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? Bad boy’s

baby ?







i have unfinished business. A boy of about 16 years old was walking back from the store when he saw a girl being dragged out of their house by four men, he didn’t waste a second before rushing after then

Christiane!!!” He shouted, running towards them

“Richard, help me,” the girl screamed, trying to break free but the men were way stronger

“Leave her alone,” he yelled and launched at them, a heavy punch landed on his tummy and he fell to his knees straight

His hand holding his tummy tightly while groaning in pain

“Richard….. Richard,” the girl screamed

“Christiane,” he muttered, stretching forth his hand as if trying to touch her, he fell on the ground as they went out of sight

After a few minutes, he dragged himself up, he just regain a little strength so he ran after them, getting close he saw them pushing the girl into the house and jamming the door

“Christiane… Christiane… Christiane, come out, Christine!!!” He yelled banging his fist against the door

Hoping for the door to open but nothing of such happened, it wasn’t long before her loud cries came from the inside, it was so loud that he couldn’t hold back his tears

He has no idea with they were doing to her In there but whatever it was, it wasn’t a good

Slowly shifting back from the door, he took to his heels, running back home

“Mother!! Mother you promised me,” he shouted, kicking the door open

The middle-aged woman who was busy rolling up her weed didn’t even spare him a glance

“How could you do this to me….”

“Your father did the same to me, he promised me for richer for poorer but he left me for a rich woman,” the woman replied nonchalantly

“Mother she’s just 13 and you married her off, how do you feel doing that to your own child, she’s my sister mother, your daughter!” He hiccupped, hot tears rolling down his cheeks

“So what? She got p*ssy and the pretty face, you should be lucky there is enough food in the house cos if not for her there won’t be any food….”

“Get a job,” he snapped, a loud resounding slap landed on his cheek instantly

“Your stupid bastard father left me with nothing,” she yelled at him, standing right at his face

“It wasn’t her fault that father left”

“Then who’s fault was it?” She fired back

He balled his fist tightly gritting his teeth, endless tears rolling down his cheeks

“Don’t be as useless as your father and be grateful for once, age has nothing to do with p*ssy cos no matter your age d*ck will enter inside your p*ssy,” she lit up her weed, puffing out smoke from her mouth

“Why? Why are you doing this to my sister? Tell me why….”

“Because I hate her!!!” His mother gowled, picking up the glass of liquor on the table she smashed it against the wall furiously

“I detest her with everything in me, whenever I look at her face all I see is the bastard who left me for a rich woman, she has to pay for her father’s evil!” She yelled

The boy was silent, shaking his head

“She reminds me of that basted, she shouldn’t have had his face….”

“She was just five when father left,” the boy snapped

“Who cares, she’s pretty and he’s handsome, they are both evil,” she rolled her eyes and return to her chair

“Don’t be as useless as your father and get to work,” she said pointing at the bag of weeds on the table

He Ignored her and rushed out, Richard get the house they pushed his sister and the door was slightly opened

With a single kick, the door opened, nearly breaking it down, he rushed inside only to see the her on top of the big bed, she was stank naked, blood stains all over her thighs

The bed was no exception

“Christiane,” he pulled off his shirt instantly, climbing the bed he held her shoulder and lifted her up a little

Helping her wear his shirt, she didn’t say a word, only tears rolling down her cheeks

“I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, I’m just a coward,” he mumbled with watering eyes

“I want to die, it hurts so bad,” she uttered weakly

“I love you very much, if you die and leave me who will be my sister?” He asked, lifting her from the bed, he carried her on his back



Jeremy walked into her room, slowly looking around, he sighted Goddess who was laying down on the bed, tears rolling down her eyes

“She’s crying in her sleep, but why?” He mumbled and sat next to her

Reaching for her hand he held it before gently stroking her hair

“I wish you can tell me your problem, I will make them go away,” he mumbled, leaning closer to her face

“Do you have a death wish?” His subconscious mind asked

He quickly get back to his senses and blinked twice, did he just try to kiss his boss? He nearly bought his own death ticket.

