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? CHAPTER 4 & 5 ?



“Summer!!” Tiffany screamed

“Summer!!” Hailey nudged her on the ground but she didn’t budge

? Is she okay

? He had enter a deep shit

? He just made the governor daughter pass out

? First time someone will be standing against Summer

Some students started recording videos and snapping his pictures, his handsomeness alone is something to talk about but right now they are more focus on what is happening

“How dare you slapped her back?” Tiffany asked raising her voice at Henry

“So what was I suppose to do?, walk away?, nah that word is not in my dictionary” Henry said

“What kind of guy are you to slap a lady, real gentlemen don’t slap women” Hailey yelled

“Ohh! so you are playing the victim card, she slapped me but it wasn’t wrong but now that I returned the energy it’s a bad thing, sorry I am a gentle woman” Henry replied

“You will regret this” Tiffany said

“Get her to the infirmary, she will wake up after some minutes, you can taste my slap and testified” Henry said

A guy came there and heaped Summer on his back, he started walking to the infirmary

“And the health personnel there should work on her brain” Henry said

Henry looked around and saw everyone looking at him with wide eyes

“Why are you guys looking at me like I just committed murder?” He said

The crowd there started scattering, it’s a shock to them cos in the history of Lake high no one has raise his or her hand on Summer not even Lex or Blake who aren’t scared of her but the new guy is an exception

“Who is he?” Lex said resting on his car trunk with laughter filled mouth

Blake laughed hard and fell on Lex

“I like him, he is the first guy to stand up against her apart from us but I guess his own violence is greater than us” Blake said

“Yeah right, let’s make him our new friend”

” Though if he agrees” Lex said and they walked to Henry

” Hey dude” Lex said

” Hi guys” Henry replied

” I am Lex ”

” Blake”

” I am Henry Kitchen” Henry said

Lex and Blake shared knowing glances before bursting into laughter

” What is funny?” Henry asked

” Kitchen, are you a cook?” Lex asked

” If you are going to make mockery of my name I’m outta of here”

” Hey dude, we are sorry, can we be friends, like the three of us being friends ?” Blake asked

Henry looked at them before saying something

” Do you guys think you can cope with me? I am a comrade… ”

” In violence ” Lex and Blake replied at once

” Friends ” Henry said and jammed knuckles with them

” Where is the principal office? ”

” That last block ” Lex replied

” You guys are class what? ”

” Class 3″

” Same here, see you guys in class ” Henry said and left

” School will be more fun, Summer I pity you” Blake said going to class with Lex


“You’re Henry Kitchen right? ” Mrs Barrett asked

” Yes ma’am” Henry replied gently

“You’re welcome to Lake high school, be a good student, no fights, stay away from trouble okay, promise me you will do that” Mrs Barrett said

“I promise to stay out of trouble, I will be a good student” Henry replied but even the heavens knows he won’t keep to it

“That’s good, here is your card and the key to your locker room and the school rules and regulations” Mrs Barrett said giving the items to him

Henry collected them

” You can go to class now”

” Thank you ma’am and by the way you look cute” Henry said and went out

Mrs Barrett smiled

” He looks so gentle and cool” She said


All eyes were on Henry as he walked through the hallway to his class, the girls and the guys couldn’t stop talking about him

In just a minute and he has become popular in the school

He got to the class and the murmuring increased

“He is in our class”

“God, we have Lex and Blake as the hottest guys and right now another angel has come” A girl said

“Summer nightmare” A boy said

“Can we date?”

“I don’t date skinny girls” Henry said and the class laughed, the girl bent her head embarrassingly

“Over here” Lex waved at the back seats

Henry smiled and walked there

“Guys” He said and sat down behind them

The class seats are arranged in rows with each row having a long table with two chairs, the tables has drawers under them

“Can they just stop staring at me it’s annoying” Henry said

“You have got the attention in just a minute, you are my hero” Lex said

“You’re the first guy to stand against her that way” Blake said

” If she that much feared?”

” Yes”

” Then I am here to set her straight”.



