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MOTHER IN-LAW – Episode 23


?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 23

[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” What the fuck are you doing in my mansion Damini ! ” I screamed angrily as I stormed into my sitting room .

” Dami , my love I’ve been waiting for you for 2 weeks now … Our son is … ” She trailed .

” I didn’t come back to Nigeria to listen to your trash ” I spat

” Dami … C’mon I’m here for you , I know .. ”

” Just shut up , Shut the fuck up ! What do you want from me Damini ? How can you be so selfish ” I said angrily .

” Because of you my fiance left for US ” I said and she smiled .

” Dami can’t you see it ? Even the universe wants us to be together , that’s why that witch left , she knows she doesn’t belong here my love ”

” Damini she’s your fellow woman for goodness sake … I don’t hate you okay and I want to get to know Quincy but I do not want you in my life … Am I speaking gibberish that you can’t understand me ? I asked …..

” I’m not leaving your house , you have to accept The fact that Quincy and I have come to stay ” she yelled angrily

” Then I’d personally drag you out of this compound myself like a bag of beans ! where is it written that a man must marry a woman he’s impregnated ? Mom said coming in and Damini looked at me in shock .

” You sly little witch , aren’t you ashamed of yourself ? I thought you where educated and had some little amount of shame left in you …! Mom said hands on her waist .

I’d briefed her about everything …on our way to the mansion and she was fooming .

” I have the first heir of the bamidele’s mother inlaw and it’s up to you if you accept it or not ” Damini said and mom dragged her wig off Making us gasp .

” Mom that’s enough …” I said as she threw two kungfu punches .

” I have only one oyibo pepper … daughter in-law and if you think you have a chance against Jackie …then you’d know why they call me the original ! She said pointing at Damini .

They call her original ?

I’m just hearing that .

” I want custody of my son Damini and even if it means doing anything to make sure I win the court case I’d do it ” I said and she gasped .

” You have no right to take Quincy away from me ….he’s my son ” she said angrily .

” You wanna use him for your selfish end Damini I’d take my grandson from you ….he might just end up being a professional Wizard if he grows up with you ” mom said and I laughed .

” I’m not leaving this house no matter what ” Damini screamed angrily .

” We shall see then , nobody would call your name before you answer …look at her shape Damilare …very terrible ??

” What did you even see ? Mom said frowning and Jesus I nearly laughed .

” Mom calm down ….” I whispered .

” Leave me lemme shout …I don’t understand what she’s feeling like ” mom said as she and Damini glared at each other.




” And you left your fiance ? Mom asked dramatically as I served the fresh pancakes .

” Mom can we just have breakfast peacefully I’m hungry ” I said and frowned .

” You took the wrong decision Jackie , for goodness sake what if the child is not his ? She asked.

‘ I don’t know , I just need to clear my head ” I said and she sighed .

” This is the first time I ever saw you genuinely happy and I don’t want you getting hurt sweetie” she said with concern.

” I’ll be fine Mom , Dami and I just need some space ” I said tiredly.

” Space ? When he has a woman and son in his Mansion ? She asked .

” Mom ….” I whinned

” Fine I’d let you eat peacefully , but I still think running away from that situation was stupid ….” Mom complained .

” I know mom ” I said gently .

” I feel like going to Nigeria…that….stupid woman would have gotten a peace of my mind ” she said and I just chuckled .

This is crazy .

After breakfast ,I went into my room and received a call from Dami .

We hadn’t really part in great terms at the island ?

I sat on the table and tears rolled outta my eyes .

I saw my big pink teddy bear and remembered Dami bought it for me on my birthday which immediately got me emotional .

I hugged it and burst out crying badly .

It hurt so much , I had a lot of dreams with Dami …and now he has a son .

Can I even be a good stepmom ?

Did I really want another child in my home with my husband ?

I looked at the pool phone ringing again and picked up .

” Hello ” I said camly .

