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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy
family and relationships


? Episode 30

[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]


” You went to another man’s house and beat him to a pulp ? What are you James bond and commando ? Dad snapped at mom and her friends .

While their husbands looked hell shocked and frustrated .

” And to think Jackie has join the group suprises me I swear ” Dami complained .

” That guy deserved worse than what we did to him … nonsense and ingredients ” aunt fummi spat Making us laugh.

” And you have no regrets for sleeping at the police station ? Feyi asked .

” Absolutely son ! And if you stupidly try hurting Adesua , Dozie situation is a joke to what we’d do to you ! His mom threatened .

” I’m your son ” he said shocked.

” Well I didn’t give birth to a cheat now did I ? She snapped and he shook her head Making me chuckle .

” Forget this scolding , we’ve beating him to our satisfaction we didn’t die from the sleeping in the prison now did we ? Aunt Bummi asked frowning

” You did not die , but the way it’s coming I think you’d kill me first ” Dami’s dad said.

” Jesus are you planning to die …ehn … Don’t you even try it …tell your village people that I fight against flesh and blood …” She said immediately .

” I thought the Bible said we shouldn’t fight against flesh and blood ? Dami asked his mom .

” So what should I be fighting against ni ? Look I’m not a preacher of love oh ….everybody knows it …

” From Lagos to ibadan ” fummi added .

” So anybody that thinks they’d come and tempt me ni …..I laugh in Yoruba , I’d break that person ….I’d finish …infact that one we did to Dozie is learning ” she said and I was already a laughing mess .

” Where did you see this woman ? My dad asked her husband .

” Ask my heart man …? He answered .

” That should be ask your gbola .. Remember you seduced me into your bed …it’s you….” She trailed and her husband’s jaws dropped .

” Mom !

” Aunt ” Both feyi and Dami said in unison …..

These sisters are something else ?

” It’s okay infact … Goodbye my friend … we’re going home ” his Dad said and took her with him .

Everyone started leaving our mansion and Feyi smiled at me .

” What are you waiting for ? Dad asked him .

” Dad …it’s feyi ” I said looking at him .

” Didn’t you know it’s feyi before you went around and dated that guy ? He scolded and Feyi smirked at me .

” That’s not fair …he was at fault okay ,he didn’t realize what he felt …” I trailed.

” You youngsters are dumb but you feel you know it all , absolute nonsense ! He scolded and mom joined her hands with his .

” Leave the kids to talk …Wells ” she teased as she took him with her ,she turned around and winked at us Making feyi chuckle.

” I love your mom ” he said teasingly .

” Why won’t you love her ,when she’s preferred you since we where kids that’s plain cheating ” i said to which he laughed .

” You’ve always been jealous of us …but you also stole my mom ,I mean Sue never liked any of my girlfriend’s it’s because of you …” He said smiling .

” She knew I owned the heart anyways …” I said playing with his shirt buttons

” Ah ….” He laughed .

” So now that the idiot is outta your life ….” He trailed .

” And so ? I asked to which he opened and closed his mouth like a fish.

” Seriosely ? He managed to ask Making me blush .

” You know I ….love you ” he said and I opened my mouth to talk but my voice betrayed me .

” I….” I trailed and ended up scoffing out tears .

” Hey did I say anything wrong ? He asked pannicking .

” No I’m just …. overwhelmed by emotions…I Don’t know okay” I said crying and he chuckled.

” You’re so cute ” he said kissing my cheek.

” I’m not cute okay ….” I said as tears rolled outta my eyes.

” I said I love you and you’re already a mess …how would you look like on our wedding day ? He asked and I buried my face in the crook of his neck as I cried .

” Adesua ” he called.

” Hmmn ‘ I said softly .

” Marry me ” he said and my eyes widened as I removed my face from his neck .

” Wait what ? I asked shocked .

” I know this is suprising …,I know where supposed to court each other ….but hell you’ve been my girlfriend ever since I was just too blind to see it .

‘ when I look at things now , I’ve come to realize that….you’ve always been my girlfriend …I was just having a sexual relationship with Rose , she was so right when she said we where just having a sexual relationship …

” It’s you I really love …cherish and think about 24/7 ….it’s always been you Adesua ” he said as tears rolled outta his eyes.

” Ade ….” I said trying to touch him and he chuckled softly.

.” I know I’m not supposed to cry whilst proposing , but I ….just love you so much that I can’t bear it ” he said as I cried with him .

” I wanna wake up every morning besides you , have my mom and Dad call iyawo ….

” Have our kids call you momma ….make crazy memories together …..” He said as he went on one knee I covered my mouth as I cried .

” Will you marry me ? He asked showing me a unique yet beautiful ring and I gasped ..in shock

” Ade. …” He called

” Yes ….yes I’d marry you ” I said and he heived a sigh of relief as he got up excitedly.

” Gosh a moment there I thought you wouldn’t say yes he said and I chuckled as I pulled him in for a kiss .

” I love you Feyi ” i said and he laughed.

” I love you too …Ade ” he said and I heard squils.

” Come out mom I know you’ve not gone home ” he said and they came out .

” Seriosely now ? I asked as we all chuckled feyi hugged me from behind.



” Babe …Silver or Gold ? Jackie asked me as she showed me pictures of the menu .

” Your wedding shoes ? I asked and the wedding planner gave a nod .

” I …huh …think ” I trailed whilst replying emails .

” Babe” she called and I felt bad .

” Okay sorry my love …I think silver would suit you better ” I said and kissed her forehead .

” Jackie …” Quincy called as he waved an envelope in front of her and she laughed.

” That’s a lie …” She said immediately.

