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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy
family and relationships


? Episode 36

[ Bayelsa Nigeria ??]


I moaned as sun rays pierced into the room .

” Claire bring down the lights. …!

” Claire ! I whinned as I frowned .

” I’m not your girlfriend ! I heard her snap and my eyes flew open instantly.

” Good morning” I said and she chuckled.

” Good morning ” she said hands folded .

I looked at how her hair was wet and the droplets flowed into her breast .

” Stop staring at me like that ” she said and I rubbed my face.

” Hi…..huh….” I trailed .

” Valerie ,sounds like your girlfriend’s name but I’m not ” she said and I chuckled .

” I don’t have a girlfriend” I said and she rolled her eyes.

” Claire ? She asked .

” Was my Ex ” I said and she sat next to me .

” Your Ex ? Woah I can’t believe I slept with a guy trying to get over his Ex ” she chuckled.

” We did with consent ” I fired at her .

” I Didn’t say I was raped now did I ? She asked and I stared at her tongue tired .

” How old are you ? I asked.

” Scared you F*cked an underage ? She smirked .

” Has anyone told you ,you talk to much ? I asked and her jaws dropped .

” I don’t talk too much ? She said and I laughed .

‘” you talk too much Valerie ….” I said and she gave up .

She smiled and stared at me .

” I’m 18 ” she said smiling and I looked at her.

” I’m a year older ” I said and she Chuckled .

” You cried last night Caden ….after …what happened between us , you sat and cried your eyes out …..” She trailed and I sucked on my breath .

” I thought you where asleep ” I said as I rubbed my forehead tiredly.

” I pretended to be asleep because I didn’t wanna make things worse ” she said and I took a deep breath.

” Last night was special to me Valerie …I didn’t use you …” I trailed.

” Hey you don’t need to feel … responsible , I wanted it ” she said and I chuckled .

” Your crazy you know ,it’s not everyday you see a Virgin on a night stand ” i laughed.

” I don’t know okay ..I just wanted to be wild for the night and when we danced together …I just let things happen …..too bad I was just ….” She trailed.

” Claire and I are no longer together …she fell inlove with someone else …while we where together ” I said as I felt the familiar hurt on my chest .

” What ? Omg that must have hurt a lot ” she said shocked.

” It Did …Claire and …I started dating weeks after she began working as my dad’s model….She was my first …I loved …her a lot …The previous year was really a turning point in my career …the fame the workload and all ….I’d been busy throughout and she broke things Off With a text on new years Eve ” I said and she stared at me sadly .

” Caden I’m sorry I didn’t know ” she said and I smiled .

” It’s okay ” I said and she checked her watch .

” It’s almost time for the funeral , didn’t you come for that ? She asked me .

” You live here ? I asked.

” No …I work for miss Adesua …at her company ” she smiled .

” O …you’re 18 right shouldn’t you be in college ? I asked .

” Saving up for it ” she said like it was totally fine .

” Your parents ? I asked.

” They’re Divorced …both remarried .. Have new families to take care of ” she chuckled .

” Life’s fucked up ” i said getting up .

” Adesua …..is a fashion designer …if you work for her , what do you do ? I asked .

” Sew ” she said and I stared at her .

” Would you like to go to fashion school ? NEW York ? I asked.

” Caden I can’t afford …” She trailed .

” It’s on me ” I said immediately.

” I can’t accept it , I didn’t sleep with you because of money …I…” She trailed .

” I didn’t say that …infact that’s far from my intention ” i said and she stared at me.

” I can’t repay you ” she said nervously.

” You don’t have to ” I said and she rubbed her forehead .

” Caden ”

” Valerie” I said and she blushed .

” Think about it …we still have until after Damilare’s Wedding before we leave ” I added as I belt my gean pants .




” Good morning” I greeted aunt bummi as I walked towards the morreti’s .

They where already dressed in their burial uniform .

” Where’s my mom ? I asked curiously and my uncle’s wife pulled me close .

” She’s been crying since so your Dad took her out for a while ” she said and we gave a nod .

” Hey babe ” Feyi said as he kissed me softly .

” Be strong love ” he whispered softly and I gave a nod .

” Hey man have you seen Caden ? Clark asked curiously.

” Nope ” Feyi said and he gave a nod as he walked passed us .

” I’d just go check on my mom ” I said and he gave a nod .

The villagers had all gathered in our family compound , my grandfather’s kinsmen and my uncle were already around .

The villagers walked around paying their last respect.

The morreti’s Elites and Royals walked over and paid their last respect .

Followed by the Bamidele’s and Kings …and many other guests .

” Mom ” I touched my mother’s arms as she cried .

” This is too much for me Adesua …I know he’s old already but he was my father …..and I love him so much ” she said as she cried I pulled her into a hug .

” You’d be fine Mom ” I whispered as we both walked to pay our last respect .

” I love you Papa ” mom said and Dad pulled her close .

They closed the corpse and as we walked towards the back of his house , his sister and many others burst out crying and the whole place became sad .

Papa was a very kind man ….., Even when mom had lost her mother , he’d refused to remarry .

” Dad …..” Mom scoffed out more tears and the kungfu Queens pulled her close as she cried

Which made me feel emotional.

” I hate this part of funeral’s …I hate good-byes ” bervely said sniffing back tears .

” Me too ” I mumbled as Feyi pulled me close .

