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(Her change fate)

Terri Savage ?️

Chapter 6




? Sophia’s POV

I woke up and found myself in a dark room.

What I’m I even saying, even if the room was bright, I would still see it dark, that is what a blind person only knows.


Everywhere was silent and for some moment, I thought I was in the spirit world, I thought I was dead because the only thing I could remember was when I fell down and black out.

How did I even got here?

Who brought me here?

I kept asking myself as I tried to stand up which was really difficult due to the pain I was feeling between my legs.

The pain made me recall what happened to me, it made me remember that I was raped.

Tears rolled down profusely as I tried sitting up.

” Hey, you are awake so soon, you must be a strong girl ” I heard a strange feminine voice said to me

” Who are you? ” I asked getting frightened.

” Calm down, I mean no harm dear.. I decided to help you after seeing those boys molest you ” she purred and I sighed.

” I don’t know who you are, I can’t see you.. do you know how my life is?..I’m blind and I’m staying in a strange place, can I trust you? ” I sobbed and she wrapped her arm round my body.

” I don’t know you but, I feel your pain, you are passing through a lot dear, I’m a mother without a child, I would take care of you ” she said and I sighed.

” I don’t want you to take care of me..all I want is for you to give me a knife please can you do it for me? ” I questioned with a heavy heart.

” Are you kidding me?.. do you want to kill yourself?.. I wouldn’t allow you do that ” She exclaimed and I took a deep breath.

” Do you even know what I am passing through? ” I asked.

” Do you even know a bit of how it feels being in darkness with everyone hating and hating you so much?..you don’t know all because you have your eyes..you can see ” I paused and whimpered bitterly.

The fact that my mom left me was really piercing my heart deeply, I could feel my heart bleed in excruciating pain.

How could she leave me?

Why is my life even going this way.

” Why don’t you want to kill me? ” I asked the strange woman.

” Stop those talks, it is foolish, I brought your food ” She said and I jolted up in frustration.

” Why do you want me to live?..did I tell you I want to be alive?..why did you even save me!! ” I yelled

I hate you for that!!!

The only way you can show me love is by killing me, my life is a curse..

It has to end!!!

” please calm down.. I.. know ” She replied

” You know nothing… take me out of this place and leave me in the middle of the road.. leave me there to die ..I am a curse, I will shatter your life if I stay here ” I bawled

” Can you eat first, I’ll think of all this later ” She cooed and I sighed

I sat down on the bed and she fed me carefully.

I kept on grumbling.

Life was seeping into me, I don’t want it.

I need death, why does anyone I meet leaves me alive, they would never wants me to die after all my pleas.

I pray they would experience a bit of what I am passing through, maybe with that.. they would know death is the best option.

? Claire’s POV

” What happened? she was not found?they searched all through that house,, even her mother is missing? what !! ” I exclaimed in anger.

Oh gosh!

What if Richard had taken her.. Could that be

” Claire!! ” I heard Victor call out making me flinch.

I smiled inwardly as I saw his face drawn.

” I couldn’t find her and her mother, she is missing ” He poured out with a deep breath of pain.

” So can you sleep now, I don’t understand why you suddenly pick interest in some wretched soul out there, you are a Prince and would later be the king, stop anything you have with the poverty stricken people..” I spitted out and I could see hatred in his eyes.

” What much do you really know about that blind girl, you seem to hate her so badly even when you haven’t seen her, what is it? ” He asked staring at me.

How would I tell him that the blind girl is my worst nightmare, someone I had to keep far away from him if I would want to get what I want.

Long ago, I could have killed Sophia but she couldn’t be killed, death wasn’t with her and a strong force was really guarding her life preventing death from stealing her.

She couldn’t be killed so the only option was making her see hell on earth.

” I need to sleep ” I muttered and lay on the bed leaving Richard deep in thought.

The way he was being disturbed really made me insecure, I made a big mistake allowing him come to the village alone, I would have drove him down here by myself.

