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My possessive boss
( A little nice )

Episode 8

Alexa’s POV

I cursed under my breath as the car started, seriously? I cancelled my outing with my kids and now the godforsaken meeting did not hold because Mr boss got angry ?

If he knows he was going to get angry why drag me with him?

I took a glance at him to see that he was gripping the seat tightly with his nose flaring up in anger.

What could have made him angry huh? Is this how he does business?

I really pity those he invest in their company, he will be giving them orders and cold shoulders like he did to Mr Dean.

No single atom of respect! He has the most despicable attitude ever!

But why will he take me to his penthouse with him?

Okay, maybe I should tell him that, I need to go back home since what we went for didn’t hold.

I could go back to my kids and take them out like we’ve planned.

But seeing how angry he looks, I am very scared of saying anything!

What if he holds my neck and strangle me right here? No one will know and I am sure his driver will do well to keep it a secret.

I quickly looked away as our eyes met, that was embarrassing.

The driver drove into his house and halted in the parking lot.

Did he want me to help him with anything at home? Like having files to arrange or something

I just can’t stop wondering why he didn’t take me home.

We came down from the car and my jaw dropped.

Is this really a penthouse? It looks marvelous!

Before I could even take a step, Mr Kingsley was already at his door.
He left me outside!

I so much loathe this man .

” Huh? Excuse me Sir ?” I called the driver

” Yes ma’am, any problem?” He asked me

” Can you take me home please?”

” I can only do that on young master’s order, I am sorry ma’am. He will be expecting you inside, please follow me ”

Young master my foot!
I tapped my feet angry before following him inside.

What’s all this huh? This man has turned a thorn in my flesh! A freaking pain in my neck ! Urgh!

We entered into the sitting room and I looked around like a lost puppy!

He really has a good taste for fashion! Everywhere is sparkling and shinny!

” Please sit ” he said. I took a sit and sat down quietly.

Mr Kingsley is nowhere near here! Can’t he just order them to take me home?
Gracious Lord!

” What should I offer you ma’am?” The driver asked smilling at me.

” Call me Alexa please and I don’t need anything, I just want you to inform Mr Kingsley that I am still here or better still, let him permit me to leave. I will go home myself ”

” I will do just that, he will be down in a few ”
He replied dashing out of my sight.


Jeff’s POV

I punched the wall angrily, if not that I don’t kill, I could have strangled that idiot!

How dare he stare at her that way? I could see pure lust in his eyes when he stared at Sidney.

He was undressing her with his disgusting gaze!

I won’t spare anyone that will try that nonsense again, in my fuçking present.

I will ruin them with just a snap of my fingers! Their jobs and companies!

But how is that my business, I shouldn’t be bothered if people are staring at her!

She’s not my girlfriend or sister so what?
Yeah whatever! I am trying to look out for my employee!

I was about taking off my dress when a knock came in.

” Come in ”
The door opened and Asher stepped in.

” I am sorry to disturb you young master, young Miss we came with is still….”

I slightly pushed him aside storming out of the room.

I totally forgot I came here with Sidney! And she didn’t talk while we were in the car?

Was she afraid of speaking to me? Of course she wasn’t!

It still anuses me how she talked back at me at the office today and now she’s acting all scared?

I know she’s enduring everything but why? Is she desperately in need of money?
I fired my last P.A because she couldn’t finish the work I have Sidney to do that she did in less than 24hours.

Did she do that just to avoid any other punishments? She even slept in the office because of that.
Isn’t she a strong woman?

I paused in the stairs watching as she sat quietly on the sofa tapping her foot impatiently.

I resumed walking the moment she saw me and jumped up almost falling down.
That made me chuckle!

Was she thinking I will tell her to stand up from my sofa or what?

” Sidney ” I called.
She bowed her head biting her lip nervously!

” Yes… Sir ”

” Did you have to stutter? ” I asked walking up to her .

Her eyes widened at our close proximity while I left a smirk plastered on my face.

I don’t want to look creepy so I didn’t hold her.

” Aha! No… Sir! ” She said as she regained her composure before shifting back.

