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“what–“,Stella gasp and lost balance due to how shock she was,she fell and started rolling down the stairs,

“Aunt!!”,Princess screamed



Just when Thomas was about looking back,Edgar did some magic and they stood still,they weren’t able to move their body,it’s was as if they are sleeping with their eyes open,

He stop time!

His eye beaming gold,he looked at the broken bottle of wine,and the pecies came together,returning the bottle of wine to it normal state,

He sighed as his eyes become normal,almost immediately Thomas moved his body,

“I thought I heard something?”,Thomas said

“I think you are beginning to hear things”,Edgar smiled

Charlotte was quiet and at the same time confused,she know within her that the bottle of wine broke,she could also swear she saw Edgar’s eyes beaming gold,

But what happened?? Everything is normal ,the broken bottle,the wine that poured on the floor and Edgar’s eyes too,

“Am leaving”,that’s was the next word that came out from her mouth,she said those words with no expression at all,

“Char–“,before he could say “lotte”,she already left the apartment,

“What’s wrong with her?”,Thomas asked

“Dunno”,Edgar shrugged his shoulders


Luckily for Stella she was already at the end of the stairs,she only sustain a bruise on the knee,

“What’s making you fall,woman!”,Ryan said

“Did you just say you would go to school?”,Stella asked,still shocked

“Was that what made you fall?”,Ryan asked

“Weren’t you the one willingly to sell your kidney,just because you don’t want to go to school?”,Stella asked and Ryan scoffed

“I see your plan is to kill my aunt but that won’t happen”,Princess rolled her eyes,

“Shut up,kid!,she’s my mom too”,Ryan yelled

“The one you want alive or the one you want to kill?”,Princess said,

“Kids,it’s okay”,Stella said

Ryan and Princess started glaring at each other,

“Ouch!,am in pains”,Stella winced and Princess broke the glare,

“Sorry,aunt,I will go get the first aid kit”,Princess said and walked away,

“Can’t wait to be at school tomorrow”,Ryan smirked and Stella almost fell again,

“Where do you get this sudden likeness of going to school?”,Stella asked

“Never knew school was fun”,he smirked and marched towards his room,

Almost immediately,Princess came with the first aid kit in her hand,

She made Stella sit down before bringing out what she needed,

“Aunt!”she called

“What’s it baby?”,Stella smiled and she returned the smile too,

“I don’t want to go back to Dad’s home”,she pouted her lips like a child

“Why?”,Stella asked

“Ever since mom died,Dad has been bringing home different women,i don’t want to live with a man like Dad”,she said

“Okay,you free to live with us”,Stella smiled

“Thanks aunt”,she smiled and hug her,Stella hugged her back,

“I love you,baby”,Stella smiled

After some minutes,princess broke the hug,

“I want to attend Ryan’s school too”,Princess said

“Consider it done”,Stella smiled

“I love you aunt!”,Princess screamed

“I love you too baby!”,Stella screamed too

“Shut up!!”,Ryan shouted from his room


That’s where Francisco lives with his poor mom,Naomi,

Naomi and her son was sitting on the floor,since they Couldn’t afford to buy a single couch,

Ever since Naomi’s husband died,her husband’s brother,Francisco’s uncle,has sworn to frustrate them,he collected all their Father’s property leaving them with nothing,

“Mom,i asked again,who’s that lawyer?”,Francisco asked his mom,

“Son forget about it”,Naomi said as she peeled her onion, she is an onion seller,

“Why don’t you want to tell me who is?”,Francisco half yelled,

“Because you would beat him to a pulp,you might even commit murder”,Naomi replied in the same tone

“Tell me why I shouldn’t do that?,that murder pushed you”,Francisco yelled this time,he grabbed her arm,

“Just see what that motherfucker did to you,Mom!”,Fransisco said,staring at the bruise on her arm,she actually sustained it when Hareton pushed her,


“I swear I will kill that motherfucker”,Francisco said before she could say anything,he dropped Naomi’s arm,

“His name is Hareton Earnshaw”,Naomi replied,she wasn’t looking at him,she doesn’t want to show him the tears in her eyes,

