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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy
family and relationships


? Episode 40

[ Lagos Nigeria ??]


Grand finale



” I’m nervous I swear what if I suddenly throw up ? I asked and the girls burst out laughing .

” Adesua you won’t throw up okay , that’s just cold feet speaking so cheer up ” Bervely said and rubbed my hair .

” Girl this is all you’ve ever wanted , to spend the rest of your life with Feyi … So c’mon cheer up ” Dera Added .

” Ya … ” I said and everyone chuckled .

They’d done everything about my dowry payment and Feyi and thought it’ll be best to use our Reception as the official marriage .

” Awwwwwwwwn my baby is looking so stunning ” mom said as she smiled tears of joy

” Hey Aunt those tears are contagious … We don’t want the bride crying are self to stupor before the Wedding ” Danny said and everyone burst into laughter.

” I know I’m just so proud of my baby ” mom said and kissed my forehead .

” I love Ade … You’ve made mummy proud okay ” she said and I couldn’t help the tears that made way outta my eyes

” Thank goodness the make up is water proof Adesua ” Jackie said and they cheered .

” Seriosely now ! ‘ I said and they laughed .

” We’ve all gotten you gifts for tonight , by the time feyi is done with you …if you fit Waka we thank God ” Jackie said in pigin and everyone burst into laughter.

” You know it’s funny how you’re fluent at pigin …I’ve been with Dera for years and …can’t speak fluently ” bervely frowned .

” Jealous much ”

” Okay guys it’s time to live for the church ” my aunt said coming in and smiled at me .

Everything about today just keeps getting me emotional ?

” You’re beautiful ” she mouthed and I smiled out tears .

I looked back at my room as we walked out together .

We arrived at the church and bervely helped me out of the car ….And I smiled at her .

My bridesmaids looked gorgeous and ready to give vibes upon vibes .



I Breath out as I stared at the huge doors waiting for the love of my life to walk through the doors …

The church was filled and the guys smiled at me as they stood opposite me .

Dad mouthed calm down at me as my heart continued to beat crazily .

I noticed Rose give me a thumbs up from the congregation …we’d talked things out a month ago and I invited her for my wedding.

She’s also married and expecting a baby .

Life …

The wedding mass began and my heart breath increased ….as the girls walked in … and finally there she was. .. stealing my breath with each step she took towards me .

Her beautiful smile as her Dad walked her down the Aisle …my eyes stung with tears remembering our crazy moments our fights and Denial for what we felt for each other .

Here we are still on the journey and about to go on the journey of marriage …

Adesua …my peace …my joy…my heartbeat .

” Take care of her son” my father in-law said as he smiled at me …I gave a nod as I sniffed back tears she smiled at me as I joined our hands

” We are gathered here today to witness the joining together of Master CLINTON FEYISHAYO BAMIDELE and Miss ADESUA WELLINGTON …before God , family to friends well wishers and the church …” The priest began his speech .

” Do you master Clinton …take miss Adesua to be your lawfully wedded wife …

” I do

” Do you Miss Adesua take master Clinton as your lawfully wedded husband ?

” I do ”

” You may now say your vows ” He said and She stared at me as I smiled .

” Adesua …my love …I know … we’ve known each other since childhood …you’ve been my bestfriend through the good and bad times ….

” You’ve been there for me when I cried …there to support me … and kick my butts when I do something stupid ….

” you loved me even when I didn’t realize how much I needed you ….even when I hurt you ….Ade …you’re the best . …” I trailed as I chocked on my tears .

” You’re the best thing that happened to me ….even a lifetime is not Enough to show you just how much you mean to me …..

” I promise to be the best man you want me to be
, To laugh with you and cry with you , to support you

” Today I give you my love ….my heart …my body soul….I love you ” I said and put the ring on her finger as she cried .

” Feyi …..” She trailed and I held her hands in support .

” My peace ….my man ….I still remember when I realized I was inlove with you …if there was one thing …I feared it was the fact that maybe … getting into a relationship with you… would ruin us … would take away the reasons I fell for you ….But today …in front of God and our family ….

” Infront of these people….I look at you and I see my bestfriend, the humble supportive and passionate man I fell for ….

” I always knew you where the one.. because you can look into my eyes and see my soul …and I don’t fear being myself before …you…!

” You believe in me even in times when I couldn’t believe in myself …., You are my soulmate …you give me purpose ..when I feel I have none …

” Feyi …I just want to tell you I love you. ..I love you so so much and I’d continue to love you for as long as I live ….” She said and as she wore me the ring .

The priest wiped his tears as we both cried ..

Many People in the congregation did the same.

” And I pronounce you Husband and Wife ….! You may now kiss the bride ” the priest said and I moved close and took her strawberry lips in a sweet and passionate kiss

The crowd cheered as she deepen the kiss .

” That’s my SON ! I heard mom yell .




? Marry me …!

?You make me Breathless ?

?Walk with me …on this journey of life ?

?Hold my hands …?

Clark and Bervely sang as the crowd cheered …

? I love you ….?

” Na so them they do am hehehehe ” the MC Said and everyone burst into laughter .

” Yoruba people una welcome ….We welcome the humble guests to the marriage …sorry wedding ..sorry reception .

Abeg we welcome everybody to this wonderful occasion…We are here to honor …. Adesua and Feyishayo ..and hopefully we’d be welcoming their babies next year ! The comedian said and everyone burst into laughter .

The place was filled with dignitaries and different media houses .. covering the occasion .

” Let’s all rise up as we call on the honourable kungfu Queens to give an opening prayer …

WTF ? I looked at Damilare who just sat massaging his wife’s waist slowly whilst sitted .

Jackie has officially turned my brother to what I don’t understand .

” Baby ‘ Dera called.

