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(Addicted to you)


THEME: The Man next door


By, Manuel blaq .A.




The first guy that attacked Edgar was bless with a push on the forehead by Edgar little finger,

“Ouch!”,he winced

“‘C’mon”,Edgar gestured them to come closer

Another hit Edgar with a stick and it broke after making contacts with his leg,the guy gasped and shifted in fear,

Edgar punched his mouth and that sent him to a deep slumber,

Two attacked this time and Edgar Jam their heads together,they started seeing stars immediately,before passing out,

Edgar moved forward and the guys started taking steps backwards except Francisco,he was so bold that what made others fear was nothing to him,

Francisco made to punch Edgar but Edgar kicked his groin,

“AHH!!”,he cried in pains,covering his d**k with his palm,his face formed into an funny look as his d**k sailed into the pangs of pains,

“Francis!”,A guy called,slowly taking steps backwards,as for Francisco he couldn’t hear or see anything at that moment,

“Let’s run”,a guy suggested

“We can’t leave Francis alone”,another replied,

“What if he kills him”,another said

“That’s none of our business,it’s his plan”,The first guy replied,

“Even if you run away and somehow Francis survived this,you will surely die by his hands”,the second guy replied

“Please sir,we are sorry forgive us!”,another pleaded with Edgar,

“I warned you guys,didn’t I?”,Edgar smirked

“We are sorry it’s the devil’s handwork”,the guy replied,he went on his knees and bowed to Edgar like he was a king,

The others went on their knees too

“Forgive us,our Lord!”,they all saying in unison

“Run!,now!”,he said and they took to their heels,running as fast as they could,but when Edgar clapped his hands something like fireflies flew out from their heads and they fell asleep,

Edgar returned to Francisco who was still in pains,

“Plead for forgiveness and I would let you go”,Edgar said,

“Over my dead body!”,Francisco spat

“You are fearless,aren’t you?”,Edgar smirked

“I rather eat my own poop then to plead for your damn forgiveness,I won’t bastard!”,Francisco said even though he badly needs to be free from the pains,

“What’s your headache?”,Edgar asked

“You messed with me Edgar!,you messed with me!!!”,he shouted the”me” very loud,

Edgar smirked

“No one dares mess with me,but you have the guts to do what you did”,Francisco said,

“Am letting you go,it’s not because I want to,don’t step on my nerves next time,got that?”,Edgar said and like magic,the pains Francisco was feeling subside,

Edgar turned his back to go but stopped and turned back,

“A last punch won’t hurt,right?”,Edgar said and gave him one more punch and like that his trip to sleep began,


“Who is there?”,Thomas asked after hearing a sharp knock on the door,

He was putting on only a joggers,so he was shirtless at the moment he’s eight packs came to view,making him look so hot and tempting,

“It’s me Helena”,he heard Helena’s voice and a smile crept on his little sexy pink lips,

He opened the door without wasting much of time and Helena came to view,she was wearing a very short gown that stopped on her thighs,

It’s was a yellow gown that hugged her body so tightly,the upper part of her b**bs were exposed too,even a six years kid would know she’s here for seduction,

“Hey”,he said and she finally let out a cute,sexy smile,even the devil can’t resist her right now,

“Can I come in?”,she said in her tiny voice,her words looking so innocent,

“Yeah,sure!”,Thomas said,making way for her to enter,she sat on a couch,after closing the door,Thomas went to sit with her

“Isn’t it too late to pay someone a visit?”,Thomas asked,

“Am sorry,just—”

“Shhhh—“,Thomas placed a finger on her lips,

“No need to explain”,Thomas said,and slammed his lips on hers,

They started kissing till they become breathless but none of them was ready to break the kiss,

Helena broke the kiss

“I love you”,she confessed

“I love you too”,Thomas snapped without thinking twice,he said those words like they don’t matter,he was obviously after what is under her skirt but she was so blind that she couldn’t see that,

Thomas slammed his lips on hers again,kissing the hell out of her lips,making them to loose their breath,Helena sinked her finger’s into his hair as she pulled him more closer,

He disconnected the kiss before placing a wet kiss on her jaw,he kissed her exposed upper b**bs and like that he tore her gown just the same way Samson in the bible did with the lion’s mouth,

He took one of her nipples into her mouth and cold shievers ran through her spine,while his mouth works on her left b**bs,his right hand was doing same to her right b**bs,squeezing it very hard,

Helena on her part,pulled down his joggers and took his erected d**k into her palms and like that he released her nipples,

“Ugh!”,he groaned

She pushed his d**k into her mouth and started s**king,his d**k looking so cold in her little mouth,

After some minutes the two of them was seen on his bed as their clothes flew out from their body,


“Why the f**k can’t I cook anything”,Charlotte said as she pulled of the lingerie she was wearing,stepping into the bathroom,

Her face was messed up,her hands smells too,she has been trying to cook something but it all ended with the usual results ,

She turned on the faucet and started having her bath,she suddenly remembered Hareton,

“That douchebag!”,she said and when she remembered Edgar,she smiled

She plans to stay at her apartment for some time,probably when the stuff about Hareton marriage to her dies down,

“His voice sounds familiar”,she said,and surprisingly her cheeks was so f**k red!,Just by the mere thought of him?,

“Can’t believe am blushing”,she said


Francisco woke up and met all the guys he came with in a deep slumber,

“What happened?”,he asked himself,not remembering anything between them and Edgar,

He tapped one of the guys

“Wake up,dude!”,He said and he woked up instantly,

“What happened here?”,the guy asked after looking around the whole place,

“Wake them up,let’s get out of here,it’s late”,he said and the guy begin the task ,


