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? Bad boy’s

baby ?






Melody stood there speechless, did he just say all that to her? Micheal that she knows for a very long time now, she thought he was a good guy, he even pushed her down

“hey, piggy fat, you want some cheese?” Derek asked among the crowd

Everyone laughed

“This school has low tests, why would they accept someone as fat as her?” Meghan said rudely, her face squeezed as if Melody was some kind of virus

“She’s just fat you don’t need to body shame her,” Clara said, staring at poor Melody

“Even Meghan,” she couldn’t believe it

Micheal walked away without saying a thing and they followed him, Melody just sat there sniffing

Lorenzo’s phone buzzed at that moment and he checked to see a message from Lilly, his no 1

Staring at Melody one last time he walked away

Lorenzo climbed his bike and rode out at high speed, it wasn’t long before he stopped in front of a city library

“Look who will have here,” Lilly said smiling, immediately after he came in

“Get to the point,” he said in his robot voice, he never speaks, not even by mistake

“He’s always angry,” Simon whispered into Lilly’s ears

“Godfather made him that way, he wants him to be the best in all things,” Lilly replied

“Did you call me out here so I can listen to your side talks?” Lorenzo asked, already getting pissed off

He can’t speak, he was forbidden to speak, at times people wonder if he is dump or just can’t use his mouth cos they have never heard him say a single word

“Melody has a concert tonight at Golden Hall, Godfather wants a clean Job,” Lilly said passing the laptop to him

“She’s going down tonight, right Renzo?”Simon asked, staring at him

“Yeah, she’s going down tonight, Lilly keep an eye on goddess and get back to me,” he replied and left



•Bex took in a deep breath and exhaled, people has been going in and out of the office with a disappointed face

“Oh God please I need this job,” she mumbled to herself while squeezing her sweaty hands

“Next,” a security voice came from the inside and she nodded

“You can do this Bex, just be yourself,” she said to herself while walking in

She stood right before the guy who seem to be the boss and he raised his head immediately after he noticed her presence

“Your CV,” He asked and she nodded, reaching for it

She gently placed it on his desk and he took it before looking at her face, their eyes met and her eyes widened

“Turn around,” He said with a straight face


“Get out, next?” He yelled, pointing at the door

“Sorry, I got this,” she quickly turned around, facinh the door

“Turn again,” he added and she face him

“Bend over,” he ordered and she swiftly looked at him

“Excuse me, is this some kind of job interview or Strippers interview?” Bex asked, already getting pissed off

He glared hard at her and she reluctant bend down, Nickolas ran his eyes through her, trying to get a glimpse of her b**bies but she held her collar tightly

“Stand, face the wall and bend over,” he ordered, glaring at her

Bex could feel her heartbeat increasing, how dare he make her act like a stripper? Is he doing this on purpose?

“Ne…..” Nickolas made to shout but she quickly bent over, facing the wall

“If you dare touch me from behind I will show you what crazy looks like,” she thought silently

“You’re hired PA,” he said and stood

Bex gently stood straight and turn to him but he was already at the door

“Get everything ready, you’re starting today and you have five minutes to go through everything you need and meet me in the conference room,” he said and opened the door

“But I don’t even know anywhere here and….”

“Surprised me, a good presentation is all it takes,” he walked out

“Wait,” she ran after him

“Presentation on what?” Bex asked but he ignored her and entered the elevator

“What a jerk,” she uttered, folding her fist tightly and gritting her teeth

The elevator suddenly opened

“Did you say something?” He asked

She laughed waving her hands at him In a funny way

“Nah, not at all, I said Jacky Chan, he’s from china, right?” She replied grinning

He rolled his eyes before pressing the button, the elevator closed back

“Ugh!!! I feel like strangling you,” Bex spat angrily

“Take it easy, it’s your first day,” someone said from behind

“Hey, I’m Molly, his secretary,” she offered a handshake



“I hate them all, I’m gonna kill them,” Melody growled, trying to wash off the egg stain on her clothes

“Oh, look who we have here,” she heard a voice and looked up only to see Selena, Georgia, and Rose coming her way

“F**k not again,” she mumbled

Selena has a devilish smirk on her face as she approached her, Georgia was smirking dangerously

