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MY FUTURE WITH YOU – Episode 19 & 20



“Common, let’s go find a seat” Mary urge as she pulled Bonnie into the hall.

They were having English and since it’s a general course, a lot of students will be attending.

If they don’t find a seat for themselves, they will end up standing through the rest of the class.

“Who are you keeping the two seats for?” Bonnie asked Mary.

“For Donovan and Francis ” Mary replied.

Bonnie was about to tell her not to when Donovan and Francis showed up.

“Can I take your seat, I wanna seat next to Bonnie” Donovan said and Mary complied immediately.

“Good mor….”

“Don’t talk to me, am not in the mood” Bonnie replied and for the first time, Donovan could feel Bonnie’s anger.

All through class, he kept starring at Bonnie who’s attention was on what the teacher was saying.

“And for this semester project. You all be divided in three, as not to cause problem have decided to group you all myself. It’s all on the school website, pair up with each other and get my task done. That’s all for now” The teacher said and left.

“Can’t believe am stuck with two unknown people” Mary complained as she check out the school website.

“Am glad that have been paired with Bonnie and Francis” Donovan replied giving Bonnie a smile which she didn’t return.

“If you don’t like the group you’ve been paired with, can we switch?” Bonnie asked Mary.

“Why would you switch? Do you think Francis and I will dump the whole work on you?” Donovan asked and once again she ignored him.

“Since you aren’t going to switch, It’s best I ask the English teacher to let me do the project alone” Bonnie said and left the class.

“What’s wrong with her? She seems a bit different today” Donovan said, looking worried.

“Why don’t you go after her? Bonnie doesn’t act like this without a reason” Mary urge him and he quickly went after her.

“Do you think they had a fight?” Mary asked Francis who shook his head.

He knew the reason why Bonnie was ignoring Donovan.

Bonnie was almost at the staff room when Donovan caught up with her.

“Just do the project with us. I promise to do the hardest part” Donovan said, trying to make her smile but she move away from him.

“I don’t want to”

“What’s wrong? You’ve been like this ever since I arrive? Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t, I just don’t feel like talking to you” she replied crisply.


“Don’t touch me! A guy who’s engage should know when to stop and let me tell you that I hate guys who cheat, I hate them so much” Bonnie said before storming off.

How on earth did she know about him being engage…. Could Francis have told her?


Lucy woke up to see Andrew sitting on the chair beside her bed, asleep.

He must have been watching over till the wee hours of the morning.

After the passionate kiss they both shared the other night, he told her he will be spending the night with her.

She had refused at first but he had been adamant.

“You are very important and if something happens to you, It will break me”

That had been his words and it made her feel more guilty.

“You’re awake?” He said, rousing from his sleep.

“It’s quite late. Will you be going to school?” Lucy asked and he gave a nod.

“Need to settle up some few things and I promise to be back” He said.

“You don’t have to. Have got my father taking care of me and the guards are watching over me”

“Guards can make a mistake and as for your father, am sure he will be busy today too which is why I will be coming back”

“Will you keep disguising yourself as a nurse?” Lucy asked.

“I have to for now. Your father hates me and I just need to prove to him that am not a threat to you. Get some rest, I will be back soon” he said, kissing her on the forehead.

Lucy let out a sigh when he left the room.

He’s been nothing but sweet to her and she’s been deceiving him….how will he feel once she tells him the truth.

A nurse arrive, giving her a pain reliever which she took and fell asleep.

The sun was setting when she woke up and she wasn’t alone.

She thought the visitor to be her father but she was surprised to see Andrew.

He was preoccupied, writing into a note book that he didn’t notice her awake.

“What are you doing?” She asked, earning his attention.

“You’re up” he stood up and came around the bed to plant a kiss on her forehead.

“I was out for long, right?”

“You were considering that I got here five hours ago” Andrew replied.

“Am sorry, the drug I used was….”

“You don’t have to apologize and I understand. You’ve been stressed this past few days and you need to get enough rest,it’s one of the reasons why I borrowed notes from Mary, am transferring it into your notes for you” He told her.

“That’s….the most sweetest thing someone have ever done for me” Lucy said, too choke up with guilt.

“You deserve it all” he said, giving her another kiss on her forehead.

“I have to get another nursing uniform, this is getting wrinkled” he told her while referring to the nursing uniform he had on.

It was at that moment, Lucy decided to say the truth, she didn’t deserve this kindness coming from him.

“I have something to tell you, Andrew” she said and he turn to her.

“Have been lying to you”

“When I found out you were gay, I was scared of you falling in love with William since you were much more close to him”

“So I….I thought of a way to make you stay away from William and that’s by seducing you” she said this with her eyes close.

She was waiting for a reply from him and when he said nothing, she open her eyes to see him looking sad.

Her heart fell seeing that sad expression on his face.

“Then the part where you claim to love me is all part of your plan ?” He asked,

Lucy nods.

“My plan was to get you to fall for me so you won’t be attracted to William” she said.

“What I still don’t get is why you had to go far as to seduce me for William’s sake”

“It’s because William is the one I love” she said, telling him everything.

“You love William and with me being gay, you felt threaten and decided to make me fall for you so I won’t be a hindrance to your love with William”

“Andrew I….”

“Its enough” he said, cutting her off abruptly.

“But I want you to know that I didn’t mean to….”

“Is there a way you can leave the hospital with me?” Andrew asked suddenly.

“Why are we leaving ?”

“I have something to show you” he replied.

The next few minutes were filled with Andrew getting a wheel chair.

When he found one, he return to her room and help her into it.

“Where are you taking the young miss?” One of the guard at the door ask.

“The doctor told me to get her to the x-ray room” Andrew replied, acting like a professional nurse.

“I will be fine, he won’t let anything bad happen to me” Lucy added.

When they got to the first floor, a car was waiting for them.

He lifted Lucy out of the wheel chair and into the car.

The driver drove them off and it wasn’t until they were on the main land that she dare look at Andrew.

He was starring out through the windscreen, his face was expressionless which got Lucy wondering what was running through his mind.

She felt like asking but she was scared that he will ignore her.

The car stopped in front of the biggest hospital in the city.

And once again they began the task of helping her into the wheel chair.

“Do you need us to help you with anything, young master?” One of the six men who came out to welcome them ask.

“No, I can handle it on my own” he said crisply, pushing the wheel chair into the lift which whisk them up to the sixth floor.

They got to a room which had private sign on its front door.

Lucy saw a man on the bed, he had the life support machine on.

“That’s my brother” Andrew began.

“He got into an accident a year ago and he’s been in a coma ever since”

“I felt so guilty for him and for William which is why I made my parents believe that I am gay” he added and that got Lucy starring at him.

“Wh…what did you just say?” Lucy asked.

“Am not a gay Lucy. William and my brother are the real gay” Andrew said and her eyes widen in shock…….


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