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? Bad boy’s

baby ?






“Goddess came,” Simon said, breathing heavily, his both hands resting on his knees

Lilly looked at Lorenzo

“We have to abort mission,” she said and he glared hard at her before walking away

“Renzo,” she called going after him

Simon pulled her back by her arm

“You know how godfather can be when he failed just one task, you don’t want to be among this trust me,” he said, still trying to catch his breath

“And is it better for him to die? Even Godfathers haven’t been able to kill Goddess is he the one to kill her?” Lilly asked, she forcefully took her hand from him

“Lilly…” She walked away before he could say a word


Meanwhile, Melody just finished performing, the crowd went silent, the music stopped and all the Devils brothers stood shocked, staring at the woman walking into the hall

Here comes Goddess, the only woman that goes with men, when I say men I didn’t mean boys…. I mean hit-men. she has so much money that she doesn’t know what to do with her money anymore, a carpet made of gold was spread wide for her to step on

Don’t get me wrong, everything she’s wearing is made of gold, at times the government wonders how she made so much money, even assassins know of her wealth but they can’t go close to her house

The crowd was so silent like a graveyard as fear gripped everyone

You won’t blame them, Goddess doesn’t go where there is peace

“Get down and let’s go,” she said stopping right before Melody at the stage

“What are you doing?” Melody asked, stepping forward

“You need help?” she asked staring directly into her eyes

Melody didn’t say a word, she looked back at her friends before looking at the crowd, she knows too well that goddess is not someone she can mess with so she just has to follow her

She always makes the rules

Melody haven’t taken a step when goddess suddenly held her arm, pulling her forcefully to herself and their chest collided together, a bullet fly past hitting the guard by her side

“Goddess, what was that for?” Melody snapped, she has no idea what just happened

“Take her out of her,” goddess said with a straight face, not even sparing her a glance

Jeremy her right-hand man, stepped forward

Goddess followed the direction of the gun and Lorenzo went back, her guards already surrounded the whole building, he ran outside only to come face to face with Lilly and Simon who was on their knees

He smirked before approaching

“Well, well,” Goddess uttered staring at him

“Son of Pablo, to what do I own this visit?” she asked, smirking

“I will be your downfall,” he said boldly to her face

She laughed annoyingly while stepping closer

“Can’t wait for that day to come,” she whispered into his ear

Lorenzo drew his sword and she laughed

“I dare you to try,” Goddess said smirking

Bush, her left-hand man held a gun to Lilly’s head while a member of her clan held a gun to Simon’s head

“Are you gonna do it or not?” she asked, moving closer to him, so close that there is no space left between them

Lorenzo slowly lowered his hand and moved back a little

Goddess scoffed

“I thought as much,” she mumbled

He didn’t say a word

“A message to your father,” she said, and before he could know it a loud thud landed on his head from behind



Melody is still pacing around the room when the door opened and Goddess entered with a straight look on her face

“What was that for? What was that stunt you pulled out there?” Melody asked fuming with rage

“Lay down and spread your thighs,” Goddess said, ignoring her question

“Goddess,” she screamed, her heart racing up and down

“You need help?” Goddess asked, stopping right before her

Melody could hear the sound of her teeth clapping together, for god sake why does she always have to ruin things for her? She said she isn’t gonna intervene in her life so why now? Why can’t she just leave her alone?

“I guess the boys will help you,” Goddess said, turning around to leave but Melody held her hand

“I will do it by myself,” she said rudely and rolled her eyes before taking off her underwear

She walked over to the bed and lay on it, spreading her legs wide apart

“Wider,” Goddess said with a blank look on her face

Melody widened her thighs and Goddess nodded, she sat on the bed before slowly reaching for the gold tray by the bedside, she took the brand new hand gloves and put them on then bent lower, so low that she could see through Melody’s v•rgina

Goddess pushed a finger in and Melody shake her waist

“I’m still a virgin, okay? Nothing happened,” Melody said, it was embarrassing how her mother will always check if she was a virgin from time to time, will she ever get married?

