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[ Guns and S*x]

# 4 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

♟️ Spark’s libary 2022


✍️By authoress lenity Faithful

©️ Spark’s libary 2022


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot , Erotic billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

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♠️ SERGIO ♠️

I lay in my Room Scrolling Through my phone …when it rang it was one of my men .

” I sent the number to your Phone Boss ” He said and I grinned.

So what if she refused to give me her number ? I had my sources and I always get what I want .

I Smirked as I called …it rang for a bit and she picked up .

” Hello ” I heard her Sweet soft voice say at the other End .

My Fierce Neomi ….

” Hello ..Mia cara ….Did you miss me ? asked and I can already imagine the frown on her face at my Endernment

” Sergio ! ” She said In one breath probably shocked and wondering what I now had under my sleeves .

” Cupcakes ….Did you dream of me ? Of how I’d Have you on my Bed … Pounding into you with Reckless Abandon ? I asked Whilst smirking , Neomi Had always hated my Smart mouth so this is definitely getting on her nerves.

” You’re not that important to Dream about Mr Deluca …I even forgot you Existed …” She said and I removed my phone from my ear and stared at it shocked before placing it back .

” Ouch ….! You break my heart ….My Love ” I said and she scoffed at my use of Endernment.

” Let’s meet up …” I said and She chuckled.

“I’m Busy Mr De Luca …” She said and I laughed.

Neomi knew if I was offering Her a lunch Date I had another plan up my sleeves …and I definitely did anyways .

There’s nothing much I want than to f*ck some sense into her Stubborn Arrogant Mind.

” Are you scared ?I asked mockingly.

” Scared of who ? She asked and I paused .

” Scared if I’d Rip you Apart ? I asked .

” Guard your heart Mr De Luca …I’m taking over your mind and trust me the mind and the heart walk together….” She said and I fell silent immediately.

” I have better things to do Mr De LUCA. ..save the lunch for some other time thank you ” she said and cut the call .

What the hell !

I removed the phone and stared at it in shock …
Neomi Andrea Poison whatever name she went with was messing with me ..

How dare she ?

She thinks she Affects Me ? There’s nothing Fascinating About her Accept her Brain and Beauty ….she was nothing compared to the Women I fvck who obediently strip ! I thought with hands clenched .

Then why are you Hot and Bothered ? My mind mocked .

” Oh please she’s not worth my thoughts ” I spat and Decided to do something .

I got up and got Busy with some Work not too long A knock came on my door .

I strolled towards the Door tiredly.

I opened the Door and my eyes widened in shock to See Kris and Bella with their Devil Tatiana …

” Good evening Gio ” Kris grinned.

” There’s nothing Good about this Evening if you’re planning to turn me into a Nanny Again no ! I said and My eyes met with Tatiana Who Smirked at me .

Am I imagining things or this Tati just smirked .

” Bella and I want to spend sometime with Each other at my Beach house …” He Began .

” Tati loves the Beach Take her with you ” I said frowning .

This couple are hell bent on Frustrating a man like me when I don’t even like stress .

” It Wouldn’t be for long Bro …you Know how much Tati loves you …I’ve tried keeping her with mom but it’s not working ” Kris said as he bit his lower lip .

” So ? I’m supposed to Babysit Tatiana Again ! God ….why me ” I cried Dramatically .

” Stop being Dramatic Sergio …Kris and I just wanna spend sometime together due to our busy schedule …we already gave Tristan to Cora ” Bella grinned.

” So as the Bachelor I get to suffer ? Whatever happened to Dylan ? I asked frustratedly.

” Oh please Tati …loves you more ” Bella grinned and Tatiana grinned at me Evily.

” Why Is she so Obsessed with me ? I asked and Kristov laughed as he handed her over to me .

” Have fun and please use protection for whatever Sinful thing you’re about to do I don’t need another Tatiana junior just yet please” i said and the couple burst out laughing .

” Poo poo ” Tati babbled as she kissed my cheeks then laughed sweetly .

Oh God as if Neomi Making me speechless a while Ago wasn’t Enough tuture.

This is just too much .

Immediately they left I walked over to my Couch and Dropped Tatiana .

” What do you Wanna Eat Tati ? I have ice cream …! ” I said and she just stared at me with A big innocent eyes .

Sergio don’t be a fool she’s just a kid she wouldn’t know if she wants Ice cream ! My mind mocked .

That’s right she’s just A toddler. .. who can’t talk. Asking her Question is stupid .

” I guess it’s ice cream then ” I said and walked over to my fridge.

I brought out a plate and she looked at me wondering what it was .

“I’d say you’re a sweet girl but your too Arrogant ” I said and she kept staring at the plate

” Oh you want this ? I asked and sat next to her as I fed her the ice cream she seem to be Enjoying every bit of it because she couldn’t wait for more as she pulled the spoon even before it got to her .