Edgar came out from his room,an aroma of delicacie hits his nose which notified him that Kimberly was cooking,

After learning how to eat,Edgar became a food freak,perfect definition of a foodie,but the good news is that he actually knows how to cook,

Edgar walked to the kitchen and just like he has predicted,Kimberly was cooking

“You can put it down when it’s done,am leaving”,she said and Edgar nodded,

“Where to?”,he asked

“To my restaurant of course,Shirley is the only one there,it’s gonna be so stressful for her”,Kimberly said,

“Okay,I will miss you”,Edgar said

“Get a girlfriend”,Kimberly said and walked out of the kitchen,Edgar followed

“I don’t think I can bring myself to date—“,Edgar paused when he remembered Charlotte,he was about saying he can’t bring himself to date anyone,

“I might.. date,Maybe in the future”,He said

“Got someone you like already?”,Kimberly asked,

“Why?”,he asked

“Nothing”,she replied

“Am leaving”,she said and took her handbag from the couch,

“Okay,safe Journey”,he said

“Here is the address to the apartment i found”,Kimberly said,dropping a complimentary card on the furniture table,

Edgar took it without staring at it he pushed it into his pocket,

“Bye”,she said and left

“Thank God,that dude didn’t come over last night”,Edgar said,walking back to the kitchen,


it’s Hareton’s law firm,a big,luxurious building which he inherited from his father,

Yes!,Hareton is lawyer,a corrupt lawyer who is all after the money,

Hareton was seen working on some documents when his Secretary walked,

She was wearing a black baggy trouser,which fit in with the white shirt she was putting on,her ID was on her neck,resting in between her b**bs,

“Sir,your favorite Client,Mrs Stella Rodrigo”,she said,

“Let her in”,Hareton said

“Okay”,she said and left after some minutes,Stella Rodrigo walked in,

“Mr Stewart”,Stella said,sitting on a seat opposite Hareton without asking for permission,

“What is it right now?”,Hareton said,sighing out loud,

“My son got involve in a sexual assault,I need your help”,she said

“Is he guilty or not?”,Hareton asked

“That’s not your business”,Stella said

“Is he guilty or not?!”,Hareton yelled this time,when Stella was about saying something,her eyes met the seriousness on his face,

“Fine……his guilty”,Stella said and Hareton sighed


The loud booming sounds of music was heard in the most popular Club in Florida,steamy hour.

Ryan was seen fingering two girls at once,his 18 of age,Stella’s only son and a spoilt brat,he is also a very rebellious human one could encounter,

He derives his joy from f**king girls,even those older than him and when any girl refuse to comply,he takes it by force,he rapes that particular girl

Many has tried bringing him to Justice with the law but Ryan always go scott free,unharmed.

Why?,because he has a powerful woman as a mother,his father,whom he knows nothing about,died five years ago,

Ryan shoved his finger,which was covered with c*ms into the mouth of one of the lady,

He slammed his lips on hers,kissing her deeply while fingering the other lady,

A girl putting only her panties walks towards them,her b**bs jingling on her chest as she walks,

“Let’s get a room for a foursome”,the lady said with a naughty smile,that’s all it takes for a smile to found it’s way on Ryan’s lips

“Sure”,Ryan winked at her


Ryan was worshipping one of the girls pu**y with his d**k as he worshipped the other with his tongue,

The last girl was rubbing the pu**y of the girl that was being f**ked with Ryan’s d**k,she was rubbing and also kissing,but she does the kissing at intervals,

Ryan f**ked for awhile before pulling out of her,knowing he wanna c*m,the girls knelt down around him,

He stroked his d**k for few seconds and his c*ms splashed on their faces,

They licked every single drop of Ryan’s youghurt,the lady that suggested the foursome suddenly grabbed Ryan’s d**k and started s**king,

One of the girl push her and took over s**king his d**k,and like that they began pushing each other as they dragged for Ryan’s d**k,

Ryan was silent,enjoying the show,somehow it’s made him proud,


A truck was parked outside the compound,it’s was loaded with Edgar’s property,

Edgar came out of the mansion,

“Let’s go”,he said and hopped into the truck,

He decided to pack out this evening,he decided that when he was still at school at noon,

“Okay”,the driver said and brought the truck’s engine to life,

The journey to his new apartment was an hour ride,after one and half hour,Edgar was able to offload his property into his new mansion,with the help of the driver

Fifty more minutes,he was done arranging everything in it’s rightful Position,and after that he took his bath and decided to say hi to his neighbor,

He knocked on the door but got no reply,he knocked again,no reply

He knocked on the door for the uptenth time but still,it’s was the same reply,

He went back into his apartment

Meanwhile,Charlotte was in her room contemplating weather she should go out and buy something to eat,since she can’t cook,

She wasn’t hearing the knocks on her door as the fear of a zombie attacking her again,caged her in her room,

Her stomach made a rumbling sound and she sighed out loud,

“F**king!,am dying of hunger”,she said,palming her stomach as she rolled on the bed repeatedly,

“It’s better to die in the hands of a zombie than to die of hunger,right?”,she said and muster courage to go out

She wore a hoodie,maybe it won’t get to recognize her that way,she stepped out of her apartment,

Edgar was about checking on his neighbor again when she saw Charlotte leaving in a hoodie,though he wasn’t seeing her face

“Hey”,he said and tapped her from the behind,

“AHH!”,she screamed and fell out of shock,but when she saw Edgar,her eyes widened

“Thomas….friend?”,she shuttered

“Yes,I didn’t know,you were my neighbor!,anyways nice meeting you again”,he said,stretching out his hand for an handshake

“Neighbor?”,she gasp







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