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? CHAPTER 2 & 3 ?



The principal rested for some minutes before taking a paper on the table, he signed it and looked up

“I would have suspended you but there’s no need doing that since you’re leaving” Mr Ayo said

Daniel eyes widened in excitement

“He is leaving?” Daniel asked

“He is not talking to you asshole” Henry said

“Manners Henry”

“Your father called me yesterday and requested for a transfer for you, I have sign the papers, you can leave the school premises right away” Mr Ayo said

“Are you happy I am leaving?” Henry asked

“Shouldn’t I be, at least I will be relief of your troubles California boy” Mr Ayo said

“You can keep the damn paper to yourself and you Daniel” Henry turned to him

“You are lucky I am leaving, but remember this violence is the way, anytime, any day, good bye bald head” Henry said and walked out

“Bald head” Mr Ayo gasped

Daniel face right now is carrying a big smile, the fact that Henry is leaving and he will be getting his position back as the most popular and brilliant student is sending chills to his body

“And what are you still doing here?”

“Sir I…”

“Get out” Mr Ayo shouted

Daniel quickly left the office


Henry enters the class and all eyes turned to him

There’s no teacher currently in the class so everyone is doing what he or she find pleasing

Henry stood before the class and they stop making noise without him saying a word

“I want to announce to you guys that I am leaving the country tomorrow, I will be going back to California, I don’t have a choice my dad arranged everything already, I will miss you all” He said

The class started murmuring

Sadness filled their faces especially the girls, Henry may not be the pervert or playboy type but his handsomeness got him all the attention

“We will miss you”

“Our cute boy is leaving”

“I am sad”

“Why now?”

Daniel entered the class with a smile on his face, he stared at Henry before going to his seat

“Daniel is happy Henry is leaving”

“Yes, he will get his position back”

“Such asshole”

“Guys let’s go home” Henry said to his friends

Remedy, Junior, Steve and Barry left the class with him


Henry walked in with his friends and they sat down with sad faces

“Why una dey squeeze face?” Henry asked

“You suck at speaking pidgin English oboy” Barry said

“I tried, ain’t a full Nigerian”

“Seriously guy we will miss you” Junior said

“I am already missing you guys but what can I do that father of mine can’t change his mind, I hate that man” Henry said

“I can’t believe we won’t be causing vawulence anymore, the games we do play, the clubbing f*ck” Steve said

“I feel like crying and worst he is leaving tomorrow” Remedy said

“Guys, I won’t forget you and I promise to visit this country again cos of you guys” Henry said

” I love you guys, I think we should spend the rest of the day together” Henry said

” What do you suggest?”

” Listen to some music and then we will clubbing later” Barry said

” We will be listening to More Love Less Ego” Henry said

” Mid album” Junior said

” The album is not your brain” Henry said

” Any wizkid slander shall be deal with” Steve said mockingly

Henry went to his apple music app and played the album

He connected it to the sound system and the music started sounding in the speakers

“Pressure, my best track” Remedy shouted

“Wow is my favorite track” Steve said

“Balance is a joke to you guys right?” Barry asked

“Flower pads is the best track” Henry said dancing and whining his waist

“Ashawo” The guys said

Only junior was left out of the fun since he is not a fan of wizkid music

He stood up and enter his room


The guys stared at Henry with sadness in their eyes, they couldn’t believe he was finally leaving them

“Henry” Barry called and a droplet of tears fell from his eyes

“You’re crying?” Henry laughed

“Seriously, I don’t think I can cope without you, we are like siblings” Junior said

“I don’t like it that I am living Nigeria but I have no choice, the two years I spent in this country was so lively and full of fun because of you guys, I will never forget you guys” Henry said

” Bastard” Remedy said and hugged him

” Don’t dare forget us or else…” Steve said hugging

Barry hugged him followed by Junior

” I left 100k in room on the table, just manage that guys” Henry said

“It’s time for the plane to move” An announcement came

“Bye guys, bye Nigeria” Henry said

He started climbing the rails but he stopped and faced the guys

Tears finally came out of his eyes

“I can’t believe I am leaving” He said and waved at the guys for the last time

“I love you, best friends in the world” He shouted and got on board

His friends watched as the plane took off

They faced each other

“School won’t be as funny as before”

