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? Bad boy’s

baby ?






“Oops, my leg slipped,” Came a familiar voice

Shocking the h*ll out of everyone

Michael gritted his teeth and fold his fist under the pool

“You wanna fight?” The person who happens to be Lorenzo jumped in, he swim over to Micheal not minding his nearly treated wounds

“How dare you…..” Micheal’s words were cut short with a heavy slap

Michael returned it with a punch but Lorenzo dodged and his punch meet the air, he threw another Punch, and Lorenzo Dodge again

Stretching his hand he gripped Michael by his neck pinning him directly under the pool

His eyes balls change to red instantly as he tightens his grip around Micheal’s neck

Michael tried struggling with him but Lorenzo was way stronger, he seem to be fighting with two people’s strength

“He gonna kill him”

“Lorenzo let him go,”

“He needs to breathe,”

“You can’t hold him underwater for long,”

“Please don’t kill him,”

“Oh, his cute face,”

“Will I ever be f**ked by again, if he dies,”

Michael punched Lorenzo’s tummy under the pool, hitting him hard but it was as if that added to his anger cos Lorenzo returned the punch

Raising his hand to Punch Micheal again Barry and Charles held him from behind, pulling him away

Lorenzo forcefully took his arm from them, he started dangerously at Micheal who was trying to catch his breath before leaving

Michael sure drank more than enough pool water, Barry helped him out of the pool, Charles offered a hand and he took it, climbing out of the pool stairs

Melody’s sat on the floor watching as Lorenzo approaches

Barry helped her out of the pool and luckily enough, she didn’t drown, walking over to them Lorenzo Carried her in a bridal and left

style shocking everyone more



“So? What are gonna tell him?” Madison said, her eyes widely opened with her both hands spread apart, staring from Arianna to Bex

“At least that way he knows that he has a child….”

“What child? Do you even know if he wants this child? Listen, Bex, if you don’t want to create a bond with this child and end up losing him/her to the government abort it now, cos they are gonna take it away from you if you can’t afford to feed and provide for this child,” Madison added, it was obvious in her voice that she as angry

“Madison, Bex is not the first single mother in history, okay? All this was your idea….”

“Oh, so you’re blaming me now?” Madison cut in, she didn’t believe it

“You gave her that drink, you told me to go get barbecue and before I could get back you told me that you left her for just one minute to use the restroom and she was gone. you know she can’t handle alcohol and you made…..” A loud resounding slap shut her up

Arianna couldn’t believe it, she looked at Madison with a shocked expression on her face

“Y…you slapped me?” She asked, slowly placing her hand on her cheek

“How dare you accused me, making her own good s*x turn to rape, not like Bex is a virgin,” Madison growled

Arianna stood from the couch, her eyes burning with rage

“Stop it, both of you!!” Bex shouted cutting in, she rushed forward and stood in between them

“This is my mess, okay? I don’t want you guys to fight over it….”

“Look I’m trying to help as a good friend, we have been friends since college, you just meet Arianna at work and you brought her home, making her our roommate so she should know her limit,” Madison spat angrily

Arianna scoffed while folding her hands under her breast

“You’re so cruel …”

“Yeah, I’m cruel for trying to be a good friend, if you keep that child guess what will happen? The government will take it away from you cos you have nothing, and even if you fight to get him/her back the government will watch you 24/7, and if you don’t have money to take proper care of this child or… What am I even saying? You haven’t even finished paying all the money you stole from your mother. By the time this child didn’t attend school, the government will throw your @ss in jail, and by the time you get yourself in jail, that’s when you will remember what I was trying to protect you from,” Madison slammed her hand against the couch and grabbed her mini purse

She left enraged


“Not now Anna,” Bex cut her off, What Madison said really get to her, will she give her baby away after having it?

She stole 5 billion from her family funds and ran away with it, just to help her Boyfriend Ryan who was struggling to build his company at that time and right now she lost everything

“Bex, we can still…..”

