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MOTHER IN-LAW – Episode 24


?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 24

[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


” Feyi …. please stop ” she moaned softly and I stopped …

” Just look at you ….why are you being stubborn when you know …we belong to each other Adesua ….the way you keep pushing me away is only Making this a challenge for me ….

” You’re only Making me wild …and you know what happens when I want something …? I whispered in her ears and she shut her eyes tight .

” No matter what you do…I’m not saying yes to you Feyishayo …. I was around for years. . and you didn’t notice me … Now I’m in a relationship with someone else you can roast in jealousy ” she spat angrily and I pulled her close .

” Nn…. ” She moaned in shock .

” Is this a challenge … Adesua ? I asked softly .

” You’re turning arrogant Clinton …this is not you , you where understanding calm …and a total gentleman ” she said .

” You made me like this okay …the moment you said yes to that animal ….” I trailed .

” DOZIE….his name is Dozie and I won’t have you disrespect him like this ” she said and I laughed .

” Really ? I asked smirking .

” You’re annoying …selfish and such an arrogant peacock ! She spat angrily.

” You’re saying that to man that owns your heart .” I smiled

” you don’t own my heart Feyi ! You don’t own anything …just leave me alone” she said angry tears rolled outta her eyes .

” Let’s have lunch together …my love ‘”

” I’m not your love ,don’t call me that …”she said frowning .

“You’re stubborn Adesua ” I said and she pushed me .

” This is not right …feyi …I’m in a relationship with someone else ..I never did this when you where with rose …I ” she trailed .

‘ you didn’t know you where inlove with me ” I spat angrily .

” You can’t compare me being with rose and your relationship with Dozie it doesn’t make any sense to me …

” For goodness sake you didn’t know you had a thing for me ” I said frustratedly .

” I knew … okay …I knew I was catching feelings but I buried them …I learned to move on because I ……. you where Happy with Rose ” she said and I cursed under my breath .

” You knew you had a thing for me ? And denied countless times ! I said softly .

” I didn’t wanna make a complete fool outta myself feyi … besides I’m not a boyfriend snatcher ”

” Well call me a girlfriend snatcher if you like …but I want you and I’m getting you ” I said meaning every word of it .

” I’m still going to go on a date with Dozie tonight Feyi ” she said and i looked at her .

” No ”

” Yes I’m going ”

” I said you’re not ”

” I’m going on that date feyi …you’re not my ” she tried to scream at me and I slammed my lips on hers again …she hit my chest and moaned as I sent my hands down …

The atmosphere in the office got filled with tension as I trailed kisses down her cleavage her office door flew open .

” Oh my gosh …I’m sorry ma’am ” her assistant said stuttering .

” Get out of my office Feyi ” she spat angrily .

” I’d leave Adesua …but I hope you think about this during your boring Date with your suitor …” I said and she threw her pen at me Angrily .

I walked outta her office with my lips stained with lipstick and shirt ruined from her fingers and hair scattered.

I’m getting her back …let her go to her date , My kungfu Queens squad would ruin the Date anyways .



I walked outta my Room and noticed Quincy was back from school, it was evening and he was doing something on his ipad .

I looked at the floor and noticed pencils and cardboard paper …some crayons and stickers .

He seemed to be in a lot of thought .

His lower cherry pink in his lip in his mouth .

His curly hair was tied up in a bun as he frowned cutely .

He was clad in blue shirt and brown khaki shorts paired with fancy slippers .

” Hey ” I said as he raised his eyes and smile .

” Hey Dami ” he said and focused on what he was doing .

Dami huh ?

I didn’t mind though , considering the fact that he wasn’t born and brought up here .

” Hey …Quincy ” I said and sat next to him on the floor . I was clad in a loose shirt and sweat pants.

” Heard you had a fight with Damini ? Was it because of me ” he asked curiously and I looked at him suprised .

” No dear it’s an adult talk .” I said camly .

” Why do you guys like saying adult talk Everytime? Then you’d ask about with kids do ? …11 years from now I’d be an adult too ” he said and my jaws dropped .