“We just have to bear it”

“I pray he comes back someday”

“Let’s go” Barry said


Inside the plane Henry sat silently, he kept looking outside

To him everything seems like a dream, he never dream of departing from his friends at such a time

They are the best guys he has ever come across, over the years they had unforgettable memories, partners in crime, he will surely miss them

He took out his phone and plugged in the earphone

He played a song on his phone and started listening to it, he closed his eyes afterward


The plane landed and people started walking out

Henry looked out through out the window and smiled

Everything has change, he can’t possibly expect California to be the same after two years

Henry looked down at unit load device ( ULD) which is usually located directly below the passenger deck, he took out his bag and started walking down the rails

The fresh breeze hit his face making his hair to float

“I’m back again” He said

? Who is that cutie

? Is he an angel

Some girls started drooling on him

A guy walked up to him

“Henry Kitchen right” He asked

“You’re?” Henry asked

“I am Marcus, your dad Mr Thomas kitchen sent me to pick you up” Marcus replied

“That old man, thanks, let’s go” Henry smiled

Marcus wanted to the take the bag from his him but Henry stopped him

“How old are you?”

“24, why do you ask?” Marcus replied

“Big bro, elders can’t be carrying their juniors luggage” He replied and Marcus smiled

Henry opened the door and enter the front seat, Marcus joined him and they drove out


Marcus drove the car in to the house and halted

Henry smiled seeing the mansion, after two years he is seeing his father’s house

“Marcus thank you” Henry said and opened the door coming down

He looked around the house and screamed

“I am back home”

“He look gentle but I guess he is the opposite” Marcus said, smiling

“Are my parents at home?” Henry asked

Marcus nodded

Henry rushed towards the door and walked in

He entered the living room and at that exact time Thomas descended the stairs

Thomas smiled seeing him standing there

“My world is back” Thomas said, opening his arms

Henry moved towards him and acted like he wanted to hug him but he passed instead leaving Thomas with his arms open

“F*ck you Henry” Thomas yelled

“F*ck you Thomas” He yelled back

“I hate you”

“I hate you more dad”

“You know what I disown you, you aren’t my son again” Thomas said

“I disown you too, f*ck you man”

“Infact don’t talk to me ever again” Thomas said

“Like I even care” Henry yelled back

“What’s going on here?” Joyce asked coming downstairs

Henry and Thomas turned theirs eyes to her

“My baby” Joyce said happily

Henry moved into her arms hugging her so tight

“Mum I miss you so much” Henry said

“Miss my foot” Thomas scoffed

“What is up with you two again?” Joyce asked

“This son of your..”

“Point of correction, our son” Joyce corrected

“I disown him” Thomas said walking upstairs

“I disown you too” Henry shouted back

Joyce sighed knowing the house won’t be the same with Henry presence, this isn’t the first time, Thomas us disowning Henry and Henry disowning him, they are always arguing

“Gosh, I have two crazy people to deal with” Joyce said hitting her head

“You’re looking more younger mum, tell me the secret” Henry winked

” You dad got the secret” Joyce replied

” You will have to show me my father, that young ugly man is not my father”

Joyce immediately slap his head

” Ouch!! mum”

” Say that again” Thomas said behind them

Henry turned to see him holding a big stick

“Say I’m ugly again”

“I hate you ugly face” Henry said

Thomas charged at him and Henry took to his heels, Thomas chased him out of the house

” They won’t kill me before my time” Joyce said


“What I am resuming school tomorrow?” Henry asked shockingly

“Yes, what were you expecting, that you will be staying at home?” Thomas asked back

“I thought I will have a little time before starting school”

“I prepared everything, your school uniform is in your room, you are starting school tomorrow ” Thomas said

” I would have say I hate you but the good thing is that you already know i hate you ” Henry said

