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? CHAPTER 13 & 14 ?



Henry descended the stairs dressed hotly, his hair was styled in the most cutest way, some strands of his hair covering his eye, he wore a gold pendant on his neck.

His shirt has some buttons left open revealing his biceps.

“Wow!!, where is my baby going dress some hot like this?” Joyce asked.

“Going for a pool party at my class mate house” He replied.

” You’re so handsome baby” Joyce gushed.

Henry smiled

” Are you crushing on your own son now?” Henry asked.

” I can’t help it you are so cute, gosh you’re just the younger vision of your father” Joyce said, smiling.

” I don’t believe that I am way more handsome than that man, I will see you later” Henry said and kissed her cheek before leaving.

Joyce smiled and began walking upstairs, Thomas came downstairs that minute.

” Where is Henry?” Thomas asked

” He went for a party” Joyce replied.

Thomas smiled and walked closer to her, he wrapped his hands around her.

” That’s even better, we have the house to ourselves” Thomas whispered

Joyce gave him a suspicious glance

” What are you driving at ?”.

” You know what I mean darling” Thomas replied and kissed her neck.

Joyce body twitched under his touch but she suppressed the moan that almost escape her mouth.

“You naughty husband, I thank God our son doesn’t turn out to be a playboy like you” Joyce said.

“Will you stop bringing that up” Thomas said and carried her in his hands.

“What are you doing Thomas?” Joyce asked, laughing

“Taking you upstairs to make you feel good, don’t you want to give Henry another sister, you are gonna moan my name” Thomas replied and began walking upstairs with her.

Joyce laughter filled the whole house.


“Where are you?” Henry asked Hilliary on the phone as he waited for him outside.

“I am coming twin bro” Hilliary replied rushing downstairs.

“I am waiting for you outside ” Henry said and hung up

Hilliary got downstairs and went out, he walked to his garage and got in his car, he pressed a remote and the gate opened on it own, he drove outside and saw Henry’s car.

“Twin bro” He shouted.

“Let’s go talkative, just follow me” Henry said and drove out, Hilliary followed him from behind


The house is full of students, some are walking around with their cups of alcohol while others are just chatting around.

It’s night already but the lights illuminated the place such that you will mistake it for daytime

The dj is on the other side operating his laptop as a loud hip-hop song is booming in the speakers, ellaring the whole place

The pool is filled up with students, some are in the pool swimming already, some are kissing in dark corners.

B*tchy clothes is the order of the day.

Some girls are wearing sexy swimming pants.

“Make some noise” The DJ shouted and the students screamed their lungs out.

Austin came in with his friends wearing a black jacket, a bottle of liquor in his hand.

Hailey saw him and walked to him.

She smiled brightly at him and he winked.

“Hailey” Austin said.

“Austin, you look good” Austin replied.

“You’re not bad yourself, where is my baby?” Austin asked.

Hailey laughed silently to herself, so foolish of him, he will soon received the shock he never expected.

“She is on her way, enjoy the party” Hailey said and walked away.

“Let’s go guys” Austin said to his friends and they walked away.

Summer entered with Tiffany and soon all attention went to them.

The gown she was wearing made the guys mouths to hang.

Her perfect curves stood out gallantly, she left everyone speechless as she walked there.

Her big ass was the center of attention as the guys couldn’t took their eyes off her shaking ass.

? I swear that ass is equal to Victoria cakes

? Gosh I might lose my mind at this rate

? Summer just a night

She got a place and sat down with Tiffany.

Tiffany started eye searching Henry but she didn’t catch a glimpse of him.

“Are you looking for someone?” Summer asked.

“Hailey of course” Tiffany smiled.

“Babies” Hailey screamed coming to them.

“Omg Summer, I wish I have a d*ck, I’d f*ck you hard” Hailey said.

“Tiffany baby you rock damn”.

Tiffany blushed.

“You’re yet to dress up” Summer said

“Trying to set things in place, Austin is asking of you” Hailey said

Summer rolled eyes.

“Let him enjoy while it last, he will soon be crying” Tiffany said and they laughed.

Austin sighted Summer from where he was sitting, he stood up and walked to her.

“Hey baby” He said and sat beside her.

She faked a smile and kissed him.

“I can’t wait to bury my d*ck in that tight p*ssy of yours” Austin said naughtily and Summer smiled b*tchy.

Austin slammed his lips on her not minding the presence of the students.

