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?‍? #Wahala ???

[ Find the right daughter in-law] ?]


✍️By authoress Lenity Faithful

©️Spark’s libary 2022 ??

?A Nigerian American Romance .?

Tags : love , romance , comedy family and relationships


? Episode 8




” So you’ve decided what you wanna do with her man ? She’s been in your room since morning ” I laughed at Preston who glared at me in return .

There was this really beautiful girl he’d helped the previous night ,just to find out she was running away from getting married to her betrothed .

The girl’s name is princess Kimberly of Nadia and the funny thing is she’s supposed to marry Lucas who of cause is a member of our boy band and the prince of the kingdom of primrose .

But Lucas has fallen inlove with a commoner Kira and there’s a lot of gbas gbos loading in our life , Now preston has helped Kimberly .


” Has anyone ever told you your fucking annoying ? He asked as I chuckled , Lucas laughed from the opposite side .

He’d just dropped his girlfriend at her place few hours ago when bervely went to school .

” Ya countless times” I laughed .

” The news is already out ,I mean Cedric my cheif gaurd just called that the princess of Nadia is missing , I mean the girl is smart she left without any electronic garget that could track hr …” Lucas said and Preston rubbed his forehead .

” I just pray they don’t link her case to Me . Selena would shew me raw if she finds out I’m in a scandal …again ” he said and we laughed .

Well our boss isn’t someone you can joke with .

‘ she’s hot though ” I smirked .

” Well Dera is hot too , super hot …” He said and I chocked on the glass of wine as they laughed .

” That small thing I said you decided to ….” I was saying and my phone rang .

” Video call ? I said and cursed

” F**k it’s my mom …it’s about dami’s wedding oh God ” I moaned in frustration .

” Hello mom .. good evening ” I said immediately I picked after removing my left earing.

” Dayo …” She began .

” Richie ” I corrected her.

” I called you dayo ,you’re telling me Richie ? I carried you in my womb so you’d listen to me ” she scolded .

she scolded .

” Oh God ‘

What’s with African mother’s and violence ?

I’m preety sure they all went to army school before we where born .

” Yes Mummy any problem ? I asked frustratedly .

” Good evening mummy D …” Lucas and Preston said waving at her and she squiled excitedly .

” How are you handsome boys ” she teased .

” Fine big mummy “Preston teased back .

” Mom why did you call if it’s because of dami’s wedding I’ve told you I’d come ..give me a break …do you even suffocate my brother the way you do to me ? I asked and she rolled

eyes .

” Ehen your case is different na …Omo Alagidi ni iwo ”

Did she just call me a stubborn boy ?

” Mama emi ko abori. ..you can’t say that now ” I said and her jaws dropped .

” Ehen is like I’d call your father up you need to come back to Nigeria your mother land …you’re behaving anyhow …now …you Pierce your ears like girl ? I saw one sinful picture with a naked Mami water on your laps dayo ” she scolded .

” Mummy I’ve stopped wearing earinggs see now ” I showed her my ears and the boys where laughing crazily at the opposite end .

” When ? but you can’t speak Yoruba fluently , you have oyibo accent .

” Ma it’s not my fault ” I saidsaid and she chuckled .

” I miss you dayo ” she said and I smiled .

” Ehen dayo , bayo ni iyawo wa ? She asked and I frowned .

” Did Clinton get married already …how could he ? He got married and didn’t tell me ? I asked angrily .

” Are you trying to act smart ? She asked .

” But you’re asking for your daughter? I asked feigning innocence .

” Clinton is very much single and still denying is feelings for his bestfriend but that’s not our conversation for the night the night . ..I am asking about the wife from your side ” she smiled .

” I’m twenty one ” I reminded her .

” And so your dad married me when he was 20 ” she said and I rubbed my head tiredly .

My mom is super crazy I mean she can blackmail for Africa and I’m busy calculating my words .

” Mom …I’m still young …I still have like nine years before I think of marriage ‘i said .

” Ehen ? Why ? You’re good looking …you’re nice you’re rich what else you wouldn’t say you haven’t met the right one so ? …..” She asked .

” Mom it’s too early ” I said said and she gave a nod .

” What about Dera ! You where so into that girl and ….” She trailed .

” Mom ….network problems ….I can’t hear you ” I started pretending.

” Oh I know you can hear
young man ” she said heatedly .

” Hello …hell…” I pretended and cut the call .

She asked about Dera ? Jeez

What do I do ? wondered and as the guys laughed I threw cushions at them with a frown on my face .

Dera ?

How do I even approach her ? I wondered .

” He’s thinking of what he’d do ? Lucas teased and Ignored him .

I need to think and fast .


[ Lagos Nigeria ??]

? Bummi ?

” You’re awake already love ? What are you planning ? My husband asked as I combed my hair to tie it with a ribbon .

” I’m not planning anything …I’m just going to wake up my daughter in-law in the making ” I said and he chuckled .

” My love , I don’t trust this your invite , that girl is not used the our way of life you need to be patient with her ” he said softly .

” I’m very patient with her honey , infact I’ve been nothing but nice since I met her now ” I shrugged .

” I find that hard to believe”

” Are you calling me a lier ? I asked .

” I’m not calling you a lier my love, it’s just this girl is used to having maids around at her neck and call …I don’t want a situation where she runs off because if you ” he said softly .

” Run of to where now ? She’s not running away , she has to learn how to cook for her future husband and kids .

