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? CHAPTER 89 & 90 ?



The girl looked on as Hailey devoured Blake’s lips, she expected him to pushed her away but Blake allowed her to feast on his lips.

Not being able to take it, she ran away in sadness.

Hailey broke the kiss and looked away.

Blake eyes were still widened, he wasn’t expecting that move from her but nevertheless he enjoyed the kiss.

He stared at her wondering why she did what she did, they ain’t a couple or could she?.

“Why did you do that?” He asked.

“When will you change? are you going to keep on f*cking around? don’t you get tired of being a playboy, won’t you change?” She shouted.

” Why should I stop being a playboy? love is not everyone, don’t you get it, why are you concern about my life?” He asked.

“I am concern because I’m in love with you” She shouted and his eyes widened.

” Yes, I don’t know how it happened, I didn’t even imagine myself falling for you, yes I am not different from you cos I was a play girl too but that was back then, I don’t know why my heart has to chose you” She said and silence ensued.

They locked eyes staring at each other.

Blake felt his heart melting and at the same time he was surprised..

Hailey heart beat so fast as she waited for him to say something.

“Don’t love me” He said slowly and Hailey felt her heart breaking into pieces.

“I don’t love you, I only see you as a friend”.

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she looked at him with hurtful eyes.

“What was I expecting anyways.. for you to reciprocate my feelings, I blame my heart for chosing you, I will get over you soon” She said and turned to go.

“And you believe me dummy” His voice said and she stopped.

He began moving to her.

Hailey sniffed and turned back to stared at him.

“What did you mean?” She asked.

“Did you actually believed my words?”, He asked as he got to her.

“You didn’t even allowed me to explain myself, what you saw wasn’t what was going to happen, you judge me so fast” He said and she sniffed.

“I don’t f*ck around anymore, I stop being a playboy but you fail to see that, you thought I am still the person you knew, look into my eyes and tell me what you see?” He said and cupped her face.

Hailey stared directly into his eyes and she could see affection, love and emotions.

” I see love, affection and emotions” She replied.

“I love you Hailey, sorry I didn’t confess earlier, the girl you saw with me, I was only going to bad mouthed her before you interrupted.. I love you so much Hailey” He said and Hailey smiled.

“Are you sure?”.

“Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked and touched her cheek.

“I don’t need to answer you, you know the answer already” Hailey replied and he slammed his lips on her.

Hailey arms quickly went around his neck as they melted into the kiss.


A sweet aroma filled the whole mansion as Henry cook.

Summer sat on the counter, swingling her legs as she stared at him lovely.

Henry turned back to look at her and she blushed, looking away.

“You’re so beautiful heartbeat” He said romantically and she turned into a tomato.

“You’re making wet” She said naughtily.

“Should we go another round?” He winked.

“No, horny tiger, my middle still hurts” She giggled cutely.

“I don’t want to stay away from you again” She said.

“Same here heartbeat, I was dead when we were away, I don’t want to experience that again” He said and she leaned closer.

Henry placed his lips on her and they locked their lips in horns.

Henry s*cked on her lips and she moaned beautifully into his mouth.

“The food” She said and he broke the kiss.

He licked his lips and went back to the food.

” The aroma is captivating” She said.

” Just like you” He said.

” Aww!!” She gushed cutely.

Minutes later, Henry was done cooking.

He dished out the pasta in a plate with two spoons tagging.

“Get some juices for us” He said and Summer came down from the counter, she went to the fridge and took out bottle of juice.

“Let’s go” She said and they went out.

They got to the dinning table and Henry drew out a chair for her.

Summer sat down and Henry sat beside her.

They took the spoons at the same time and smiled.

“Let’s feed each other” She said.

Henry scooped a spoon and brought it closer to her mouth.

“Say ha” He said and she opened up, he fed her and she started chewing.

“So yummy!” She moaned.

“You love it?” He asked, staring at her.

“Yes, it’s so delicious” She replied.

She scooped a spoon and fed him.

“Who is it?” She asked.

“It’s sweet but your p*ssy is sweeter” He said naughtily.

“Pervert” She chuckled with a blush.

“What are we doing next?”.

“Going out, I want us to tour the city, eat ice cream” He replied.

“I can’t wait!!” She screamed excitedly.

“Dating a governor’s daughter is a privilege” He said and Summer hit him with the spoon.

He pouted.

“Stop talking and eat” She said.

“Yes my eminence” He smiled.


Audrey stepped out of the car wearing a scarf and sunglasses, she walked into the hotel and rode the elevator which took her the room.

