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She doesn’t want men

CHAPTER fourteen

By: Chinaza Godwin ?️

“I adopted her when she was just six months old” she mumbled, she wasn’t looking at him, she was trying very hard to avoid any eyes contact, but Henry’s eyes were on her.

Why” he asked, glaring at her, his eyes couldn’t leave her body.

“Because I love kids. I know that she will be good”

“Did she know that you are not her mom” he asked.

“No. I don’t want to tell her either. I will always love her no matter what” she replied.

“It goes like this, a year after the incident I went to an orphanage, I talked with the women right there, I was told that the baby was left on the street by her mother, I felt pity on her….so I decided to adopt her…. I decided to make her my baby..even though she’s not my blood but she’s my child” she muttered with a little smile.

“Wow……. your dad knows about this” he said.

Yeah….my dad my nanny and my sister, they’re aware that I have a child, it all happened on my nineteenth birthday” she said.

“You wanna ask me anything” she asked, staring at him.

“No….I just wanted to say that… you’re good. You might have changed because of your past but I’m glad that you are smiling because of your present” he said.

“I’m your present Daisy. And I want you to forget about the past and I promise I will make you happy forever” he said.

“As long as you are always with me. I promise I will try not think about my past experience” she said, he kissed her forehead.

“Why don’t you just go freshen up and get ready so that we can go to your house together” he said.

“Seriously?” She muttered, staring at him, she wasn’t expecting that from him.

“Yeah. I wanna see my princess” Henry said with a smile, “okay just give me some minutes lemme go freshen up” she said, happily and left he’s room, she headed to her bedroom, she quickly removed her clothes, she stood for a while as she stared at her náked body on the mirror, she smiled and left for the bathroom, some minutes later she was done, she came out of the bathroom and quickly get dressed, mean while Henry was already in the living room waiting for her, she picked up her bag and her phone, though she was supposed to be busy with work, but she couldn’t, she doesn’t want to miss out this sweet opportunity especially with the one she loves and cherish.

“I’m done” she said, he turned and looked at her, he was lost staring at her, she couldn’t stop smiling, he walked closer to her.

“You look so beautiful” he whispered softly to her ears, she smiled and blush at the same time.

“Thank you” she said, he held her hand and they left the house, they got into the car and they drove off.

Kelvin went to the restaurant to get something to eat, he bump into someone, it was the lady he met in the store, some days ago.

“You again?” She questioned, staring at him.

“Yeah it’s me Miss. Why can’t you just concentrate on where you are going. Walking like a princess”

“Oh seriously……how dare you talk to me like that”

“Listen drama queen. Am not here for your dramas” he said smiling.

“What? What did you call me this time” she said and scoffed, he looked at her and chuckled softly.

“Drama queen. I’m not surprised because we will end up being friends or maybe more than friends when time comes” he said, with a smile and wink.

She chuckled softly, “keep dreaming. Mr dreamer” she said and walked out of the restaurant, all eyes were on him, as she left, he turned and looked at the people who couldn’t get their eyes off him, of course he’s so handsome and sexy, but he doesn’t know why this lady hasn’t noticed that, she is not even looking at him, he walked in and took a sit, the waiter came to him, he quickly made an order, the waiter smiled before leaving, some minutes he arrived with a tray of food and drinks, the waiter kept everything in order and left, Kelvin grabbed the napkins and was about to eat, when a lady walked up to him.

“Hi Mr handsome” she said, seductively, she gave him her best smile.

“Hi. How may I help you Miss?”

“Oh.. actually I saw what happened right there, I think she’s your … …but you don’t have to worry I promise I will give you anything and I promise to make you happy”

“She is just a crazy b……No no she’s not she’s my fiancee and secondly you can’t make me happy…. neither can you satisfy me sexually” he said smiling.

She blink repeatedly, she felt that like an insult, she was angry, she left his table and walked out of the restaurant in shame and anger.

He stared at his wrist watch, he doesn’t have much time, he eat the little he can and paid the bill before leaving, he got into his car and drove off.


“I can’t believe that met this idiot again” she said, angrily, she throws her phone on the bed.

“He’s just stupid”

“I’m not surprised we will end up being friends or more than friends” the words he said, came to her head.

“Hell no. We can’t be friends” she said to no one in particular.

“He even called me a drama queen. Idíot. He thinks that he’s handsome” she said to herself.

“But come to think of it. He’s handsome” her inner mind told her, she slapped herself for thinking of such thing.

“I have some many things to do. I can’t be sitting here, thinking about this ugly guy I bumped into” she said to herself and left the bedroom, she headed to the study room.


Henry and Daisy arrived at the house, before they got there, he stopped by to get her some chocolate and teddy bear, Daisy stared at him as he but everything for her daughter, he’s such a sweet soul.

Back to present.

He knocked on the door, at first they got no response, he knocked again, there wasn’t any response, Daisy looked at Henry this has never happened before.

“Don’t worry. She’s fine” he said, she nods and smile a little, he knocked on the door, for the third time, he was about looking away when the door open, revealing his little princess, she was surprised to see, she jumped on his body, he hugged her.

“Mr cutie” she said happily and hugged him more tight, she has forgotten that her mom was there.

“Yes sweetie. Your mom’s here” he said, put her down, she rushed to her Mom.

“Mommy…you brought him here” Ava muttered, she nods her head and smiled.

“Please come inside” Ava said, she grabbed his right hand, “hmm! Sweetie just a minute lemme get the stuff I bought for you” he said.

“Really? You bought something for me” Ava mumbled, looking at her mom and the man standing before her.

“Yeah…..” He replied, “just a minute” he added and left for the stuff.

“Let’s go in” Daisy mumbled.

“Nah. I’m waiting for Mr cutie” Ava mumbled, with her baby face, Daisy was a little jealous, but she quickly waved it off, she waited for him to come, some minutes later he came back with the stuff, they entered the house together.

“Please sit” Ava mumbled, before Daisy could even open her mouth to say that to Henry, he sat on the couch

“I will go get you something”

“No I’m fine” Henry said.

“No. No. No. You can’t be fine. You have to eat or drink something”

“Unless you don’t want to accept your gift” Ava mumbled with a little frown on her face.

“Okay sweetie. I will eat and drink” he said, Daisy smile so did her little girl, Daisy left the living room, she went to the kitchen.

“Better. My mom’s is a good cook. Trust me” Ava mumbled with a smile.

“Really? Your mom do cook” he asked, surprised.

“Yeah…you should know that. I thought she’s your friend…” Ava muttered.

“Yeah…she’s my friend” he muttered.

“Here is it. I got you a lot of chocolate and a teddy bear” he said, he brought the stuff.

“Oh my….. thank you. It’s my favorite color” she said, she was talking about the teddy bear, which was pink.

“You like it”

“I love it Mr cutie. Oh my this is a whole lot of chocolates. Did mom see you buying this” she said, looking at him.

“Yeah…she was there when I bought everything” he replied, with a smile.

“Oh. She didn’t say anything” she said, looking at him.

“No…..” He replied.

“Okay…..” She replied and hugged her teddy bear, tightly, he smiled at her and pat her hair slowly.

“Thank you so much” she said with a smile.


Daisy was in the kitchen with Amelia, Daisy did the cooking, mean while Amelia was doing the dishes and clean up the kitchen, some minutes she was done with the cooking, she dished out the food, by then Amelia was done with the cleaning, she helped her carried the tray of food to the dinner, Daisy went to the living room to tell him that the food is ready, they weren’t there when she got there, called her daughter and Henry but got no response from them either.

“What could be wrong this time?” She asked, herself and left the living room.

TBC ❤️

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