“Piggy fat, this is a good warning, and trust me when I say next time you won’t leave to tell the story,” Selena said evilly

“Just leave me alone, okay?” Melody replied, she gathered enough courage to say that

They exchanged glances

“you think you have got some nervous, huh?” Georgia said and before Melody could know it she grabbed her hair

“Argh, let me go,” she shouted, hitting her hand against Georgia’s arms

Rose pushed the toilet door open, she walked back to them, and together with Selena they pushed Melody so hard that she landed in the toilet sit

“Lorenzo is mine so, back off,” Selena snarled evilly, her fingers pointing at Melody

One would mistake her for the wicked witch of the north

“Micheal is mine, if I see you near him again I will make sure you don’t leave to describe what you encounter,” Rose snarled rudely

The girls laughed, watching as Melody struggled to get herself out of the toilet

“You look like the pig you’re,” Georgia giggled, she took the key hunged by the door and Locked the door with it

“I will kill you all, I will eat your meat like fish and I will suck on your bones, you all make me sick,” Melody ranted trying to get up but she couldn’t

She applied all her powers dragging herself up from the toilet seat then she rushed to the door, banging her fist against it

“Let me out, somebody,” she screamed, banging her both fists against it

“Somebody help me!” she continues banging her fist against the door

Melody become tired after banging her fist on it for hours and getting no response, she sat on the toilet seat as hot tears came rolling down her eyes

“Melody don’t cry, you will kill them all,” she sniffed and wiped her tears with the back of her palm

Suddenly she heard movement outside, she kept quiet, not making a move and just like that the door creaked open

“You look like sh*t,” the person who opened the door said and chuckled

Melody glared at her

“Hey don’t look at me that way, I save your @ss so you should be grateful,” she added pouting

Melody didn’t say a thing

“I’m Abigail by the way and do yourself a favor of staying away from the school heart-drops, Selena who has been parading themselves as Lorenzo’s girlfriend will do anything to get rid of you, and Rose who is also parading as Micheal’s girlfriend….”

“Micheal’s girlfriend?” Melody asked more like a question, what is she talking about?

Abigail chuckled

“Look who decides to talk, are you into Micheal already?” she asked teasingly

“What… um… no way,” Melody stuttered

“I thought as much, she has been Parading as his girlfriend but everyone in this school knows that the only girl close to Micheal aside from Meghan and Clara is masked Melody….”

“Masked Melody? You mean the US idol? Goddess daughter?” Melody knowingly asked faking a surprised look

“Girl trust Abigail when she says someone is hot, Melody is one in a million, I don’t know how she did it but that girl is fire, I just wish I can take a picture with her someday or maybe get her autograph, I will be the happiest person on earth, oh Melody Abigail is not a people person but she loves you more than she loves her newly found friend,” Abigal placed her both hands on her chest, her eyes closed with her head thrown backward as she imagine being with Melody

“I’m Melody,” she said

Abigail opened her eyes and burst out laughing

“Oh girl, give it up….”

“I’m Melody,” she said with seriousness but then Get back to her sense

Abigail was taken aback

“You’re kidding, right?” She asked, staring closely at her, she looks nothing like Melody

“If anyone ever finds out about you, I will make sure you regret the day you came out from my V*rgina, write it down,” her mother’s words came rushing to her head

Melody laughed, tapping Abigail’s shoulder

“Of course I am, just wanted to see your reaction but my name is Melody though,” she replied smiling

“Oh girl, you’re lucky to bear the name, there is a concert tonight at Golden Hall and Melody will be coming, girl, you need to see this person I’m talking about, she’s fire,” Abigail said exactly


“Trust Abigail when she says someone is fire, she’s more than hot, I don’t know how God created her but everything about her drives me nuts….”

“Wait a minutes, just wait. are you straight or tangled,” Melody asked staring at her with that look that says “what are you”

Abigail giggled

“I might turn gay if she offered me a night, just one night….”

“Abby stop, eww,”


They went to the locker room and Abigal offered her sportswear, they went back to the bathroom and Melody changed into it, they walked back to the class talking and laughing but immediately they entered the lecturer who was teaching stopped what he was doing

“And why are you just coming now?” he demanded

Abigail rolled her eyes, walking over to her seat, Melody made to follow but he called her back

“I’m talking to somebody….”

