat’s
company! Good bye I’m off to work and thanks
for the chocolate” Ivy shook her head and
walked away.

Skyler only just watch her leave with a smile but
it disappeared as she wondered why she was
trying to build a good relationship with Mason’s
family, not like their marriage was real.

She shook her head before leaving.



Calvin was sitting alone as he was revising the
maths the James thought him when his two
friends forced themselves to sit beside him
from the left and right, squeezing him one

“I heard you went to James place yesterday, gist
me about him” one named Fred said.

“Was he shirtless or was he putting on those
sexy shorts, feed my ears please” the second
friend named Simon asked.

Carson’s eyes were just wide open.

‘How did I make friends with these people’ he
thought inwardly before frowning.

“For the last time, I’m not into boys especially
James!” He said out of frustration.

“Once upon a time, I was straight until I saw
James” Fred said with a silly smile.

“Me too” Simon smiled.

“The both of you are stupid but something did
happen when I went there” Carson said and they
turned to face him at the same time.

“I saw a lady, smoking hot, she’s James’ cousin
and maybe I might be interested” he told them.

Almost immediately a girl dressed in a uniform
stepped inside the classroom and all eyes went
to her.

“Hello everyone, my name is Gracie Paul and I’m
new” she introduced herself with a smile.

It was like she had this perfect smiled and
everyone couldn’t stop looking.

?️Who is she?

?️She’s hot!

?️Do you have a boyfriend?

?️Hey sexy I’m single!

?️Just a night stand will do!

?️I love your hair!

“It’s her!!” Carson tapped Fred and Simon but
they were to busy drooling on her with their
mouth wide open.

“Once upon a time I thought I was gay until she
walked in” Fred said with a silly look on his

“Me too” Simon nodded, foolishly.

Carson stared at the both of them feeling



Mason’s car stopped in front of Edna’s
company then he looked at Skyler.

“When you’re ready to leave, call Alvin to drop
you off and I think I should assign a personal
bodyguard for you” he said, more like he was
talking to himself.

“No need, I’ve been working without a body
guard for twenty years now” she rolled her eyes.

“I still insist, the world is not as safe as you
think” Mason replied.

Skyler knew Mason won’t listen to her so she
just gave him a dry nod before stepping down
from the car.

She waved at him and he only nodded at her
and watched her enter the company before he
faced front and Alvin drove off.

The company was quite big, the space was
wide enough for people; workers and securities
to patrol.

Skyler looked around and hung her backpack
properly before she finally found the reception.

She walked over to the woman in glasses,
pressing her laptop with a serious look on her

“Good morning ma’am, is miss Edna Delgado
on ground?” Skyler asked politely.

The woman looked up from the laptop and gave
her a professional smile.

“Hi! Do you have an appointment with her?
What is your name please?” The receptionist
asked in a professional tone.

“Yes it’s a private appointment but let her know
it’s Skyler…” She began thinking if she should
say Delgado but she shook her head and
decided to use her last name instead.

“Tell her it’s Skyler Wang, I want to help her in
designing her dress for the red carpet event”
Skyler said.

“One second then” the receptionist brought out
her telephone. She dialed a number and after
few minutes, she gave Skyler a pass.

“Take the escalator to the third floor then turn
right” she directed.

Skyler nodded and did as told till she found
herself standing in front of a door then she
looked on it.

It revealed a man dressed in form of a woman
but she didn’t mind because she had seen
things like this when she worked at glamorous

“Who are you?” Zita looked at her from head to
toes but not in a bad way.

“Come on Zita, let her in” Edna rolled her eyes
and began catwalked over to them.

She was dressed in an expensive black flare
gown stopping at her knees with red heels.

“Good morning there sister in-law, I’m glad you
made it” she moved closer to Skyler and cheek
peck her on both sides.

“Sister in-law? Is she married to one of your
brothers Edna?” Zita gasped as he watched
Skyler walked in.