I noticed Caden walk into the funeral as he gave me a nod .

I can’t believe he wandered off with Valerie …that girl wasn’t the type to hang out around guys ….

Did they hook up ? I wondered with a smile .

” They did ” Feyi said making me realize I’d said it out loud .


We all went home and Dad took mom to their room …she was still emotional about the whole thing which made us feel super down .

” Adesua ” Dera called making me turn immediately .

” Do you guys have a pharmacy around ” she asked and that’s when I noticed she looked like she’s being doing a lot of crying .

” Dera what’s wrong ? I asked scared .

” Ade it’s nothing …do you have pharmacy around ? She asked as she swallowed down nothing .

” Ya …I can take you there if you want ” I said and she gave a nod .

We both strolled down town and went into the pharmacy .

I’d never seen Dera so uncomfortable I’m my life .

I gave her space and waited for her to get what she wanted . I looked back and noticed her get a pregnancy test .

Is that why she’s crying ? I wanted to talk to her , but also knew asking her about it might end up hurting her more.

Maybe she wasn’t ready , but baby’s are gift from God , if you’re not ready for that then pure abstanance was the best .

Or was she worried about something else ? I wondered as we both walked back home quietly …

Infact she didn’t come out of their room and I noticed Richie was totally clueless because he was laughing with his friends .

I was worried .

I pray they’re okay .



” Manuel …I can’t find Manuel around not even Richie ” Marco said as he ran over to us .

” Jesus ! What happened ? Jackie asked in suprise as he was sweating .

” Manuel …that brother of mine acts crazy what if he wandered off to the other village ? I’d faint ‘ he said and everyone sitted outside burst into laughter .

” That’s why you’re pannicking ? I’m sure he’s fine ” I said and Vincenzo facepalmed himself .

” Allow me to see and believe ” he added .

” I thought Manuel is a grown-up guy , you keep acting like he’s five ” Jackie frowned .

” He acts five you can’t blame us ,no offense Jennifer ” Marco said to his wife who burst out laughing in return .

” The dread lock guy is out fishing with the old women and his friend ” she said and Franco facepalmed himself .

” I said it ….Manuel needs help ” he said dramatically and we all burst into laughter .

” Hey guys ” we heard Richie’s voice and turned to see him and Manuel In a huge canoe .

” What the hell Celine is in the canoe eating roasted yam …” Franco said pointing and Stefano Walked towards us .

” Celine ” he screamed in pannick ,seems like he’d been looking for her since .

” My love …” She said as she hugged him with her baby bumb shooting out .

” I was worried ” he said as she chuckled softly.

” Told ya you where worried for nothing ? Clark said and we all laughed .

Really Celine needs help ..and to think she teamed up with Richie and Manuel was just the craziest part .

We went back to the family compound to see Selena and Jackie’s mom … helping the women make dinner with big ….fishes .

” What are they making ? I asked .

” Banga soup ” Adesua said as she scrolled through her phone whilst on Feyi’s Laps.

” I won …I nearly won I swear ! I heard Quincy’s Voice and saw him playing Game box with the community kids .

” Shocked I know ” Jackie said and I noticed …Caden taking pics with a beautiful dark skinned girl next to him .

I couldn’t see Dera anywhere in sight .

I hope everything is okay between them .

“I love Nigerian dishes …I mean nothing beats these ya know ” Jackie’s Dad said Making everyone chuckle .

We spent A week at the community … having more phone than we ever could .

Their was still a traditional waykeep on the 3rd day after he was buried …we’d danced till around 4pm they’d shared coffee for everyone .

The emotional thing was Adesua’s mom had cried a lot while dancing but it was a bittersweet memory .

” Daddy I’m sleepy ” Quincy said as he walked upstairs immediately we landed at our mansion in Lagos .

” I’d call you down for dinner soon sweetie ” Jackie said and kissed his cheeks as he kissed her forehead .

” DAMILARE ! We heard her voice and I rubbed my forehead .

Who let DAMINI into my Mansion ?

” Damini ” I said as I turned .

” Baby …c’mon let’s go home ” she called Quincy .

” I want to stay with Daddy and Jackie ” he said and her jaws dropped .

” Quincy how dare you choose this bitch over me ? How dare you ! She screamed .

” DAMINI he’s a kid you can’t talk to him like that ” Jackie fired at her .

” He’s my son Jacqueline and I have every right …to say whatever I wanna say to him got it ” she snapped.

” I know he’s your son ….” Jackie trailed.

” Good so give birth to yours and control them !

” Damini I said that’s ENOUGH ! I snapped

” Why ? Because she’s a Foreigner ? Dami …I regret Quincy ….all I want is you ” she snapped and Quincy burst out crying .

” Mommy ” he cried as he snuggled into Jackie .

“:You little ingrate , after everything I did for you , you chose this useless woman Quincy ….what does she have that I don’t ! She fired as she slapped his neck hotly .

” DAMINI ! Jackie thundered as she slapped her back .

” Babe ” I called Jackie as I tried to stop the fight .

” Dad…. daddy ” I heard Quincy’s Voice and turned right on time to see he’s fainted .

” Fuck …! I cursed as I ran towards him .

” Quincy open your eyes …baby ….champ open your eyes talk to Dad please …champ !

” Baby ” Jackie called as we rushed him to the hospital …he coughed out blood .

” Quincy !


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