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(Her change fate)

Terri Savage ?️

Chapter 10




♦️ Richard’s POV

I sat in patiently waiting for the doctors to come out and tell me the present state of her condition, I was really feeling anxiety, it was like something isn’t alright.

Why would it take the doctor so long to come out and explain the condition, it was just the cut in her belly and the wounds in some part of her body, it can be treated without taking this long.

I sighed deeply with a heavy heart as I recalled her dim eyes when I drove her to the hospital… It was wet and was showing deep pain, pain that was too deep into the heart.

She looked like someone who had the whole world against her, just the thought of her shrill of pain makes me have a wet eyes, it is just too much for her.

When she wakes up, she would have to tell me who did this to her.

Oh no!!!.. She is blind

That means she didn’t see the face, there is no other person that I could suspect other than Claire but she can’t be this cruel.. Yes… She hates Sophia because she is a blind and poor girl.. that’s how she had always been, she hates poor people and the fact that she was even blind makes her not to want to have anything to to to her.

She may hates her, but..I know she can’t be so cruel to stab her, she won’t be so cruel to hit her, no..it can’t be her

I was trying to push this thought away from my mind but it keeps creeping in.

How would it be Claire?

I am so confused.. I wasn’t with my phone so I don’t know if she called or not.

I buried my face into my palm as I thought of everything, why would the poor soul suffer all this anywhere she goes.

It seems like her enemies are everywhere, her mother is missing, she also wouldn’t stay in peace, always passing through pains and anguish.

I would do everything to make her life better i don’t care if Claire wants it or not, I will just do what I want and what I think is right, she has suffered enough.

I’ll spend all my money to restore her sight then she would live with me.

Nothing would make me not do this, I no longer give a damn on Claire’s reaction.

?Claire’s POV

” It is done ” I heard the voice of the doctor through my phone making me smile widely.

” Next is to tell Richard that she sneaked out of the hospital without anyone knowing, also tell Victor that she told a nurse to make him know that she doesn’t need him ” I laughed satisfactory.

” Then secretly transport her to India or north Korea ” I said and he sighed

” What if I am thoroughly asked about her whereabout? ” He questioned

” Don’t worry about that.. My men would clean up every trace ” I said and hung the call.

” It is going well ” I announced to Stella who also smiled

” What about her mother? ” I asked

” She would be killed tomorrow… I’m tired of seeing that face ” She seethed.

” Kill her if you want, I would just throw Sophia away from Richard, I and Richard would continue our lives together like before, I am sure Sophia is clouding his mind..When he couldn’t see her again, he would come back to his senses ” I chuckled.

” Let’s celebrate our success ” I screamed and we both grabbed bottles of wines gulping it hungrily.

? Omniscient’s POV

It was just few minute to end it all, the doctors had succeeded in putting Sophia into a serious coma, a coma that would give the patient internal pains.

The patient would be feeling the pain but can’t move their body, only tears falling off their eyes.

It would seem like they are paralyzed.

” Is the flight ready? ” One of the doctor said into his phone.

” Yes ” The reply came and the doctors arranged Sophia like an emergency patient.

” I’ll take her out while you go and give Richard the wrong information ” The doctor breathed and their faces was filled with smiles.

They were all happy it was going fine not knowing they did a great mistake, no one had remembered that a surveillance camera had been installed not long ago.

They were covered with the thought of money and hadn’t think of that..

♦️Richard’s POV

” Prince I have something very urgent to show you ” I heard a strange voice making me raise my gaze to him.

” What is it? ” I asked

” I am Dr Smith…I was supposed to give that patient you brought in here the final treatment but all of a sudden I was changed with another doctor ” He said

” Anxiously, I went to the system room to check on this new doctor and I saw what left me trembling… They were sent to take the girl away ” He stated and I jolted up with horror.

” She had been injected with a fluid that paralyzed her whole body for some times, the fluid is equally giving her pains..I don’t know but what are we gonna do?… Watch this ” He said and handed a tablet to me.

I played the video there and a loud scream of exasperation forced itself out of my lips.

The scene of Sophia crying out loud really shred my heart to pieces.

I felt like dying

I quickly picked my phone and called different kind of security and agencies, those doctors would see hell or rather fire from hell for doing this to her.

In no distant time, the hospital was filled with the cops and security men.

? Omniscient’s POV

Through the back door, Sophia was successfully rolled out.

” Do we shut the camera? ” One of the doctor asked and they all widened their eye in total dismay.

“No!!!!! ” They gasped

We are doomed

” How couldn’t we shut the cameras?

“Jeez! ..we have to go and erase it ” One said

” I’m sorry it’s already too late ” They heard the voice of someone.

Looking up, they all saw group of cops and security men fully armed looking at them sternly.

” The three of you are under arrest ” The leader of the troupe stated and before the doctors could talk further, they were bound and smacked by the men

” You must tell us who sent you or you will die in the torture room with slow pain ” The boss seethed as they were all bundled away.


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