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THEME: The Man next door


By, Manuel blaq .A.







Charlotte eyes widened as stared at Hareton who was standing behind Thomas and Edgar,though few distance far from them,

Hareton walked towards Charlotte,everywhere was silent except from the sounds of his shoes clacking on tiled floor as he walks,

“You weren’t home last night when I came over”,Hareton said,breaking the silence,

“That’s because I was avoiding you,don’t you get it?”,she said with no remorse

He sighed.

“I already apologize,am sorry!”,he said

“Do you think your damn apology would change anything?,c’mon you should know better, you left me for two years,two good years!,Hareton,you didn’t even bother discussing it with me,you went ahead and did what you did,did you think am joke?,millions…what am saying,trillion of apologies can’t make me change my mind”,Charlotte yelled at him


“Leave”,she said with a undertone

“But I…….”,he tried touching her this time

“I said you should leave right now!”,she yelled

Hareton was about saying something else when….

“You should leave”,Thomas said calmly

“Who the f**k are you?”,Hareton said

“You are interrupting us,I need to shoot this f**king scene”,Thomas said

“Because you are her co star doesn’t mean you have any right over her”,Hareton shot back at him,

“And because you are her runaway fiance doesn’t mean you have any right over her”,Edgar smirked at him,

“How the f**k did he know?”,Charlotte said inwardly,it’s now she was noticing his presence,

“You should leave now,don’t cause a scene,or better Still, take a seat and quietly watch us”,Charles chipped in,

Hareton glared at Edgar and Thomas,Edgar winked at him ,Hareton finally left.

“Now we may begin”,Charles said

“Yeah!”,Thomas ejaculated happily,

“So Thomas you would be kissing Helena then Charlotte entered,Charlotte, after staring for five minutes you leave the scene and that’s the end of the scene”,Charles said

“Okay,that’s nice”,Helena brushed,isn’t it a good thing?,she would be kissing her crush for the second time,

“Here is the script…”,Charles said sharing to them a white printed paper,

“You guys should start revising now,we begin in twenty minutes”,Charles said

“No,let’s begin now,I have already revised the script”,Helena said,

“But I just….. ”

“I agree with her”,Thomas cut Charles off,

“But Charlotte didn’t agree….”

“I agree with them,what can I do when both of them agreed,besides am not saying anything”,Charlotte said

“Okay,you have five minutes to get ready”,Charles said


“ACTION!”,Charles said and Thomas pulled Helena closer and slammed his lips on hers,

He kissed her deeply,it’s wasn’t a fake kiss,They were both s**king each other lower lips like their life depends on it,

Charlotte came in,poorly dressed looking like a mere maid,she stared for five minutes and left as she was told,

“CUT!”,Charles said but that’s wasn’t the case for Thomas and Helena,they were still in their deep,hard kiss,

Not being bothered by their red and swollen lips,they don’t care!

“This isn’t what you were told,the scene is over”,Charles but a moan from Helena, was the reply

Thomas suprised him by grabbing her @ss,before squeezing it gently,

“Mmm”,Helena moaned as she deep her fingers into his hair,

“My friend is a badass,right?”,Edgar said beside Charlotte,

Charlotte smiled without saying anything,

“His voice seems familiar”,she said in her mind

“Where have I see him before?”,she asked herself but suddenly remembered something

*”you are funny”*,his voice rang in her head and she waved it off

“It can’t be him”,she said inwardly,

“Thanks for earlier”,she suddenly said aloud and he faced her

“For what?”,he asked

“For placing that Wasted product on his place”,she said rolling her eyes as if she was magically seeing Hareton’s face,

“Oh,it’s nothing”,Edgar said

“He might come for you,you already in his black list”,Charlotte said

“That dude can do me nothing”,Edgar said and she chuckled,

“Those two are still kissing,their lips are all red and swollen”,Charlotte said,

“It’s 27 minutes now”,Edgar said as he brought his wrist watch to his face,

Edgar looked at her and smiled

“What!,are you jealous?,do you want me to kiss you”,Edgar said and she swallowed her own saliva,she looked at him awkwardly before looking away

“I ain’t jealous and I don’t need a kiss too”,she said without looking at his face

“But you were staring at them”,Edgar said

Meanwhile,Charles was staring at the kissing couple while sipping from his goblet of wine,

When it dawned on him that they weren’t ready to break the kiss anytime soon,he went and offered himself a wine,

Finally,they broke the kiss,Helena licked her lips sexily,and Thomas winked at her,she blushed

“Do you study time at school?”,Charles asked Thomas,

“Why?”,Thomas replied

“When the hell has five minutes become twenty minutes”,Charles said

“Since the day pu**y came to existence”Thomas winked at him

“Dude,let’s go!”,Thomas yelled

“Don’t f**king yell at me,pu**y lover”,Edgar shouted back with a smile

“I will get going now,see you later”,Edgar waved at her,while Edgar started approaching Thomas….

“Can we meet in your house next time”,Helena said,

“Sure”,Thomas winked at her

“Your address?”,she asked

Thomas brought out his phone and sent her his address,

“Sent”,he winked at her

Helena brought out her phone from and her handbag and she went to her inbox,

“Seen”,she smiled

“You wanna f**k her right now?”,Edgar said when he reached where they were standing,

Thomas smiled


It’s a rich restaurant,owned by one of the wealthiest woman in Florida,Stella Rodgiro.

A female countenance figure was seen ,she was linking arms with a handsome looking young man,

Her name is Jennie Cooper,the president daughter,a slender,as well admirable,the most exquisite little face a man would have the pleasure of beholding,

“Have a seat”,she said and pulled out a seat for her,

“Thanks”,she said,letting out a cute little smile,that her mere smile could make a man worship her,

“Never in my life,Have I thought that I would have the pleasure to go on a date with the president daughter”,the guy said with a charming smile

“Really?”,she said blushing really hard,she couldn’t deny the fact that she fell for this man in front of her,

“Yes,and you are pretty too,in one word you are all I want in a woman”,he said and that made her blush hard,she was trying to hide it but it was so f**king obvious!