” I told you she wouldn’t resist me for long hahaha ” he laughed and my eyes nearly came out of their sockets.

” She ? Where am I lost ? I asked frowning.

” It’s nothing Dami ” he said immediately.

I looked at both Jackie and Quincy suspiciously .

” You’re not supposed to talk about girls Quincy you’re just 7 not even 8 yet ” I scolded .

” She wrote the letter not me …ask Jackie it’s not my fault ” he said and I rubbed my forehead.

” Jackie ‘ I called and she pretended to be drinking water ,the wedding planner laughed .

” Love …” I called and she looked at me.

” Hmmn ” she said feigning innocence.

” You know about Quincy receiving love letters ? I scolded .

” What ! Of course not ….it’s not a love letter ” she said and I raised my eyebrows.

” Quincy Rotimi Kings ….the truth ! I said tapping my feet .

” Fine …it’s a girl in my class …we always fight …but I knew she doesn’t hate me …Jackie knows her ….” He trailed.

” So how did the love letter come about ? I asked sternly.

” DAD it’s not a love letter ” he said and both Jackie and I froze .

.” What now ? He asked staring at the both of us and I smiled.

” You just called me Dad ” I said and he smiled.

” You’re my Dad aren’t you ? He asked but I knew he’s feeling shy ,which made me burst into laughter.

” Stop laughing like a wicked witch Dami ” Jackie scolded .

” Don’t you dare think I’ve forgotten about the love letter got it. ..” I said pointing at the both of them..

” She’s not even my girlfriend ” he frowned .

” Girlfriend ? Hey look here young man …I know you’re cute and all …you’re smart but listen this is Nigeria and kids don’t date …” I scolded and his jaws dropped.

” What ? He asked.

” Yup …so go throw that letter on the waste bin because ….you’re not dating untill you’re 19 ” I said and he laughed.

” Hey I don’t even like her .. okay she’s beautiful but I just wanted to win the bet with Jackie …Faty likes her ” he said and I laughed.

” You’re something else ” I said which made him laugh .

” Now that the wedding is close …..Can I move in with Grandma already ? He asked curiously .

” Now way …young guy I know your plans …you’re staying here with your Dad and I ” Jackie scolded .

” That’s plain mean okay …you guys keep putting lots of laws especially Dad …I don’t even get to stay up late when I’m here ” he whinned.

” Hahahaha that’s why I’m not sending you to mom’s …she spoils you rotten ” I said to which he laughed.

.’ you’re both evil ” he said and we all burst into laughter.

” I’d join Richie when he comes for the wedding ‘ he grinned at me .

” Uncle Richie ” i corrected him .

” He says uncle makes him feel old ” Quincy said and Jackie laughed .

That’s when her phone rang .

.” Danny ” she said excitedly.

” What really ? She asked with a chuckle .

” No problem ….2 weeks before the wedding …no problem I think we can get it arranged ” she said smiling .

” How’s your baby doing ? She asked smiling .

” Awwwwwwwwn ”

” His brothers out ? I thought it was supposed to be years …? She asked .

” How old her they by the way no problem …” She said Making us chuckle .

” Good …we’d give you the best vacation ” she said making us laugh .

” So ? I asked immediately she cut the call .

” They’d be coming Two weeks before the wedding …” She said and I gasped .

” Wait what ? Remember we’re going for Adesua’s grandfather’s burial ? I asked and she smiled .

” They’d just join us … it’ll be fun ” she said and I rubbed my forehead.

” You say it like you don’t remember the Royals and Serena is coming …plus the morreti’s …” I trailed.

” It’ll be fun ” she said and kissed me softly.

” Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew ” Quincy said and threw his pillow at us .

” Quincy ! I screamed and he shook his butts at me ..

” Run. …” Jackie screamed as I made to catch him which made me laugh .

Damini has not come to frustrate us for some time now …

I hope it lasts .

” Hello what ! Jackie said picking her call .

” What is it ? I asked.

” Mom and Dad are at the airport ” she said pannicking .

” What ! I said immediately .




” You Don’t get it Do you ? I asked my Fiancee as he grinned at me from the swimming pool.

” Get what ? He shrugged .

” Get the fact that we are not doing it until we’re married besides next year is not far ” I pouted .

” You’re not the horny one my love” He said making me laugh

” So you decided to buy condoms in Advance ? I asked.

” That’s for if I’m unable to control and end up seducing you before that time … because if I manage to endure till we’re married ,. …I’m so not wearing a rubber” he said and I threw the pen in my hand at him .

” Ade ! That’s not how you treat your would be husband ” mom scolded and Feyi wiggled his eyebrows at me.

” Mom it’s not fair …he’s been naughty ” I whinned.

” Let him be naughty …” She said and my jaws dropped.

“What ! I asked.

” Let him be naughty …haba ..now continue the list I told you to make …I just got a call from Damilare we’d be having some guest at the burial from his side ” he said .

” Accept Richie’s friends ? Feyi asked.

” Yup ” she popped.

” Mom …you want to take those white people to Bayelsa that’s just before the ocean ? She asked.

” So it’s Lagos that’s not near the ocean ? She asked and I kept quiet .

I mean if I said yes ..I wouldn’t hear the end of it .

” Bayelsa is fun love ” Feyi laughed.

” You’ve been there only once and it’s not like you even went to my mom’s village. ..so calm down ” I said and he laughed .

.” Leave him let him say the truth …my place is fun …” She grinned.

” Fine ….” I said and they laughed .

” So you’re taking them ? I asked.

” Yup ..on a trip to the South ” she grinned .

The morreti’s and the Royals



Them say wahala be like wetin again ?

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