“I swear to kill anyone that hurts you,yes!,am poor but I am not weak!”,Francisco said bodly

“That’s my son”,Naomi said and pulled him into a hug,she pats his back

“Mom!”,Francisco sniffed


“Housewarming party?” Edgar asked

“Yes,,everybody does that”,Thomas replied

“Mmm….I will think about it”,Edgar said and Thomas smiled,

“Don’t forget to Invite me”,Thomas winked

“Are you inviting Charlotte too?”,Thomas asked

“Why are you asking?”,Edgar said

“Nothing,but I think I–”

Thomas was interrupted by a knock on the door,

“Who’s there?”,Edgar said walking towards the door

“Open the door!”,he heard Kimberly voice

“Kimberly?”,he walked faster and opened the door,Kimberly came to view,

“Are you here to cook?”,Edgar immediately asked as she walk in,

“You don’t even know how to welcome someone?”,Kimberly asked,Edgar close the door,following Kimberly

“Am not human”,he simply replied

“You don’t have to remind me”,Kimberly said,sitting on a couch,

“What about your restaurant?”,Thomas asked

“Am close for the day”,Kimberly said

“Okay”,Thomas mouthed

“Shirley didn’t come With you?”,Edgar asked

“What’s with all this question?”,Kimberly said

“Just answer”,Edgar rolled his eyes

“Fine…she went to see her friend”,Kimberly said

“I want you to help me teach someone how to cook”,Edgar said

“Who?”,Kimberly asked,Edgar ignored her and made a phone call instead

“You can come now,my mom is at my apartment”,Edgar said through the phone

“Okay”,Charlotte voice sounded at the background,Edgar hanged up

“Hey,I haven’t agreed to it yet”,Kimberly said

“You have no choice”,Edgar smirked

“You rat!,how dare you?!”,Kimberly said,she stood to chase after him but Charlotte’s entry made her to stop

“Hey” Kimberly waved

“Good evening,ma’am”,Charlotte bowed respectfully

“You said you wanna learn how to cook?”,Kimberly asked and she nodded

“Lets go” Kimberly said


“Looking at it now,Cooking isn’t that hard”,Charlotte said,cutting the veggies for the fried rice they were cooking,

Kimberly thought her how to do some things and luckily she was a fast learner,

“Yeah,it isn’t”,Kimberly replied

“But isn’t it weird?”,Kimberly asked

“What?”,Charlotte said

” it’s weird how you don’t know how to cook”,Kimberly said

“My mom is a piece of trash,she thought me nothing”,Charlotte said

Kimberly was tempted to laugh but she didn’t

“Edgar is really lucky to have a mother like you”,Charlotte said and Kimberly choked on nothing,

“Yeah…yeah,he really is,right?”,Kimberly said awkwardly and she nodded,

“Help me with the cooking oil”,Kimberly said and Charlotte went to get it,

“Here”,Charlotte gave the cooking oil to her

“Thanks”,Kimberly replied,

“Will you teach me how to cook till I become perfect? “,Charlotte asked

“Sure”,Kimberly smiled at her ,pouring the cooking oil into the frying pan that was placed on the gas cooker

Charlotte returned the smile


“What’s this?”,Edgar and Thomas said at the same time,

“Your food!”,Kimberly replied and Edgar scoffed

“You call this food?”,Edgar scoffed

“What should we call it then?”,Kimberly asked

“But why is her’s different from our own”,Thomas said staring at Charlotte food,

It’s was fried rice with a full fried chicken while theirs was some gobbet of fried rice and chicken,they were all seated at the dinny table,

“That’s because she assisted in cooking it”,Kimberly replied,

“That’s nonsense”,Edgar said

“If you think so,why don’t you go prepare something for yourself”,Kimberly said

Charlotte smiled and started eating,

“Hey,just smile to your fullest because you would cry soon”,Edgar said and Charlotte stuck out her tongue at him,

Thomas made to grab her chicken but she slapped his hands off,his knuckles hits the table,

“Ouch!”,he winced

“That’s the consequences of stealing”,Kimberly said,

Edgar on his own part was busy staring at Charlotte food,the full fried chicken is what he was craving for the most,

“Kimberly,this isn’t fair”,Edgar said and Charlotte faced him,

“You are calling your mom by her name,that’s bad!”,Charlotte said and Thomas started coughing


A car parked at the school garage,the junior girls followed the car since they already know who it’s was


Ryan alighted from his car,looking so cute in his uniform,

? We love you,Ryan!