“Gosh, she’s so pretty even in her sleep,” he took his hand to her face

“Richard,” she mumbled, he looked at her face

“Mistress,” Jeremy called softly, her eyes flew open and she slowly took her hand from him

“It’s time for the Billionaires gathering, I get a clue that Park will be there,” he said, standing on his feet

She sat up not saying a word, nightmare won’t just let her sleep, she had another nightmare

“You were crying in your sleep,” he added softly

She ignored him and went down the bed, going over to the bathroom, it wasn’t long before she came out, all dressed


“Be careful,” she walked past him, her heels making noises as she walk gracefully towards the car



The singing voices of the choir erupt the whole place, some close their eyes listing to the beautiful song while some were humming it

Barry Walked in and his gaze met with that of Agatha who was among the choir

He winked at her before settling down, sounds of applause echoes through the church

“Hey, what a lovely service and choir members,” Barry whispered immediately Agatha sat down

“you’re late and it’s not finished yet,” she mumbled, not looking at him

” I know but I have been thinking, we are both singles available people with needs, desires and requirements, don’t you think it’s time for us to have a part of hibernation? I love coming late cos I will have to eat a holy communion from your secret temple,” he replied instantly

The people around them gasped

She slowly shifted her gaze to him, her mouth slightly opened

“Come on, give me the chance to wrack your wonderland, you stretch my back, I’ll run yours with a delicate mixture of jasmine Lavender ambiguous and I will rock it, and roll it and thrill it and come back to rocking,” he added, demonstrating it with his hand

“Barry, we are in the house of the Lord,” Agatha said, more in a whisper, stylishly looking around

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord, faith has chosen us so who are we to fight faith? I’m a lover not a fighter, Lemme lay you down, teaching you signs and wonders with your palms rubbing my core,” he shifted closer

“Honey is sweeter than sugar but then what is sweeter than honey? Your wonderland,”

“What!!!” The man in front of them screamed, staring at them shocked

Agatha gasped, covering her mouth, why is he always this way?

“Face your front man!” Barry rolled his eyes

“Lemme bows to your chamber and eat from your plate, licking your dish and drinking from your holy juice, give me the Honor of….” A hand tapped his shoulder and he looked up

Two securities dragged him up from the chair

“Where are you taking me? In my father’s house, there are many mansions, I am in my father’s house,” he forcefully took his hand from them

The securities exchange glances, the man who had his words called them

“Allow my children to come unto me, for my kingdom is like people like them, so move! I’m God’s child” He ordered boldly

They exchange glances, seeing that he has outspoken then, they let go of him, Barry rushed back inside but Agatha was gone

“Sh*t,” he cured, ruffing his hair

He walked outside to see her walking down the street, a smile appeared on his lips but it vanished instantly when he saw a guy with her

“What the h*ll,” he rushed towards them



“Nickolas,” Bex called walking up to him

Nickolas who was about going into his car stopped, staring at her

“What did you say about our discussion?” She asked, stopping right before him

He squeezes his face

“Are you high?” He snapped

“I’m carrying your child….”

“It is not my child, if you know who got you pregnant go meet that person cos it’s not me and you better stop this madness of yours before it will cost you your job,” he yelled, his index finger pointing at her face

“I just want you to know that you have a child, I will give you time to think about it,” She replied and turned to leave

“That’s it, I can’t do this bulsh*t anymore, you’re fired,” he released the bombshell

Her jaw dropped instantly


He went into his car, slamming the door behind

The lady in the car looked at him before staring at Bex

“Baby, why are you upset? Isn’t she your PA? What did she say that made you this made?” She asked, all I’m one word

“It’s nothing to worry about,” he turned on the engine

“I’m worried,” she said gently touching her hand

He looked at her and exhaled

“She’s just told me about a failed project, You no Goddess, right? One of the richest women worldwide, you know her right,” he asked staring at his supposed girlfriend

