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My possessive boss
( Emma and Evan)

Episode 10

Alexa’s POV

I sat nervously as the car continue moving to an unknown destination.

Why’s he not telling me the place when I am still going to know there?

I could see Mr Kingsley’s gaze burning the back of my head but I refused to turn back.

I don’t want any embarrassment! I just wish we will be done with the lunch stuff and that should end immediately!

My thought went back to my kids making me sigh!

They want to see their Dad! The man I don’t even know!

What am I going to do when the holiday season comes?

Did I have to continue lying to them? They will surely find out one day!

Those kids are just too smart and full of questions!

” Sidney ” I almost collapsed the moment Mr Kingsley placed his hand on my shoulder.

Oh my goodness! What’s happening?

I shifted back nervously stylishly removing his hand.

He crease his forehead together and chuckled while I stared blankly at him.

I could have concluded that this isn’t my boss but no doubt, he’s the one.

He calls me Sidney which an imposter might not know and his voice is just same.

His attitude is making me curious!

” We are here young master ”

The driver announced, that was when I noticed the car halted.

In a very beautiful restaurant, not for once in my life have I ever come across this place .

And I live in this New York City? How poor!

My face beam seeing that the place is so flourished but I frowned when there was no body.
No single soul, just us!

” I reserved this place for just us, hope you like it? ”

Mr Kingsley said while I blinked my eyes in sheer disbelief.
Reserved this for us?

” Uhmm, yes, I love it”
I mean who wouldn’t, but my problem is that everything here will be very cost.

The very reason I hate rich lifestyle, if it’s my simple kind of restaurant, I will be able to afford three meals but here?

I wonder if I can buy one for myself although I am not thinking of paying.

Mr Kingsley brought me here right? So he’s the one that’s gonna pay!

” Welcome Tora Kitchenette, please this way ”

A waiter said and the seductive look on her face didn’t go unnoticed.

I tried hard not to crack, Mr Kingsley didn’t even spare her a glance.

He kept his face cold, he will only smile if he glance at me or our face met.

We silently followed her to a VIP seats I guess.

Mr Kingsley again took me by surprise when he took out a chair for me like a gentleman he is not.

Why’s he doing all this and I dare not ask, I can’t risk getting him angry here.

He will disgrace me to my fifth generation.

Quite alright people are not here but how about the workers?

” Please make your orders ” she said placing the menu in front of us not without glaring at me.

I shook my head at that, what did I do now?

Oh! Sitting with a handsome rich dude?

If only she knows he’s hell of a problem!

” Uhmm, I will go for scrambled eggs with paratha ”

I replied handing the menu back to her.

Paratha is a pakistan dish and one of my favourites.

” And you Sir?”

” Same ” he replied flipping the menu! Does he have to be always rude?

” Okay, it will be ready in thirty minutes ” she said swaying her butts while leaving and I was forced to roll my eyes.

Characters everywhere!

Both Mr Kingsley and I stayed in a awkward silent for about five minutes before he decided to speak up.

” I can’t remember the last time I ate scrabbled egg ” he said staring at me with his face neutral !

Humph! It feels so awkward talking with your boss!

” You don’t like it? ” I summoned courage to ask

” Of course I do but, my mum…” He paused and his face darkened at the mention of his Mum.

” Sir? You don’t have to say it if it disturbs you, we can always change the topic ”

I quickly intercede in his thoughts before he get angry and leave me to trek back to the office.

I looked down at his hand, his knuckles turned white due to the way he was holding the table tightly.

What could have happened between him and his mother? I don’t get why he just went berserk at the mention of his mum.

” Uhmm, it’s okay Sir. I am really sorry, I shouldn’t have asked if I know it will wake something in you. I am sorry ”

I said almost in a whisper bowing my head.

I stiffened as his hand landed on mine.

” You don’t have to feel guilty about it, I ..”

Our orders arrived before he could finish his sentence.

He released my hand and we began eating in silence!
This food is a saviour! Ah!




” Where are the kids Andrew?” I asked panicking.

I looked around like a mad woman for my kids in the restaurant.

” I saw them at that side, they won’t get lost buttercup, why panicking?” He asked narrowing his eyes at me.

Does this look funny to him? I thought they were just here when I left to use the restroom.

I hissed loudly running to that side to look for them while my stupid best friend was laughing his ass out.

It’s Saturday and I kept to my promise by bringing them to their favourite restaurant.

Where are they?
Every one turned back to give me a look but I don’t care, I need to find my kids.

I went to the other side of the restaurant that’s meant for top people searching everywhere for them .

I paused and sighed when I sighted them with someone.

This kids won’t kill me before my actual time. Who did they know here?

I don’t trust rich people, what if they use them for rituals huh?

How can they comfortably stay with someone they don’t know and equally giggling?

I rushed over to them shouting their names but it seems they were immune to my calls.

What the hell?

” Emma and Evan ” I yelled the moment I came near them.

” Mummy ” they both called still laughing.

” We were telling this Uncle about you ” Evan grinned.

My eyes met with the person they’ve been with and I blinked in fright!
Mr Kingsley!

I could see his face held a shock expression before he masked it with a cold one.

I gulped nervously staring at him, what is he doing here? Isn’t this place too low for him?

He stared at me for what seems like forever with a very dark eyes that made me shiver in fear.

He glanced at the kids then at me over and over again,

Then, he angrily stormed out of the restaurant!

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