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(Addicted to you…)


THEME: The Man next door


By, Manuel blaq .A.







Just when Charlotte was about to removing his mask,he saw the zombie approaching with a stick with the aim of hitting either of them,

He grabbed his neck and threw him away,he crashed his back on the wall,he super sped to him and grabbed his neck,

Using the other hand,he started punching him repeatedly,

“Yeah!,break that foul mouth of his”,Charlotte said throwing her fist in the air,as if she was punching someone invisible,

Behind the mask the man just chuckled,as she acted more funnier than a clown,

He gave the zombie a last punch and it’s turned into ashes,disappearing into thin air,

“You are so amazing”,Charlotte said and he just chuckled,though she didn’t see but hear it since he was masked up,

“You were like….”,she said and started demonstrating how he fought with the Zombie,

“You are funny”,he said without thinking

“Really?,I am”,she said

“Let’s go,I will escort you home”,he said and her face brightened immediately,

They started walking home,Charlotte saying funny things as they walk,

She was so enamored as she walk side by side with him,

“Can I see your face?”,she suddenly asked

“Why?”,she asked

“Because you can’t see it”,he said

“What do you mean?,am blind or what?”,she scoffed,

“Maybe”,he chuckled

“You!”,she said and started hitting him with her palms,she stopped after few seconds,

“Just let me see your face this once”,she said but he didn’t reply,

“You are the one that saved me ten years ago,right?”,she asked and he nodded,

“Go in”,he said

“Huh”,she said confused but when look by her right side,she noticed she was standing in front of her gate,

“So soon”,she pouted sadly,

“Why leaving your father’s mansion to rent an apartment?”,he asked

“Huh?,how do you know that?”,Charlotte asked

“You are popular yunno”,he said awkwardly

“Am wearing a mask,how do you……”,she couldn’t finish her words,before he super sped off,

There was a bar very near to Charlotte apartment,that’s where he was standing,he removed his mask and it turned out to be Edgar,

He was staring at her till entered through the gate,he sat down on one of the chairs outside the bar,

“What’s your order?”,one of the sales girls in the bar asked

“Chicken feets”,he replied

This where Edgar stay till 11pm,because the bar closes at 11pm,after the bar closes he would start wandering the street but close to Charlotte apartment,just to protect her,

Anytime Charlotte sleeps at her father’s mansion,he always sleeps on the rooftop protecting her till the next morning,this what he has been doing for ten years,

After finding out that her accident was planned,Edgar out of guilty decided to protect her


Immediately Edgar stepped into his apartment,a sweet aroma hits his nose,he sniffed in,if it’s possible to eat with nose,then he would have been eating by now,

He walked towards the room and saw Kimberly in the kitchen,

“Kimberly?,what are you doing here?”,he asked

“Are you saying I can’t visit your home?” Kimberly questioned

“No,no,that’s not what I mean,who would be at your restaurant if you are here?”,he asked

“Not to worry,today is Saturday,I don’t open my on restaurant Saturday’s”,she replied

“Anyways be fast with the cooking”,Edgar said

“I didn’t know non human eats”,Kimberly said

“That’s true,it’s wasn’t easy learning how to eat”,he said

“Really?”,she asked

“Yeah,I kissed ten women that eats alot just to learn how to eat”,he said

“Not bad”,she chuckled

“Are you not supposed to be with your grand daughter?”,Edgar asked


“Not to worry,she’s here,I smelled her already”,Edagr cut her off and she smiled,

“Thomas is also here”,he said when he perceived his smell,

Edgar marched to his bedroom and caught Thomas on his bed,this time his d**k was still inside the bitch’s pu**y,

“Holy f**k!”,Edgar said and drew out his belt,he started whipping the bitch,she flew up and ran out of the room,Thomas woked up

“What’s up dude”,he said

“Stop bringing bitches into my home!”,Edgar yelled

“C’mon,I can’t do without pu**y”,Thomas said

“Then do it in your f**king mansion,must it be in my room”,Edgar said

“You never slept in it for ten years”,Thomas said

“That’s none of your business”,Edgar said,that’s when Shirley,Kimberly’s grand daughter came in,

She calls Edgar and Thomas big bro,since the two of them are fond of her,she doesn’t know Edgar isn’t human,

“You guys are too loud!!”,she yelled

“Huh?,loud?,this kid!”,Edgar chase after her and she took her heels,

Meanwhile,Thoma’s bitch was able to put on her panties and bra as she run out of the mansion,Kimberly saw but said nothing,

Shirley ran to the living room and Edgar chase after her,she stood behind the couch and stuck out her tongue at him,

“Just wait until I catch you”,he said and started climbing the couch before he could jump over,she already changed position,

They kept running,the smile they have on their face never disappeared


Byram was sitting happily on his donkey chair,when a man dressed in black suit entered his office

“Good morning boss”,he said and bowed

“How did it go?”,Byram asked

“It’s failed”,he said

“What!”,Byram stood up from his seat,slamming his palms on his table,causing a loud thud sound to be heard,

“The guy from ten years ago saved her,am sure of it”,the man said,

“He is digging up his own grave”,Byram said with an evil smirk,

“I don’t think he would be that easily to eliminate”,the guy said

“Why?”,Byram asked

“I don’t think his human”,the guy said and Byram bursted out in laughter,

“Seems you are reading too much novels,do you watch horror movies too?,something like a bloody vampire?”,Byram said admist laughter,

“Boss i may sound…..”

