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? Bad boy’s

baby ?







A man dressed in a fancy suit could be seen washing his hand in the sink, he just finished using the restroom, after washing his hand he made to grab the wipes but an envelope fell off and he slightly bent and picked it up

He gently opened the envelope reaching for the file inside it


Was the only thing written on it, he smirked while squeezing the envelope, he throw it in the trash can, and hissed

“Bullsh*t,” he uttered, turning around to leave but he saw someone dressed in all black standing right before him

“An assassin, to what do I owe this visit?” he asked smirking, his eyes widened when felt a sharp pain on his neck, and blood came rushing out

He didn’t know where or how it happened but he know it was the work of the assassin

“You son of a b*tch,” he snarled angrily

Reaching for his combat knife he brought it out and attacked the assassin instantly, the assassin stood his ground, and just when he was about to stab, the assassin swiftly moved his hand back and forth at his face and the man freeze

The combat knife slowly left his hand and he fell to his knees while holding his neck tightly, blood pumping from his neck

The assassin grabbed his hand cutting it before, he took the gold wristwatch stained with blood before reaching for his gold neckless, he took it and left the premises

Minutes after he left the cops rush in

The assassin stopped outside and slowly looked back at the building, watching as the cops rushed in and out caring the man’s corpse

“Transaction successful,”



“Mikey,” Charles called by his doorstep

He gently pushed the door open to see Michael laying in the bed, face up

“Dude,” he called, staring at him with a questioning look

It’s so unlike Micheal to stay in bed

“What’s going on here,” Clara asked walking in

“Guys…. guys, get out of my room,” Micheal said pointing at the door


“Just get lost,” he snapped and sat up

Charles and Clara exchanged glances, and without saying a word they left

“Melody, please pick up,” he groans and falls back on the bed while tapping his forehead

He has been calling her since they came back from school and she won’t pick up, he has called her for like ten times


“Are you sure Melody is gonna come?” Clara asked while settling down on the couch

“She never misses, I wonder why she isn’t here yet,” Barry said, putting a lollipop stick into his mouth

“She can choose not to come ….”

“No way, Melody can’t do without singing or dancing perhaps goddess don’t want her to,” Charles cut in

“Her fans won’t even allow us to singe without her, they will go wide,” Barry added

“Have you guys ever wondered what the face behind the mask looks like,” Micheal’s voice came from the stairs

“Thinking about that means calling out to goddess and trust me when I say “she will come for you,” Charles replied

Micheal looked around

“Come sit here,” Meghan said cutely and he went over her side

“Guys, who miss me,” they all heard a voice from the door and turned in the direction

Standing there was the beautiful creature, she was wearing a handles dark green gown which stopped right at her thighs, a gold mask on her face, she has a handbag in her left hand, her stomach is so flat that one would wonder if she eats food at all, her backside is something to be proud of

Micheal couldn’t take his eyes off her boobies, they were so tempting that he wanted to touch them, his throat ran dry when she took steady steps forward, its not his first time seeing her but…. meh, she was freaking hot

“So,” she said in her tiny voice, staring from one person to another

“I missed you, baby,” Clara pulled her into a hug, hugging her tightly

“Don’t break her backbone,” Charles said

“Goddess will come for you,” Barry added and they laughed

They disengaged from the hug and she looked at Micheal, she could feel the anger trying to build up inside her but she wave it aside and pecked his cheek

“Now I’m jealous,” Barry mumbled, faking a sad face

“Go and die,” Micheal grabbed her waist making her land on his lap

She gasped in shock


“Don’t you guys think we look good together?” he asked cutting in while staring from one person to another


“Horrible,” Barry said in a mockery tone

“Only goddess can tell,” Charles replied grinning

Meghan who has been forming with anger ever since Melody came in stood and left, they didn’t even notice her, they were busy talking and laughing as if she wasn’t there with them

“I hate her,” she rumbled and slammed her door

She falls on her bed, face down

“Just when I thought Mickey was gonna look at me, she came! why does she have to come in the first place? Just why? Why must It be her? What about me? Gosh! She makes me wanna puke,” she mumbled to herself jealously



Bex has a huge smile on her face as she opened her boyfriend’s gate, she wanted to surprise him since they haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks, he’s always busy and she has been busy too

Though she was tired from work but still she wanted to go and see him

Placing her hand on the door handle she twisted it before pushing the door open, only to come face to face with the shock of her life, her boyfriend was banging a b*tch from behind

“Ryan!!! you son of a b*tch!” she screamed loudly, tears came rushing down her cheeks

Ryan pulled out from the b*tch and turned to her, he didn’t even look bothered

“You wanna join? We could make it threesome you know,” he said smirking.

filled with rage she walked over to him and before he could know it, a loud defending slap landed on his cheek

He was forced to hold his burning cheek


He scoffed

“Stop making it look like a big deal cos you started it first, you cheated and now it’s my turn you wanna pull down my house,” he snapped

She arched her brows, how did he know when she didn’t tell him?

“You think I will never find out…”

“Ryan I was drunk, I tried to stop but couldn’t hold myself…..”

“You wanted to do it that’s why you did it, it’s not your first time going to a club so tell me why you accused the poor drink? We are both the same so deal with it,” he snapped, cutting in

“Ryan, look I was gonna tell you….”

“When Christ comes, huh? You cheated and I did the same so we are even,” he yelled moving closer to her

Bex shifted back a little, she didn’t know what to say again, how did her boyfriend gets to know about her one-night mistake?

