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“I vow to protect you even at the edge of death”,he said,stroking her hair gently,


Charlotte was on Edgar’s back as he walked home,she was pulling his hair saying rubbish,

“Hey Edgar….am flying”,she said smiling drunkenly,

“I know that”,Edgar replied with a smile,and she giggled,

“Don’t get drunk next time,you are too heavy”,he said and she started pulling his hair again,

“How dare you say am ugly…How dare you!!!”,she said pulling his hair more hard,

“Hey I didn’t say you were ugly,I said you are heavy”,he said

“They still share the same meaning”,she pouted,playing with his hair this time,

“I think your drunken state has effeced your brain”,he said,

“You are calling me dumb?”,she said and started pulling his hair again,

“You are a real bunch of trouble”,he said,enduring the pains,she was causing him by pulling his hair

It took just ten minutes for them to arrive at Charlotte’s apartment,

Edgar laid her on the bed,covering her with a duvet afterwards,

He stared at her and when she pouted her lips,he swallowed hard.

Her lips were so tempting!

He wanted to leave,but when he took the first step she held his shirt,

“Don’t go away”,she said,gripping his shirt more tightly ,he smiled at her


Stella was sitting on the chair of the dinny table,having breakfast when Ryan came out from his room,

He walked towards the dinny table and sat down,he started eating,

“You can’t greet?”,Stella said

“Not until I see my father”,he said

“Fine…get ready,I would take you to him”,she half yelled and his eyes widened,

“You are joking,right?”,Ryan asked

“If you think it’s a joke then don’t bother yourself,I have many–”

She stopped talking when Ryan suddenly hugged her,she lost her words!

“I love you mom”,he said and her eyes widened,

They broke the hug

“Go prepare we are leaving this morning”,she said and he smiled


Charlotte was sleeping peacefully when the rays of sun directly shone on her eyes,she opened it and closed it back

She yawned on the bed,stretching out her hands,she rolled to the edge of the bed before opening her eyes again,

“Arghh!!”,she shrieked and fell on the floor when she saw Edgar,sitting on a chair beside her

“What the hell are you doing in my room?!”,she half yelled

“You pleaded with me to stay with you”,he said

“That’s a–f**k!”,she said when started gaining her memories from last night,

She slowly looked at his face– he was smirking

“Remember now?”,he asked

She ran towards the bathroom but slipped and fell,she stood up again and limped the remaining distance into the bathroom,

“You can go now,I want to have my bath!”,she shouted and he chuckled before leaving,

“Gosh….I f**ked up”,she said,she was still inside the bathroom,

“I f**king pulled his hair….gwwad!”,she said and ruffle her hair,

“How would I face him….let me just die”,she said,still ruffling her hair,

“Only God knows all the nonsense I must have said”,she said

“O Lord!,let thou ground open,because thou have seek for the ground to open and swallow thy servant”,she said and clamped her palms together

“Amen!”,she muttered


Stella and Ryan was at the back seat of a black car riding on the express road,

A man putting on a black suit was at the driver’s seat,driving the car,

The car was about riding through a gate when Ryan spoke up when he saw an description bodly written on the gate,


“Mom,what the hell are we doing in a school?”,he asked,

“Your dad is a teacher in this school”,she smiled at him and he returned it,

The car parked at the school garage and they all alighted from the car,walking towards the principal office,

? That’s Stella Rodgiro!

? she came with her son!

? Ryan Rodgiro!

? The rebellious nigga

? He’s so cute!

? I pray he is here to register!

? Nah,he hates school

? he rather pay billions than to school!

? Please attend our school

? you won’t regret it!