“I’m cured, I’m losing my sanity, Anna! I can’t even go back home, my mom is gonna kill me,” She said tearing up

“I lost everything,” She added, scratching her hair, with watery eyes

“I’m sorry,” Anna pulled her into a hug


Madison stopped her car by the roadside and entered an already waiting car

“You’re late,” Ryan said shortly after she came in

“So? You know how hard Bex can be,” Madison rolled her eyes, she brought out her wristwatch, fixing it on her wrist

“So, did she accept to abort?”

“I’m trying to get into her but with Arianna in the picture, it will be hard cos that girl is a witch,” She spat, angrily

“Listen, I don’t care who owns the child, okay? I just want it out and I don’t want to see her happy with another guy so keep a close eye on her and give me feedback….”

“Just be careful, you know she came from a rich family,” She reminded him

Ryan scoffed

“Family she stole from, Bex is nothing but a thief and as long as she hasn’t finished paying the money she stole from her family, she’s not welcome,” Ryan said laughing

“Do you know her family?”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Ryan rolled his eyes and hissed


“I still can’t believe you slapped me,” Barry said, leaning on the bookshelf

Agatha who was picking the books she wanted stared at him and looked away

He chuckled, just the kind of girl he wanted. The one who won’t throw herself at him just because of his riches or handsome face

“There is something about you that I’m still trying to figure out,” he bites his lower lips seductively

Agatha was silent

Barry leaned closer to her

“I’m a fast guy, I don’t like delay, let’s say you slapped me to get my attention and now you have it, so, I want to worship your parish,” he said and took in his lower lip before winking at her

Agatha slightly gasped, slowly turning around and luckily enough, not many people were watching them

“Oh, come on, all these people know what I’m talking about, Lemme water your garden cos I like to lay down and watch something grow,” He winked again

She covered her mouth, staring at him with that look that says “Are you high?”

“Whatever this is all about I’m not interested, my body is a temple of the Lord…… ”

“I was created in God’s image, lemme see what was created out of my rib, since you’re the rib of my rib, lemme romance your chamber and take you out of this world in trance, the only word that will be left in your mouth will be “Oh Yeah, you’re getting it, I like it, baby…..”

“Stop it!!!!” Agatha screamed, forgetting that she was in the library

He Chuckled, he really loves what he was doing and he will do anything to get her, how dare she slap him?

“Come on, lemme lavish your milk like a hungry Lion…..” A sudden slap landed on his cheek, it came from Agatha

“Are you high?” She snarled instantly

“Even your hands are like the wonders of heaven, lemme teach your hand what to hold and testify of its goodness,” he said, going closer, he didn’t even bother that she slapped him

“Listen, there is more from where that came from, avoid me if you don’t want to have it in full…..”

“Having it in full is all I was created to supply, giving it to you back to back, with my members worshipping your back view cos what it sees the mouth will eat and not be able to finish it,” Barry said grinning

“Oh God,” Agatha left all the books she came to get and scurried out

He giggled

“Tough, huh?” Barry chuckled while caressing his cheek

“She slapped me again, unbelievable,”



Melody went downstairs and Lorenzo was gone, she looked around only to see a paper on her center table

“I couldn’t even say thank you last night,” she mumbled and took the paper


She smiled, remembering how he saved her last night from drowning

“Such a gentleman,” she muttered and raised her brows as if remembering something

Melody turned to go upstairs but Jeremy entered without knocking

“This is my house, the door at the front is meant for knocking and the small switch outside is called a doorbell, reasonable human being do use it and please act like one,” She shouted immediately after he entered

“You’re coming with me,” Jeremy said coldly

She scoffed, staring at him from the corner of her eyes

“I have school….”

“School can wait,” he cut her shut


“I’m not asking, I’m telling you and it’s a direct order,” Jeremy cut in again, going towards her

“I’m watching you,” her mother’s words came rushing into her head

Did she find out that a guy visited her? Could that be the reason why Jeremy came? Oh no, someone should help me

“Are you coming or should I drag you?” Jeremy asked politely

Melody who was picking on her nails gently looked at his face, fear written all over her

“Why is she calling….”

“You will find out once you get there,” he cut her off, his face expressionless

“Can I….”


“Can I get…..”




