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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 10

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]



I watched Jackie as she matched in front angrily , infact she was really serious especially the frown on her face .

” Love I think you should calm down , mom means well for the both of us ” I said and she turned to me .

” Oh really ? She means well . She talks to me like I’m worthless and not meant for you ” she said arms folded .

I’d come to pick her up for the dinner but gosh she was flaming like hell .

She looked at me with eyebrows raised.

” Dami you’re not saying anything ? She asked angrily and I just stared at her camly .

” Jackie I love both you and Mom , I can’t side with anyone of you , not you or Mom ” I said and she chuckled bitterly .

” Oh God ..?

” I’ve suffered , Jackie has suffered , I’m about to marry a momma’s boy ” she said dramatically .

” What ! I said as she walked passed me and towards my car .

Has mom finally rubbed her dramatic nature on Jackie ? I mean my fiance wasn’t like this .

I got into the car and looked at her .

” Love are you okay ? I asked and she glared at me making me shut up .

I sat properly and drove off Wondering what mom had said again after the bathroom disaster.

We got to the restaurant and she turned to me .

“Dami …I’m not in the mood to have dinner here …’ she said and I rubbed my forehead .

” Baby are you still mad at me ? I already apologized okay what do you wanna eat …” I asked and she Frowned .

” I already told you I’m not hungry , I shouldn’t have come out with you anyways” she added and I noticed that she was truly upset .

” C’mon …let’s go to my place” I said and she shook her head .

” I’m going back to your mother’s house ,I don’t want her adding fuel to the fire ” she said and I pulled her into a hug .

I held her face lovingly .

” What’s wrong ? What do you wanna eat ? I asked and she frowned at me .

” Dami I’m not hungry ” she said and I hugged her from behind and she tried not to smile.

” Dami this is cheating I’m mad at you …” She whinned as I kissed her forehead then lips softly .

” Awwwwwwwwn” we heard a group of teenage girls tease Making us chuckle .

” C’mon I know the best place to take you ,she’s a great cook” I said and she looked at me interestedly .

” African dishes please , at least let me know you more , your people your culture” .

” What suddenly got you interested ? I asked and she chuckled .

” Your mom , she believes if I don’t buckle up someone’s gonna steal you from me under my nose …” She said camly .

” Do you love Nigerian dishes ” she asked and I smiled .

” Ya , a lot ” I said and she looked away .

” I’m sorry I can’t cook ” she said and I laughed .

” Hey it doesn’t matter ,I love you okay besides you’re not from Nigeria , so it takes time to learn these things don’t put pressure on yourself …I’m here to teach you if you want ” I smiled at her and she laughed .

” So where are you taking me ? She asked .

” TIMI’S kitchen ” I said and she gasped .

” Oooooo” she said and I chuckled .



We got to the TIMI’s KITCHEN and I gasped at how cozy and amazing the place looks .

” This place has the homly feeling ” I said as I sent his hand around my waist .

” Welcome to TIMI’s KITCHEN ” the guard at the door greeted as he opened the glass doors ..

Immediately we got in a dark and beautiful woman … strolled towards us with a beautiful smile on her face .

I could see people Eating at every corner , there where waiters and waitresses around serving drinks and meals .

The place had the groove , especially the Afro beats music blasting through the speakers .

” Good evening aunty Timi ” Dami greeted her and she pulled him into a hug .

” Good evening Damilare how are you ,it’s been a while ” she said ruffling his hair .

” Good evening ma’am ” I greeted her .

‘ good evening Jackie how are you , how have your stay been ” she asked smiling .

” It’s been ….Crazy ” she said Making me laugh .

” C’mon Dami you know family members don’t sit here …” She said walking in front and I raised an eyebrow at Dami .

” She has the special kitchen for family and relatives ” she said and I chuckled .

” That’ll be so much fun ” I squiled happily making him laugh .

We got in the kitchen and the whole place was vibes on it’s own .

” Hey Dami ” someone said dropping a pot on the table and i gasped .

” ADESUA ” I said and she squiled excitedly .

” Jackie oh my goodness how are you ” she said excitedly as she kissed both sides of my cheeks .

” You know each other ? Dami asked .

” Ya …I’m a designer she’s a model … we’ve met ” Adesua said laughing .

” Countless times on different shows …I didn’t know you knew Dami ” I said laughing .

“Basically grew up together , I think I’m slacking on celebrity new how did miss this ? She asked and we all chuckled .

” How’s Feyi ? Dami asked teasingly and she glared at him .

” You’re insane” Adesua said and I looked at the both of the both of them in confusion .

” Let’s hang out sometime ” I offered and she gave a nod .

” Of course ” she said excitedly .

” Hey guys …. here’s the specialty of tonight ” aunt Timi said as she served the dish .

” This smells nice ” I said staring at the dish .

” Are these cooked banana slices ? I asked and they all laughed .

” Nope …” Adesua popped as they served a plate of fish soup ..

” Wow ‘ I said seeing how big the fish was I’m the white plate .

” It’s plantain and fresh fish pepper soup ,it’s a southern Nigerian dish …” Adesua said gesturing at her mom who stood at the opposite .