” Same here son ” Thomas winked

” You got the most ugliest wink, I wonder what attracted mum to you ” Henry said with a scoff

” My handsome face” Thomas smiled

Joyce walked there with a cup of juice and gave it to Thomas

” Baby” She said holding Henry cheeks

” Mum stop it, ain’t a kid anymore ” He frowned

” You will always be a kid to me” Joyce said

” I can’t believe I will be starting school tomorrow, dad really hate me” Henry pouted

“One love bro” Thomas thumb him

Joyce giggled

“Don’t feel bad you will enjoy the school”

“Whatever” He rolled eyes and went upstairs

“Why do you always like picking up on him, you should have allow to rest a bit before starting school” Joyce said sitting on the couch with him

“Can we talk about something else?”

“Like what?” Joyce asked

Thomas leaned in and pecked her lips

“It has been long yunno” He said winking seductively

“Pervert husband ”


Summer is on the phone group chatting with Tiffany and Hailey

They had a group chat for them, from the way her face is you will know she is happy about something

Tiffany: Really, you will be f*cking Axton tomorrow?

Summer: Yes baby, I am super excited

Hailey: Heard he has a big d*ck

Tiffany: I can imagine your moans baby

Summer: B*tch, I will be breaking up with Austin next week

Hailey: A relationship more than two weeks becomes boring

Summer: ❤️❤️

The door to her room opened and a maid entered

Summer turned to her

“The Governor is back” The maid said and left

Summer: Hey guys my dad is back

Tiffany: I think that’s a good night

Hailey: Good night baby

Summer dropped her phone on the bed before leaving the room


Henry is already dressed, the uniform suited him so much, he is looking handsome as usual

He brushed his hair making it to cover part of his eye giving the bad boy look

He looked at himself before walking downstairs

Joyce is setting the table when he came down

“Mum” He said

“Oh! baby, you are done, come have breakfast” She said

Henry went and sat down

” Where’s dad?” He asked

” Still sleeping”

” By this time, what was he doing last night?”

” Eat up and stop asking questions” Joyce said

Few minutes later, Henry was ready to go

” Mum, I am leaving” Henry said

“Okay baby, but please promise me that you will not cause trouble in your new school”

” I promise mum, I will stay away from trouble” He replied

” Good bye, I love you”

” I love you too” He replied

” Can I really keep to my promise, God help me” He said leaving


Henry got to his new school and his eyes couldn’t believe what he was seeing

The building alone spoke to him about how great the school will be

“Hope there aren’t bullies here, I hate them with my life” He said coming down from his car

Immediately he came out, the girls started their normal craziness

? Another hottie

? I think Lex and Blake were hot but darn who is this demigod

? My panties are w*t

? My future boyfriend

Henry winked at the guys and some if them fainted

? He is killing me already

? His sexy eyes, I love you new boy

He started moving towards some of the male students when he cross path with Summer

“Hey newbie” She said and Henry stop

*It’s Henry..”

” I didn’t ask of your unfortunate name”

” Huh!” He gasped

” Clean my shoes now” She said

Henry gave her an undecipherable look without any intention of doing what she said

“Are you deaf?, clean my shoes”

“Did you left your brain at home?” Henry asked out so loud

The students gasped and started drawing closer to see the drama


“How can someone with his or her brain say what you just utter, am I your slave” Henry asked

“Do you know who you’re talking to?”

“Donald trump’s daughter or Elon musk daughter, cut the crap lady” Henry said

“Do what I said right now or you will regret it” She yelled

Henry smirked

“You must be going crazy, I think you need to go for medical check up” Henry said and Summer slap him

Henry went on his knees immediately rasing his two hands up

Making everyone around confused

“Mum, I am sorry for breaking the promise I made to you but this temptation is so strong I can’t overlook it, Father lord please forgive me for the violence I am about to commit, I promise to repent after this one” Henry said and stood up

Before Summer could say a word a slap landed on her face

The students gasped again

Henry slapped her again on the other cheek

Summer started seeing heavenly stars moving in her face, her eyes rolled to the back and she went down straight, passing out..



? ???

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