Never had I thought that he would ever meet her on his way here.

I think we have to travel back to the town very soon, Sophia needs to be very far away from him or I would be doomed.

F*cking doomed.

Something I had kept hidden for so long would come out and that would be the end of me.


It was morning the next day.

I woke up and took a quick bath before picking my phone.

” Search for her through out the village, get whoever that had helped her and kill that person alongside her mother ” I typed in and send to a number.

I deleted the message after it was sent before taking a deep breath.

I can’t wait to kill Sophia’s mother… How did I even left her alive all this while.

F*ck it

When she is dead, Sophia would be left all alone in darkness, who knows she may probably die.


That would be the greatest news I would ever hear.

” Claire, I need to go and check on her ” I heard Richard’s voice drift me out of my thoughts.

” You are going to check on who this morning? ” I asked angrily.

” Sophia,, I need to make sure she is alright ” He replied

” And when did that started? .. When did you start checking on her and making sure she is alright.. So I’m now a piece of trash to you ugh? ” I seethed and he sighed.

” We would talk when I comes back ” He snapped and walked away leaving me boiling in anger.

” Sophia would soon be a forgotten chapter when her mom is killed and she was chased out by her dad, she would eventually die of hunger and heat from the sun ” I can’t help laughing.

It sounds so good.

? Sophia’s POV

” It is morning ” I heard the strange voice again.

” Mom, so I am still alive? ” I asked her as I yawn from my sleep.

” Wow!.. did you just called me mom, I really love it ” She squeaked in glee.

I stood up tiredly and started walking away weakly.

” What are you doing? ” She shouted.

” When I told you not to feed me, I meant you should let me die, you don’t wanna help me end this pain, well, I’ll do it myself ” I sobbed in the dark, it was morning like she said but I am still in this endless darkness.

Tears flowed down freely with my heart growing heavy.

I walked stupidly with the woman following me gesturing for me to stop, I sensed she was about grabbing me so I ran away as fast as my leg could carry.

She chased me.

I was running straight with fear, I wasn’t ready to hit.

I couldn’t finish my statement before my head slammed on a hard wall. I fell down in great pain, I could hear some murmurs from the people around.

My head had developed a bump which made my head look like it was going to break.

” Why are you hurting yourself, you are blind not dead, stop all this ” I heard her voice.

” Where is my dad?,, where is my mother? where is my step mom?,, why can’t they make life a little bit farer ”

” Let’s go home ” She cooed and tried carrying me up but stopped all of a sudden.

” You are the woman who took her away yesterday night right? ” I heard a husky voice shout.

” No..No..no..I..I..”

“Where is her mother? ” The scary voice shouted again making me cringe.

I heard a gun being corked, before I could ascertain what was happening.

I heard a gunshot and a loud shrill, it was that of the woman who saved me.

My eyes widened in horror as I got up frantically.

” Take her with us ” Another voice ordered and on hearing that, I ran away with them chasing me.

I ran and ran in tears,I was running in the darkest part of the world.

I kept running till I got exhausted, I ran further and hit someone who was on my way.

” Please they wants to kill me,, please help ” I asked crying loudly as I clutched tight on the person I bumped into.

I don’t know who he was but I just wanted someone to save me and I felt he was the right person.

” Please help me, they are getting closer
” I sulked holding him more tightly and closely to my body.

” Sophia ” I heard the voice called and my heart hitched, the voice was that of no other person but that of one man Richard.

” Are you Richard? ” I asked

” Yes, Sophia.. I’m so sorry ” He sobbed and hugged me more tightly.

The hug sparked up some part of my body with some different sensation which was great I felt peace and joy.

The hug left me smiling again forgetting every single pain I had passed through.

I love this man Richard.

I wouldn’t let him leave again, never.

I held him tightly feeling like he is my lover.

I can’t see his face but I can feel his body.

I want him in my life.

” I wouldn’t leave you again ” He said and I felt his breath closer, before I could know it, he kissed my lips.




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