“The hottest guys are here” Someone shouted and Austin broke the kiss with Summer.

Lex and Blake came in first, they didn’t do much in dressing but even at that, they succeeded in taking the breaths of the girls.

?I love you Lex

? Blake is making me wet

The girls started chanting their names.

Hailey couldn’t took her eyes off them

Even those in the pool stopped their fun and focus on them.

They thought they have seen it all but….

The screams increased to volume hundred.

Henry and Hilliary were the last to walked in.


?Who is that chocolate skinned guy

Henry was wearing a jacket which he didn’t button up, he had a cup in his hand.

He added the sexiness by wearing earrings. His handsomeness radiated like the rays of the sunlight

Tiffany felt her breath leaving her, her heart started making the “dum dum” sound.

“What the f*ck” Hailey muttered

“Woah!!!” Summer said.

Austin stared at Henry hatefully.

They are looking like models, Hilliary work so much on his hair so that the shiness of it was glaring

He is wearing the same thing with Henry, same earrings, same cup, same drink

?Are the twins

? They are wearing the same outfit

? Loving the strange guy already

Hilliary winked at the girls and their screams increased

Summer and Tiffany kept looking at them as they took every step.

Henry and Hilliary joined Lex and Blake.

Hailey walked to the DJ and took the microphone, the music was paused

“Thank you guys for coming to my pool party, I promise there’s lot of fun that will happen here, everything is in abundance, love you guys” Hailey said and dropped the mic.

“We love you” The students screamed.

The music resumed.

“What are they playing here?” Hilliary asked

“Hip-hop” Lex replied

” I don’t like hip-hop” Hilliary said

“You love Afrobeat right?” Henry asked

“Yes twin bro, let me make this place lively” Hilliary said and stood

“What is that crazy twin of yours planning?” Blake asked

“Ion know”

Hilliary got to the Dj and whispered something to him.

He took the microphone.

“Hey everyone” He said getting the attention of everyone.

“This place is not lively, we are here to have fun, we ain’t even dancing, let me show you what I’m made of, A Nigerian dance” He said

? He is from Africa

? Gross, I don’t like Africans

“No one need your opinion pig face” Hilliary said to the girl

All eyes turned to her and everybody started laughing.

Hilliary gave the Dj his phone and soon a Nigerian song started playing.

Hilliary stood in the middle and started displaying incredible dance steps, he started twisting his body, doing some magical leg work

The dance soon started getting interesting to everybody.

“That’s my twin bro” Henry shouted

“More Hilliary” Lex said

“Rock hard buddy” Blake shouted

Soon Hilliary name was on almost everybody lips, the sweat dripping on his body made some panties w*t.

The girls soon converged around Hilliary.

“That guy is something else” Henry said laughing.

“Bastards” Austin voice said and they turned.

“Oh! punch face” Henry smirked

“Hope your father didn’t beat up your mum aga..” Austin couldn’t said the rest of the words as a thunderous punch from Henry greeted his mouth.

Austin fell as a result of the punch, Lex pounced on him and began hitting him with anger in his eyes

“Are you this shameless” Lex shouted, hitting him.

Austin friends all ran there to helped him but Blake and Henry turned the table against them.

A hot fight started between them.

The dancing crowd scattered, Hilliary ran there and when a guy made to punch Henry

He lifted his two legs hitting the guy on his chest, the guy fell in the pool.

The students started making effort to separate them, it was hard doing it but they succeeded.

Austin and his friends had bruises on their faces.

Summer came there and took Austin away.

Hilliary eyes caught her shaking ass and his eyes rolled.

He began having naughty thoughts.

“Are you okay?” Tiffany asked Henry in a worried voice.

“And what is your concern if I’m fine, go to your senseless friend” Henry replied and walked away with the guys.

“Why did you do that?” Hailey asked Tiffany.

Tiffany said nothing and walked away.

Summer took inside the house and went with him to Hailey room.

“Must you always fight with him?” Summer asked.

Actually why she brought him here is to have a f*ck, she didn’t know why it happened but seeing Henry biceps made her body react and now her panties are soaked f*cking w*t.

“I just hate them all, I love it when I hurt him emotionally, the new guy slapped you”

“I know how to handle him, just stay out of it, I need you now” Summer said.

” I can’t say no to you ” He said and captured her lips not minding his wounded lip.

Summer gripped his neck as she hardened the hot kiss.

