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Daisy came back from the gym, she entered her to freshen up it’s been like forever, her mom died after giving birth to her, she grew up with her Dad and her nanny who is also like a mother to her, Her father is a minister, yeah her father is so rich and famous.

After freshen up she came out of the washroom, the maids were already in the room, waiting for her.

“Good morning Miss” they chorused, bowing there head, she didn’t reply them, she headed to the closet to get some clothes, since she’s staying at home today, the room was quite, and they were still in the room, she quickly dressed up and grabbed her phone which was on her bed, she sat down and began pressing her phone, the maids were still in the room waiting for her to give them permission before leaving, they can’t leave with her permission, they’re so many rules and regulations which they have to follow.

“Get out” she said, with a serious face.

“Am sorry Miss your father sent for you” one of the maid, stuttered.

“I said get out” she said, calmly, they left without saying anything.

She headed to the study room, she’s a kind of woman that doesn’t want any relationship with man, she is good, but people say that she’s heartless.

Where’s she Fredrick asked, busy with the newspaper.

“She didn’t tell me if she’s coming or not” the maid muttered.

“What do you mean by that? Didn’t you tell her that am calling her” he said, keeping the newspaper on the couch.

“I did Sir” she replied with a little fear in her voice, she doesn’t want to lose her job, but might do so because of what she said.

“Alright I will get her myself” he said, and walked out of the living room.

He headed to her bedroom, he found out that the room was quite and she wasn’t in the room.

“Where could she have been so early in the morning?” He thought.

He headed to the study room, there she’s busy with the laptop and phone, she was on a call when came in, she quickly hang up.

“Good morning Dad” she greeted with a little smile.

“Good morning sweetheart, how was your night” he said with a smile.

“It was so good. What about yours?” She mumbled.

“Pretty good” he said with a smile.

She smiled, “I told the maid to come get you. But you didn’t reply her” he mumbled.

“Is that what she told you” she said.

“Yeah, she also said that you were yelling at her” he said.

“That maid must be new in this house, she doesn’t understand the rules….am sorry sweetheart but is your last day” she said to herself.

“Anyways I came to tell you that food is ready and I have been waiting for you sweetheart” he said with a smile.

“Alright Dad I will be right” she said with a smile, he left the room.

(In the Kitchen)

After eating, she met with the maid who said those things to her father.

“You’re fired” she said, coldly.

“Why?, Please ma’am am really sorry” she said, crying.

“I can’t forgive you just leave and never come back” she said.

“Please ma’am I’m sorry, please help me” she said, crying.

“You didn’t understand the rules guiding the house. Why would you tell my dad that I yelled at you, huh…..by the way you are not the only one in the room when I said get out” she yelled.

“Am sorry ma’am, please listen to me” she said, crying.

“I don’t listen to trash. Leave or I call the security guard they are really good at doing their job” she said.

She left the house, crying wondering what her life will be like, she didn’t know that she will be doing something like this to her.

Daisy doesn’t care, even anyone was employed by her father, it’s non of her when she says you are fired, you’re fired.

That’s one of the reasons why people say that she’s heartless, someone turned her this way and she doesn’t care.

Something happened five years ago, it kept having nightmares about it, it hurts her even though she tried to move on, but the injury is still there, it still hurts her.

(Fredrick’s house).

When her father came back, she was told about what happened while he was away, he was a bit angry, knowing the kind of person Daisy is she doesn’t tolerate any shit.

He blamed himself, he shouldn’t have told her what the maid said, “who knows what she’s going through” he thought.

Daisy wasn’t at home, been a business woman she doesn’t joke with her company, everyone knows that.

Hours passed.

She arrives at the house, she was about heading to the stairs when her father called her.

“Daisy” he called, she rolled her eyes and headed to the living room.

“Yes” she replied.

“What happened to the maid?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” She questioned.

“You know exactly what am talking about. Why would you fire her” he said.

“She should have mind her business” she said.

“Oh my goodness…… honey you have changed completely, I blamed myself for what happened to you that night, am really sorry I wish I was there for you” he said.

She release a soft breath, ” dad please let’s not talk about that now and you don’t have to worry I paid her off” she said and left without waiting for her father to say anything.

She headed to her room, she opened the door and drop her bag on the bed, she sat down tiredly staring at the floor.

“I wish my mom was alive” she thought.

The door opened revealing her nanny who has been on a leave, she rushed to her and hugged her.

“Oh my little girl” Ms Pat mumbled, opening her hands wide.

“Nanny I miss you, I thought you wouldn’t be coming back” she said with a smile, hugging her.

“And now am here for you. I can’t leave you my sweetheart” she said, touching her cheeks.

“Am so happy nanny. Finally I have someone to talk to” she said, smiling.

“What a sweet little girl” Ms Pat mumbled.

“Nanny am no longer a little girl. I owned a company and house” she said, with a little frown on her face.

“Alright Miss Daisy Fredrickson” Her nanny said with a smile, she laughed.