” Fuck …J you scared me love ” he said sadly .

” I miss you ” he said and I just burst into tears .

” This is too much for me Damilare , why couldn’t you at least tell me the truth ? I’d have prepared myself for whatever was coming up .” I said crying .

” I was scared okay ? …I didn’t wanna loose you for heavens sake …I swear Jackie ” he said and I could detest the sadness and guilt in his tone .

” I ….don’t know Dami ..I need time ” I cried .

” Days , ? Weeks …? Months ? How long ? He asked and I cut the call .



” You did what ! Ahh you have finally showed me that you are the true son of your mother ! ” I hailed my son feyi and he rolled his eyes.

” So I wasn’t your son before ? I asked curiously .

” You where my son …but my village people has possessed you , but as it stands your now back to your normal senses ” I said grinning happily .

” If you’d listened to us earlier …you’d have been married with two kids by now ” my husband grinned .

” I was with rose then ” he said sadly .

” ROSE Ko flower Ni …that girl that carries shoulder like fifty fifty shoulder parts …” I said and they laughed .

” What do you think I should do mom ….they’re going on a date almost every night ….I feel like beating up the stupid politician ” he complained .

” My son calm down first ” you need to top up your game , even if it means seducing her into your bed then do it ….” I said and he gasped .

” Mom you want me to get her pregnant ? He asked shocked .

” Stop bringing your eyes like frog inside water …joor …Now don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean because your father and I are still very vibrant in that department ” I said .

” Very Active ” my husband added .

” You know what …I’d just think of a way to ruin the date ” he said and I grinned .

” Just prepare yourself to get Adesua …leave the date ruining to Timi and I …I’d just hint ..bummi we’d do the job …just .

Don’t waste our time after this ” I said and he laughed .

” I need to go …” He said and kissed my forehead before leaving.

” Where’s my phone ? I need to call Dayo ” I said and went looking for my phone.




We just arrived at the Island where Richie and the Royals would be having their show and this is the first time in years that I’m actually happy coming here .

The other times …Richie wasn’t talking to me and well he used to hang around one of kendal’s bitches …

But now we’re good and I’m so gonna enjoy this show .

” Richie what if I fall ! I screamed in fear as he had me on his back for a piggy ride .

” Don’t spoil the romance …mah queen …” He said and the girls teased us .

Gosh the shocking part was bervely joining the team of teasers.

” We’re gonna show this whole Island what craziness is all about ya know ?

” Luke and preston are finally happy ! Richie said and everyone burst into laughter .

” This place is so extraordinary” Caleb said in excitement Making us chuckle .

The beach had already been secured by tight security seperating the fans and paparrazi from our suits .

It was a beautiful sight .

” Who’s up for a swim later ? Preston asked .

” I’m so in ” I said as the others agreed with him.

” First of all babe let’s go get ready ” Richie said hugging me from behind .

His phone rang on a video call .

” Mom …”

” Aunt why is she calling ? I asked confused .

” Hello mom. ..” he said .

” Hello my son ” she said smiling .

” What is it ? You sound stressed ? He asked smiling .

” It’s your dumb annoying stupid brother that idiot knows nothing
about love infact Damilare and feyishayo are not different from each other ..

” Successful dumb business man and doctor ” she said angrily Making everyone laugh .

Well because his mom loves video calls .

” what have Clinton done
again ? He asked tiredly .

” So you’re now acting like I’m disturbing you abi okay no problem…infact omabinu Richie ” she said apologising .

” Mom calm down your blood is too hot … And don’t start with that your drama what did Clinton do this time ? He asked about his elder brother .

I will soon start and trust me when I say your aunt bummi would be learning ” she said dramatically .

” What did feyi do ? He asked again .

” He’s stupid infact both of you are idiots …it took you a decade to realize how you feel for Dera .. .your foolish brother is letting …Adesua date wah yeye politician.