Cassie drove her car through the road as she is going to work

Her phone started ringing beside her and she diverted her eyes to it

She made to pick the phone when someone shouted and she looked up to see her car close to a bike

Before she will control it the car hit the bike and the rider fell

She marched the brakes as her body began shaking, she hurriedly came out and saw the guy standing up

” I am sorry” She said

” You’re sorry, what will your stupid sorry do to me, you just destroy the paintings I spent days working on with this tortoise shell you call a car” Brandon said hotly

” What!! tortoise shell car, but I apologize to you..”

” You should had been watching where you were going, cos of you now I will have to start afresh” He shouted

” I apologize what do you want me to do again, do you need some money?” Cassie asked

The fact that she hasn’t raised her voice on him is something strange to her maybe it’s because she is the one at fault what if he died, luckily nothing happen to him

“I don’t need your money, you rich people thinks everything revolves around money” Brandon yelled

“Stop yelling at me, it’s not like I did it intentionally, if you won’t take my apologies then f*cking go to hell”

“F*ck you” Brandon said

“F*ck you too poor rat” Cassie said entering her car

“Me poor rat” Brandon said as he watched her car drove away

“Pray we don’t meet again” He said



Summer eyes opened after an hour and she sat up

“Summer” Tiffany and Hailey called rushing to her

“What Am I doing here?” She asked

“You don’t know why you’re here?” Hailey asked

She nodded

“The slap really formatted her brain” Tiffany said

Summer got down from the bed and her brain started rebooting

” That bastard slapped me” Summer said with a wicked grin on her face

“I will deal with him, I am going to see my dad right now, you two can go to class” She said and without she dashed out.

” What is she planning? ”

” Getting him expelled what did you think ” Tiffany replied

” Let’s go to class ”


A teacher walked in the class and the noise died down.

He spotted Henry at the back seat

“A new student, the one who slapped Summer? stand up”

Henry stood up and all attention went to him

“Why did you slapped her?”

“Are you here to teach or to enter a situational report class with me?” Henry asked

The student gasped

“Introduce yourself”

“My name is Henry Kitchen…”

The class laughed


“What kind of name is that?”

“Is your father a cook?”

“You can ask your father?” Henry replied.

The class began laughing

“I’m a comrade in violence, I hate bullies with my life, I studied in Nigeria before returning to the state” He said and sat down

” He is something else ” Lex said to Blake



Cassie entered her shop carrying a big frown on her face

Her workers greeted her but she didn’t even care to respond to them

She went to her office and drop her bag on the table

“How dare him yelled at me, didn’t I apologize, I pray we don’t meet again” She said

Brittany enter and saw her state, she is a worker but she is more closer to her

“Cassie, why the bad mood?” Brittany asked

She is the only one that calls her by her name

“A poor rat” Cassie replied

“Poor rat? who is that”

Cassie told her everything

“Oh! sorry for that, maybe the paintings means a lot to him”

“But I apologize..”.

“Just forget about it, there are some samples of design I got for you” Brittany said and she smiled



Summer car stopped and she came out arrogantly heading to the door but two guards immediately blocked her

She gave them a belittling look

” The governor is busy now young mistress” One of them said

Summer hit his d*ck and he fell on his knees, she slapped his face before facing the other one

The guard fearfully step aside, she walked in.

Davidson smiled as he saw her walked in

“Daughter” He said


“You don’t look happy and shouldn’t you be in school? what happened, why are you frowning?”

“A low life slapped me in school?” Summer said

“What did you do to the person?” James asked

Summer’s eyes widened

“Dad, you are asking me what I did to the person” Summer shouted

” Calm down princess, I know you have quite a feist temper..”

” I want him expelled dad”

James stood up and walked to her

” Come my princess” James said opening his arms

Summer walked to him and he hugged her

He started patting her hair

” Why don’t you forgive him, I know you wrong him first”

” Dad” Summer called trying to break the hug

” Just listen to me princess, okay it won’t repeat again, I love you” James said and continued stroking her head


Brandon parked his bike outside before going

He met his stepmom knitting a jacket

He lost his mother and his dad had to remarry again but his father died after some years leaving him with his stepmom and her 12 years old daughter

Brandon is a graduate in designing and arts

“Son” Lola called


“You’re back so early, how was it, did you succeed?”