She stormed her feet against the floor and groan frustratingly, having no other choice she followed him out

“Mistress, she’s here,” Jeremy said gently

Goddess who was busy smoking didn’t even spare him a glance

Jeremy didn’t need her to tell him to leave cos he already knows what that means so he turned around and left, getting outside he collided with Bush

“I don’t even know why goddess chose to make you her right-hand man when I have more fighting skills than you,” Bush said enviously

Jeremy ignored him and walked away

Bush stood staring at him as he leaves, he doesn’t get why goddess has to choose Jeremy over him, was it because of his handsome face? What is it about Jeremy that she can’t see in him?

“Watch your back, Jeremy, I should be a right-hand man, not a left-hand man, you shouldn’t be higher than me,” Bush said, an evil idea just popped into his head

“I detest you, so much that I feel like killing you,” Melody hiccupped, tears rolling down her eyes

Her mother just finished a Virginity test

Goddess ignored her

“I wish I had a father maybe…..”

“Don’t you dare!!!” Goddess roared, turning her face to her instantly, her eyes balls darkened, her lips trembling in anger while her index finger was pointing at scared Melody

Melody sniffed, she was scared of this woman standing right before her but she didn’t let it get to her

“Then tell me why I can’t leave my life the way I want it. It’s always your stupid rules, I’m sick of it cos I’m nothing like you, I’m not trash just like you, I’m sure your bad attitude made Dad leave…..” A loud thunderous slap landed on her cheek instantly

Melody became temporarily deaf for four minutes, stars cycling round in her eyes, her cheek burning like h*ll

“Any day you made me hit you, it will never stop so don’t push it,” Goddess’s words came rushing into her mind, she clearly remembers when Goddess said that to her, and now she just did it

“You live under my roof, eat my food, and spend my money. You must live under my rules!!” Goddess growled

“I need answers!!! What did you do with my sister? Did you sell her? Cos you can do anything. why do I have to wear mask? Why do you have to make me wear this custom that makes everyone bully me at school, nobody wants to have anything to do with me just because I’m fat, just why are you doing this to me? Why Goddess??” Melody cried out, hot tears rolling down her eye

“The world is not a bed of roses, and you have no sister. if you violate any of my rules again, especially that boy, if you think that you have wings and can fly as far as you want, I Goddess will cut it off, go near that boy again….” She stopped staring at her with those dark eyes

“You will Google how to be a professional Cryer cos I will make you regret the day you came out of my Vaginal,” she said, meaning every word coming out from her mouth, turning around she head towards the door

“You’re so cruel, a beast in human form,” Melody ran to the bed, she covered herself with the duvet, and hugged the pillow tightly crying her eyes out.


The Lamborghini came to a hint at the park and Melody came down, walking over to the other side she came Across Abigail

“Melo,” Abigail called immediately after she saw her

Melody who wanted to buy ice cream turned around instantly walking away

Abigail and Agatha exchange glances, Agatha was going to choir practice as usual

“Melo,” Abigail ran after her, she held her hand and Melody stopped, staring at her

“Why are you avoiding me? I saw the news and….”

“Knowingly set me up?” Melody cut in, more like a question

Abigail couldn’t believe it, why would she say such a thing?

“Melody, what are you talking about? I will never….”

“Oh stop with the pretense, stop pretending to be my friend whilst you’re stabbing me from behind,” Melody forcefully took her hand from her

Abigail stared at Agatha who was by her side


She brought out her phone and quickly opened her Inbox, showing her the messages

“You still gonna lie?” Melody spat on her face

“I know people like you, you pretend to love me whilst you’re among them, pretending to be my Friend but behind my back I disgust you just because I’m fat, isn’t it?” She asked furiously, blinking back tears

Abigail was so shocked that she didn’t say a thing, she didn’t know what to say

“Stay away from me,” She added and turned to leave but bumped into a hard chest

“Are you blind?” Melody snapped angrily while staring at the stranger’s face

Sebastian chuckled, his both hands stuck in his trousers pocket, four of his boys were beside him

“I will show you what blind people can do, bring her boys” he ordered turning around to leave

“Touch her, I dare you…….”

TBC ????

As e dey hot ??

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