” It’s locally called KKF an abbreviation for the name [ Keke fia ]”. Dami explained setting his salvet .

” That’s a different tribe ? I asked .

” Ya my mom is from Bayelsa , you know Nigeria has 36 states ? Adesua asked and I gave a nod .

” Yup with lots of tribe ,I find your country interesting though ” I said smiling and she chuckled .

” This looks spicy ..” I said and Adesua laughed .

” The pepper soup is spicy but it’s good to try new things in a while ,trust me you’d love it ” Dami said handing me a spoon .

I smiled and made to taste it .

I put it in my mouth and dropped my mouth due to the hotness …

Dami blew air for me and I chuckled .

” This taste wieredly nice ” I said smiling and they laughed .

” You can stop if
….” Dami trailed .

” Oh I’m definitely eating this especially the soup of pepper ” I squiled excitedly Making them laugh .

” It’s pepper soup , darling ” dami said as he helped me shift my hair .

” Oh forget it ” I said as I tasted the fish .

” Hmmn I love this ” I said mouth full as Adesua helped me put a glass of water .

We did stay and I ended up going home late .

But that night I slept with a big smile on my face , hopefully I’d get used to this soon .




I walked into my company and my employees greeted me happily immediately I got in .

I answered with a nod as I got to my floor , I saw a guy in front of my door .

He was tall , fair and holding a bunch of roses .

Immediately his eyes met mine ,he gave me the most beautiful smile .

I frowned Wondering who he was so early in the morning .

” Good morning boss ” I heard my assistant from behind .

” Who is that ? I asked looking at her and she grinned teasingly .

” Hehehehe ” she cleared her throat .

” Hey good morning …I’m Dozie Rolland ” he extended his hand and I smiled .

” Adesua ” I said as I looked at my assistant to escuse us . She chuckled as she gave us space .

I opened my door and he joined me .

‘” nice office” he complemented as I sat down and gestured him to sit .

” Oh …my Dad designed it ,he’s into that ” I said and he gave a nod .

” I .. like you , I mean I’m the one that sends those flowers and cards ” he said smiling and I smiled .

” Oh nice writeups” I said as I played with the bunch of flowers in my hands .

I could sense the guy was nervous infact he was counting his words .

Feyi wasn’t like that ….I stopped my train of thoughts and frowned why was I comparing Clinton and Dozie ? That’s just embarrassing .

” Are you okay ? He asked and I gave a nod .

” Ya I’m good ” I said as we talked about different things .

My phone rang and it was Feyishayo .

I looked at the phone And for the first time in our years of friendship I ignored his calls .

If I was gonna do this , hell then I need to be serious with my life .

If he’s really my bestfriend like I’ve said over and over again I had to remove him from my top priorities .

‘” you’re beautiful …and talented
..i have almost all your designs and I met you for the first time at a charity event ….” He trailed and I laughed .

” Charity event ? I asked shocked .

” Yup you where wearing this beautiful emerald green dress you looked out of this world ” he said and I forced a smile .

I mean the guy had this dreamy look that already made me feel upset in my stomach .

I just pray he’s not obsessed with me already .

My phone rang again and I looked at it then looked away .

” So what you do for a living ? I asked as we got to know each other .

” I’m a politician ” he said and my jaws dropped .



” Did she pick up ? Dami Asked from besides me and I rolled my eyes .

” She didn’t , are you sure she’s okay ? Ade never avoids my calls she always picks at the first ring even when she’s angry ” I said and he laughed.

” And you say you’re not whipped ? You have it bad man …who knows she might be with someone special ” he said teasingly .

” Hahahaha That’s not funny ” I said and he laughed .

” I can’t bestie a girl like that
..that’s if we’ve decided to eat the eatable where she’d let me freely do the Seriose tatatatar like Richie says” Dami said laughing .

” You and Richie both have the most disgusting minds I’m not that kind of ….” I trailed .

” You’re just blind eyed to it you idiot …that girl likes you infact your so into each other that if you let the feelings out ….it’s gonna be flame” he said laughing .

” I love Rose …” I said immediately .

” She gave you breakfast ,cousin ” he reminded me whilst taking a sip of his alcohol .

” Alcohol is not …” I was saying and he rolled his eyes .

” Save your lectures Doctor Feyishayo Clinton bamidele …it doesn’t work on me ” he said and I rolled my eyes .

” I’d just call Adesua later ” I said and he chuckled .

” You need to get in between her legs maybe that’s when you’d know she’s the one ” he said and I glared at him .

” You’re the worse Adviser in the universe ,I’m sure you’re one of the problems of Nigeria ” I said and he burst out laughing .

” You’re type of relationship with Adesua is the biggest problem Nigeria has aside from the government and the likes of bobrisky … This Bestie stuffs is the worse .

” I can’t see myself Damilare Kings Bestie with Someone like Adesua she’d be in my bed before she realizes it ..” he said with his lower lip in his mouth .

” I …..”I said confused .

” Just go for it …if you Fuck her you’d know ” he added .

” Dami go and give your life to Christ please and please , besides don’t you have a company to run ? I asked standing up .

” Hahahaha ” he laughed


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