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MY FUTURE WITH YOU – Episode 15 & 16



Dressed in a knee length chiffon gown, Lucy could be seen limping into the school premises.

After leaving the hospital, she had told her friends to go home and had insisted on going to the party alone.

She didn’t let her father know the real reason for her limping since she was scared it might worry him but he had insisted she take the driver.

Now at the venue, she felt a bit scared to go in.

All her life everyone had hated her existence and even with her winning the race, will they keep hating her?

Lucy thought as she stood wondering if she should go further or not.

Finally making her decision, Lucy limp to the school garden which had a lot of students.

“Lucy is here, everyone!” Someone said, announcing her arrival.

And immediately, everyone began chanting her name in praise.

“Let’s all give it up for the star of the party!” Another student said as everyone began clapping.

Two male student came to help her to the podium where the head master was waiting to present her her award.

“For years we’ve never been able to win the marathon race but then, Lucy Bai came and broke history for us. In honour of her bringing victory to us, let’s all have fun tonight!” The head master said as the dj played the music while screams filled the air.

“What’s up lady of the night?” Mary asked as she and the rest appear at her side.

“Did you all witness what just happen? Am no longer an outcast” Lucy said, feeling very happy.

“It’s all thanks to your hard work sis” Steve added, tapping her lightly on the back.

“If your leg hurts, just tell us so we can send you home immediately” Bonnie added, looking cute in her green crop top and matching trouser.

“No way! Andrew hasn’t seen her yet, he needs to see how pretty his girl is” Mary said and that brought a frown on Lucy’s face.

“Do you still intend to tell him?” Bonnie asked.

“I do”

“Still on that? You really shouldn’t tell him. It’s going to break his heart” Mary said but Lucy shook her head.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Mary said to Steve who shrug.

“I really do think sis Lucy be honest with him” Steve added.

“Gosh! You all are just…. frustrating” Mary said and walk off.

“Go after her” Lucy said to Steve who went after Mary.

“Don’t pay attention to Mary. Just do what your heart tells you to do” Bonnie advice just as a female student approach them with a single rose and attach to it was a letter.

“For you, Lucy” the girl said shyly.

Lucy took it from the girl and read the content of the letter.

“What did it say?”Bonnie asked.

“It’s Andrew. He’s telling me to come meet him at our department roof top”

“Then you go to him and tell him everything. The earlier he knows, the better for everyone” Bonnie urge and slowly, Lucy made her way to the rooftop.

Bonnie silently wish her friend good luck and was heading to the counter to get something to eat when someone took hold of her hand.

“Let’s dance” Donovan whispered and not giving her a chance to resist, he pulled her to the dance floor.

The DJ had change the music into a slow one where Donovan pulled Bonnie into his arms and began to flow with the music.

“You look ravishing tonight” Donovan said against her ear.

“I didn’t agree to dance with you”

“I know but I don’t want you dancing with someone else” Donovan replied and she move away from him to stare at his face.

“Just as you enjoyed the company of those girls from earlier?” Bonnie asked.

She had notice him talking and drinking with some girls earlier and she’s sure that if she hadn’t shown up tonight, he would have stayed with those girls, enjoying their company.

“That was nothing. I was only chatting with them” Donovan replied quickly.

“A chat which led to kissing, right?”

“Tch! Seeing how jealous you are, I can tell that you have started to fall for me and I am pleased with it since I…”

“This isn’t me being jealous, Donovan. Let’s be truthful to each other. You don’t like me, you never did. A guy wouldn’t like a girl and still mess around with another girl” Bonnie said, cutting him off.

“Bonnie I… “

“I don’t know why you insist on pursuing me but I hope you stop. I don’t ever see myself falling for you, Donovan. I most especially hates a guy who plays with a girl heart” Bonnie added and turn to leave but Donovan pulled her back and kiss her.

Bonnie was stood still, feeling flabbergasted but then she push at his chest which got him letting go of her.

“Does that still makes you think that am playing with you?” Donovan asked, starring at Pink lush lips.

Bonnie didn’t bother to reply him, instead she left the dance floor and went to a secluded area.

She was still trying to come to term with the sudden kiss when Francis approach her.

“Are you okay?” Francis asked.

“O…of course…am okay” Bonnie stuttered and made to leave when Francis spoke.

“Don’t trust Donovan”


“I happen to witness the kiss that happen between you two a while ago and am telling you to be careful, do not trust him”

“And why do you say that?” Bonnie asked.