(Harrison’s mansion)

The maid came back to Harrison’s mansion, he’s a very busy person, thought he wants to get married but there’s a problem the woman he wants is heartless, she just fired the person he sent to know about, who really she is.

“She fired me” she said.

“Oh my God. How? He muttered.

“I didn’t follow the instructions and she fired me” she said.

“Oh my goodness. She’s indeed difficult to get” he thought.

“Actually she gave me some money and I don’t think she’s heartless as they say” she muttered.

“It’s okay…you can continue your job here. I will look for a way to get her” he said.

“Alright sir” she mumbled with a smile.

“What can I do to get to her” he asked himself.

“Is she this difficult to get. This is not the first time that she’s sacking the people I sent to her house” he thought.

(Fredrick’s house)

“So nanny tell me how was your weekend” she said with a smile.

“It was all good and I miss you my baby” she said.

“Of course you will miss me. And I miss you nanny” she said hugging her.

“Alright that’s okay for now. Tell me have you eaten anything yet today” her nanny asked, looking at her.

“Ahmm actually I.,..i have been busy with work so i couldn’t….eat before leaving for the office” she mumbled.

“Am sorry nanny” she muttered, she knows very well that her nanny will be mad at her.

“Honey you have to eat before leaving for work. It’s really important. Because of your health and wellness” she mumbled, with more concern.

“Alright nanny I promise I will” she muttered with a smile.

“So tell me what you would like to eat” she said.

“Ahmm…. nanny!” Daisy mumbled.

“You are just coming back from your vacation and you want to cook for me” she mumbled, glaring at her.

“Is there anything wrong with that. Am only doing my job. And also to make sure that you are happy and healthy” she said.

“Listen nanny I understand but not now okay. Please go freshen up and rest” she said with a smile, she holds her shoulders, leading her out of her bedroom.

“Okay. Okay. Okay. Am out. Take care of yourself” her nanny said with a smile, before leaving.

She headed back to the bedroom, she sat down on the couch with her phone, she’s a busy type, but there’s one bad habits, which her father doesn’t know about.

(Harrison’s mansion)

“Sir did you manage to get her father, he’s the only one who can help you out” someone said over the phone.

“Ahm I haven’t. Though the ones I sent through her father, they were fired by her daughter” he said, worriedly.

“Mr Henry please give it a try and see what will happen next” the caller muttered.

“Alright. Thanks man I’ll do that. And also let you know when he approved my request” he said.

“It’s okay Mr Henry. I wish you good luck” he said.

“Alright” he mumbled and hang up.

“What’s wrong with her” he thought.

“She’s so beautiful and hot. I can’t tell what changed her mind. What made her this way towards human” he said to no one in particular, he stood up and grabbed his phone, he walked down stairs, he hasn’t eaten yet, though the maids were around but he prefer cooking for himself, he entered the kitchen and turned on the cooking gas, he place the little pot on the fire.

Thirty minutes later he was done with the cooking, he dished out the food on the plate and kept it on a tray, one of the maid wanted to assist him with the tray, he stopped her, he carried the tray to the dinner table, he sat down and began eating the delicious meal prepared by him.

He was eating when his step mother came to the dinner room, he said that she was the reason why his mother died.

“Good morning Henry” Rose greeted, cheerfully.

“There’s nothing good about the morning” he said.

“For how long are you gonna be angry with me. I have tried to make you understand. I have plead with you” she said.

“Pleading with me will never bring my mom back” he yelled at her angrily hitting the table, she became scared and burst into fresh tears, he looked at her.

“Those tears won’t work on me, go shed them to your husband” he said and was about heading to the living room, there his father was standing staring at him, he walked away without saying anything to him, he stopped when his father said something.

“What’s the matter with you?” Harrison asked his son.

“Ask your so called wife” Larry said, bluntly and left.

He walked closer to his wife who was already in tears, she raised her head up when she noticed that he was the one, she hugged him.

“He’s still angry with me” Rose muttered, in tears.

“Please make him understand. I didn’t kill his mother. Please Harrison please help me tell him that am innocent” she sobbing on his shoulder.

“It’s okay Rose. Everything will be fine. It’s just a matter of time. Since the death of his mother he has been acting like this” Harrison mumbled.

“It’s been so many years. But he’s still acting the same way. Am really sorry I shouldn’t have come into his life” she mumbled.

“Everything will be fine. Okay” Harrison mumbled, “please seat, the maids will give you some thing to eat” he said and left her alone in the dinning room, he headed upstairs, he arrived at Henry’s room, he knocked on the door, he got no response.

“Henry please open the door. It’s your father. We need to talk about something” he said.

“I have nothing to say to you. Please leave the door” he said, calmly.

“Son. Please listen to me and open the door” he said.

“Leave the door Mr Harrison, I have nothing to say to you” he yelled.

“Alright. Am sorry. Okay” he mumbled and left the door.

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