The girls gossip within themselves which did nothing but made Ryan proud

“You are getting popular,son!”,Stella said beside Ryan,

“Am popular anyway I go”,he smiled proudly

It took them more five minutes to arrive at the principal office,

“Mrs Rodgiro!”,the well built, chubby man said

“Mr Lionel!”,she called

“Nice meeting you”,the principal said,stretching his hands for an handshake,

“My pleasure”,Stella said and they shook hands

“Am here for my son’s father”,she said and winked at him which Ryan didn’t notice,

He was just there,his hands buried in his pocket

“Okey”,the principal said

“Mr somke,you have a visitor”,the principal (Austin)made a phone call,Ryan smiled wildly,

Almost immediately,Mr smoke entered the office,

“You called me”,Mr smoke said

“Yes,this your new student”,Austin said,pointing at Ryan,


Ryan turned to look at his mom but she found her shooking hands with the principal,

“Nice work”,she smiled

“Boys!”,Mr smoke said and two hefty boys stormed into the office,

“Take him to the class”,Mr smoke said and the boys jacked Ryan up,they started walking to the classroom,

“Hey,put me down!”,Ryan said but it’s was as if they were deaf and dumb,they weren’t saying anything,

They walked and walked till they were near to the classroom,

“Stop!”,Mr smoke ordered and they obeyed

“Are you going to walk quietly into the class or do you want to be carried into the class?”,Mr smoke asked Ryan,

“I don’t want to go to school,don’t you get?”,Ryan said

“Guys,take him to the class”,Mr smoke said

“Stop… I will walk”,Ryan said and they brought him down,

“Good boy”,Mr smoke patted his back

“F**k off”,Ryan slapped his hand off

“You would regret this”,Ryan said and Willingly walk into the class,

Mr smoke smiled and followed him

“His your new classmate”,Mr smoke said coming in,pointing his cane at Ryan,he was standing in front of the class,

“Introduce yourself Ryan”,Mr smoke said

“I don’t do introduction but am good at seduction,especially girls with big butt and b**bs”,Ryan said

? woah!

?I like him already!

? date me!

? I thought you hate school!

? am happy that you are in our class!

“But make sure you got some nipples to s**k on,that’s important”,Ryan said

“Ryan!!”,Mr smoke shouted

“What!!”,Ryan shouted back

“You shouldn’t be saying this in class”,Mr smoke said

“Then let me go home,f**k you guys for tricking me!”,he said

“You know what?,– just go and seat down in any empty seat you see”,Mr smoke said

Ryan finally sat on one of the seat in the back,

“Look for another seat”,a guy said to Ryan

“That’s seat you are sitting on is the seat of the school gangster,Francisco!”,the guy said

“I seat wherever I want,how much does his father have”,Ryan scoffed

“Actually,he’s poor”,The guy said

“Poor?,I should be scared of a poor idiot”,Ryan grimaced,

“He is… ”

“That’s nonsense,I would never be scared of a poor fool”,Ryan said

“Ryan shut up!!”,Mr smoke shouted when he caught Ryan talking,

“Mr smoke f**k off!!”,Ryan shouted back

“What!–“,Mr smoke gasp

The whole class burst out in laughter


Stella walked into Hareton’s office and met him going through so document,

“When is the date of the first hearing?”,Stella asked,

“27th of this month”,Hareton replied

“Please,do anything in your power to help my son”,Stella said

“Have I disappoint you before?”,he asked


“No but,your son is going to be find unguilty”,Hareton said

“I trust you”,she smiled

“I owe you a car if everything goes well”,Stella smiled,

“Don’t you worry,am a smart lawyer”,he winked

Stella kept smiling


“You called me”,Helena said walking fully into Charles office,

“I miss you”,Charles said

“Don’t start now,I already told you I have a boyfriend”,Helena said and he smirked,

He walked closer to her,he passed her walking towards the door,he locked it!

“What are you doing?”,Helena asked

“Find out”,Charles said and pulled his trouser,his long big size,erected d**k came to view,

Helena swallowed hard,she could feel her pu**y dripping wet,just by the mere sight of his d**k,

He walked closer to her

“What….what are you doing?”,she said taking steps backwards till her back hit the wall,he placed his palm above her head,

The cap of his d**k slightly touching her pu**y due how close they were,

Helena broke the kiss and pulled her clothes,

“F**k me!”,she said and he grabbed her b**bs

“I don’t need a foreplay,just go ahead and f**k me,f**k the hell out of my pu**y”,Helena said more sounding like a moan,

Charles left her b**bs and shoved his d**k inside her pu**y,he started banging on her






Helena moaned as Charles did Justice to her pu**y,banging on her in a fast pace,


Mr smoke was still teaching when Francisco stormed in with two other boys,

“Francisco,why are you coming to late to my class,do you want to me to send you to detention again,have told you several times that–“,Francisco taped his mouth which made him stop talking,