And it’s now he’s realized he loves her ”

” I can’t even ruin the Date ….! She said dramatically and the royals where laughing mess by now .

Whilst Kira and Kim looked confused at the madness .

” Mom …How many times would Clinton tell you that Adesua and him are just bestfriends …even Adesua says it ” Richie said tiredly .

” Bestfriend my foot they’re just too blind to see it. I’m a pro at knowing things about love ” she said smiling ?

” I just told he said he loved her ” she frowned .

” Mom this is reality not Zeeworld ” Richie said and her jaws dropped .

” Please don’t ruin my mood by taking about Zeeworld ? I gave up on them after Mehek ?” she said frowning

” Oh I remember Dad calling me at the middle of the night to tell me you where crying because a bomb exploded and killed all the lead cast of the show ” he said with a chuckle .

” What hurt more was they just lay on the floor with charcoal on their faces …the bomb didn’t even damage them beyond repair ?

” Chai …those people should be sued for wasting my time ” she said and we all laughed .

” So …..” He trailed .
” I’d call you …I really need to plan on how to ruin that date with the politician , should I go as the third party ? She asked and Richie burst into laughter .

” I love you Mom ” he said .

” I know you do …and before I cut the call …I’m not into Zeeworld anymore ..I’m into romantic american movies ….those hot spicy … hahahaha. ..your dad and I now hit it rough ….” She trailed .

” I cover my ears with the blood of the lamb …what are you saying mom ” Richie asked .

” Abeg gettat ! ” She said and I couldn’t hold myself after he caught the call .

” Was that your mom ? Kira asked .

” Yap ” he answered .

” An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ” Clark added Making us laugh .

” That should be a watermelon doesn’t fall far from the tree guys common ” he said and bervely facepalmed herself .

” I wonder how the politician would survive her arrival at the date Jesus ” bervely said and Clark laughed crazily .

” I need to meet that woman she’s my role model ” Caleb smiled .” No way pumpkin …. we’re still trying to understanding you adding Richie’s mom …no way ! ” Clark said and Preston laughed crazily .

” And to think she told you they hit if hard at night hahahaha ” monalisa laughed .

” She’s cool though ” I said and Lucas gave a nod .

‘ do you think I should should warn feyi ? He asked as I laughed .



What Feyi had Done the night had shocked me to the core. ..infact the way he claimed me , I’ve not been able to eat proper meal since then ,due to the mini heart attacks I’ve been having .

” Get these done in Pink ….” I said and handed the files to my assistant .

My phone rang on the table and I looked at it and ignored the call .

” Ma’am it’s your bestfriend calling ” she said and I frowned .

” I can see with my eyes ” i said and she smiled

” Good afternoon …. beautiful” I heard his voice and gasped .

He was smiling but my heart was skipping beats crazily .

What do I do ?

I facepalmed myself when I remembered I hadn’t told the security inside not to let him in .

My assistant greeted him politely then left .

” Hey ” he said and I just glared at him ….

” What are you doing here feyi ? Don’t you have work ? You can’t just bage into my office uninvited ” I said and he chuckled softly.

” you look even more sexy when you’re angry ” he said as he dropped lunch in front of me .

” Feyi …this is too much …you can’t talk like this I’m dating someone else ”

” And inlove with me Adesua..” he said and I looked at him speechlessly .

” You’re nothing but an arrogant man who thinks he can get things done his way …! I spat frustratedly.

” I brought you lunch and We can stay over at your place so you’d make me dinner and we’d eat together like old times” he said coming close to me .

” That’s not gonna happen not today not tommorow ….got it …! I spat Angrily .

” You’re getting angry easily because you can’t deny the fact that you still love me….Dozie is just a pass time he’s not me ” he said and I slapped him .

” You have no right ….mm’ he cut me shut my slamming his lips on mine .

” Fe…” I tried to stop him and moaned as my ass made contact with the table …


Tell him to leave somebody’s daughter oh

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