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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships.


? Episode 2

[ Royal Mansion ]

Newyork city

8 :00 pm



My phone rang and I stretched my hand as I picked the call .

” Richie where the hell are you ? Selena is angry ….You’re fucking late for practice ” my Friend preston bursted over the phone and my eyes opened immediately .

” Oh sh*t ….I’m on my way ” I said immediately as I got down from the bed and threw my shirt on …then began to button …down .

” Richard are you leaving already ? O I thought you would stay for dinner ” Laila said as she moved closer .

” Dinner ? I’m not hungry Laila besides I told you it was only gonna be sex between us and nothing else ” I said as I arranged my hair .

” Richie how can you talk like this , you know I love you …I love you so much and I’ve tried my possible best to make you …..” She trailed .

” You love me ? Then what happens when you suddenly realize one morning that what you really wanted from me was this ” I said pointing from the me to her .

” The mind blowing sex , the way I make you remember nothing else but my d*ck ? I asked

” Richie ” she cried .

” Laila…I hate it when you go about crying and Making the media think we’re dating , we are not dating ” I spat coldly and she cried .

” Richard …how can you say that ? You even told the media we where just fucking around …” She said hurt .

” Look Laila I’m late for rehearsals okay , I don’t have time for this ” I said as I walked out on her .

I could hear her sniffing as I moved out and got into my car ..then drove towards the Royal Mansion .

My name is Richard bamidele and I’m from the western part of Nigeria .

My parents are Nigerians and I’m the last son .

My Dad is a politician and I’m from one of the wealthiest family’s in my country.

My elder brother Clinton is a surgeon and is very successful .

I’ve lived most of my life out of the country , infact I’m currently based in Newyork .

I’m a music idol and signed a contract with Selena Blackstone one of the wealthiest and successful music business moguls in the world .

Her Record label is called ” ROYALS ”

We’re a group of 4 guys Making good music .

The group was formed by Selena years after her divorce from a toxic marriage according to what the media said .

We consist of four from different angles of life .

We have Preston Williams who’s of cause an American singer. ..he’s 18 ,rich famous handsome he’s quite the outgoing type . he’s mostly on the tabloids everyday . He’s the fourth member of the royals .

I’m the third member of the Royals and most at times people have mistaken me for a black American due to my looks and accent ,but the truth is I’m a typical Nigerian .

And I don’t hide that …infact …I say it in every of my interviews ?

Then we have prince Lucas Morales …he’s right after the lead vocalist … .

“He’s an Italian and the prince of primerose he’d one day take over his father’s throne ,buh for now we have him in the group. He’s classy sexy with his emerald green eyes and perfect catwalk ..

Then we have Clark Blackstone , Selena’s son .

” He’s considered the god of the music industry

We’ve won lots of awards and a media sensation . That’s by the way anyways .

I drove towards our mansion tiredly .

My mind went back to what Laila said back at her mansion and I sighed as i packed my car at the garage and stepped out .

Love ?

She wanted me to love her ? I thought with a bitter chuckle.

Love isn’t for me c’mon ,why waste your time loving one woman when you can have as many as you want ?

I still remember what happened to me the last time I tried to love sincerely , I gave my heart to one I loved …

What did I get in return ? I thought as my eyes stungged.

She took my heart and ripped it to a million pieces .

She moved on , I mean I’ve seen her in the tabloids dating different Guys , so why should I bother fallen inlove again .

It’s my turn to rip as many hearts as I want , c’mon I believed in no strings attached now as long as we can have fun in each other’s arms I don’t think I have any problem .

A night of passion , you move on I move on .

” Richard you’re late ” Selena scolded and I smiled .

” I just ran here Selena , infact I didn’t even stop to breath ” I said dramatically and Omar our manager smacked my head .

” Ouch ….what did I do ? I asked and everyone laughed ,well accept ma’am Selena , she’s stone cold .

” Hey bervely ” i said as the new maid walked in and served soft drinks in front of us .

She looked very nervous and kept bowing around us . I still remember what happened in school a week ago…she’d sang in front of the whole school and well it’s still a talk of the Town in Royal high .

Bervely hills is a beautiful and talented girl that just gained admission in scholarship into Selena’s music school …known as Royal high .

Well I’m already in my third year and hopefully will be graduating in a year or two .

” The next time you come late , we’d hang you on the ceiling and ….” Preston trailed and they all burst out laughing .



?I like the way you wine ?

?The way you rock it ?

?The way you set the mood ?

The song blast on the loud speakers as I moved my body to the move dancing sensuously .

” That’s not sexy enough Dera …what the hell , I think you need to get late ” my twin brother nonso said and I turned to him .

‘” don’t let me say God punish you , because if I say it … it’ll happen ” I said and he threw his head backwards and burst out laughing.

” Mom called ” he said and I turned .

” Why ? ” I asked turning to him immediately .

‘ well she was wondering if you’d come visit ? He asked and I shook my head .

‘ no I’m not going , I mean she’s not in support of my choice if work so why do I need to pretend like all is well ? I asked and he smiled .

” You know what , dad was right you’re as sturbbon as mom ” he chuckled .

” she feels like I’ve been nothing but disgrace , like I’m the greatest sinner , why because I twerk for living ? I asked already feeling anger curse through my veins .