“I can’t tell but what I can say is that Donovan has a fiancee and he will be getting married to her. So save yourself from getting hurt” he said and walk off leaving her to think about what he said.

The DJ had change the song back to hip-hop and every one was gyrating to the song being played.

Mary being one of the dancers was all sexy and alluring on the dance floor.

She attracted some guys but it was just one that summon up his courage and went to her.

“What’s your name cutie?”

“What’s your name hottie?” Mary return, giving him a flirty look.

“Well my name is….”

“None of her business” Steve said, appearing from no where.

“And who are you?” The guy asked.

“Am her boyfriend” Steve replied while stopping Mary from talking.

“Oh…sorry” the guy said and left the dance floor.

“What’s your problem!” Mary asked, hitting him on the back before getting off the dance floor.

Steve followed her to the counter and took away the drink she was about to have.

“You are drunk enough!”

“You know, you keep doing things that you shouldn’t do. Who do you think you are to meddle with my life?” Mary asked.

“It’s because I care for you”

“And why would you care for me? We are just friends and friends should know when to stop but you…you keep doing the opposite”

“You really want to hear my answer?” He asked and she got off the seat.

“I don’t” she replied and began to walk off but Steve went after her.

“You ask me a question and then you run away. Could it be that you know my answer and that’s why you keep running away?” He asked, holding onto her arm.

“Let go of me Steve” she said trying to pull free from him.

“Are you that blind that you can’t see it? That you can’t notice just how much I love you?” Steve blurt out.

And Mary stood still, looking at him.

<< ROOF TOP >>

Lucy got to the rooftop to find it pitch black.

There was no sign of Andrew which got her wondering if the letter had been a joke.

Lucy was about calling her friends since she didn’t have Andrew’s number when lights came on suddenly.

Lucy stared around, smiling at the beauty of the surrounding.

She didn’t know how he did it but it must have taken him lots of hour to transform an ordinary rooftop into something of a magical world.

At that moment, they lit the fire works and she watch every bit of it.

Enchanted by the firework which was still going off, she failed to notice Andrew until he stood behind her and wrap his arms around her.

“Like it?” Andrew asked and feeling a bit shy, she nodded.

“It’s beautiful”

“Not as beautiful as you” Andrew replied.

She turn to him, starring at him for a while.

“Did you miss seeing my handsome face for a while? I was busy preparing this for you though there’s more” He said, adding a wink to her puzzle look.

“Turn around” he said and she did as he instruct.

She notice the school bill board used for displaying all sorts of info for students.

The advert being displayed on it change to short video clip of her.

The video showed her in class, in the cafeteria, in the library and so many places and in all of it, she was smiling, laughing and talking.

Lucy knew all of the scene since she could remember every one of it.

“When did you do this?” Lucy asked.

“Today. I kind of pester the security guard to give me every footage that has you in it and Francis complied the whole footage together turning it into a video. Do you like it?” Andrew asked and immediately, she turn to him.

“Like? I love it. This would have taken a lot of your time and knowing how much effort you put in it makes me feel happy. Thanks, Andrew” she said, smiling brightly.

Unknown to her, Andrew was totally lost, watching her radiate with happiness.

His gaze shifted to her lips and he couldn’t help but to lean towards her for a kiss but Lucy was quick to react.

She put her hand over her lips making him kiss her hand instead.

“I need to tell you something” she said with her hand still over her mouth.

“I can’t hear you” Andrew said.

“I said that I need to….”

The rest of her words were left unsaid as Andrew captured her lips in his.

She should have known what he was up to when he said he couldn’t hear her….she thought as she felt him deepen the kiss.

It wasn’t until she felt his hands sliding down her back that she push away from him.

Feeling extremely shy, Lucy quickly left the roof top.

Limping downstairs, trying to get back to the party before he caught up to her.

She got to the first floor thinking about the kiss they both shared when she realise someone was following her.

Thinking it was Andrew, she stop and was determine at that moment to spill the whole truth.

But Andrew wasn’t the one there. It was the mask guy.

Fear mingled with anxiety went through Lucy.

She began to limp off but her attempt at escape was feeble since he caught up with her.

Pulling her roughly, he push her on the floor.

Lucy knew that she broke a bone or two during that push and she was still reeling from the pain when he pulled her up and slam her hard against the wall.

“You won’t be able to escape tonight” he said.

His hand curve around her throat and he began the process of wriggling the life out of her…..


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