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She doesn’t want men

Chapter seven❤️

Chinaza Godwin ?️

She went to entered her bedroom, she went straight to the bed, she lay on it, thinking about her life, how she started and her childhood friend who left her.

You didn’t bother to come back” she muttered to herself and wiped down the tears that was about fall down.

She headed to the washroom, to freshen up she let the cold water touch her soft skin, she closed her eyes but those things were still coming back, she could hear it in her head, she quickly opened her eyes and walked out of the shower, she headed back to her room, she met her nanny who was in her room with a tray of food.

Good morning nanny she greeted, politely with a little smile on her face.

Good morning honey. How was your night?” She mumbled and kept the food on the table, she walked closer to her she stared at her eyes and face.

What’s the matter? I heard what happened. She mumbled looking at her.

I’m fine nanny….I only left to see Ava” she muttered.

You should have told Larry before leaving, he was so worried about you and remember that your dad left you in his care” Ms Pat said.

Nanny…. please. This is my house. I don’t understand why a stranger will come to my house and give me orders, oh! Com’on you know that I don’t take such shît” she said and left for the wardrobe, Ms Pat looked at her and shook her head.

“What will you do the next time he said that he’s not letting you leave the house?” She asked, staring at her.

“He wouldn’t dare to do so” she mumbled, Ms Pat sighed softly and walked close to the table.

“I brought your food. It’s one of your favorites” Ms Pat muttered.

“I’m sorry nanny…I know I was being so hard on you” she muttered and look at her, she smiled.

“All I wanted was to see my baby……” She mumbled.

“I understand honey. How’s she doing today”

“She’s fine nanny, always a talkative” Daisy mumbled with a smile, Ms Pat chuckled softly.

“Like you” Ms Pat said, smiling.

“Oh! Com’on nanny I’m not a talkative” she mumbled and grabbed her spoon.

“All I know is that you’re one. No time for argument” she mumbled and kissed her forehead.

“When you’re done please call me” Ms Pat muttered and left her bedroom, she smiled, she picked up her phone and called her secretary, she wasn’t able to get to work today, she discussed with her about some stuff, before hanging up, she’s always fond of not finishing up her meal, she carried away the dishes to the kitchen, the maids were right there, she glance at them, they quickly collected the tray from her and wondered why she brought it herself.

She went back to the room, she concentrated on her laptop and phone, she kept getting calls from different angles, when she round up with the whole stuff it was almost time for her to go pick up her daughter from school.

“Oh my goodness….I can’t believe this is happening, why’s the time too fast” she said, scratching her hair, tiredly, she went to the bathroom and had a proper bathe, she dressed up and grabbed her bag and car key, she came down to the living room, she met Larry who was also wandering around the house, he looked and noticed her presence, he knows that she wants to leave the house, her dressing showed it all.

“Oh my God! She’s so beautiful and gorgeous” he said to himself.

“Where are you going?” He asked, looking at her, as he realized himself.

“Listen Mr…. it’s really important okay and I wouldn’t want you to be an obstacle” she said, bluntly.

“Seriously…. You think I’m an obstacle” he muttered, looking at her.

“I didn’t say that…..I wouldn’t want you to be one. So please get the fúçk out of my way” she said.

“Manners?” He mumbled, with a smile.

“Please leave the door….. I wanna go do something…. it’s really important. I don’t have much time”
“I’m sorry but you can’t leave” he mumbled.

“Please…..I don’t wanna fail her this time…… okay. Fine am sorry for the way I spoke to you please”

“I still can’t let you go. It’s really important that you are safe here with me” he mumbled.

“Please…. just listen to me…I promise I won’t take long… please” she muttered, as she remembered the promise she made to her daughter.

“You know what? Give me the car keys I will go get whatever you want…..all I want is for you to be safe” he said.

“I’m fine….” She muttered and break down in tears, there’s no point begging him, because he won’t leave her leave the house.

She went back to the room and called Amelia who’s phone was switched off, she smashed her phone on the floor with anger, this is the fourth time she’s calling her.

Ava stood on the road side waiting for her mom, since she promised her that she’s coming to pick her, she doesn’t want to go with school bus, she waited for some time.

Larry left the house with one of the cars and gave the security an instruction not let Daisy leave the house no matter what.

He wanted to give a few things from the store, when he was done with the stuff he came for, he drove out of the surrounding, on he way he met a little girl, who was standing by the road side.

She might be waiting for someone” he thought.

“She might need help” he’s other mind said, he has already passed her, so he revised his car, he stopped and smiled at her, he got down from the car and walked closer to her.

What are you doing under the sun. My princess” he asked, staring at her, she looked and smiled a little.

“I’m waiting for my mom. She promised to come pick me up but she’s not yet here” she muttered.

Oh! I’m sorry sweetie but that mom of yours is really stubborn and confused” he mumbled.

“No. No. My Mom is good, I guess she might just be busy with work that’s why she isn’t here” Ava mumbled.

“Okay. But why would she works. She should have been a house wife” he mumbled.

No. No. My mom works to pay my fees and also to make sure that I’m okay” she mumbled.

“Oh you’re so cute and intelligent” he said, smiling. He touched her little nose she smiled.

Hope you won’t mind if I drop you off at your house and I believe you know the way to your house” he said, staring at her.

Yeah sure…. but you haven’t told me your name” Ava mumbled, looking at her with her hands folded.

“Well my name is…….. Mr cutie” she said, cutting him off, she laughed so loud.

“Mr cutie pie you’re so handsome and I wished my mom…… anyways let’s get going we don’t have much time” she mumbled, he looked at her and wondered what kind of child is this, she’s such a talkative.

“So Miss what’s your name?” He asked, as they got into the car.

“My name is Ava” she said with a smile.

“Wow….so a nice name for a beautiful girl” he said smiling, they were talking and laughing.

“Aren’t you hungry… let’s grab some lunch princess” he muttered smiling.

“Hmm! Okay. Mr cutie pie….am ready for it” she yelled, he stopped at the restaurant they ate and continue there journey, she gave him the directions, some minutes later he arrived at her house, he got down from the car and carried her she was already sleeping, he kissed her forehead and handed her over her nanny, she thanked him, he smiled and left.

She didn’t even say goodbye to him, it reminds him of his old self, how he left for the city, he didn’t bother to call her, though he promised her that he will come back, but now he’s back but she doesn’t want him, when he did, they weren’t staying there, he cried all night, he wiped his tears and he went to his car and drove off.

TBC ❤️

Did he just carried her baby home?
She’s a talkative ?

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