She opened the door and entered, immediately she stepped in the man sitting on the table turned to her. He stood up and walked to her.

He had a hard expression on his face.

“Baby” Audrey called and he just looked at her without responding.

“What is wrong?” She asked.

“Everything is wrong and you know it, we can’t find Collins” He replied.

“I sent out my boys but no traces of him could be found” He added.

“We can still do it without involving him” She said.

“No, you don’t understand, we need to get them married, I know what I’m saying, getting affiliated with the vice president’s family will be an easy way for me to win the next election after I will take over James” He said.

“Then what should we do?”.

“We need to keep searching for him, and that Henry it’s time we do something about him” He said.

“They have broken up already”.

” They are back again” He said and Audrey gasped.

” What?”.

” They made up” He said and sat on the bed with a frown resting on his face.

Audrey sat on his laps, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

” I missed you” She said seductively.

” I don…” She shut him up with a kiss immediately.

” We should should forget about that for now, I missed your d*ck” She said crashed her lips on him.

His hands instantly went to her @ss as he grabbed it and started squeezing life out of them.


Summer held hands with Henry as they walked on the road.

They sighted an ice cream stand and went there.

“Two vanilla ice cream for us” Henry said.

“Are you two dating” The seller asked.

Henry turned and kissed Summer, the seller smiled.

? Wow!! he is so romantic

?I wish he is my boyfriend

“He belongs to me only” Summer said and the girls laughed.

Henry paid for the ice cream and they left.

“How did you know this is my best ice cream?” She asked.

“You’re my girlfriend, come on” He said proudly and Summer hit him.

“Stop feeling too big, it’s a mere coincidence” She said and he laughed mockingly.

“Did you just laughed mockingly at me” She frowned and he stuck out his tongue at her before running away.

“Armor, come back here” She said and chased him.

Someone came out of a corner and looked at them, he smirked before walking away.


Thomas and Joyce had a sad expression on their faces as Samson broke the news of him and his wife leaving California early in the morning.

” Can’t you postpone it?” Thomas asked.

” I would have done that if it so for me to do but I can’t, the image of the company is on my hands, it’s my late father’s company, the man handling it got killed yesterday” Samson replied.

“I will miss you best” Joyce said and Janet smiled.

“I will miss you too but don’t worry we will visit soon” Janet said.

“I’m happy now that Henry is back with hsi girlfriend” Thomas said and everyone smiled.

The front door opened and Audrey walked in proudly, with her heels making loud sounds, her guards following her.

They turned to her and their eyes widened.

Audrey stared at them before looking around at the mansion.

” The first lady” Thomas said.

” I don’t need any greeting from people like you” Audrey said rudely.

” What are you doing here?” Joyce asked.

” And who are you?”.

” This is my house, you can’t just come here and start displaying your pompous and arrogant behavior here, you don’t own this place” Joyce replied, hotly.

” I owned everything in California” Audrey said.

” You may be the governor’s wife but you don’t owned us get that” Thomas said.

Him and Joyce already knew why she was here.

” I just want to warn you, I don’t have time to stand under this little, unstructured house, tell your son Henry to stay away from my daughter or else he will regret the consequences” Audrey said.

” Why didn’t you tell him yourself?”.

” I don’t talk too much I only strike, I have passed my warning bye low lifes” Audrey said and started walking out.

” B*tch” Joyce said.

” She is so arrogant and rude” Janet said.

” Who did she think she is just because she is the governor’s wife, James is such an unlucky man” Thomas said.

” Let’s not allowed her to spoil our happy moment” Samson said funnily and they smiled.


Lex released an album and the whole state accepted his album, the album is doing great numbers on digital streaming platforms.. he has become more popular and famous within a short while of his project.

Though he is not in good terms with the guys, they showed him support massively.

His name has gone beyond america, other countries too are in love with his amazing and angelic voice.

Tonight is his first concert and the arena is so full, it’s so surprising how he has gained million of followers in just a week time, the tickets were all bought.

Loud screams filled the concert ground as his fans kept waiting for him to come out.

? Scream Lexington

? Lexington

?My baby Lexi

? We love you

Henry car stopped outside and he came out with Summer.

Another car drove in and Hilliary came out with Dorathy and her friend Nina.

In the third car Hailey stepped down with Blake, holding her hands.

Tiffany arrived at the same time and when she saw them.

She wanted to walked to Summer and asked for forgiveness but her legs became hesitant as guilt covered her mind.