“Sir her name is Piggy Fat,” Derek corrected grinning inwardly

Everyone busts out laughing

Melody was silent, her head down

“To your seat,” Professor Owen snapped

She hurriedly went to the back seat, getting there she saw the junk food dumped on her desk, Melody looked around and groaned

“Why can’t you all just leave me alone?” she didn’t know when she yelled at the top of her lungs

“And what is going on over there?” Professor Owen asked, staring at her

She sniffed looking around, everyone was staring at her like a joke

“I remember asking a question Piggy fat,” he snapped

The whole class burst into laughter

She couldn’t take it anymore

“You know, my name is not Piggy Fat, it’s Melody and if your brain is too lazy to put the words together then stop teaching cos even the maths Formula you wrote on the board is incorrect and your answer is wrong, I wonder how you manage to be a professor if you can’t solve a simple maths problem,” she snapped, banging her fist against her desk she stood on her feet at once

Everyone gasped

Slowly looking around she could feel gazes on her

“Uh-huh don’t tell me I said that out loud,” she panicked

“To the principal’s office now!” Professor Owen said in a deep angry voice

“That will be lame, why not just give our new teacher the honor of writing the correct maths Formula for us, we would want to learn,” Lorenzo typed it on his laptop and his robot voice said it out loud

“Yeah, I like that,”

“solve it,”

“I can’t believe I have been looking at his without understanding a thing,”

“Professor piggy fat why not show us what you have got,”

Melody looked at Lorenzo their eyes met and he looked away

Hearing the comments and seeing how she stood stupidly Abigail decided to help

“You can do this baby girl,” Abigail shouted to her hearing

Melody just stood there shaking like a jellyfish

Abigail looked around, everyone was waiting for Melody but she was so nervous to even take a step

“Melody! Melody!! Melody!!! Melody!! come on girl you got this,” Abigail shouted, hitting her hands on her desk, hyping her

“Melody! Melody!!”




“Go Melody, go! go!” someone shouted from outside the window and they all diverted their gaze to the window only to see Agatha, the cheerleader

“Go girl, I got you,” Agatha hyped her like crazy

Melody’s face beamed with smiles, she walked to the front taking the marker from the professor, she stared at the question on the board, staring intensely at it

Everywhere became quiet, even a drop of pin on the floor could be heard

She began rearranging the maths problems, Derek pushed a chair for her to step on since her hand couldn’t reach the top, she climbed on but fell off immediately

“Ouch,” she winched in pain

Abigail glared at Derek who was laughing and he kept quiet

“Sorry professor piggy fat,” he muttered

Melody took another chair, she climbed on it scrubbing the words where it’s supposed to be

By the time she finished the whole big whiteboard was covered

She climbed down and bend over, she could have looked s*xy doing that but her fat body didn’t let her

“That’s the question and this is the answer,” she dropped the mark on Professor Owen’s hand proudly

“Now who’s the piggy fat?” She folds her hand under her br£ast

His jaw dropped, he has been trying to solve this single math but it’s been pretty tough, not for him but for all the other lecturers

“No way,” Professor Michelle shouted walking into the class

“Oh no, I broke rule no 7, Mom is gonna kill me,” Melody mumbled in fear, coming back to her senses, she went back to her seat and settled down

The student greeted Professor Michelle but she didn’t pay any attention to them, her gaze was fixed on the big board

“No f**king way, this maths has been here for years and Owen just solved it, no… no… no… who did this? Cos it can’t be Owen,” she asked facing the student

“Piggy fat,” Derek shouted, searching for Melody

“A he or she, whoever solves this maths is a maths genius and shouldn’t be in this dumb class before he or she gets infected, who is piggy fat? Is that even a name?” Professor Michelle said looking around

“I still can’t believe it,” Professor Owen muttered

“Who the h*ll is piggy fat?” Professor Michelle screamed, looking around

All eyes landed on Melody and she became nervous, her palms became sweaty instantly

“Are you piggy fat…..”

“It wasn’t me, it was him,” Melody shouted pointing at Lorenzo

His jaw dropped instantly, did she just…. What the h*ll?

“He told me what to write and how to get the answer, right baby boy???????”

TBC ????

As e dey hot ??

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