“We are done, and guess what? I have been f**king other girls from day one of our friendship, I never loved you so don’t kill yourself with tears, I only wanted your P**sy and I got it so, bye,” he grabbed her hand, pulling her out of his house

Still stank naked, his d**K dangling in the process

He pushed her out and Locked the door

Bex didn’t know if she should cry or not, she ran her hand through her hair sniffing

“I never loved you, I only wanted your p*ssy and I got it,” those words kept repeating in her head, she didn’t want to cry but she couldn’t help it

“Should I feel bad that I cheated? I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing, I was gonna tell him but I was too scared, gosh! Bex your life is messed up, I love him,” she said to herself and sat on the floor

“How did he know? It’s just the three of us that know about it so how come he find out and didn’t confront me about it, wait, the b*tch was wearing a wristwatch…. I have seen that watch somewhere, I have seen it somewhere,” she stood up, dusting her clothes

She was blinded with rage that she did get a clear view of the b*tch, she only saw the wristwatch by the bedside


Abigail looked around, she was so worried

“Melody where are you? You said you were gonna come,” she mumbled looking around

“Come on, the show is about to start and I bought the front ticket for the both of us,” she added, worriedly

She didn’t even have her contact

Suddenly she saw Selena, Rose, and Georgia and ran to them

“Have you seen Melody?” she asked, worriedly

They exchanged glances

“You mean masked Melody?” Rose asked happily

“No, the other one in our class,”

“Piggy fat,” Selena asked, and all three of them burst out laughing

“I’m blind when it comes to people like that,” Selena replied

Abigail glared at them

“Hey, Derek have you seen Melody?” she asked running over to him

“Masked Melody hasn’t come yet, gosh! I can’t wait to see her,” he replied smiling

“Not her, the one in our class….”

“Piggy fat, h*ll no,” he walked past her

Just then a black limo stopped at the lot and men dressed in all black stepped down, Abigail was staring as Clara stepped down followed with Barry, Charles, Meghan, Michael, and Melody who looks like a goddess

The whole place would have been covered with screams but luckily enough, everyone was inside waiting for them

Abigail just stood there staring at them as they made their way into the hall through the backstage, her gaze was fixed on Melody, her breathing suddenly stopped when Melody stopped in front of her

“Do you have a phone?” she asked in her cute tiny voice

“M..me… me?” she stuttered and gulped nervously

“What is she doing?” Clara asked surprised

“I dunno,” Barry who was beside her muttered

“Can I have it?” Melody asked gently, she opened her palm

“Don’t tell me she’s gonna take a pic with that low life,” Meghan said, squeezing up her face

“One of her fans, not low life,” Charles correct

Meghan scoffed and rolled her eyes


Abigail began shaking, her mouth was totally dry as she couldn’t stop gulping, she slowly passed the phone in her hand to Melody and she took it with a smile but Abigail didn’t see the smile on her face cos of the mask

To Abigail’s surprise, Melody crossed her hand around her shoulder before taking a selfie, she kissed her cheek afterward and snapped the last one, then she returned the phone to her

“Do have a good day,” she said and walked away, her bodyguards followed immediately

“Don’t wait for me too much, cos I’m already here,” she thought in her mind, slowly turned around she looked at Abigail before walking into the hall

“Melody kissed me, she took a pic with me, oh my…. a celebrity kissed me…. a superstar,” Abigail shouted jumping up and down exactly

Paparazzi surrounded her immediately

?️ How do you feel taking a selfie with a celebrity?

?️ Do you know her from where?

?️ What did you do that make her notice you?

?️ What do you have to say about her?

?️Have you seen the face behind the mask?

?️ Please answer one question

“I’m happy that my role model kissed my cheek, she touched me, I will never bathe for a week, Melody I love you!!!!” Abigail screamed crazily



“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome the Devils’ brotheeeeeerrrrrs!!!!”

“Whooo!!!!” came the noise of the crowd

“When I say Clara what do you say?” he asked, facing the mic to the ground

“Clear the ground!!!! “

“That’s it, let’s give it up for Clara, the best drummer in Las Vegas,” he announced as Clara stepped onto the stage, she has a bright smile on her face


“Clara I love you,”

“And here comes Barry, the barrier breaker, give it up for up,” He announced, the light came on Barry who is coming into the stage, and the girls went gaga

He winked at them while smiling as he does that

“Barry f**k me just once,”

“Please make me your b*tch, “

“Barry, I love your outfit,”

“And when I talk of Charles, what do you say?” The MC asked facing the crowd

“Mr cutie!!!”

“Charles look at me,”

“I love you all,” Charles said to the crowd, stepping onto the stage

“My ladies…. all the single ladies,” he took the mic from the MC and screamed into it

The whole crowd went wide as he blow them kisses

“When I say Mask what do you say?” he asked


“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for Masked Melody!!!!!!” he screamed loudly

All the lights went out, a spotlight Suddenly shine brightly on Melody who is already standing on the stage


“Somebody make some noise” she screamed, waving her hand in mid-air


“We love you!!”

“Melody, please touch my hand,”

“Melody, please marry me,”

“She looks so beautiful,” Selena said, gushing over her

“i know right? I wish she will just look at me one day, even though is by mistake,” Rose added, holding her chest

“How can one person be this pretty even with a mask?” Georgia asked, pouting

They are currently sitting in the front seat

“Melody please look at me,” Selena screamed

Among the crowd was Lorenzo and Lilly talking about the perfect time to execute their plan

“I still can’t believe she put you through all that and you let her live, like she’s still breathing. It’s none like you Renzo,” Lilly said, facing him

“I know what I’m doing….”

“You know nothing, I hope is not what I’m thinking cos father….”

“I said I know what I’m doing! Let’s get this done with and get back home,” He snapped angrily

She gulped

just then Simon Came rushing into the place, he stopped right before them, his both hands on his knees, breathing heavily

“Goddess Came………

TBC ????

As e dey hot ??

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