Goddess ignored her and add another finger making it two

“Argh, that hurt,” Melody winched in pain, trying to close her legs but Goddess didn’t let her

She added another finger

“Gwadddd!!!!” Melody screamed loudly, tears finding their way out of her eyes

Goddess pulled out her hands, she stood up, staring at her while slowly removing the gloves

“Any day I find out that you lost your virginity without telling me, that day even google won’t tell you how to cry, Siri can’t explain the crying details you will need,” she said, not showing any emotions at all

Melody sniffed

“I’m nothing like you, okay?” Melody blurted out angrily

“Hahaha hahaha, You’re lucky I didn’t marry you off at 13,” Goddess replied in a cold dark voice

“I hate you,” she yelled, in tears

“I never said I liked you,” Goddess replied and threw a bunch of keys at her

“Your new house, girls only, no boys allowed, I’m watching you,” she said and walked out, with her heels making noise as she walks



Lorenzo slowly opened his eyes and groaned, his neck hurts like h*ll, he tried bringing down his hand but couldn’t, he looked up only to discover that he was tied up

He looked around recognizing where he was

“A failure,” he heard that one voice that can make him shiver in fear

“What did I teach about failure?” a middle-aged man asked, standing right before him

Lorenzo was silent, his head down

“You’re the leader of this great clan, all of it and yet you fail to kill a simple girl, just a girl!” the man who happens to be his father snarled angrily

“Goddess came…” Lorenzo was still saying but a loud thunderous slap from the man shut him up

“How dare you mention that name to my hearing?” he roared, rage dripped like a running tap

“Do to him what we do to losers,” he added shifting back

Four high-rank members stepped forward with a two-headed whip in their hands, one of them tore Lorenzo’s clothes while the other person took off his trousers

He was just left in his boxers

They started dealing with him, Lorenzo closed his eyes tightly as each whip landed on his back, he could feel blood dripping from his back as the whip cut through his skin

They didn’t take it easy with him at all

“Argh!!!” he screamed agonizingly when he couldn’t take in the pain any longer



“Pain is the result of failure,” his father yelled angrily

Lorenzo spite out blood as the whip continues to land on his back, he could feel his strength leaving him, his eyes becoming heavy and they didn’t stop

He tighten his teeth, forcing his muscle out, trying to take in the pain but it was just too much

He looked at his father with those bloody eyes and lowered his head, blood dripping from his back

It continues that way till he couldn’t move, Pablo raised his hand and they stopped at once

“he will stay here till he learns to deliver a clean shit,” Came Pablo’s cold voice, he walked away and his men followed



Bex has been working since morning but her mind is not there, she was busy putting out all her anger on the keyboard without knowing what she was typing

She hasn’t spoken to anyone since yesterday and it’s killing her

She stood up after typing all the things she needed, she went over to Nick’s office and there she saw him f**king a b*tch, staring at Nick all she could see was Ryan

She was lost staring at them that she didn’t notice the tears in her eyes

“I hate you, I regret ever knowing you, you’re nothing but a cheap shameless man,” she blurted out angrily and threw the files in her hand at them, rushing out of there at high speed

Nick didn’t even bother to stop what he was doing

Bex bumped into someone at the stairs

“Sorry,” she muttered and made to run past but the person who happens to be a guy pulled her back, staring at her face

“Are you alright?” he asked calmly

“I hate him, he’s such a jerk, I made a mistake, okay? But it was just once and I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing, listen I tried to stop but couldn’t help it, and then… and then…” he pulled her into a hug

She sobbed in his arms, her tears soaking his white shirt

Bex gently lifted her head, she looked at his face while cleaning the tears in her eyes with the back of her palm, she sniffed and looked away

“I’m sorry,” she muttered, her head down

“About what?” he took his hand to her jaw and raise her face

She kept quiet, picking on her nails

“I emm… I borrowed your shoulder to cry on without even knowing you,” she replied, slowly looking at his face

He chuckled

“I’m Glassman,” he offered a handshake

“Bex,” she replied

“Mind talking about it? Or…”