“You talk to much”,Francisco said and made to walk away but stop

“Point of correction,I went there because of Shirley”,Francisco said,walking to his seat,

“Hey!!”,Mr smoke yelled after he successfully removed the tape from his mouth,

“Get out!”,Francisco said when he saw Ryan on his seat,

“Are you the popular wretched school gangster?” Ryan asked and Francisco punched him

“That’s for calling me wretched”,Francisco said and Ryan touched his bursted lips,

Ryan returned the Punch

“F**k you motherfucker!”,Ryan spat

“Ryan and Francisco,leave my class”,Mr smoke said but they weren’t listening,

Francisco punched Ryan again and in few minutes the whole class turned into a ruckus,as Ryan and Francisco fought,

? Go Francis!!

? Ryan is more stronger

The class cheered

Mr smoke made his way through the crowd with the aim of stopping the fight,but a punch met his face before he could even reach them,

“Hey guys,stop–“,the remaining words went back into his mouth when another punch hits his face,his lips bursted this time

All Mr smoke effort to stop the fight was like pouring water on stone,

Those two are really determine to kill each other.


“why do keep bringing asses like Francisco into my class”,Mr smoke said in a low tone,

No reply.

“Francisco was enough and now Ryan,those two are two packs of trouble”,Mr smoke cried

“Read this”,the principal gave him a document to read

“My resume?”,Mr smoke ask

Austin nodded

“You wrote that you can handle bad and rebellious student and make them turn a new leaf because you are a trained soilder in a special force”,Austin explained

“Am dead”,Mr smoke muttered


“Who is there?”,Edgar said,walking towards the door,he opened the door and Charlotte came to view,

“Am sorry”,Charlotte said immediately he opened the door,

“Why?”,he said,walking back inside his apartment

“For pulling your hair”,she said and he smiled,

“You don’t have to be sorry,not like you were in your right senses when you did it”,Edgar said and she smiled,

“Am I forgiven?”,she asked

“Come inside and close the door”,he said and that’s when she noticed that she was still standing in front of the door,

“Oh…”,she said and came in before closing the door,

Edgar stood up and hugged her,her eyes widened,but she didn’t push him away

“I forgive you already”,he said and broke the hug,that’s when Thomas came in

“My guy rented a–“,he stopped when he saw Charlotte,

“What’s happening here?”,Thomas asked

“Nothing”,Edgar replied

“What is she doing here?”,Thomas asked

“Actually,I live at the next apartment at your left”,Charlotte replied and he smiled

“Why are you smiling?”,Edgar asked

“Nothing”,he snapped

“Can I have some wine?”,Thomas said

“Sure”,Edgar said,and went to bring the wine

“Hey,what’s up”,Thomas said

“Am good”,she replied

“Have you heard about our next scene?”,he asked

“Hugging scene?”,she asked and he nodded

“Let’s practice it since we are together”,he said

“It’s a mere hugging scene,no need–”

He cut her off with a hug

“Practice makes perfect”,he said

Edgar came in and saw them hugging each other,his mood changed immediately,he tighten his grip on the bottle of wine and it broke into pieces,

Thomas broke the hug and turned to see Edgar

“Edgar!”,Charlotte muttered


Ryan stormed into the house and found princess watching TV,she has a remote in her hand,with her legs crossed

Princess is his cousin sister

“When do you arrive?”,Ryan asked

“Not your business”,Princess replied

“Do you have any idea that you are in my house”,Ryan said

“Your Mom’s house not yours”,she said and rolled her eyes, he scoffed

“Am still the one who would inherit all her property when she dies”,Ryan said

“So,you want me dead so you could inherit my property?,Stella said as she descended the stairs

“My wish would finally come to pass,because you are dying by my hands today”,he smirked


“How dare you trick me?!”,he yelled

“It’s about that,then you can stay at home if you want,I can’t be forcing you to school everyday”,Stella said

Ryan suddenly remembered Francisco

“No,I will go to school”,he said

“What–“,Stella gasp and lost balance due how shock she was,she fell and started rolling down the stairs

“Aunt!!”,Princess screamed







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