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She doesn’t want men

Episode twenty six

By Chinaza Godwin ?️

Henry drove to the her place, they entered the house, Anna greeted him and also told him that Daisy was in her room, he went upstairs, while Ava headed to her room, he opened the door and walked in Daisy was done showering, she walked out of the bathroom luckily for her, she didn’t come out náked, she was surprised to see him in her room, he stood up and walked closer to her, she couldn’t move or say anything, she was just standing there like a statue, he looked at her from her head down to toe.

“Go dress up” he whispered softly to her ears.

Daisy looked at him and walked away slowly, she headed to the closet, she turned to know if he has gone out of the room, unfortunately he was still there, he was waiting patiently for her, she bite her lips slightly regret calling him, she looked at the table that is filled with her make up and lotions, she can’t remove her towel in front of him, she quickly pick up her night gown, she turned again before putting on her gown, lucky for her he was busy with his phone, she quickly wore the gown and applied a little lotion on her body and perfume, she walked closer to him, she sat beside him.

“I’m done” Daisy mumbled.

“Oh. You look beautiful tonight sweetheart” he muttered, Daisy looked at him and lower her head.

“What’s the matter honey?” He asked, he ran his hands on her face, her cheeks especially, he kissed her lips slightly and smiled.

“Nothing Henry. I want to say thank you for picking up my daughter and infact thank you for everything” she said, with a smile.

“Your daughter?” He questioned, Daisy nods her head, he shook his head, “she’s our daughter” Henry said, she smiled and hugged him, she also apologized.

“I’m sorry I didn’t prepare anything, I’m just coming back from my dad’s place and I get to see my nanny, I had fun too” Daisy said with a smile.

“But I really miss my nanny” Daisy mumbled.

“Me too. I hope she isn’t angry with me, I haven’t been chanced, I really have to go see her before our wedding” Henry said.

“You better go see her, though I tried to explain some things to her” Daisy mumbled.


“Mom I’m going to bed” Ava mumbled.

“You’re going to bed. It’s too early honey, just give me some time lemme see what I can cook for you to eat” Daisy mumbled.

“No, No, No. Don’t stress yourself I have already eaten” Ava mumbled with a smile, Daisy looked at Henry, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright honey. Com’on sweetie” Daisy’s muttered, Ava lead the way, she was out of the room waiting for her mother.

“I will be right back” she said with a smile, she left with her daughter, Ava lay on the bed, she pat her back slowly and carefully.

“My Dad is the sweetest” Ava said, smiling.

“Really?” Daisy muttered, smiling.

“Yes. And my mom is the best” Ava said and hugged her tightly, “and my daughter is the smartest person I have ever seen in my life, I bless the day I met you. You’re indeed special. You’re the reason why I’m happy, you brought back my happen again” Daisy mumbled, blinking her eyelashes, she was about to cry.

“Are you crying mom?” Ava asked.

“Honey it’s called tears of joy, I’m happy to have as my daughter” Daisy mumbled and kissed her forehead.

“I love you Mommy” Ava said.

“I love you too my baby. Com’on sweetie get some sleep, your dad is waiting for me, remember he’s leaving tonight after this night, he won’t be leaving, we’ll be staying with together, you’ll get to see him everyday before going to school” Daisy said with a smile.

“Thank you Mommy, I love you” Ava said with a smile.

“I love you too sweetie. Good night and sweet dreams my baby” Daisy said and kissed her forehead, she raised the duvet cover and make sure it’s well covered, she kissed her forehead again and turned off the lights.

She met Henry walking around her room, she went closer to him and held his hand.

“I’m sorry for being late” she said.

“It’s okay. Hope she’s ok” Henry said.

“Yeah, she’s fine. Would you like to have anything” she stuttered looking at him.

“Yeah….. I want something from you but I don’t know if I’m doing too much…i mean I don’t know if i might be asking for too much” he said, looking at her face, Daisy blink her eyes and wondered what his talking about.