“No.. no… it’s okay, I’m just…”

“Just ready to start work,” Nick cut in from behind, they both turned to see him standing a few meters away from them

“What is this? I told you that I need this in a few minutes and you typed this rubbish, do you even know how to use a computer?” Nick fired angrily

“I’m sorry…”

“Get your big @ss down to that chair, you have 15 minutes to retype all of it,” he said cutting in, his face shows no emotions at all

Bex nodded gently

Glassman walked over to Nick and they both shook hands before going into his office



The news of how Goddess took Melody off the show was all over the net, Evey social media platform was talking about it, some said she was lucky cos another person was shot in her place

Melody and Abigail is was walking over to the cafe when Agatha approached them

“I saw your picture, gal you’re a celebrity,” Agatha said gushing

“I know right? Melody here is my lucky charm,” Abigail said, touching Melody’s cheeks

“first time I made a wish and it came to pass, I have over 3 million followers on Instagram and still counting, I’m famous,” Abigail added excitedly

“There is nothing special about Masked Melody, she’s just like everyone else,” Melody said and Both Abigail and Agatha gave her a crazy look

“girl you need to upgrade your lifestyle,” Abigail said

“Hey, Abby,” Selena called, waving at her

“Wanna sit with us?” Georgia asked, smiling widely

“Because I’m famous, huh? Anyways I can’t leave my lucky charm for you guys so, nope, my lucky charm is enough,” she replied and rolled her eyes

They walked over to an empty chair and settled down

“I will get the food,” Melody said, going over to the counter

Suddenly screams filled the air, she looked back to see Micheal and Meghan holding hands, somehow she felt bad seeing them that way

Melody closed her eyes and gulped, she opened her eyes only to see Micheal standing next to her

“Move pig,” he shoved her out of the way, she nearly falls but Clara held her

“Careful,” she said gently and Melody nodded

“Thank you,” she replied, reaching for the tray of food on the counter she carried it and left

“I wonder how someone can still be fat and eat such food, you need fasting not food,” Meghan said rudely

Everyone in the cafe burst out laughing

“And what makes you better than her?” Abigail asked instantly


“No Melo, lemme talk to them,” Abigail cut her off

The laughter died down, she looked around, staring from one person to another

“What’s so funny, huh? If you don’t like how her body is then get lost cos people like you don’t deserve to eat,” Abigail snapped angrily while moving forward

Michael Scoffed

“What did you just say?” Meghan asked fuming with rage while moving forward

“And what are you gonna do about what she said?” Agatha said, standing on her feet, slowly moving forward

Everyone exchanged glances, Melody felt alive, someone stood up for her

“The Devil’s brothers Vs School Girls,”

“I like her,” Barry said staring at Abigail

Meghan stopped right before Agatha and they locked eyes, sending deadly glares to each others

Micheal who couldn’t take it anymore went forward and held Meghan’s hand

“You don’t exchange words with losers, their outfit is not even up to your night rub bills, and you,” he said pointing at Abigail

“Do explain to your friend what gym is all about, I wonder if she was born fat or cursed, what a waste of sperm,” Micheal said rudely, taking Meghan away

Melody’s eyes widened, and tears came fighting their way out, but she was fighting back

Did he just call her a waste of sperm?

Both Agatha and Abigail exchange glances staring at their phone, the Video was already in their school blog, many people laughing and pointing at her like a joke

Melody couldn’t take it anymore

“Melo, don’t let that get to you,” Agatha said gently

“We should just leave,” Abigail added and stood, packing their food

Melody tighten her grip on her phone, she just finished watching the video and the comments weren’t helping matter, everyone was against her

She suddenly stood grabbing Abigail’s yogurt bottle in the process, walking over to the devil’s brother’s table

Everyone exchange glances wondering what she was up to

“This is what a wasted sperm looks like,” Melody emptied all the yogurt at Michaels’s face then she quickly brought out her phone

“Pig, say cheese…..…”

TBC ????

As e dey hot

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