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?My Bodyguard is a Girl?
( He’s gay ?‍❤️‍?‍?/She’s bad ⚡)

?️ Episode 3 ?️
Penned by:Wise Wisdom

Theme: A must kill ?
Now girlie!! His voice jerk me back to reality.
As you can see, your family are in my control an whatever it is that you decide to do tonight depends on what will happen to them… “Either they live or not,” so the case is in your court, take it and do with it as you like.

What do you want from me? The words found their way out, surprisingly i sounded bold.

” I heard him chuckle and then he coughed slightly… Ahem!”

Good girl, so you can actually talk huh. I like you, i like you a lot.

He removed the mask off his face, making his face visible.

I stared into his grey eyes, looking so beautiful. His face was perfectly craved
‘But then i wondered’ why would he do something so cruel but yet be this beautiful?

I want you to take out my d*ck and $*ck it like your life depends on it, let it be delectable.

I want to moan at the pleasure of your touch. He purred shutting his eyes.

My hands began to shiver, i have never seen or sucked a d*ck in my life, apart from the one i watch on porn website.

“I gulped as i reluctantly removed his trousers with my sweaty palms; his d*ck, big long and hairy.”

My eyes widen at the sight, fear gripped my heart instantly.

I took his d*ck in my mouth and sucked on it to my best knowledge, he kept pushing my head to take him all.

I gagged at every given chance.
Few minutes later, i felt his monster getting warm and to my surprise in grew bigger in my mouth and before I could pull out, he came into my mouth; releasing his salty organism into my mouth.

I cried out, brooding in pain as his monster left my mouth, my cheeks felt swollen from all those nonsense.

Without much ado he tore my clothes apart.

The voice of my mother weeping could be heard, my heart sank in pain.

I lay down as he s*cked unto my boobs, his hands finding their ways into my V

I screamed in pains, pains of being molested, pains that i felt with his hands working their way rough fully in my V

I turned my head over to my parents, and my eyes caught up with my father
His blue eyes held nothing but sadness

“Hot stream of tears slid it’s way down my eyes, over to head.”

Before i knew what was happening, i felt a sharp pain beneath my legs,” it felt like a knife was cutting it’s way through me.

I yelled out in tears,’
“Stop it please, am hurting, please not again” but all my screaming were for nothing as he kept trusting in and out of me, moaning and groaning, whispering an cursing unknown words.

He got tired the moment he cummed and pulled out of me.

Panting heavily he hummed. “Hmm,” you are so tight and sweet.

Who would have thought you were a virgin? You’re such a sweet girl.

He cackled and spank my ass: earning a groan from me.

Oh are you tired already? He asked staring into my eyes

Don’t be my darling, we have a movie to act for you, for being a sweet girl.
And guess what! Your parents are the actors, your father the lead role and your mother the supporting lead actor, while we the bad guys.

My eyes beamed in awe. What is he saying?
I just lost my virginity to a monster, a cruel being. Nothing is real now, everything is meaningless even my life.

Come here old man
He called to Mr Smith ( my father)

“Now look here girl”
Same goes to you woman.

He pulled out a gun from his bag: I could tell it was a pistol; the ones those killers used in movies.

He pointed the gun at my father and smirked.

*Any last words?* He buzzed, smirking.

No! Please don’t kill him. My mother beseeched wailing in tears.

I watch the scene, so weak to utter a word or even shout, but tears kept trickling down my chin.

He started into my eyes and whispered
“I LOVE YOU” with that he averted his gaze over to the monster.

F*ck you, and f*cked the person who sent…

The bullet dived into father’s head, right before he could complete his words.

One by one, each of the men shot at my father.

The first monster: on his head.

The second: on his chest.

The third and the last: on his d*ck.
My lips were left open, mother screamed, cried and cried till she couldn’t, no more.

I stared at father, lying down lifeless, and i wanted nothing more but to die with him.

He was my first love, my only father, i looked just like him, had his eyes and even his birth mark, but here he is lying down in the pool of blood, lifeless and i couldn’t do anything.

Boys, go have some fun.
They charged at me, removing their mask one by one and that was it; that was how they all raped me that night.

Mother fainted at the sight, i guess her heart couldn’t take it no more.

Since that night, i felt nothing but hate, anger and depression.

Nightmare cursing my heart each night i tried to have shut eyes.

Those people ruined my life, and i swear to ruin theirs.

I got pregnant, as a result and i hated the child, i hated myself.
I tried so hard to terminate the child but all to avail, mom convince me to have the child, in which i did.

He came out when the month for delivery was due, and i was mesmerized by his beautiful, “he looked like me, like father!”

He had those blues eyes, even the birth mark. It was like heaven gave my father back to me, but in a different format.

My love for that child knew no bound, i felt hope. Hope to let everything go, to live normal again and be happy, but everything came crashing once again and my child was stolen, stolen from me..

That was when i knew, i wasn’t meant for joy, but pain, agony and worry and everyone responsible must feel my pain.

Months later we relocated to Centreville and that was how a new Valerie was created,” (Zane)

“The other side of me!” There I met Harvey, told him my story and he promised to help me take revenge, by training me everything he got.

I went into different jobs, Harvey and i saved money, did different research searching for that grey eyes monster, and even my child but never found any.

And now they must face the Monster they created ( Zane)

I Zane promise to kill everyone responsible, to kill anyone related to anyone responsible for my plight.

Be it their friends, relative, children, wife, grandparents and even to the smallest infant.

” I will kill them all, I will kill them all!”

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