” Who told you that ? I asked and he chuckled .

” I did my maths” he said and we both stopped laughing .

” Mom can be pretty annoying sometimes you know , but I love her …she’s been around all the time …’ he said camly .

” I didn’t know I had a son …Quincy ” I said softly .

” You didn’t know you got mom pregnant ? He asked and I Chuckled .

” She didn’t tell me …”I said and he frowned .

” That’s quiet sad …okon told me you’re getting married soon …can I be your little groom ..? He asked and I burst into laughter.

” Aren’t you supposed to be mad at me that I’m not getting married to your mom ? I asked curiously .

” Maybe you fell out of love or …you guys weren’t planning to have me and it just happened … ” He said and my jaws dropped .

” Wait how old are you again ? I asked curiously .

” I’m seven would be 8 soon …” He said as he dropped his iPad .

“Did I shock you ? …it happens always when I’m around people ..” he grinned .

” What class are you ? I asked and he raised his eyebrows .

” I’m in grade 3 would be in 4 soon …I’m praying to go back to the US soon …” He said camly .

” You don’t like it here ? I asked.

‘i do …but since you’d be getting married soon .., I don’t wanna be a thirdweel in your marriage …What if your wife doesn’t like me ? ….he asked raising his brows .

” You’re cute and smart anyone would like you ” I grinned .

” You’re fun you know ” he said and I chuckled .

” So can we be friends ? I asked

” You’re my dad ” he shrugged .

” You call me Dami ” I said to which he rubbed his forehead .

” I don’t know you well to start calling you Dad ” he said camly .

” That’s why we need to be Friends …” I said to which he chuckled .

” Fine then …how about you show me your family first ? Is it fine for me to stay here ? He asked .

” Sure ….And just know this pal …I love you okay …I might have just recently found out about you …but you’re my Son and ….” I trailed .

” I know ….Dami ” he grinned Making me chuckle .

” Sure ….” I said and my phone rang it was Jackie .

” I’d see … tommorow don’t stay up late ” I said to which he grinned .

” Sure Dami have fun ” he waved at me .

I loved him so much and knew Jackie would love him too .

I took a picture of him while he continued his project and went upstairs .

” Hey Love ” I said and she smiled .

” Hey …I’m sorry about last night …but I think I’m fine now …I’ve come to terms with the fact that you have a Son ” she said Making me smile in relief.

” Jackie, Damini is my past …I never even had feelings for her in the first place …I’m pretty sure she stopped taking her peels to intentionally bear my child ….” I said and she fell silence .

” I’m sorry for not understanding you …I just …it was hard ” she sighed .

” I know darling and I miss you a lot ” I said smiling .

” Oh …it’s not been 3 days yet. ..” she chuckled .

” I’m glad you spoke to me ” I said and we both fell silent .

” I love you ” i smiled .

” I love you too ”



I stared at Bummi and Fummi in shock .

” ADESUA would kill me if I dare crash the Date with you guys” I said and Fummi gasped .

” Timi …c’mon now I don’t like that politician guy …for Adesua ,I want to be her mother inlaw …that guy isn’t even half as good looking as Feyi , do you want to bore ugly grandchildren ? She asked and I nearly burst out laughing .

“Of course not ” I frowned .

” Very good …tonight …We’d all go crash that stupid date ..bummi needs our help in chasing away the devil in her son’s house …we’d be doing that next week !

” Okay so what should I do ? I asked .

” Hehehehe now you’re talking . You’d dress up as my husband …while bummi would strike the attack ” fummi said drawing out the plan .

” Ah …” I gasped .

” You this Niger Delta woman , you’re falling my hand like this , bayelsa woman for that matter …you supposed to be shaking the area …na ” fummi said frowning .

I held my laugh because anything that makes me laugh now I’d just buy matter In a platter of Gold.

” So now I’d be papa Feyi …for tonight ? I asked .

” Ha yes just don’t talk too much …ehn ” she patted me .

Oh God save my daughter and her date from these two mad sisters



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