Their lips fighting against each other, Austin started fondling her body, he grabbed her ass and Summer moaned pleasurably.

He pushed her to the bed and came over her, he slammed his lips on her and another round of hot kiss begin.

It didn’t took a second for Summer to took her bra off.

The two oranges stared at Austin and he hungrily attached his lips to one of them, he began s*cking like a two month old baby.

He s*cked so hard like he wanted to extract milk out of it.

Summer gripped the bedsheets so tight as she moaned in exctasy.

Austin took his shirt off throwing to the floor

“F*ck me already” Summer said

“Not yet baby” Austin said and completely took her gown off, he pulled down her panties and widen her legs

He smiled before attacking her p*ssy with his tongue.

Summer almost exploded in pleasure, she was damn w*t that she was getting impatient of his d*ck

He buried his head in her Netherland as he eat on her c*nt like some kind of strawberries

“Yes there, gawd Austin”

“Ahhh, yes”

“You getting there”

She was about reaching her climax point when Austin leaving her in a sad state

“Why didn’t you stop?”

Instead of answering her he did it with his d*ck instead, his rough entery made her c*m

“Gawd Austin” Summer screamed as she tighten her legs

Austin didn’t let her to rest he began digging in her hole, his skin meeting with her own gave out a loud slacking sound

“Mmmm, ahhhhhhh”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes”

“Cripple me baby”

“Don’t slow down Austin”

” Wrap your legs around my neck” Austin said and Summer obeyed

He held her in the that position resumed with the hard thrusts.

Austin went with that position for five minutes before they switched to another position

Summer was the one riding him.

Their groaning filled the whole innocent room, their bodies drenched in pool of sweats but they weren’t ready to stop anytime soon.


“He can’t spoil your happy mood” Blake said to Lex

They are sitting together, only Hilliary is not around, he is flirting with the girls.

“I regret having such a father” Lex said

“That guy and shame are not mate, who will even be that senseless to be proud of that” Henry said.

” Is there’s a reason why he hate you so much?” Henry asked.

” He is jealous of me, it started when a girl in our class in the elementary school fell in love with me ,it happens he was in love with her, she rejected him when he asked her out, I fell in love with the girl and we started dating, that’s where his hatred for me started, he is so shameless like his mother” Lex said.

” He is dating a senseless girl, I don’t expect much.

Another announcement came up from Hailey about playing a game Truth and dare girl.

“Are you guys in ?” Henry asked

“We are in “.

Those whom were interested started moving to the big round table, those who weren’t interested only watched.

Summer and Austin got there and went to the table.

Hailey winked at Summer and she smirked mischievously.

Henry and the guys joined along with Hilliary.

“Remembering us now?”

“I couldn’t help it” Hilliary winked.

A guy took an empty bottle of Hennessy and dropped it on the table.

“Let’s start, who is rolling? and remember if you can’t do any of what you chose, you will have to drink this trin bitters, the most bitterest drink ever” Hailey asked and placed the bottle on the table

Hilliary spun the bottle and it pointed at Blake.

“T or D”

“T” Blake replied

“Best s*x style?” Hilliary asked

” Missionary” Blake replied.

Blake spun the bottle and it pointed at Hailey.


“Why did you chose to be friends with Summer?”

“Cos we are the same” Hailey replied

“Woah!! baby” Summer gave her a thumb up

Hailey spun the bottle and it pointed at Tiffany


“I dare you to give any guy here of your choice a hot lap dance for 1 minutes” Hailey said.

Tiffany eyes wondered around, her heart started beating as she stared at Henry.

She wanted to moved to him but the fact that Summer hate him made her to go for Hilliary

She sat on his lap and began moving her ass on him

“I am in heaven, ass is the best twin bro, gosh, I am high on this ass” Hilliary shouted

The students laughed

? I love you Hilliary

The lap dance ended after one minute

“Twin bro thank you for bringing me here” Hilliary said hugging Henry

Henry smiled

Tiffany spun the bottle and it pointed at Hailey again.

” T” Hailey replied

” At what age did you got disvirgined?

“16” Hailey replied.


“You started f*cking a long time” Henry said

Hailey spun the bottle and it pointed at Henry

“D” Henry replied

Hailey and Summer smiled at each other, communicating through the eyes, Hailey smirked and faced Henry.

“I dare you to kiss Summer for three minutes” Hailey said.


Henry exclaimed.



? ??? Hailey

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