“Hey!”,he yelled cutting him off

“Find that dude and get rid of him,that’s the only language I want to hear”,Byram said and he nodded,

“Now,get out!.”,Byram yelled and the guy walked out

His phone beeped,it’s was a message from Catherine,


A smile crept on his lips when he saw this


Catherine was sitting on a bed,a white towel was wrapped around her body,covering her nakedness,she was sitting on a bed,legs crossed as she sips from the goblet of wine,

Byram entered and she smiled

“Have been waiting”,Catherine bit her lips,she said dropping her wine on the stool beside the bed as she stood up,

“Really?”,Byram said

“Yes,that old man don’t satisfy me like you do”,Catherine said

“Then,why did you reject me to be with him?”,he asked

“Because of the money”,Catherine said

Byram was about saying something when she placed her index finger on his lips,

“Shhh;,you ask too many questions”,she said in a very sexy way,

She took off his Jacket and their lips met they broke it almost immediately,she took off his inner shirt rendering him with only his singlet on,

She deep his hand under his singlet and caressed his bare chest,she placed her other hand on his already erected d**k,she took off his singlet and went down on her knees,she unbuckle his belt and pulled down his trouser,

She spat on his d**k before she started stroking it,she licked the cap of his d**k,he almost ran mad out of pleasure

“So this is what this old man has been enjoying?”,he thought

She deep his full length into her mouth and started s**king,in the process her towel fell off,

Damn!,she wasn’t putting on anything,she was stark naked!

She kept s**king till he released his c*ms into her mouth,she stood and lay on the bed,her back made contact with the bed while her front side faced the ceiling,

“I want your tongue on my cl*t”,she whispered to him,more sounding like a moan,

He brought his head down to her cl*t and started doing wonders on her pu**y with his tongue,

He kissed her cl*t and s**ked on it almost immediately,she became damn wet!

She started rubbing the upper part of her pu**y,”ouch!”,she moaned loudly,

She left her pu**y and squeezed her b**bs,and like that,she continuously started squeezing her b**bs,

Byram deeped two of his finger’s into her pu**y and started fingering her,

“Make it four”,she moaned and Byram added two more fingers

“F**k!”,she moaned

After few minutes of fingering,Byram removed his four fingers and brought into her mouth,she licked it as she would do to her favorite candy,

He buried his d**k in her cl*t and started going in and out of her in a slow pace,he grabbed her b**bs and squeezed it,




“More…. harder!”,she moaned and Byram started riding her in a fast pace

He was about to c*m then he pulled out of her making it splash on her face,

She stood and they reconnected their lips,s**king on each other’s lips like professionals they are,Byram squeeze her b**bs

“Ouch!”,she moaned and brought her fingers to her clit,she started fingering herself,

They broke the kiss after four minutes,Catherine went to place her hand on the table,

“C’om,let’s go on a doggy ride”,she said and winked at him sexily,

He walked to her and inserted his d**k into her from the behind,

In a matter of time her moans filled up the whole room


It’s the school where Edgar works as a teacher,Shirley also attends the school,

The guy from earlier that was bullying a nerd looking guy was sitting at the back seat with the two other boys,

His name is Francisco Lonnie,it’s said that the rich are fond of bullying the poor,but that’s not the case for Francisco,

He is poor boy living with his single mother,it is in his daily routine to bully the rich,

Shirley was sitting at the third row,she kinda acts like a tomboy but she dresses like a female,

Francisco is crushing on Shirley though he didn’t announce it but he was making it so obvious,

The nerd looking guy (Andrew)step into the the class room,his the principal son but hate by all except Shirley,she always defend him when they try sh*ts with him,

? Ugly bamboo!

? Mere looking at him sucks!

? The principal’s ugly son!

“Will you guys shut up!”,Shirley ejaculated and everywhere went silent,

“Hey dude”,Francisco gestured him to come,Andrew trembled in fear,but he has no other option that to go,

“You are not going anywhere”,Shirley said and grabbed his hand

“Hey!,you little wench!”,one of Francisco boy’s said and Francisco punched him,


“That’s for calling her a wench”,Francisco said

“What’s going on here?”,Edgar said coming into the class,

“Everyone should go to his/her seat”,he said when he saw few of the students standing,

“Prepare the boys,am gonna teach him a lesson,Edgar or whatever he calls his name”,Francisco said to one of his boys,


School just dismissed,Edgar was riding home with his car but unfortunately it’s broke down,

As if the heaven was on his side,Thomas rode by,

“Hey,what’s up”,Thomas waved

“My car broke down,I don’t have time for pleasantries”,Edgar said

“Hop in,I will take you home”,Thomas said and Edgar entered Thoma’s car,he zoomed off

Thomas phone rang and he picked up,few minutes later,he hanged up

“Am having a shoot right now”,Thomas said

“Why did hell didn’t they tell you on time?”,Edgar said

“Chill bro,it’s just a kissing scene,it’s won’t take long,after that I drive you home”,Thomas said and he nodded,

Thomas increased the speed of the car,as he overtakes any vehicle he came across,

“Easy bro”,Edgar said

“It’s a kissing scene we are talking about bro”,Thomas said,

“You really can die for pu**y”,Edgar scoffed

In just fifteen minutes Thomas already arrived at the mansion,the mansion is his mansion in the movie and the kissing scene is going to take place at the mansion,

Thomas walked in and Edgar followed him in,everyone was present,they weren’t much people though,

It’s was just,Charlotte,Helena,Thomas and Charles,

“How about going for a thanksgiving on Sunday,Charlotte came before me”,Thomas said and they burst out in loud laughter

Helena was staring at Thomas like she just saw a God,her cheeks already turned red tomatoes,

“Who is behind you?”,Charles asked Thomas,Edgar was standing behind Thomas,so they weren’t seeing his face clearer,

“Oh sorry my bad,here is my friend, Edgar”,Thomas and Edgar came to the front,

“Hi”,he waved

Charlotte eyes widened







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