She chuckled

“Who doesn’t know goddess,” she replied, more like a question

“She’s supposed to schedule a meeting with her cos she’s coming to invest in my company but she forgets to do that,” Nick lied

“But that’s the work of a secretary”, Nate twitched her brows

He hissed

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” he drove off



“You did what?” Lilly asked, she couldn’t believe what he just said

“You heard me,” he took the bottle of vodka, pouring himself a drink

“Renzo, how can you tell her that you’re an assassin?” Simon asked also surprised

They are his close friends

“I didn’t know how it happened but it happened anyway,” he sip from his drink

“Listen to yourself, just listen to the gibberish you’re spewing,” Lilly said, she was so mad at him

Lorenzo was silent

“We are trained assassin’s Lorenzo, our mission is to kill not to be distracted, if that girl is gonna be a distraction then I will get rid of her….”

“You won’t dare,” Lorenzo said, hitting his glass cup against the table

“Watch me,” Lilly heads towards the door

“Lilly, don’t push it,” he said, standing on his feet

“Who do you think you’re, huh? You know how godfather can be when you disobey him and now you’re doing just that, at first I asked you and you claimed to be a helper, good Samaritan. Now it’s letting her know your identity, if you don’t know why you’re here why not just go home and let Sebastian who can do anything just to take your place have his way to the top, what a waste of time,” she said all in one word

“You do not talk to me in that way,” Lorenzo roared, his eyes balls turning red Instantly, his hand find its way to her neck as he gripped her tightly

Pinning her to the wall behind him

“Renzo,” Simon panicked, fear written all over his face

“You work for me and your job is to protect me with your life whether you like it or not, you must come to my recuse anything any day I need it, I’m your boss and you’re my subject!” He roared, tightening his grip around her neck

Her eyes went into their socket, she couldn’t breathe, she was losing it

“Renzo please, she’s dying,” Simon pleaded

“Please young master,” he added, he wanted to go closer but Lorenzo’s bad side is not something he should get close to

Lorenzo flung her across the room and she went crashing to the table, Simon rushed toward her instantly

“Lilly,” he helped her up

Her hand went to her neck, rubbing gently against her neck while trying to catch her breath

Lorenzo opened the door and stormed off



Melody finished using the bathroom, she washed her hand in the sink ready to go meet her friends but she came Across Michael

“Hey,” he waved at her, it was just hard for him but forced himself

“What?” She snapped rudely, he’s not the only one that knows how to be rude

“Can we talk?” He asked gently, his both hands stuck in his trouser pocket

She wanted to ignore him but then… She couldn’t

Melody followed him out, they leaned on his car

“I emm… I’m sorry,” he finally said

She raises her brows

“I know I have been a jerk and umm, can we start by being friends?” He asked, gosh! He couldn’t believe he was doing that

“Apologize accepted, access denied,” she made to walk off but he pulled her back

“I’m really sorry,” he added softly

She looked directly into his eyes

“Find,” she took her hand from him

“Friends?” He asked, offering a handshake

“I will think about it,” she replied and made to leave but he pulled her back

“Friendship has no such thing as thinking, it’s just a harmless proposal,” he said, holding her tightly

“Fine, friends,” she accepted his handshake by shaking his hand

Meanwhile, Lorenzo has been watching them not from afar, their closeness was just too much for him to take in, what if Michael put his head in her chest? What if he touches her chest like he did? What if he wants to hug?

Just when she accepted his handshake, Lorenzo turned around and walked away sadly

“Lilly was right, I’m an emperor, I shouldn’t be chasing rats, I have things to take care of, there’s no such thing as heart. I have unfinished business,” he said to himself

Lorenzo brought out his phone and called someone, the person picked up on the first ring

“I’m coming home to finish some unfinished business, send a car over to my location now…

TBC ????

As e dey hot ??

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