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?My Bodyguard Is a Girl ?
(He’s gay/ She’s bad ⚡)

Episode 17
Penned by: Wise Wisdom

★Theme: So many reasons ?
❎Do not copy or Repost ❎

°°~~Etienne ?
I yawned stretching my arms across the bed.

“Fvck! My head hurts like hell!”

I opened my eyes but shut them back due to the rays of sunset flashing in my eyes.

Who the fvck left the curtains open? I barked at no one in particular.

What are you saying dumbo? “This is your room, who would have left the curtains open?”

I got up from the bed, stretching my whole body once again.

Time for a morning exercise then a good bath with a lovely black coffee to bless my day.

I thought gliding along to the bathroom with a smile.

I stopped in front of the dressing mirror to have a look at my beautiful self.

Damn!! Am one handsome dude. I blurt checking out my well packed abs, truly my body was made without flaws.

My face scrunch in surprise. Wait! Why am i width my shirt? Am sure i had them on me last night so what happened?

Suddenly the scene of last night came flashing back to my mind: of how i kissed Zane an confessed my love to him.

Holy Craps; I kissed Zane!
I kissed Zane!! The word sang repeatedly in my head.

Shït i kisses Zane! I half yelled jumping excitedly.

I wonder if it is the drink that gave me such courage. But why can’t i recall the way his lips felt or his reaction or even the feeling i got when i kissed him.
I was be totally messed up by that drink.

Alright Etienne to stay alive we have to avoid the one who is supposed to protect you.

“We need to avoid Zane or else…he… will…kill us!”

Damn i can’t believe i kissed this, this is gonna make history.

Alright Etienne Zane is right we have to try an move on even if it’s gonna be hard, you need to survive.

“Macron would always say, life without thirst for survival isn’t life at all,” therefore Etienne, let’s survive.

Starting with avoiding Zane, am so going to avoid Zane like a plague, at least for today.

I breeze off to get my car, after a cool preparation. The thought of Zane’s lips on mine gave me so much joy that i sang out the whole time.

i need to make sure i leave to work without Zane today or else how am i going to face him.

Reaching there i recall that i didn’t take my car keys with me.

Fvck! How can i be so stupid? How can you so stupid you asshole? I smack myself on the forehead.

As i was about taking a turn, the car door opened by itself.

I was taken aback. Wh…wha…what is happening?

Get inside the car will you? Zane alighted from the car with a stern face.

How…how did you get my car keys? I bellowed in disbelieve.

“Don’t… Don’t make me repeat myself Etienne
Or else!” She showed off her fist.

I gulped down my fear into throat an quietly got into the car.

I have seen what Zane can do so i know better than querying with him, it’s best i shut up an do as he says.

The drive to the company was a quiet one.

I couldn’t blink properly without Zane hissing at me.

Through out work hours i had to caution myself or else his eyes would burn their ways to my skin.

Geez! It was only a kiss an nothing else.
I yelled at him, but sadly it only took place in my head, my mouth failed me deeply.

Zane okay enough with the silent treatment
I agree, i remembered what happened an am sorry but then again i was drunk.

Please do whatever you want to do with my body but just make sure you forgive me.

I derive joy from talking to you, from taunting you with my words, “so tell me how can i do that then all you do is throw volcano stare at me?”

He pulled the brake and stopped in front of a garden.

I watch him walk out of the car an opened the door for me. ‘Like i asked him to.’

Get out, now! He said calmly but a bit of authority could be heard.

Why? I never told you that i wanted to buy flowers so why are you asking me to get down?

He sighed, licking his lips. You told me to do what i want to do with your body, so get out an let me show you what i want to do.

My mouth shot open at his reply.

Uhmm Zane i was only joking, you have no sense of humour.

That was meant to be a joke… A… A joke an nothing else. I babel, at the same time laughing nervously.

“Next time don’t try such joke with me, Mr Etienne.”

“You know what Zane? Fvck you!” I blurt suddenly shocked at my out burst.

Her eyes deemed in awe i guess; stating from the fact that she came out of the car staring at me like i have grown another head.

I gulped down nothing an clear my throat which seems to be dry.

Yeah you heard my right. I stepped down from the car to have a proper view of his perfectly well carved face.

I try everything possible to talk to you, to get your attention an all you do is ignore me.

So what, huh! I made a mistake by kissing you last night and am sorry about that.

So could you stop being a totally shit and put down your foolish pride so we can talk to each other, so we can get to know each other better?

Yeah you are good looking an all but remember something that tasty today can become horrible tomorrow.

What in the world made you this way cause i want to know why you have made it a rule that i have to pay a trillion dollar before you open up, even if it’s just a little to me.

Yunno what? I don’t care what your problem is but am tired to watching you like a movie all day an every time asking myself what sort of a person is Zane, when i know that i alone can’t disclose that answer to myself.

So here i am saying that i Etienne Avignon Love you: am in love with you Zane an there is nothing you can do about it.

Go ahead, do you want to beat me?
Or throw me up the sky for confessing my feelings to you? ” Cause that is the only thing you can do to me.”

“I love you Zane.” I don’t regret kissing you last night, although i agree it was a mistake but if given the chance to do it again, *I will*

Zane stole another glance at the man standing right in front of her, she has been doing that since his awful confession.

“Is he okay?” She asked.

“Does he has any idea what he is getting himself into?” Of course not, he doesn’t.

Zane! Zane are you okay? He called holding the hand of Zane.

Zane moved back almost in a breeze, it felt like she was being electrified by some sort of energy, her heart skipped once again; she gulped down her saliva taking another step back.

Zane is that how much you hate me? Is my confession of love that terrible that you look so terrified?

“No! She replied almost immediately. ”
She coughed, clearing her throat.

I mean, what i meant was that, i don’t hate you.

So why haven’t you given me a chance to get to know you? And i really love you.

“Why? Why do you love me?” She snapped, her blue orb glued to his gray eyes.

Honestly Zane i can’t tell what it is but i know it’s strong. Is like a connection that pulls me to you, it wakens my thirst to know you, to be with you.

I can tell it isn’t lust, i know it is far from lust.

Believe me when i say that since the day i met you i had no eyes for anyone.
All i ever think of is you, different questions bubbling about you in my head.

If only you can give me the chance to know you, even if it is only for a little while, you mustn’t tell me everything about yourself.

No pressure attached, all am asking is for you to loosen up a little, loosen up to me.

~~^^ Valerie ?
“… Fine! I will give you a chance.”

I felt blood gushing through my veins, my heart, beating at an uncontrollably rate.

What is wrong with me?

“He smiled shyly,” making me realise how cute looks.
His gray eyes sparkled staring right into mine.

Zane i love you. He whispered smiling at me.

And for the first time, he looked really attractive.

….. T. B. C…….

Hmm is it just me or Etienne has touched a hidden part in Zane?

I don’t want to talk but… Why is Zane heart beating anyhow? ??

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