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“have you seen Henry” Mr Harrison asked his wife who was seated at the dinner table.

“No honey. Good morning” she said.

The maids dished out the food, she was about to leave when Mr Harrison asked her question about his son..

“Did Henry came back last night” Mr Harrison asked the maid.

“No sir” they chorused bowing their heads slowly.

“You can leave” he muttered.

Rose looked at her husband, “maybe he left because of me” she mumbled, though they’ve been leaving together even though he doesn’t like her.

” I don’t think he left because of you” Mr Harrison muttered.

“Please eat your food…..I will talk to the cops” he said.
Good morning nanny” Daisy greeted, hugging Ms Pat.

“Good morning sweetie how was your night” Ms Pat asked, smiling.

“Trust me nanny It was good you are the only one who cares about me” she said, in front of her dad, who was reading a newspaper, he knew that she’s saying that because of the guy he employed.

“Com’on honey. Your Dad cares about you” Ms Pat said, smiling.

“Whatever…….” She said.

“Sir Fredrick. Breakfast is ready” Larry mumbled and bow his head, slightly and left, Daisy glare at him with more hatred.

“You need to go eat” Ms Pat said, she gave her a little smile and left, for the dining.

He dished out the properly, Daisy stared at disgustedly, she stared at the plates and napkins, looking for a mistake to make him feel bad and quit, unfortunately for her she didn’t find any, she began eating the food, while others moaned to the sweetest of the food, she didn’t care about it, she didn’t finished up her meal she left the dinner.

“Are you okay?” Larry asked, as he saw her leaving the dinner, she stared at him and hissed at him, before heading for stairs, he sighed and rubbed his head, furiously, he walked away thinking about what he could do to change her mind.

The maids carried away the dirty dishes. Mr Fredrickson headed to the living room, he picked up his newspaper, when Larry came in, he bow his head slightly.

“Com’on son. You shouldn’t be doing this” Mr Fredrickson mumbled.

Larry sighed softly, “I have to, if Daisy find out that I have a mission here. She will never stay here” Larry mumbled.

“I know of that. I wish you good luck, having a daughter like Daisy is really good and sometimes crazy” he said with a smile.

“I understand Mr Fredrickson, she’s the woman that I love and make sure I get her back” Larry said with a smile.

“You’ll surely get her back and I would love it you call me by my name” Mr Fredrickson mumbled.

“You’re a good and decent man” he added, Larry smiled.

“I will call you father in-law when right time comes” Larry said with a smile, when another maid came in, she interrupted their discussion, he left the living room, he headed to his room, there’s a lap and many other things there, that’s to show you that he’s not just an ordinary person.

He’s phone has been ringing, this is the fourth time, he picked up the phone and stared at the caller’s name, it’s his father.

“Don’t look for me. I’m fine and safe” he muttered and hang up,.

“Hello…. hello….. hello…..” Was what Mr Harrison kept saying not knowing that he has hang up, he removed the phone from his left ear and stared at it with a mixed of anger and smiled.

He’s happy that he’s fine, but angry that he hang up on him, while he was still talking to him.


Kelvin arrived at the house, as he promised his brother Larry, his mother Rose was happy to see him again, since he left he hasn’t called to know how she’s doing, but she’s happy that her son is and that there won’t be any problem with her other son.

“I missed you Mom” Kelvin mumbled.

“I missed you too Kelvin, how was your stay in the UK” Rose said.

“It was all good Mom. And I’m sorry I didn’t pick your calls” he mumbled.

“It’s okay son. I’m happy that you are back” his Mom said with a smile.

“So what about Dad” Kelvin asked.

“He’s fine. He went to work” Rose said with a smile.

“How have you been doing all these while” Kelvin asked, Rose, she remembered everything that happened, between her step son, no how she tries to make him understand that she didn’t kill his Mom, he doesn’t want to listen to her, he shift all blame on her, he always say that she’s the reason why his mother left him.

“It was all good son” Rose muttered with a fake smile, Kelvin didn’t know what was going on between his Mom and his brother, thou Larry has never talk about that, he loves him as his brother and also Kelvin loves him, they’re always together, thou Larry is three years older than him, Larry is 27 while Kelvin is 24 years old.