“If I may ask what do you want then, please tell me” she said, staring at him, he held her small waist and pulled her closer to himself, her breasts were touching his chest, Daisy looked at him surprised, she wants to say something to him, but she couldn’t find the right word to use, she was just staring at him.

“I need a kiss and hug from you. Not just a kiss, I want a deep kiss…I want feel your lips and tongue in my mouth, I want your sweet lips” he muttered, Daisy looked into his eyes as if she was searching for something special in there, she looked at his pink lips, she moved her face closer and their lips met, she was about to open up, when the door opened, she moved back and stared at her sister, the disappointment were written all over her face, Henry wasn’t angry but Daisy was, Anna was feeling sorry for interrupting their sweet moment.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your sweet moment. You got a call” Anna said.

“Who? I mean who’s calling me” Daisy asked, looking at her sister and confused at the same time.

“Your secretary. I guess it’s really important” Anna said and shrugged her shoulders.

“Alright I’ll be there in the next two minutes” Daisy mumbled and looked at Henry, he smiled.

“I’m sorry” she said and kissed his lips slightly, she was rushing to get to the call, he held her hand.

“Please don’t be mad at her, it’s just a matter of two days, everything will be in other, there will be no interruptions” he said smiling, she smiled and hugged him.

“I have to go now….” Henry said and unlock from the hug.

“Alright I’ll call you when I’m done. I love you” Daisy said, “I love you too babe” Henry said holding her hands, he left her hands, she headed to the study room, Anna was right there with her phone, she was smiling at her and wink at her

“Please call her back” Daisy mumbled.

“Who?” Anna asked.

“What do you mean by who. My secretary of course” Daisy mumbled.

“Nobody called” Anna said, laughing.

“What?” Daisy yelled, staring at Anna.

“Yeah. I was just kidding. Wait! Did you kiss him after I left the room” Anna said, smiling and laughing slightly, but Daisy doesn’t find it funny, she looked at her and look the other side, she closed her eyes and wondered why she has someone like her as a sister, for crying out loud she just ruined it, she ruined the sweetest moment, where will she find the courage to that again.

“You mean no one called” Daisy mumbled staring at her.

“Yeah. No one” Anna said, smiling, Daisy stood up and grabbed the pillows and blankets.

“Are you leaving?” Anna asked, looking at her.

“Of course. What else do you expect me to do, you ruined it, everything” Daisy mumbled

“Damnit” she cursed.

“I’m sorry” Anna said and chuckled softly, “you think it’s funny right. You……” She said and hit her the pillows.

“Ouch” Anna winced, faking a pain.

“I was only saving your aßß. You can’t even stand him” Anna said.

“Saving my ass. Like seriously, you got to be crazy girlie… it’s just a kiss for Christ sake” Daisy mumbled.

“Oh” Anna muttered.

“It’s not as if we’re doing it, like doing the main thing” Daisy mumbled.

“Sis I was just saving your aßß and I guess you should wait for your wedding night, honey trust me you will enjoy it the most…oh God I can’t wait to see my sweet sister preggy … I wanna be an aunt” Anna said, giggling and smiling.

“You get to be crazy girlie”

“What? Tell me you are not giving it to him on that night. Huh” Anna said smiling.

“Of course it’s all his …..” Daisy mumbled.

“Oh my God I can’t wait to get married… damn he will be hitting up púßßy every now and then” Anna said, smiling.

“You idiot. You better get ready for your graduation” Daisy mumbled and hit her head.

“Ouch!” Anna muttered and fake a frown, she looked at away with her arms been folded, Daisy moved close to her and hugged her tightly she kissed her cheek.

“I’m sorry. But I guess you should be getting for your graduations. You’re so naughty” Daisy mumbled, hitting her on her head, when she said the last sentence.

“I’m not the only one. You’re also naughty” Anna said, smiling, Anna and Daisy went to their various rooms, Daisy called Henry asking if he is at home, they talked before she slept off.

TBC ❤️

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