“Zita leave me alone and watch over the other
models” Edna rolled her eyes and sat down on
the couch before crossing her legs together.

“Don’t worry ma’am, I’ll come back later for the
gist!” Zita blew kisses at her before leaving the

Edna stared at Skyler with a smile and Skyler
looked like she didn’t know what to do.

“Come on sis, sit beside me” Edna said.

Skyler nodded and took off her backpack before
taking the space beside Edna.

“So what are you planning to do concerning my
dress?” Edna asked.

“You can tell me what you have in mind and I’ll
sketch them” Skyler replied and she brought out
her sketchbook and pencil from her backpack.

“Okay” Edna stood up and faced Skyler.

“Take a look at me, I want this slim fish tale
gown that would help in bringing out my bóobs,
curves and ass that I don’t really have” Edna
rolled her eyes before going to her dream land

“Then there will be this giant bow tie behind my
back. The dress would have some shinning
feathers and… I don’t really know but I’m
picturing myself to look graceful, like the angel I
am” Edna sighed with a smile before looking at
Skyler who was busy with her sketchbook.

After some minutes, Skyler showed it to her.

“Something like this?” She asked.

Edna’s eyes widened as she collected it. “Hell
it’s just like I imagined, who thought you how to
draw like this?” She looked dazzled.

“It’s a gift, I have a passion in fashion
designing” Skyler smiled and stood up.

Edna was too surprised to talk.

“How do you want the color to be or should I
look for one?” She asked.

“Cream mixed with light blue sort of, I will pay
for all the expenses, send your account details!”
Edna gave the book back to Skyler.

“Thank you, I will start working on it because it
would take time” Skyler smiled at her.



“And cut!” Director James said.

Ivy and Blake stooped the scenes they were
shooting immediately.

“That was perfect, we’ll continue tomorrow” he
said and the camera men began leaving.

Ivy began limping to a nearby chair. She hurt her
legs earlier while shooting.

“Still hurt?” Blake came to sit beside her and she

He took her legs but she pulled back. He gave
her a stare before taking off her heels and
placing her legs on his thigh.

It was swollen red.

“Looks bad, a soft massage will be fine” he said
before looking back. “Can anyone get a some
leg ointment?” He asked out loud.

Few minutes later, a worker brought the
ointment and he began using it on her legs

“Blake” a family voice called him and he turned
back to see Regina. She didn’t look happy with
what she was saying.

“Babe…oh it’s not what you think, she hurt her
legs so I’m helping her” he immediately

“But it still looks inappropriate since you’re a
man” she said before shaking her head.

“Oh no, I forget the present I brought for director
James in my car, babe can you help me get it?
I’ll take care of Ivy” Regina said with a sweet

“Sure” Blake nodded and stood up and left.
Regina sat beside Ivy then took her legs.

“You should know that you’re nothing but a co
star to my boyfriend so you should shake
whatever you’re having in your head or you will
get it from me” Regina gave her a warning look.

Ivy just stared at her face, she couldn’t blink
until Blake came back.

“Here are the flowers babe” he said.

Regina stood up and hugged Blake’s arms with
a smile.

“Ivy is fine, I took care of her legs” she said to

“Really?” Blake looked at Ivy but she looked

“Yes babe, come on let’s go see the director” she
held his hands and pulled him out.

Ivy only stared at them till they were out of



Mason finally closed his laptop after the two
hours online meeting with some online
investors that seems to be interested in working
with him.

A knock sounded on his door and he adjusted
his face mask.

“Come in” he replied and the door opened and
Sunny stepped in with a small carton in her

“Boss this package arrived and I don’t know if
you know the person that sent it to you” she

“Drop it and leave” came an order she obeyed.

Mason sighed and open the carton. There was a
letter and he opened it with a blank look.

His eyes narrowed when he saw the blood
stained ink of a writing that says ‘D•S is mine,
go to hell’.


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