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(Her change fate)

Terri Savage ?️

Chapter 26




? Sophia’s POV


” Richard do you know we are now fighting a real battle?” I muttered to Richard immediately he woke up the next day.

He stared at me confusedly.

“There are many things you don’t know about Claire, you sees her as a mere person but she had gone very far in the fight to get the throne” I mumbled

“Explain to me the secret, I was told you gonna tell me” He stated bracing up himself.

” Claire wants the throne so badly that she is ready to kill anyone that stands as an obstacle ” I sighed

“But how could the Oracle call her my wife, does it means that she is somehow the princess?..I don’t just understand” he breathed and I smiled before explaining to him everything she did to make the oracle point at her.

I could see the shock in his eyes, he was so stunned that he couldn’t even move.

“So you see how cruel she is?..she had even threatened to kill me, she is out to get the kingdom for a reason best known to her ” I breathed

“She won’t succeed, I’m sure of that, I’m going to tell my dad right away, he needs to know that she pulled that stunt to make the oracle call her my wife ” He snapped

“He won’t believe you…no one would ever believe you, the story sounds untrue, no body thinks the oracle would lie, it’s useless telling him” I shrugged

“So what are we gonna do?” He asked staring at me.

“We just need to prove to the whole people that she is evil, for now, everyone sees her as the future princess, we got to expose her secret so they would believe our story ” I muttered and Richard smiled for once

“Now I see why she doesn’t want you to tell me all that ” He nodded with an arched brow


“Claire is dead as far as I’m concerned, the blood she shed would hunt her body, now I see why she made you blind because you had that secret, she knows what would happen to her if I hears it” He smirked and stood up pacing to and fro.

“I don’t actually get you, can you explain to me? ” I asked and he smiled more widely.

” Claire tampered with the royal blood, it is in her vein now but it would turn to poison the very moment I gets hold of her bracelet ” He said leaving me more confused

He sat down and stared at me.

“Claire has a bracelet given to her by the sorcerer, that bracelet is our only option to bring her down, only that can make the royal blood in her vein turn to poison which would kill her slowly in excruciating pain” he explained.

“How can we then get that bracelet?” I asked

“That’s what we would work on, I’m sure she must have kept it secured now but it takes torture to make her spit it’s location, we need to get her right away” He breathed

Just then, his phone rang and it was Claire calling, we both glanced at each other before he took the call.

♦️ Richard’s POV

?Hello Richard!” She called immediately

?How can I help you?” I snorted

?She must have told you something right?..I just called to make you know it’s a blunt lie, she hates me that’s why she made up those lie, please don’t believe her ” I heard her voice

?If I don’t believe her, I should believe you?..do you ever expect me to believe a single word from you?..yuck!!..I even hate this moment of talking with you” I scoffed

? Richard remember our days of peace and love, don’t let all this happening to shatter what the oracle had made..I..”

She couldn’t even finish her stupid words before I cut the call, I am already pissed off hearing her voice.

“Sophia let’s make some plan to get her to us, if we can get her and torture her brutally, she would tell us where the bracelet is ” He said with a mean face..

“How did you know about this bracelet?” She asked

“It’s one of the things I learnt from a sorcerer I met ” He replied

“I think we should get Stella first, she would be the one to get Claire for us..we would use the same method you used in getting me out of her grasp” She suggested and I shrugged

“Just watch and see how I go about this, Claire would regret every action she took in the past ” I growled before heading to clean up.

?Claire’s POV

It’s time to end it all once and for all, even if Richard dies, it doesn’t change anything, if he dies, I’ll still be made the princess and would still be the Queen…

He must have heard the secret from Sophia and must be after me right away, not just after me but after the bracelet, he must be setting plans on how to get it.

That would be his greatest mistake because I’m gonna use it to destroy him and Sophia all together.

He would succeed in getting the bracelet but would end up killing Sophia alongside himself probably.

No one can ever stop me from getting what I want, I’m born to rule!

“Claire, are we really going down?” Stella asked tiredly.

It seemed like she was getting afraid.

“We can never go down, trust me, even if we would go down, then all of us are going together including the king and Richard!” I blurted

“So what are we gonna do now?” She asked

“We would poison the king and make Richard lose concentration before we strike ” I seethed

“Wow..that’s a good idea, Richard would really be disturbed by his father’s condition and wouldn’t even notice when we strike, great! ” She exclaimed

“So this night, you would visit the king, it has been long you visited them, you’d visit the king and cook for them, poison only the King’s meal ” I instructed and she nodded.

“Richard and Sophia isn’t after you, they are after me and the bracelet so they won’t bother knowing your location so just do it quickly and return! ” I snapped and she nodded before I walked into my inner chamber.

♦️Richard’s POV

I sat in front of the computer system watching and tracing Stella’s location from the bug I installed in her phone and hair when I abducted her.

She had been one place all this while I was watching but right now she is making a funny move, I can see her heading to the palace and I can’t really understand why but one thing was for sure, she wasn’t going there for good.

I quickly put a call to Jaden

“Hey dude, I’ll send you a location now, that’s where Stella is, get her for me!” I said and hung up before sending it.

After some hours, the door sprang open and Jaden walked in with Stella who had bruise all over her face.

“Here you are again?” I smirked as she stared at me with fear.

Sophia came out from the room that moment, she must have been trying to sleep but couldn’t.

“What!!!…you caught her already?” She exclaimed as she saw Stella tied to the chair.

“Yes dear, I placed a bug on her” I smiled

“You would pay for all your evil I swear!!” She snorted and slapped her hardly

She was so furious that the slap made blood spurt out of her lips.

Just then, my phone rang.

It was Claire.

I felt some cold shiver run through me.

Oh gosh!!.. I’m really getting afraid of this Claire all of a sudden.

I took the call and all I could hear was laughter.

?Thank you for helping me take her home ” She said amidst laughter leaving us all confused

?What are you talking about?” I asked with an arched brow.

?Happy death day…I knew you would be coming to kidnap her, that’s why I sent her, I even saw the bug you planted, I knew you would take her so I hide some gift in her body, a gift that would plunge life out of you all…just some seconds, you would understand what I am saying ” She said and laughed so loudly before the call hung.

We all stared at each other confused.

“What is she………” My voice hitched as I saw a thick green smoke emitting out of her body in full mass.

The smoke went into her nose and killed her immediately, it diffuse through the air and brought Jaden who was standing beside her down, before we could know it, the strange smoke killed Stella and Jaden.

The door had even been covered with it.

My eyes widened as I stared at Sophia who was already in tears.

“Are we gonna die here and now?” She sobbed as the smoke came closer and closer.

Oh no!!!

Lord save us!


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