“Oh my God, is this Summer, twin bro you’re lucky” Hilliary complimented Summer’s look.

“I’m here too” Dorathy pouted.

“I’m more lucky” Hilliary said and everyone laughed.

“Yes newest couples” Henry said and Hailey hugged Blake arm more tight.

Well, they started dating and everyone is aware of it including their parents.

Mrs Baldwin was more than happy when Blake told her he got himself a girlfriend.

“White is made for you” Blake said.

“I’m the most handsome guy in California” Henry said the boys scoffed.


“Shut up” Hilliary and Blake yelled.

“I can’t wait for Lex performance” Nina said, blushing.

“Wait, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking?” Hailey said, looking at her red cheeks.

“She is crushing on him” Dorathy said.

“Aww” Everyone said and Nina looked away shly.

Tiffany eyes met with Summer and she frowned.

“Let’s leave here guys, I just saw a disgusting sight” Summer suddenly said and they started walking in.

“Don’t give up, try and make her to forgive” Someone said behind Tiffany and she turned.

“Austin” She said and he smiled.

“Don’t think you are the most horrible person in this world, there’s someone out there who loves you but don’t do what you did next time, try and earn her forgiveness I know Summer still loves you but she was deeply hurt, don’t be hard on yourself, happy a nice time in the concert” Austin said and walked away.

Tiffany smiled and her date with Saint flashed through her mind and she smiled.

” I will make sure she forgive me” She said before going in.

The guys went to the front seats since Lex personally reserved it for them.

? Can you scream Lexington

The Dj shouted.

? Lexington

? Lexi

? Lexi

Suddenly the light went off and more screams started coming out.

The light came back and the ground almost shook as the fans saw Lex on the stage.

He is wearing a Louis Vuitton trouser, the shirt isn’t button up and his packs and chest glaring out the sexiness.

His face is shining in beauty with both earrings on his ears.

The earbuds added to his cuteness.

?We love you

? Lexi

?I can’t wait to hear your voice

Lex smiled when his eyes sighted Henry and the rest.

“I got something to say” He said and everyone became silent.

“I want to give a shout out to my beautiful mom” Lex said and the screams came back.

Carolina smiled beautifully and blew him kisses.

Lex suddenly went on his knees and eyes widened.

“Henry.. I don’t deserve to call your name, but I want you to forgive me, I want to have a peace of mind, please I’m on my knees, Hilliary, Summer, Blake, Hailey please I need you guys back in my life, you are the only family I have aside my mother” Lex said as tears came out his eyes.

Everybody became emotional and silence ensued.

Carolina smiled in tears.

Henry didn’t know when he started crying, he stood up and the others followed him.

He climbed the stage and went to kneel down before Lex.

Lex looked up at him.

“I missed you idiot” He shouted and hugged him.

? Awww

?Such friendship still exist

?I love Lex more for this

? Such a beautiful night

?I wish to have such a friend

“Don’t do that again okay” Henry said and Lex nodded.

The others joined in the hug.

Austin smirked and shook his head.


Henry got downstairs and saw Hilliary on the sofa.

“Twin bro” Henry called and moved closer to him.

“Watching Lex starlight video?” Henry asked and Hilliary smiled.

“The song is my best track on the whole album” Hilliary said.

“I prefer heartbeat” Henry said.

“Cos of your girlfriend” Hilliary scoffed and he laughed.

” Finally we are back, I really missed that ” Henry said.

” I wasn’t expecting that move from him” Hilliary said.

” Lex is a nice person “.

Outside the mansion a car drove in and a came out.

He immediately rushed into the mansion.

The twins were laughing when the door went off suddenly.

A mask guy ran in and the twins stood up.

“Who are you?” They asked.

The guy didn’t reply them instead he took out a detector and ran to the wall.

“Who are you?” They shouted going after for him.

The guy placed the detector on the wall and a red light came out of the detector hitting on the wall and the twins gasped as they saw a bomb.

“Jesus!!” They shouted.

The seconds were only remaining ten, the guy took out a small knife and started disconnecting the wires.

He finally succeeded in disconnecting the bomb at three seconds.

The twins couldn’t believe their eyes.

“How come?, how come we didn’t see the bomb and who are you?” Hilliary asked, shockingly.

” The bomb can’t be seen by the naked eyes unless by a detector” The guy replied.

“Please who are you? please remove your mask, we want to see our savior face” They asked eagerly.

The guy smiled and slowly removed his mask.

The twins out of shock fell on their butts..

“Au.. A … Austin” They stuttered.



? ???

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