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possessive boss
( Dead )

Episode 4

Alexa’s POV

I staggered back ward blinking in disbelief, did he really have to go to that extent of giving me useless punishment?

I haven’t eaten a thing since morning because I was working myself out with the file he gave me and now he’s saying it’s useless?

I bit my lower lip trying not to cry, my back hurts including my hand from how aggressive I had worked on that file and for sitting down for long.

” Are you going to stand there or get out of my office and head home ” his voice came in icily.

This is just my first day, how long will I be able to work here?

I picked up the file, bowed my head and left his office.

Staring at the file in my hand, I tore it apart at his door then walked towards the elevator.

I badly need to see my kids although I know Andrew will take a good care of them, he will be a good mother if he was to be a woman.

I can’t even take care of them the way he does.

The whole building was quiet, the only I kept hearing is the chirping of the birds.

We ought to close at 5pm but here am I, in the office till few minutes to 7.

I will just try and manage my time like he said, I don’t want to serve this kinda punishment ever.

That handsome devil is very wicked. I came out of the building to get a cab, that was when I discovered that I don’t have any money with me.

I ran my hands through my hair tiredly, Andrew is the only option I have gotten.

Bringing out my phone, my eyes widened at the miss calls from him. 20 miss calls and 5messages.

I have ignored him because of that stupid file, he’s going to be mad at me.

I dialed his number, it began ringing but he didn’t pick up.

The next thing I saw was a car pulling up in my front with a messy Andrew coming out from it immediately the car halted.

I should be ready for some scolding from him.

” Are you okay buttercup? You got me worried and you didn’t pick up your calls, u have to come check up on you. I thought your boss did something to you, I won’t mind going in there and giving him the beating he deserves ”

He rambled checking my body for any injury while I shook my head in guilt, I got him so worried. All thanks to Mr handsome devil.

” I am sorry Andrew, Mr handsome devil gave me a pile of useless work to do. I didn’t mean to get you worried ” I said pouting.

That’s one of my strategies to get his heart soften from the anger.

” I am so going to beat him up one day, just take a look at you? You look like shit ” he gritted his teeth in anger which made me chuckle.

I know I look like a mess but seeing him this protective is really funny.

” It’s okay, let’s just head home. I need to take a cold shower and I hope you prepared something else, I will pass out ”

It was his time to chuckle. He opened the car door for me like a gentleman he is and I entered.

” I prepared something of course, your favourite to be precise, scrambled eggs”

My face lit up at that. Isn’t he an Angel in disguise?

” I can’t wait to be home then, how are the kids?” I asked.

That made me remember my salary, lord! My eyes almost popped out seeing the amount I will be collecting every month.

Five hundred freaking dollars ! And I have gotten two hundred and fifty dollars, that’s half of my salary Mr Kingsley said earlier.

The first thing I will do tomorrow is to take my credit card to the bank, withdraw everything, pay my kids school fees, renew the rent and buy some food stuffs then keep the remaining change for transport fair.

Andrew won’t always be there of course!
I sighed remembering that I have to come to the office by 8am.

I won’t be able to go the bank, I will beg Andrew to do that for me. Oh! And his treat!

” They are fine, we went for ice cream, then to the park. It was so fun ” he replied emphasising on the FUN and I rolled my eyes.
He’s tryna make me jealous.

” I won’t be jealous Andrew so quit the drama ”

” I know you are, you just don’t want to admit it buttercup and guess what ? The kids were happy when I told them you got a job ”
I know they will!


” Mummy ” Emma and Evan yelled hugging me.

” How are my babies doing?” I asked squatting to their level.

” We are fine, congratulations mummy. I told you, we will live fine now you got a job” Evan’s sharp voice came in

” Yeah right, we are happy mummy. At least my teacher won’t be giving me unending notes to give you again ” Emma seconded and I stared at her confused.


” But baby, you haven’t given me one of it before ” I frowned seeing that she shrugged.

” I don’t want to ever see you sad and I know giving you those notes will make you sad because you don’t have the money to pay ”

Tears and smile crept it’s way on my face, this children of mine are so smart, intelligent and wise

How did I become this lucky? First its always been Andrew and now my bundles of joy.

I am so happy to have them in my life, seeing them doesn’t make me regret the mistake of the night I did.

” Come to my mummy ”
I spread my arms widely engulfing them in a hug. With them in my life, nothing else matters.

” Okay, that’s enough of the mummy – kids lovey dovey. Go in and take your bath while I serve your dinner buttercup ”
Andrew said dragging the kids away.

It’s really going to be a tiring night!


Jeff’s POV

I seethed my teeth in anger, my hands fisted in balls and my jaw tightened.

” I am sorry Sir, I promise to redo the report right away ” Stephen, the head of publishing department said in fear.

” You are fired ” I said menacingly.

” Please. … Sir ”

” Get the fúck out of my office before I change my mind and do something worse ” I banged my desk in anger.

The rage burning through me could bring out smoke from my body.

He shrieked practically running out of my office.

He almost made me loose a lot of money, so incompetent! I hate that kind of workers.

I turned back to the window to see Miss Sidney still standing with that guy.

Coupled with that, it aggravated my anger . This same guy was all over her yesterday and now too?

She left her work to be laughing with him in my company.

How could I have thought she would be different from others? Women are the same anyways.

Seeing how free she is with him and the way she is laughing angered me.

I stormed out of my office taking my private elevator and cursing under my breathe.

If she’s less busy, then I will give her work to keep her busy.


Alexa’s POV

I laughed heartily at what Andrew was saying.
It was lunch time and he came visiting.

He was telling me about the new guy he wants to become his girlfriend.

” That’s not funny buttercup, you need to see how he ignored me. As handsome as I look ” he winced dramatising how hurt he felt while I laughed.

” How sure are you that he’s interested in doing guys?” I asked narrowing my eyes at him

” Oh puh lease, I know that right from the moment I set my eyes on him and his proud attitude attracted him to me the more ”

” Well then, you should keep on trying, maybe he will give in ” I said checking my time.

I jumped up seeing it’s 30minutes after lunch over.
Goodness! I was so busy discussing with Andrew that I forgot to check the time

” What’s wrong buttercup?” Andrew asked as he saw that I panicked.
I need to go back to the office.

” Miss Sidney ”

My blood froze as I raised my head to see my handsome devil of a boss fuming in anger.
I am so dead!



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