“Oh Mom! I’m so freaking hungry” he said, rubbing his belly thou it was clothed, Rose hit his head slightly making him fake a pain and frown.

“I have warned you to stop using those words” Rose said, staring at him.

“I’m sorry Mom” he apologized immediately.

“But Mom you know that am now a grown man. I can use any words of my choice

“You wouldn’t use in my presence” Rose yelled at him.

“Alright Mrs Harrison. I’m hungry” he mumbled.

” I will go dished out the food, while you go upstairs and freshen up” Rose muttered and left him in the living room, he left the living room and headed to his bedroom.

“Wow…..” He exclaimed, his room was sparkling clean, since he left his the house for some business, he entered the room and smiled as he sat down on his king size bed.

“Oh yeah I’m back home” he said smiling, some minutes later he kept his bags properly and headed to the washroom, after he was done freshen up he went back to his room and walked to closet he quickly pick up his t-shirt and shorts, he looked at himself in the mirror, he smiled and nods his head, both brothers are handsome and sexy, but at point you have choose which one is more handsome, Larry is more handsome than his brother.

He came downstairs and walked to dinning room, he took a seat, his mother has dished out the food, he waited a few minutes for her to come, she came and they began eating, she stopped eating and all her gaze were on her son, she doesn’t want anything that will bring problem between two brothers, she wished she could wiped out the past, but she can’t she has to leave with it, until her son decides to forgive her.

“Mom….. what’s the matter with you, I have been calling you for the past few minutes now, but you weren’t listening to me” he said, staring at her.

“I’m fine” she managed to say.

“Mom…. what’s the matter. Com’on tell me am your son” he said, concerned about her.

“It’s nothing serious son, just am glad that you are back” she said with a little smile.

No one was saying anything, all you could hear is the sound of the plates and cutleries.

“Mom……” Kelvin called, she looked at him, wondering what could be the matter.

“What’s the matter?” She asked, calmly and concerned.

“I’m fine Mom. Henry asked me to come back, he told me that you haven’t been happy since I left” he said.

(Flash back)

“No Kelvin you have to listen to me, okay I’m your elder brother, please come back home your mom needs you” Henry said.

Bro……..I know how she feels, that’s why am telling you to come back and see her” Larry said cutting him off.

“Okay bro I will do as you say” Kelvin muttered and hang up.

(Flash back ends)

“Oh my goodness. I can’t wait to thank him and I love how he gave you the authority and you followed immediately, if I was the one who asked to come back, you will definitely tell me about your business” Rose mumbled.

“Mom….. com’on. He’s my bro you know. I got to respect him no matter what” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah I know and am glad you are back” she said.

“Please eat up your food, I will go check out something in the kitchen” she said with a smile and left.

After he was done eating, he came out of the house and view the compound, which was still the same, but a the difference is that there’s a lot of cars in the garage, he went in and pick up a car key and drove out of the compound, he stopped by the store to get some things, he end up hitting someone.

“Oh Miss I’m sorry” he muttered.

“Why won’t you be sorry? When you all walk like a king” She asked, he stopped and turned, he looked at her from her head to her toe, she’s beautiful indeed.

“I’m sorry” he said, again.

“Sorry for yourself. Next time please watch were you are going, so that you won’t end hitting someone that will end up giving you a slap” she said, he held his right cheek at the mention of the slap.

“Whatever miss I have already apologized and if you don’t mind I will pay for whatever you bought” he said, calmly.

“Thanks Mr do good. I didn’t ask for it” she said and walked away, he smiled.

“This is the kind of woman I want” he said to himself, she didn’t even look at his face.

“Ash!.” He mumbled, hitting his head slightly, he forgot to ask her of her name, he walked in with a smile, all eyes were on him of course he’s handsome and sexy, every lady wants him and his brother. He didn’t give a fúçk he quickly get the stuff he wants and left the store. When he came out he saw Miss drama queen, getting into her car.

“Drama queen. This will be her name” he said to himself, with a smile.

TBC ❤️

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