His ringtone interrupted their conversation.

“Spare me a minute,it’s an important call”,he said and excuse himself,

A lady approach Jennie who was staring at his back view,

“He offered you a Rose flower,right?”,the lady said without any pleasantries,

“Yes”,Jennie nodded

“When did you meet him?”,the lady asked

Jennie nodded and she scoffed

“Then he must have taken you to his fake parents”,she said

Jennie nodded

“They are not his parents?”,Jennie asked

“He gifted you a necklace,right?”,the lady asked,ignoring Jennie’s question,

Jennie was starting to become confused,all this things she said,the guy already did it for her(Kelvin)

“Don’t you get it?,Kelvin is wretched bastard who goes around winning the hearts of different women just to reap them of their money with his damn pretty looks”,the lady said and Jennie eyes widened,

“What…..what…..what did you just say?”,Jennie stuttered,blinking out tears,

“I see,he really upgraded to the president daughter”,the girl said and looked up to see kelvin coming,

When Kelvin saw her, he took to his heels,the Lady pursued him,

“Come back here,you jerk”,she yelled at him

Jennie was quietly sobbing on her seat,why is all this happening to her?

This is the 20th time she went on a blind date but it all ended the same,but this was the worst,she f**king for this guy!

“Ma’am,let’s go”,Chase said

Chase is her driver,he earlier saw kelvin running out of the restaurant and he quickly guessed it didn’t went well,

Jennie without saying anything,angrily stormed out of the restaurant in tears,


Mr smoke,the mathematic teacher was in front of the class,solving an equation but Francisco mind weren’t focus on his teachings,

He was staring at Shirley but what made him fumed in anger,was the fact that Shirley was smiling at Andrew,seems they having some silent discussion,

“That bastard!,I knew he Wasn’t into her!”,he spat

“Shirley and Andrew to the detention “,Mr smoke finally caught them,

They stood up to leave when….

“Am leaving with…..”

“Francisco Joined them”,Mr smoke said

“That’s what I wanted”,he said and the three walked out from the class,walking towards the detention class,


A woman in her early fifty’s was standing in front of a door as she banged on it at intervals

“Jennie opened the door”,Ruth,Jennie’s Mom shouted

“Leave me alone,I don’t wanna talk to anyone!”,she yelled,from her voice it’s seems she was crying,

“It isn’t the end of the world”,Ruth said but she kept crying,

“Am gonna call your dad on phone”,Ruth threatened

“No,don’t call him”,Jennie said

“If you want me to do as you said then open the door”,Ruth said

The door opened and Crying Jennie came to view,she was looking so messy,her eyes so red and swollen,

Ruth immediately pulled her into a hug,hugging her tightly like she’s gonna run away

“There’s no need crying over spilled milk”,Ruth said

“But mom,this not the first,neither is it the second,it isn’t even the third neither it’s the fourth time this is happening”,Jennie cried

That’s Jennie, twenty one of age,she never dated anyone for a whole week before,guys played with her heart so much that’s it completely broken,she’s so obsessed with love that she might fall for a blind man,but the good news is that she is still a virgin,

“You will find someone better,it’s just a matter of time”,Ruth said

Completely filling the space between them,


Francisco was the last to enter,but his eyes widened when he saw Andrew smiling and chatting with Shirley,

He clenched his fist as he marched towards them angrily,

“F**k off”,he pushed Andrew off and Andrew almost fell from his seat,

“What the heck are you doing?”,Shirley said calmy but that wasn’t the case,she was about exploding right now,

“Am just protecting you”,Francisco said

“Protecting me from what exactly?”,Shirley half yelled

“Protecting you from him”,Fransisco said pointing at Andrew,

Shirley sighed.

“Believe me,this motherfucker here isn’t that weak as you think”,Fransisco said

“Leave right now if you don’t want to me to get mad at you”,she said and he hesistated before walking away from them,

“Ouch!”,I have a grit in my eyes

“Huh?,remove your hands let me blow it off”,Andrew said and she did as he said,he released air through his mouth directly into her eyes,

“It’s gone now” ,he said and she rubbed her eyes using her side knuckle,

Andrew turned to see Francisco staring at them while fuming in anger,

He gave him the middle finger and smirked

“That bastard!”,Francisco said,his mind and body was really hotter than fire right now


Edgar was riding his bike home as usual when Francisco and his fellow little thugs blocked him,

Edgar smirked and stop his bike before walking towards them,

“Do you know that I can get you arrested for this rubbish you are displaying”,Edgar said

“He wants to get us arrested”One of the guys said and laughed others joined him except Francisco,

“You think you can go scott free after messing with me?”,Fransisco smirked

“So,what are you gonna do,huh?”,Edgar said

“Beat you to a pulp!,you think am a joke”,Francisco said and Edgar burst out in laughter which made Francisco more angry,

“Beat me….beat….oh God!….”,Edgar keeps laughing which did a great Job of making Francisco angry

“Why don’t you stop this madness and go home,Go home,kids!!”,Edgar said

“Last time I checked my father is dead,so who the f**k are you tell me what to do”,Francisco said

“Francis!,let’s beat up this old man so he won’t mess with us,why the delay,he’s f**king stepping on my nerves”,One of the guy said,

“Attack!”,Francisco yelled without looking at the guy as they marched towards Edgar,Edgar counted and they are fifteen in number,

“Go home,kids!!”,he said dragging up his sleeves,he cracked his knuckles afterwards.







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