” You know how much Damilare loves our African dishes , He night be blinded by love for now but …I’d not be around to cook for him someday …

” I don’t want a situation where he’d be depending on maids 247. That’s what has wrecked so many homes , one yeye [ stupid ] maid will now come and oppress daughter in-law in the Making , remember there’s a saying that food is the way to a man’s heart ? She asked .

” And if she knows how to cook even their female children will grow up responsible ” I said and he kissed my cheeks.

” Be lenient on her. ” He said as I picked my bell .

” I’m lenient on her ” I said and walked out of the room .

I got to her room and there she was still sleeping like a queen ,infact she was even snorting softly .

I checked my watch tiptoed over to her ears and rang it .

” Gbagam Gbagam Gbagam! I rang it .

” OMG ! She screamed as she woke up immediately .

” Good morning Jackie” I said with a grin as she stared at me with shocked eyes

” Good morning ma’am …” She said and as she tried to sleep again I rang it making her groan tiredly .

” Get up you’re not the new generation sleeping beauty …! It’s time to wake up ! I announced and she got up .

” Join your hands together let’s pray ” I said and heard her groan .

” Oh God ?


?Eshe oh baba …




? DERA ?

” Dera you’re slacking these days what’s wrong with you ? Go get laid if that’s the problem ‘ our dance teacher snapped rudely and I took a deep breath .

Nonso my twin looked at me from the opposite direction with eyebrows raised .

” I’m sorry ” I said sadly .

” Are you sure you’re okay ? She asked and I gave a nod .

” I’m fine ” I said trying to be calm .

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately ever since the last encounter with Richie infact I ended up a crying mess .

I’m a perfect definition of bad girl …i didn’t date Richie back then because hell …he wanted something serious and I …well I just needed someone to pop the cherry …?

We where close from the same country I was sexually Attracted to him so I saw it as the perfect opportunity to just ….”

” But when he proposed the next morning , I made it clear that wasn’t what I needed in my life ”

” I fucking told him it was just sex …I made him feel important and just tore his heart without repair ….if only I’d known he was inlove with me …” I thought sadly .

” Dera ” I heard the teacher scream again .

” See what I was saying ? I’ve being calling you for sometime and you’re just hearing it ? She snapped .

” I’m …” I trailed .

” Sorry ? That’s what you wanna say again ? She added .

” You better do something about this latest distraction you’re having ” she Snapped and walked out .

I sat down as people started leaving the hall one after the other .

” Here you go sis ” I heard nonso say as he gave me a bottle of water .

” Wetin dey do you ? ” He asked in pigin .

‘” nothing dey do Me…I’m fine ” I added .

” You’re acting different these days ” he said and sat next to me .

” Nonso …I said it’s nothing why don’t you believe me ? I asked voice breaking at the edge .

” You know I don’t believe you ? He said and stood up .

My eyes widened at who I saw at the door .

He followed my eyes and smiled.
” Now I see the reason ” he said and I looked away .

He patted my back and walked away .

What was Richie doing here ? He’s never been here since .

” Hi”

” Hey ” we said in unison .” Are you free next month ? He asked .

” What ? I asked shocked .

” Dami is huh… getting married to his foreign girlfriend and mom wants …” He trailed .

Oh I should have guessed as much ,I mean he could never want me that way ..

It just had to be his mom
I can’t believe this is Richie ,he now acts like a Total stranger …it hurts

I swear it hurts so much .

” Me to attend you’re cousins wedding with you , ya it just had the be you fulfuling aunt fummi’s wish . I’d be busy next month ” I said hiding my hurt .

” I know you’re not , you don’t have a show untill after bervely’s debut and I promise it’s just 2 weeks ” he said and I looked at him .

” Richie I said no …for my mental health I don’t want …just go pick some other girl from ….” I trailed .

” Why can’t you understand it’s you I want ! He bursted angrily .

” You don’t want me , it’s Me your mom wants I’m not interested ” I said and he walked close to me .

” What….are y….ou” Itrailed in shock and pannick.

” You think it’s easy for me too huh ….you don’t know how you mess up my emotions I hate you and want you at the same time …it’s fucking annoying ….” He snapped as my ass ended up meeting the iron table .

” Richie …” I whispered he walked in between my legs.” What …are….nnnn” I moaned as his lips met my neck …I shot my eyes as my lips patted in a moan .

I sent my hands to his arm stopping him but his hands went down to my hips and someone cleared their throat from behind .

My heart was beating crazily .He moved away from me like he’d been poured a bucket of cold water .

” Escuse me ” he said and walked out on us .

” Seriosely if I hadn’t Walked in on you guys he’d have taken you up against the table ” Phoebe teased and I was still in shock .

What just happened ….

The wetness in between my thighs made me realize it was real .


[ Lagos Nigeria ?? ]


?Let them die oooooo holy ghost ? fire ” she said she clapped her hands .

I’m breathing tiredly now ,I mean she prayed for 30 mins and I think living with her is a bad idea ?

” for in Jesus name we prayed Amen ” she said and looked at me .

” Amen ” I said immediately .

” Very good , you’re a fast learner . Now go and freshen up ” she said and I groaned as I walked into the bathroom .

I switched on the water .

” there’s no water ! I screamed .

” I forgot to tell you , this your room tap has issues , I’ve called the person to fix it .

“So how am I gonna take my bath? I asked

” C’mon ” she said and raised a bucket .

” No way ! I said immediately .


??? This woman has spoilt the tap oh,fear who no fear Bummi and her sister.

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