” Yes love ”

” Do they serve pap here ? She asked

” My love …nope but just indure please ..this is feyi’s Wedding don’t start to crave what they don’t serve ….” I said pleading and she frowned .

” Praise the Lord !……” Mom screamed .

” Hallelujah”

” Let’s rise up even as we pray ” she added .

” Father oh Lord we worship you for this wonderful occasion. ..we praise your name for finally opening Feyi’s eyes to see Who Adesua is in his life …I thank you for breaking the teeth’s of my enemies …for cutting their wings …..for disgracing them ….for showing them that the love they’d make tonight would bring Results ” she said.

” Jesus ” ….I gasped

” Amen” the kungfu Queens chorused

” Father he that does not say amen …break ….their teeths … because they’re suspects ! My aunt added .

” AMEN ! The hall chorused as they left the stage in style with their crazy gele ‘s …


” That was a strong warfare prayer from the kungfu babes and now …. hehehehe with a standing ovation …we welcome the latest …. couples in town …..Mr and Mrs FEYISHAYO BAMIDELE ! He said and the hall cheered as people took pictures the couple’s came out clad in the native Attire …

” Wow ” Dera said next to me .

” Woah ….! People cheered .

? Will you marry …me my heart my soul for you …? Blasted on the speakers as the place errupted with fun screams .

The couple’s made way to their sits.

” Walahi…..Mr Bamidele is like this your wife no go sleep this night …the way I see it ” the comedian said and everyone burst into laughter.

” She’s definitely not sleeping! Feyi said and her jaws dropped as everyone laughed.

” She’s blushing !

” Where una they see this love ? Now ? The last time I looked for love …I ended up in sambisa forest …infact …I did not come back complete” The comedian added to the laughter .

The events continued and I noticed the policemen that arrested our aunt back then and some of the market women in the marriage eating crazily .

They’d really made the occasion a talk of the Town with the colourful uniforms .

Adesua and feyi where asked to cut the cake as they came out to open the dance floor for everyone .

Dami and I the royals and morreti’s went out to decorate the floors they walk on with cash …

Some of her girls …which she handpicked for the occasion came out as they began picking the cash into bags …

Adesua turned as she danced feyi pulled her close Making us cheer on their madness .

The kungfu Queens came out to spray too

Jesus ” I said immediately I saw some market women dance with their peacock shoes to the money and when I looked …they’d placed chewing gums under their shoes to make the money follow them .

They removed them and placed them in their bras .


This is craziness hahahaha

“AWAY” mom screamed as she twerked on Dad .

” Na so ! ” Aunt added as she sprayed Adesua’s mom cash …

WaHaLa mother in-laws for sure .



” Feyi ….wait … lemme freshen up ” I laughed as my husband kissed my neck and trailed down .

” No ….don’t freshen up you’d still sweat …let’s just do it” he said as he removed his native and carried me upstairs in bridal style .

” Feyi your blood is too hot ” I teased as I helped him remove his things .

” See even my soul and spirit is hot Adesua ….konji no be your mate ” he said and I threw my head backwards as I laughed .

” Hmmn” I moaned as he slammed his lips on mine , I sent my hands around him as we kissed crazily …he led me towards the bed where we got rid of all the barriers between us .

” Feyi. …we don’t have a Condom ” i said gasping for her .

” Did you think I was joking when I said we’re going Raw ? He asked and I gasped .

” What ? We just got married and you want to knock me up ? I asked.

” Of course” he said and I moaned out softly as his hands worked wonders down there .

” Feyi ….” I gasped for air ….

” Calm down …”

” That’s not gonna fit …”

” It will ” he whispered and cried out his name ….as He went in …that marked the beginning of a wonderful night .

The most beautiful night of my life …as he made me moan his name until it not only registered in my mind but heart and soul

I love feyi … and giving myself to him just made what I felt even more stronger .

It all made sense now …the connection between was wasn’t ordinary from the start …

We fit … like crazy .



Sun rays pierced into the room as I woke up …to the ringing of my wife’s phone ….

I switched off the phone and noticed her shift on the bed showing off a peak of her boobs.

I remembered last -night and what I’d done to her

I didn’t let her sleep a wink …infact I also don’t know how I’d gotten that much of a stamina last night …it felt like even our wedding ring

Turned me on crazy …I know

” Feyi …let me sleep ” she said immediately I kissed her forehead.

” I’m not waking you up for another round” I laughed.

” You’re definitely not innocent with what you did to me last night ” she said glaring at me

” Baby it was you …you where like ….Feyi …right there I swear right there ……” I said mimicking her voice and her jaws dropped

” Feyi heaven is far from you!

” Hahahaha ” I laughed as I kissed her forehead .

” Someone was calling I switched off the phone” I smiled .

” Feyi ! She Scolded and I burst into laughter .


Adesua is the best thing that happened to me and life is finally making sense .




4 yrs OLD


” Happy Birthday ! They cheered excitedly and my sister hugged me .

” Happy birthday bummi ” she said and I laughed.

” Thanks everyone ” I said feeling emotional .

Everyone I loved and knew was right here in this room .

My Son his wife …my grandson Quincy and his baby brother Xavier …

Feyishayo and his wife Adesua and their beautiful twins Ayomi and Temitayo …

Richie and his triplets …the boys are serious headaches but it’s cute when we’re all gathered together .

” Kyle Ryan and Tyler …they’re identical and a handful …but Richie has the guts to say he wants twin daughters ….

Crazy baby….

I looked at my family with a huge smile on my face and my sister hugged me.

” I know what you’re thinking ” she said.

” What ? I asked.

” We found the best daughters in-law” she said .

” Ha ….no be small wahala …I give them ‘ I said in pigin .

” Mother in-law wahala !


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