” Uhmm, can I go home Sir?” She asked! She made sure she didn’t stutter but I could hear her voice shaking.

” I will let my driver drop you off and Sidney? Do not dress this way with me to a business meeting again, were you planning on seducing the whole world?”

I asked taking in her appearance again! I must drop my ego and admit she’s absolutely stunning!

The hungry gazes staring at her the moment we entered into the restaurant irritates me a lot!

” Huh? No Sir, it’s just a simple dress and you asked me not to dress like a lowlife to the meeting ”

She replied bowing her head! Is she trying to blame me for revealing her body to men out there to feed their eyes?

Maybe, it was partly my fault but I will never admit that!

” Take her home Asher ”

★ next morning ★

I entered into the office to see Dad waiting for me! Just great! Way to stay a bad day!

” Son ” he called immediately he saw me.

” Good morning Dad ” I greeted taking my seat without sparing him a glance.

I won’t let him ruin my day with anything he came to say! With him visiting, I already know it’s no good!

” How is the business going?” He asked.


” As you can see, my business is doing fine ” I replied emphasising on the MY.
He sighed looking around!

I opened my laptop to check the files Stella sent in for me yesterday.

” Jeff, I have ask for your forgiveness severally but you….”

” I am not in the mood for that Dad, not today! Talking about asking for my forgiveness, will it change what has happened ? ”

I asked coldly banging my hand loudly! He is really here t destroy my mood and open wound I am trying so hard to heal.

” Son I…”

” If that’s what you came for then we are done with it, I am a very busy person, if you might excuse me ”

I cut in dismissing him!

” Fine ! I will leave but when are you coming home Son? It’s been almost two months you last visited home ”
He said standing up.

” I will come home next week, can you leave now Dad? You have a company to run and not that my coming home is anything useful ”

I replied focusing back on my laptop. I still regard him as my Dad because he’s one!

” I love you Son ”
I scoffed looking away! Say that to your wife!


Alexa’s POV

I sighed loudly shifting the documents from my front.

I haven’t been myself since yesterday night when my kids confronted me about their Dad.

I couldn’t possibly tell them I don’t know him. I had to lie!

Lie to them that their father is out of the country!

? Flashback ?

” You wanted to tell me something kids?” I asked sitting in their middle.

Emma was eating popcorn while Evan was licking his ice cream.

” Yes momma, one of my classmates insulted Emma and I today ” Evan said.

Insulted them? Why?

” why ? ” I asked glancing at them.

” We had a little fight and he told us that we don’t have a daddy, where is our Daddy mummy?”

My heart sank at the question! I knew this was going to happen one day but I never thought it will be this soon.

” Yes mummy, where is our Daddy? We want t meet him ” Emma added.

What do I tell them?

” Uhmm babies, your daddy. He is out of the country ” I lied feeling sweaty!

” Out of the country?” The both asked simultaneously and I nodded

” Yes, you know! He went to make some money for us and he will be back soon ” I replied putting on my actress smile.

I could see their face lit up and I sighed in relief! They believed me!

” He’s going to be rich when he comes back and I will mock james back but trust me mummy, I have him a good beating and insulted him back, him that his mother is crippled and his sister is blind” Evan said giggling. Seriously?

” Can we talk to him? ” Emma blurted out and I stiffened. I am so done for this evening!

” I would have loved to baby but he..he lost his phone so when he gets a new one, you will talk to him ”

” We are visiting him during the holiday ”
I almost choked on my spit! What?

? Present ?

I jolted out as a call came in! Mr Kingsley!

? Good morning Sir ?

? Good morning Sidney, to my office ?

He said and hung up! Wait! What just happened?

He replied my greeting! He just said good morning Sidney! OhMigod! I n ed to celebrate this!

I quickly stood up and headed to his office!
With a gentle knock, he asked me to come in!

” You called me Sir ” I replied bowing my head slightly.

” I know I did Sidney ” he replied chuckling while I coughed!

So he can chuckle! Really? What’s up with his good mood today?

” I was wondering if you could have lunch with me today ”

My head snapped up immediately! Huh? Lunch with him?
Wait! What is he up to?

He was being creepy yesterday and now he’s being a little nice?

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