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(Her change fate)

Terri Savage ?️

Chapter 8 & 9




?Claire’s POV

I walked back into the room and the sight of Sophia lying on the bed made me so much angry.

” Richard what actually is she doing here? ” I asked and he stared at me weirdly.

” Can’t you see her pain? She is alone right now, no one wants to help her, she is dying slowly, she has been through a lot… can’t you see it? Why asking what she is doing here? ” He questioned and I could see passion in his eyes.

He was really having so much compassion for the girl who I hated so much.

” I guess you know how much I hate blind and wretched girls like her, can’t you see she is a curse, look at her clearly ” I seethed

” Can you leave this room for now ” He sighed and I sneered at him.

“What! Are you telling me to leave? ” I questioned and he growled and stood up.

” If you spit out any hurtful word to her here and now, I’ll beat the hell out of you, i promise ” He yelled leaving me stunned.

I can’t believe my boyfriend shouted at me just because of this thing, this b*tch.

Oh gosh!!

♦️Richard’s POV

I looked at Sophia’s face and saw streak of tears on her cheek.

Her eyes was closed, she had fallen asleep and I can’t still leave her side, I just feel like I should always stay beside her.

” Richard I don’t understand you anymore ” Claire said making me pissed up.

What is even wrong with this girl?

I am feeling like beating her but I had to hold myself, she is my girlfriend.

” I myself doesn’t understand you, I don’t understand how a young lady like you would be so heartless that you aren’t moved by her pains and anguish.. I hate people who have an evil heart ” I spited forgetting she is my girlfriend that moment.

” I see, you hate me and likes her,, gosh!!” She scoffed and left.

I sighed and turned to Sophia only to see she was wide awake.

” You wake up ? ” I asked but got no reply except the tears that ran down her cheeks.

” So right here, there is someone who hates me too…why? ” She sulked making me feel pained.

” I’m sorry,, don’t worry, I’ll make her understand ” I muffled and took a deep breath.

” Do you know that I will bring trouble on you with my stay here? ” She sulked

” Stop saying that, stop thinking you are a curse, you are more better than many of the girls out there ” I poured out as I fondled her palm into mine.

” Who is that girl? ” She asked and I knew she was referring to Claire.

” She is my… ” My voice hitched as I stared at her pretty face, the word girlfriend couldn’t come out.

All of a sudden, I don’t want to tell her she is my girlfriend, I don’t want her to know I have a girlfriend.

” She is my sister ” I lied and she sighed.

” She seems to hate me so much ” She sobbed.

” I’ll make her start liking you, she is fond of disliking poor people, but I’ll make her understand okay ” I cooed and she smiled

” Can I ever see you before I die?” She suddenly asked making my heart skip beat upon beat

” Ugh,, I don’t get you ” I said not understanding what she meant.

” Do you know I may not be able to see you before something happens to me.. Yes my life is in danger, they must have gotten my mother, I’m next.. my life isn’t safe, I may be killed very soon ” she cried

” Stop saying all this painful words, it is making me emotional, no one would take you away from me, I may not be your boyfriend but I care so much about you, I feel pain seeing you in this condition ” I replied

” I’m not afraid to die, I’m not sad to die but I wouldn’t want to die with seeing your face, you are the man that had touched the inner part of my heart, I think I’m falling deeply for you even when I am not supposed to… I want to just see your face ” She sobbed raising her hands up.

I took it and placed it on my cheeks.

?Sophia’s POV

” I’ll do everything I can to make you see, I am sure the doctors in town can get your eyes healed, you are following me back to the state ” He said and I felt my whole body shudder in joy.

” Do you mean I can still see?” I asked in amazement.

” Yes my love ” I heard him say

” Did you call me my love? ” I asked in surprised

” Yes that’s what you are, I am liking you so much even when you can’t see me ” He said and I sat up.

” We are both in two different world, I’m a poor blind girl and you are the Prince… I am in no way like you, the king would even order that I be killed if he should hear that I am with you ”

” Please just trust me that you will be safe provided that I’m with you ” He purred and pecked my cheek making me to blush.

” I love that ” I whispered with a smile.

” Let me go get some cloths for you, here is now your new home ” He said making me smile widely.

I held his palm and placed it on my chest.

” This may sound awkward but it is true, I love you like my breath, I want to say this continuously into your ear because it is true ” I poured out emotionally.

” I also love you too ” He whispered and kissed my lips this time sending a strange sensation down my spine.

I felt butterflies doing a wide party down in my tummy, my whole body turned pink.

He stood up and head out.

I was very happy but as I heard the door of the room open and close… My heart became cold.

He is out? …. Would he come back

Where is my mother?

Did she leave me all alone or was she in trouble?

I don’t know, I lay there on the bed praying he should come back quickly, I needs him so my heart would be at rest, he is the only one I trust.

The door of the room cracked open and a sweet smile escaped my lips..

He is back!

” You are back dear ” I said and sat up.

I was waiting to hear his voice but heard none.

” Richard is that you ?”…what…” A resounding slap held my voice in the air.

The slap was so painful that I felt it all over my body.

” What are you doing here? ” I heard a female voice say to me followed by a push that led me out of the bed allowing me hit my head on the tiled floor.

I let out a shrill of pain but the lady wasn’t even listening to my pain..

She seem to be so much enraged.

” Sophia just die, die and be forgotten ” She screamed kicking me hardly.

” What did I do ” I gasped in pain.

” What are you doing with Richard?.. Are you trying to repeat history?..why would you even meet him? ” She asked bitterly.

” You can’t ruin all my plan now that it is close to complete.. I just hate seeing you..leave!! ” She hit my head with what I can’t tell, all I know was that I felt a sharp pain all over me.

” Please stop ” I cried in agony.

” When Richard comes, tell him you want to leave here and return home.. Listen ” She said and placed something into my ear.

What I heard left me taken aback…


I could hear the cry of my mother as she was beaten, I could feel it that she was going through a lot.

But why must she suffer because of me?

” She would die if you spend a night here.. Make sure you leave here today or else you would be the cause of the death of your mother ” Her voice echoed in my ear leaving nothing but sadness in me.

I regret the day I was born.

I’m nothing but a real curse, that is why I bring nothing good into the life of people who showed me love.

A woman was shot to death because she helped me, my mother had been in agony and pain all through her life all because of me.

This has to stop..

There are more reason to die than to live.

” Can you help me take my life?” I asked the lady who had been doing all that.

” I can’t, you can kill your self ” She chuckled and gave me a knife before leaving as she heard the hooting of car, I guess it’s Richard.

I held the knife which I had longed to get hold of, I raised it up to pierce my stomach but as it gave me a deep cut, I quickly flung it away as a great pain swept my whole body.

I screamed as the pain became unbearable.

” Sophia!!! ” His voice came in but it was like a far away sound.

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