Brandon walked to her and squatted before her placing his head on her laps

Lola smiled and started playing with her hair

“Son, you do this anytime you’re sad or angry what happened?”

” I had an accident, a good for nothing lady hit me and the paintings broke” He replied

“Oh! sorry but it’s wrong to address her that way”

“I hate her mum and I pray we don’t meet again ever” Brandon said

“Don’t say that, I know it’s hard making the paintings again but just try, I love you”

” I love you too mum, you are the best stepmom in the world”

” Shhsh, I am your mum not stepmom” Lola said

Brandon smiled on her laps



Three cars entered the compound and halted

Blake came out then Lex followed by Henry

Henry came up with the idea of visiting their houses

“Woah!!, nice mansion” Henry said

” I bet yours will be bigger?” Henry asked Lex

“Yeah but not that much” Lex replied

“Let’s go inside guys” Blake said and they followed him in

They went straight to the room.

“What the f*ck mehn, should I relocate” Henry said

“I will be happy”

“Your room is like paradise, your dad must be darn rich” Henry said

It’s not like they are poor but the richness here is more than that of his father

Blake went and open his closet and Henry eyes widened

“Is this a cloth shop?”

Lex started laughing looking at him

“My closet dude, stop acting like you are poor”

“Ain’t I?”

“Said by a guy whose dad owns a company, you even have a car, shut up” Blake rolled eyes

Henry phone started ringing, he took it out and swipe green

“Hello baby girl” He said and the guys look at him

“I am at my friend’s house”

“Yeah I already made two friends, I will be back soon, don’t miss me too much, I love you bye” Henry pocketed the phone back

” Your girlfriend?” Lex asked

” Mum” Henry replied

” Do you even have one?” Blake asked

” Nah, I don’t but ain’t a virgin, I once dated in Nigeria” Henry replied

” What about you two?”

” We are playboys, but good ones” They replied

” Maybe I am destined to have playboys as friends, the same type of friends I had in Nigeria, Remedy and Barry” Henry said

” Enough of checking my room let’s go downstairs and find something to eat” Lex said and they left the room.

“Nice pork meat” Henry said as he chewed the pork

” So mr Kitchen” Lex said

” Henry K” Henry said

” I will still go with the Kitchen, so do you have a sister I can date?” Blake asked

” Huh! sadly I don’t have none and even I had, you won’t dare try”

” That’s was harsh” Lex said

” F*ck you

“So after this what are we doing?”

“Play games”

“I am full already, I will be in the living room ” Henry said and took his cup of juice walking out

” I like him so much” Blake said

” Same here dude, he is the best ” Lex said

Henry walked to the living room and sat down, he took the remote control and switch on the television

He selected the channel of his choice and started watching

” Are you guys going to eat there forever? ” Henry shouted

” We are coming dude, we are still eating ”

” Pig stomach ” He said and resumed watching the TV

The door opened and a young pretty lady walked in

Henry eyes fell on her and he assumed her to be Blake’s sister

Mrs Baldwin saw the stranger in her house and moved closer

“Who are you?” She asked

“I am Henry, your brother’s friend” He replied standing


“Woah! your brother didn’t tell me has a cute sister like you, you are pretty” Henry said and closed the space between them

Mrs Baldwin stared at him confusingly wondering what he is saying

“Cute cheeks” Henry said and held her cheeks

That moment Lex and Blake walked out of the kitchen

Blake eyes widened as he saw Henry holding his mom cheeks

“Henry what are you doing?”

“Oh! Blake you didn’t tell me you have a cute sister” Henry said

“Si.. ster.. she is my mum” Blake replied

“Huh!! mum”.



? ??? This Kitchen Boy Will Bring Wahala ooo

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