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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 12

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]


” What happened ? I asked feyi immediately he joined me again in the dining table .

” It was nothing I was just feeling a bit under the weather I guess ” he said and sat down.

” You look stressed are you sure you’re eating properly ? Heartbreak shouldn’t shock you like that rose wasn’t the first ” I said eyebrows raised and he laughed .

” You’re insane … Adesua I can’t starve myself knowing fully well how it’ll affect my health , I’m a doctor remember ? He asked as he removed the first three buttons of his sleeves .

” What did you cook ? ” He asked and I chuckled .

” Human head ” I said and he rolled his eyes .

” Says the girl that can’t bear to look at even a slight wound … remember you fainted when you witness an accident …last year ? He asked and I glared at him .

” You’re the most annoying man Feyishayo , There’s no sweet bone in you , you’re boring and as bitter as Bitter leaf ” I said and he burst out laughing .

” Well this bitter as Bitter leaf guy is your best friend miss assistant Bitterleaf , or should I call you bitter kola ? He asked and I pointed a fork at him .

” Another word and I’d slit your throat immediately ,don’t dare me ” I said pointing at him and he chuckled .

” Go and fight your village witches Adesua … especially the ones that are holding your future husband ” he said as he grinned .

My jaws dropped in shock, jeez Clinton was a quiet dude , infact everyone believes he’s innocent especially with the glasses on .

But he has the best come back , He has what a typical Nigerian would call bad mouth .

God forbid .

” That’s why you’d die single feyi ….no woman would wanna marry a boring man with headmaster glasses …! I said and he chocked on the glass of water .

” I’d kill Richie the minute he steps his foot in Nigeria ,I swear ” he said as I laughed crazily .

” Well it wasn’t Richie that called you the boring guy in headmaster glasses ” I smiled

” Richie calls me that all the time , it’s definitely him ” he said Makin me chuckle .

” It was your mom , that’s if you’re still hell bent on dealing with the person ” i said eyebrows raised and he chuckled ..

” Forget about it” he said I burst into laughter .

The fear of aunt fummi is the beginning of wisdom .

I laughed as I dished jollof rice and fried chicken into his plate .

” Bachelor go and get married , I can’t keep cooking for you forever ” I said hands on my waist .

” It’s not bad if you marry me then ” he said mouth full and my heart skipped a bit immediately .

He obviously didn’t realize the effect of what he’d just said .

I noticed his chocolate hazel eyes and the way his skin glittered .

The way he rolled up his sleeves just made him look super sexy .

I just chuckled and looked away ,. What’s wrong with me ?

Did I hit my head on the wall or something , why am I suddenly attracted towards feyi ?

This is not good .



” Where are we going ? Jackie asked immediately we walked out of the mansion .

I looked at her with hands on my waist and chuckled .

” You’re asking me where we are going ? When you have an umbrella on , as if that’s not enough you’re putting on eyeglass ,do you have eyes problem ? I asked and her jaws dropped .

” Escuse me …I’m putting on shades , you know how the weather can get hot over here ? She said and I rolled my eyes .

” Let us go …I don’t have the strength to argue with you this morning …just move ” I said and she walked in front .

Although she had this attitude she puts up anytime she’s around me , she is adjusting preety well .

I just hope she doesn’t get worse .

I’m taking her with me to the market to get some foods stuff , I always do the shopping on my own .

Or sometimes I let the maids do it .

We got into the car and the driver drove off .

” What place is ……” Jackie trailed in shock immediately we got to the place .

” The market ? You brought me to the busy market ! She asked shocked and frustrated .

” It’s either you move or I move you ” I said as the two maids that joined us Walked out with their lists to get the items .

” What no ….I feel the urge to throw up …ma please let’s just go out ” she said staring at the mud on the floor .

” I have suffered in this life ” I said in Yoruba as I glared at her .

” There’s no way I’m Coming out of this car , this is just too much ” she kept saying and I walked over to the car and pulled her out .

” I’m not going anywhere Aunty you can just kill me right now , she said and I put my hands on my waist .

” No problem I would leave you in this busy market and see how you get home ! I said and she stood up straight .

” You can never do something as terrible as that too me , I’m tired of all this rules , I love dami yes but this is too much …you wake me up early …you force me to help in the kitchen !

‘” you make me wash my clothes …

” My whole hands ache , I can’t even wear what I like all because of you ! It’s clear you hate me …you definitely don’t like me at all ! She screamed and my jaws dropped .

” Fine yes I hate you ….! I’m tired of your laziness ,I’m tired of your …. sturbbon posh girl attitude ” I said as we both started screaming dramatically at each other .

‘ hey madam biko e don do abeg ” the security man said as he tried to stop us .

” Let her say what she wants ….I’m not her child …she’s just a troublesome woman trying to poke her nose where she’s not needed ” Jackie said and my eyes widened ?

” Ahh …Jesus ? ” I screamed as I moved to where they shade Garri for sale .

I carried the woman’s basin of Garri and she screamed and ran after me as
I chased after Jackie and rained it on her .

” Oh my goodness you crazy woman ” she screamed as he expensive gold slippers got stained .

” Madam …kuku kill me ….just kill me oooo ! The owner of the Garri screamed arms akimbo and before I knew it I felt something white rain over me and I looked at Jackie in shock .

“Madam ooooo tie them they are not normal ! I heard a man scream as I picked plantains and threw them one after the other at Jackie .

Who also picked and threw them at me .

She took to her heels and I ran after her as she screamed at the top of her voice ..the owners of the stall ran after us .

” Catch them !