” Teach music ….in one of the world known music schools , you’ve got lots of awards and you’re one of the highest paid dance models …Dera ” he said and I rolled my eyes.

” Mom doesn’t see it like that , she feels I’m here in another country. .. dancing naked … earning money sinfully …” I said laughing out tears .

” You’re crying ” he said softly.

” I’m not , I just want to be accepted as her daughter …I’m tired of hiding this pain …I’m tired of being called a call girl by my mom because if my talent …” I said crying .

” Dad and I love you so much Dera …you’re one of Africa’s best ” he said coming close .

” She feels things would have been better off if I …dated Richie ” I thought with a bitter chuckle .

” What she doesn’t understand nonso , is that he doesn’t even wanna see my face” I added .

“I still feel you and Richie would make a great couple , I know you made a mistake but …” He trailed .

” I gave him my virginity and regected him to his face , told him I only needed someone to pop my cherry …” I said the exact words and he walked close to me and pulled me into his arms .

” Everything would be okay …trust me ‘ he said rubbing my back as I cried .

I’m tired …

Tired of pretending I was perfectly fine when I’m not .


[ Lagos Nigeria]

12 : 00 afternoon



” Get these designs to the workers , I’ve gotten the perfect materials to make them …” I said to my personal assistant as I picked my designer bag .

” Where are you going ? She asked confused.

” I’ve got lunch with Aunt funmi and my mom accompanied by her elder sister bummi” I said and my assistant jaws dropped .

” Good luck with the meeting girl ” she said giving me a thumbs up and I frowned .

” What makes you think i need luck ? I asked with a chuckle .

” All those women in one lunch ? Girl I’d run without looking back ” she laughed .

” You’re crazy ” I chuckled as I catwalked out .

I got into my car and drove out towards my mom’s restaurant.

?TIMI’s KITCHEN ? ya she named it after her native name Timi .

She’s got lots of reviews from top magazines and well ever since she got 3 stars on her restaurant heaven and Earth havent heard a single word ..

But we’ll she’s talented .

” Good morning ma’am Adesua ” the staffs greeted as they set the table .

” My mom ? I asked the manager as he waved at me .

” She’s currently at the vip section with her friends ” he said and I smiled at him as I walked passed .

Clever had been my mom’s manager since I was in highschool ,to think he’s hitting on me is just ???

C’mon he basically watched me grow up it’s just so embarrassing he’d think of wanting me In that manner .

” Here comes our iyawo ” Aunt funmi said dramatically and her sister clapped excitedly .


I can already imagine Clinton’s laughter if he hears I got stuck with these three .

They’re not easy to deal with at all .

” Good afternoon ladies ” I greeted as I kissed their cheeks .

” This one you’ve started greeting like the whites , what happened to our native greetings ? Ade I’ve told you …you’re free to act posh outside not in the house ” mom scolded and my jaws dropped .

” Mom ….” I said and she glared at me Making me swallow down nothing .

I turned and greeted the ladies immediately, I turned and they where looking at me like I was the most fascinating thing alife




Not the matchmaking plan again please , these women have been frustrating my life with their dangerous plans to set me up with my bestfriend and it’s terrible .

It all started when his mom found out we have sleep overs every two weeks, sometimes he comes to my apartment and sometimes I go over to his mansion .

To caught the long story short …my mom concluded we where sleeping with each other …

Jesus I nearly fainted when I’d ran down with a fever and both our mom called up feyi who was outta the country for a doctor’s conference .

He’d ran back using the next flight, instead of their family jet just to get scolded by his mom for knocking me up .

It was so embarrassing as we both tried to explain that we we’re just bestfriends and I can’t imagine myself even having sex with Feyishayo Clinton bamidele .

He’d taunt Me for the rest of my life , he acts all quiet and workaholic but trust me there’s a big devil behind those glasses .


Like the time he bought me tampons for the first time ,when I got stained due to the unexpected show up of my mensuration during dinner .

He’d teased me about it through out the year ,I thought with a chuckle .

” Ha she’s thinking about my son ….” Aunt fummi said and the women squiled .

” What no ….! ” I said immediately making their smile vanish .

” What do you mean no ? I was even thinking our sons have finally man up and opened their eyes to see the perfect wife materials ” Damilare’s mom added .

Gosh I wonder how he handles this woman ,she’s ten times crazier than my mom .

” It’s not just your sons even my daughter is a plain idiot who calls the perfect man in her life her bestfriend …” Mom said .

” Feyi is my bestfriend ” I said camly.

” Holy ghost fire ?? fire ….oluwa would roast that thought immediately ….c’mon you have to unbestie my son immediately please ” his mom said and I looked from my mom to his mom.

” Aunt fummi ….” I trailed .

” What do you want in a man that feyi does not have na ? He’s handsome dark …tall rich …good mannered …I know he’s good in bed because c’mon his dad hits it rough like…….” She demonstrated and JESUS ?

My cheeks where as red as cherry as my mom and aunt bummi nod in agreement .

” I know he’s quiet the workaholic with his boring science glasses and headmaster speks but aside that my son ……” She trailed and I burst into laughter immediately .

Feyi is so gonna hear this hahahaha .


?The ship has begun oh …our mothers are all set to hook our babies up no matter what …

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