? Date me please!

“You got some girls crushing on you?”,Princess said coming down from the car,she was also putting on her school uniform,she was so hot and sexy,Only God who made could describe how sexy she is right now,

“Funny how they recognize my car”,he smirked proudly

? who is she?

? your girlfriend?

? Don’t tell me he has a girlfriend!

? she’s sexy!

? she is so….muah!(blew kisses)

“You getting the spotlight already”,Ryan said and Princess flaunt her hair,

Just when they were about leaving,a black bike rode into the garage,



? My pu**y is free for you to f**k!

? I want to moan your name!

Francisco removed his helmet and shaked his hair,this single act made some girls damn wet,

Princess on her own part was busy staring at him with her mouth open,is this what they call love at first sight??

“Hey,Rich rude brat!”,Francisco said

“Wretched gangster”,Ryan said and Francisco almost punch him but controlled himself,

He hates it when people remind him that he is poor,

Francisco left him and started working towards the class,the girls screaming his name as he walks

“Gosh…can’t believe I love the way he walks,he is cute”,Princess whispered to herself,

“Let’s go”,Ryan said and started leaving with Princess,

The remaining girls followed him,screaming his name as he walks,


“it’s your new classmate”,the history teacher(Linda) said,

“My name is Princess Rodgiro”,Princess said with a cute smile,before the teacher could tell her to do so

? you’re cute!

? Can we be friends?

? I have long d**k!

? Can we f**k?

“Keep quite!”,Linda yelled and silence returned

“You can go sit on any empty seat”,Linda said and Princess walked to a seat at the middle of the class and sat down,

Ryan stood up

“Ryan what is it?”,Linda asked

“I want to address something”,Ryan said walking to the front of the class,

“You can go ahead”,Linda said

Ryan took a white board marker and wrote on the board,RRR.

“Do you guys know the meaning of this triple R?”,Ryan asked,

? No!

? I don’t have an idea!

? Not at all!

“The meaning of it is Rebellious Ryan Rodgiro,so from now on my name is—“,Ryan stopped for the class to continue the sentence


? Triple R!

“Ryan?!”,Linda yelled

“What’s your headache Young lady?”,Ryan asked

“Youn….young….young lady?”,Linda shouted

“What are you then?,seems you don’t recognize my face”,Ryan said


“Am Rebellious kid,we met at steamy hour”,Ryan winked at her,cutting her off,

Linda almost fell to the ground but she held herself,

“Your teacher here and I f**ked three days ago”,Ryan winked,he showed the class her naked picture on his phone,

? Woah!

? Ryan!

? I love this guy!

The whole class became so noisy and disorganized,Shirley step in,together with Andrew, Ryan eyes met with her pretty face,her cute blue eyes made his mouth flew open,

Actually,Andrew and Shirley went to the library to read,they totally forgot about the history class ,

Ryan was still lost,staring at Shirley,she was seducing him without even knowing she was doing so,

The class was still chanting his name and was raining insult at Linda,throwing raw eggs at her but all that wasn’t heard by Ryan,

He was so lost at staring that he didn’t know when he started walking towards her,he was smiling like a fool with his mouth open,as he walks closer and closer to her,

Andrew noticed how Ryan was staring at Shirley and somehow he became jealous,he was so Jealous that crazy ideas of what to do to stop him staring kept popping up in his brain,

Right now,the whole class was no different with a local market,Linda’s body was soaked with raw eggs,as she hid her face in embarrassment,

“Why the f**k is this happening to me??”,she lamented,inwardly.

When Andrew found Ryan more closer,he lost it and slammed his lips on shirley’s own,her eyes widened same with Ryan and Francisco

“Bastard!”,Francisco yelled from the back seat where he was sitting







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