” Catch those mad women ! Another man screamed and the police men in faded uniform and ugly shoes who where probably holding drivers without ..particulars. ..

Saw us and looked in shock .

“Jesus ! ” A woman standing next to the police screamed .

” Mummy ! The baby in her arms screamed and started crying …

I frowned at the baby and stared at myself that’s when I noticed the way I looked scared him .

” Catch them oga these woman are causing nuisance in the market place ” one of the public transport men screamed .

” It’s your father that is causing nuisance in the market place oga …! ” I said pointing at him .

” Infact it shall not be well with your village people ‘i said angrily .

” Madam God punish you ” the man said and Jackie’s jaws dropped .

” How dare you talk to her like that ! Who the f**k gave you that right Mr ! She said angrily and I immediately hooked his shirt .

” Kill me oooo” i started screaming .

” Madam ” people started begging as Jackie slapped his bald head .

” Arrest them these women are mad …they’re insane ” I heard people whispering amongst themselves .

” You’re a cop , you heard what he said to my Mother in-law and you stand there watching him …what’s your job actually ? She asked angrily and the man opened and closed his mouth .

” Arrest them ” he said immediately.



? DERA ?

I walked out of nonso’s apartment and rubbed my forehead tiredly .

I was clad in my club dress from the previous night .

The funny thing was I got myself fucking drunk with monalisa and the girls

That when I could barely walk , my Twin decided to let me crash at his place .

I could imagine the way my mom would have reacted if we where in Nigeria .

She’d be like

” Ada ..who would marry you huh ? Look at your ears two piercing ….this is not obodo oyibo that you’ve decided to get yourself drunk …..” I thought and chuckled .

My mom’s craziness is top notch …gosh I miss her , the crazy thing is we are not in good terms ?

She doesn’t support my choice of career and it’s been rough since then .

Someone pulled a bag over my head and I became alarm as I tried to fight it off .

” Hmmmn’ ” I pannicked as fear gripped me .

What happened to nonso’s tight security .

” Hmmmn” I pannicked as my vision blurred and I passed out .

I woke up and my head banged with headache .

I fluttered my eyes opened and saw a figure sitted at the other end and flipping through pages of a magazine .

” Richard” I said shocked.

” Good morning love ” he said and my jaws dropped .

‘ love …what ? Richie are you drunk….you oh my God ..’ I said as realization Dawn on me …

I’d been kidnapped by Richard .

” You fucker …where are you taking me ? Let me go Richard ” I said getting up as I glared at him .

I knew why he wanted me

It was because of his mom …he knows his mom loves me …so he’s trying to appease her by taking me with him .

Heavens forbid .

” Richie open this door I’m going home right now ” I snapped angrily and he laughed as he drank from his wine .

” That’s if you have wings to fly from the jet love ” he said and my eyes widened .

” Jet ? Richie where are you taking me ? I yelled shocked .

” To your mother land …Chidera ” he said and God …

I’ve never felt this angry in my whole life .

I’d kill this Yoruba guy before I realize it .

” Richard …” I trailed .

” My love …c’mon call me something different … maybe sweetheart popcorn …. sugar … anything not Richard my real name …” He said and I knew he was just trying to frustrate me

” I can call you whatever I want ….Bitterleaf …kolanut …whaever you demon ” I raged .

” That’s not the way you talk to your fiancee Dera … remember …” He said and I threw things at him .

” I’m not your fiancee ….you bastard I’m not ..

” I said as frustration made tears stream down my eyes he held both of my hands above my head on the bed .

” Calm down ….Dera …don’t feel too big …I don’t even like you…all I need is to fake my fiancee for two weeks …we go back to our various lives ” he said and my heart hurt .

I looked away as tears rolled outta my eyes .

” I HATE YOU” I screamed angrily and he just ignored me .

Is it not Nigeria we’re going to ?

I’d make that Lagos too hot for the both of us ….

I’d make him beg his stupid pilots to take me back to where he brought me from .

” Stupid arrogant peacock” I muttered under my breath with arms folded .



” So gentlemen I believe this is a deal then ? I asked and they cheered me on professionally .

” I look forward to the success of this project Mr Kings ” one of them said and we shook hands

They walked out and Kate came in breathing badly .

” What’s going on Kate ? I asked my assistant with an amused smile on my face and she shook her head .

” There’s fire on the mountain sir ! She said gasping for breath .

” What do you mean by that ? I asked frowning .

” Sir haven’t you seen it ? It’s all over the internet ” she said and showed me her iPad .

” Jesus ” I said seeing my mom chasing Jackie with a basin of Garri .

” What the hell ” I said as I scrolled down and saw the news was all over especially of both them attacking a public driver .

“Where’s this place ? Please take me there ! ” I said and as we walked out , I noticed Dad was calling me too .

” Meet me at the place Dad ” I said and he agreed .

” They are mad ….! Look at what they did , they’re lucky they didn’t get beaten up ‘ the police said as I stared at both Jackie and mom handcuffed and in the van with innocent eyes ?

” What have I done to you bummi ! This stunt of yours is all over social media ! Dad Scolded .

” It’s this oyibo pepper ….! ” Mom said .

” Escuse me you caused it ” Jackie said .

” Shut up ” mom Scolded and they both began from where they stopped .

” ENOUGH ! Dad screamed trying to catch his breath .

” Damilare take your girlfriend to your house …I refuse to die Young God forbid !” Dad screamed .

” Pay me oooooo” we heard people screaming like they where protesters .

” They ruined there businesses ” the cop said and my jaws dropped .

What sought of wahala is this ?


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