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She picked up the call. “Hello sweetheart….” The male voice said and smiled.

“Who are you?” She asked.

“Ouch! Sweetheart it’s obvious that you have forgotten about me. All these years. But I’m glad you have remembered me” he said, smiling.

“Gabriel….” She mumbled.

“Yes baby….I’ve missed you so much. Especially your sweet púßßy….I wish I can have you once again. Pin you down on the bed and have my way on you…like I did” Gabriel said, smiling evilly.

“I don’t know how you got my number. Please don’t ever call me again” she said.

“What will happen if call you sweetheart?” He said.

“I’m not your sweetheart you son of a bitch” she yelled at him, angrily.

“What do you want from me? Haven’t you done enough harm to me. What do you want now”?” She yelled at him in tears.

“Shh….I’m glad you want to know what I want. I want you Daisy. I love you so much” he said.

“I’m coming for you sweetheart” he said, laughing wickedly. Daisy began more angry.

“You must be crazy….” She said and hang up, she sat on the bed. She covered her face with her palms and began crying.

“Why are you doing this to me? Why can’t I have peace of mind? Why do I keep moving from one problem to another?” Daisy yelled, crying.

The door opened. Henry walked in and met her on her knees. She was crying seriously. He moved closer to her and hugged her. She hugged him tightly. She doesn’t want to let go of him.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” Henry asked, worriedly.

“He’s here. He’s coming for me. He wants to have me again. Please don’t let him ….please…” Daisy stuttered, crying seriously. Her hands were trembling.

“You mean Gabriel?” He asked.

“Yes….” She said between her sobs.

“Son of a bitch….whatever he wants I’m ready to give it to him. This time I won’t spare him” Henry said, angrily.

“Was he also the same person…whom you saw at the park” Henry said.

“I’m sorry sweetie…I noticed the sad face but I didn’t know what was the problem….Ava told me the same thing on our way home…I told her that I will talk to you about it…. She’s worried about you momma” he said with a little smile.

“Please forgive me….” He said.

No Henry..it’s okay. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know on time….I thought it was all a dream…but now I can see that it’s real” Daisy muttered.

“He must have been monitoring our movement…” Henry said, rubbing his forehead.

“I think so ….I don’t know how he got my number. He called me. He told me on phone that he’s coming for me again” she said, crying.

“Nothing like that will happen as long as I’m still alive. I will make sure he pays double for everything he has done” he said and unlock from the hug. He touched her cheeks. Her tears couldn’t stop following. He used his thumb to wipe her tears and pulled her into his arms again.


Mr Harrison’s house

“I wanna go see Henry and Daisy” Rose mumbled.

“Are you going there tomorrow” Harrison asked.

“Ahm! Maybe tomorrow or next week…I’ve missed him a lot. He’s the reason why kelvin came back to the city”

“He doesn’t come home like he used to. He’s always busy with work” Rose muttered.

“Rose…you know he is always busy. And he’s now a grown man. He has a lot of things on his mind” Mr Harrison said.

“I wish he would also get married just like Henry did. He’s dating her sister” Rose said, smiling.

Harrison laughed at her silly talk. “You’re so funny…Rose. They just started dating and you’re talking about marriage. Please don’t rush things. They are still young” Harrison said with a smile.

“Oh hello. I just want another daughter in law. And more grand children” Rose said with a smile.

“Of course we will have a lot of grand children. As long as we are still alive” Harrison said, Rose smiled and hugged him.


That night, Henry carried Ava to her bedroom. She doesn’t want to sleep. Her noise and talk were too much, that Daisy wasn’t sure if she still want another daughter.

“Talkative …..” Daisy said, laughing.

“Oh my God. Imagine having someone like her again” Henry said, laughing.

“Damn. I’m not ready for that. She’s something else” Daisy said.

“She’s like her mom” Henry said.

“You lied. I’m not a talkative…” Daisy protested.

“Oh really. ‘Cause you’ve change a little” Henry said.

“Fine Mr Henry I agree…but I don’t talk too much like her. She wants everything especially when she see you” Daisy said.

“Are you jealous of her?” Henry asked, raising his eyebrows, Daisy scoffed and stared at him.

“I’m not jealous” she said, looking away. He pulled her close and kissed her neck, she felt his hot breathe.

“You are the first. You are my first love. No one will replace you in my heart” Henry whispered to her ear.


Henry phone rang he left Daisy in his room, he picked up the call. He copied his number and forward it to his investigator.

“Have you track him?” Henry asked.

“Yes sir. He leaves in a small house, he doesn’t leave his home without his sunglasses and his parents doesn’t know that he had escaped from the prison”

“Any other information?” Henry asked.

“That’s all for now” the caller said.

“Alright thanks man” Henry said and hang up. Daisy walked out of the room, he was done with the call.

“Let’s go sleep” Daisy said, holding his right hand.

“Alright sweetheart…” He muttered and carried her, in a bridal style, she smiled and place her hands on his neck.

“Who called?” She asked.

“Hu hmm? That shouldn’t bored you. Honey” he said and lay her on the bed. He kept his phone on the table and lay bedside her.

Next morning, Henry called the cops, he told them everything. They went to his house. Gabriel tried to run away when he saw the cops. Unfortunately he was apprehended by the cops.

The cops thanked Henry, the cop handcuffed him, since was proving stubborn and he was too strong for them.

The cops drove off. Henry walked to his car and drove off, Henry drove to his house. Daisy wasn’t at home, she went to drop her daughter at school.

“Thank you so much Mr Kenneth. You’ve have done a lot for me. You will be getting money tonight” Henry said, smiling.

“Thank you so much Mr Henry. And for also trusting me” Kenneth said.


On her way home, she saw the cars which belongs to the cops, as they drove by with speed. She sighed and prayed that one of these days, Gabriel will also be arrested.

She didn’t drive to the house, she went Anna’s company. She’s now a grown woman and she’s always busy with work.

She headed to her office, kelvin was also in her office, she heard their laughter, she opened the door and walked in.

“Hello…..” Daisy said, waving at them.

“Hi….sis…please come in” Anna said, she stood up, she was sitting on Kelvin’s thighs.

“Hi sister in law….” Kelvin said with a smile.

“Hi kelvin. How are you doing?” Daisy said with a smile.

“I’m fine and you” Daisy said and looked at her sister, she looked away with a smile.

“I’m cool Sister in law..I have to leave now” Kelvin said.

“No you can’t..I won’t take much time” Daisy mumbled.

“Nah. I should give the sisters some privacy” he said with a smile and kissed Anna before leaving.

Kelvin left the office. Anna sat down, Daisy was just looking at her, Anna tried to avoid the eye contact.

“Why do you keep staring at me” Anna asked.

“Because my sister is been naughty. And I’m happy that you now understand the meaning of love” she said.

“Com’on sister. Tell me how you doing” Anna said, avoiding what her sister was saying.

“I’m fine Anna. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, when you told me about that idíot….I saw him at the park” Daisy mumbled and paused.

“And I don’t know how he got my number. He called me yesterday. He was saying something crazy… I told Henry about it, he told me not to worry, he promise that nothing will happen to me. As long as he’s alive”

“Ràpist I can’t believe he has the audacity to to call you. After everything he has done”

“I’m glad Henry promise to be there for you. That is my brother in law” Anna said, smiling.

Daisy spent sometime with her sister, before leaving the company, she drove to her house. She saw Henry’s car parked in the garage. He didn’t tell her anything before leaving.


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