I never loved kids but Tati …. Wouldn’t let me be. ..And she makes me smile a lot sometimes .

We played video games together and when she messed up her Dress I heard a sound from her Diapers .

I looked at her and she screamed in fear as another sound followed .

” Baap baap broooo” her eyes Widened and she screamed in pannick .

I guess she can’t believe something that heavy escaped her Butts .

” Aaaaaaaaaah” she cried raising her Hands .

” Oh Tati …that’s just your Fart ” I said and carried her in my Arms as she stained my White polo shirt .

” Hmmmnn ” I made a face at the Bad stink that Engulfed my Room .

I took her to my bathroom and helped her freshen up .

Then picked her up in my Arms as I took her to her room .

” Papoo” she babbled .

” You know what Tati ? You’re right whatever you say is correct ” I said and she grinned .

We got to their room and I walked towards their walk in closet .

Goodness both her parents where mad . I mean Tatiana practically had her own walk in closet …with tons of clothes shoes and Designer Accessories .

Not to mention Tristan .

I picked A black polo shirt …pink skirt and purple shoes …I didn’t care if the colors even matched as I picked an orange hairband .

I picked her Bodycare set and walked towards her Bed .

I successfully completed the Changing and heard laughter .

When I turned it was mom with A glass of wine .

” What are you Doing ? I asked her .

” Grace and I we’re Making plans for the Masquerade Ball this Weekend. ..But don’t you think I should be asking you what you’re up to since you just turned Tati to a Color festival ” she teased .

” Oh please she doesn’t mind ” I said and mom laughed.

Tatiana is helping you plan though. …That’s why you should get married …you’re gonna make a good husband and father ” she said smiling and I started my fake cough to escape her

” Oh please Sergio that doesn’t work on me anymore …you where talking about a girl you’re pursuing ” she asked smiling .

” She changed her mind , she doesn’t like me ” I said and mom raised her eyebrows .

” Were you even a gentleman Sergio ? All my son’s her idiots …” She said and I chuckled .

” Tati had cuddled into me as she slept soundly .

” Go out with a mature woman that wants something serious …not one of those escorts who want what’s in your pants” she said and I grinned .

” I’ve heard you mom but I’m not ready for marriage ,I’d get married when I’m 50 ” I said and she smack my head as I laughed.

” You’re lucky you have Tati in your arms I would have broken your head with my shoes ” she said and I laughed

Bella and Kris didn’t return that night And Tati spent the night with Cora and Tristan her twin .

I didn’t Bother to reach Neomi till the Weekend …I knew one way or the Other …the Valentino’s would show up because they where invited ..

I wanted her to show up Because I don’t plan on letting her live ..

The masquerade ball would happen and when it Happens …I’d get her right where I want her …

Go on Neomi keep acting Smart …

The Weekend Came and Since the Ball was to be held inside the Estate our men where on high Alert .

Every Mafia family threw such occasions once in a while to Prove their wealth and power ….

And we were not about to change our tradition because the Valentino’s where unto us.

Those people where just jealous if us why else where they After our business and personal life ?

Why is Neomi even Siding with them ? We’ve all lived in peace why is Mr Dominico suddenly interested in us ?

I rubbed my forehead and Decided to Dig Deep during the party .

Something must have happened … something that led him into Having such hostility towards us …

The Valentino’s although a mafia family …Had the history of playing fair …Mr Dominico was no cruel Boss. …

So why ?

There was a Question mark for sure .

” Have they Arrived ? Grace the Donna Asked as she picked a wine glass .

” No …”

” You can’t seem to take your eyes off the Entrance , waiting for someone special ?she teased .

” No one special ” I mumbled .

” Si ? ”

” Si” I answered .

Not too long the Eyes of the Woman I could Recognize even in my sleep bored into mine as she walked into the party .

Mr Dominico Valentino and his Two sons the Biological and Adopted stood on either side .

His Wife stood flipping her Hair whilst Neomi stood silently .

Her Dress too Sinful to be Ignored it made me think of all the bad things I wanna do to her .

I knew she had a motive for Attending this Ball so Immediately she lives even to ease herself I’d make sure I join her …

She’s too risky to ignore .

” Mr Valentino ” my DaD Santiago De Luca Called as he walked over to Mr Dominico .

” De Luca ” Valentino said as they both shook hands .

I noticed Neomi Walk out of the party and I smirked as I straightened my suit and joined her .

Who knows the De luca estate better than I do ? This is my territory .

She noticed I was into her and immediately we got into another Hallway I shut the Doors as the Place became dark with just the little light from the party .

It was enough to see her plump pink lips and the way her B**bs went up and down from her Breathing .

” Why are you following me around Smart pants. …? I only wanted to use the ladies room ” she said arms folded.

” I only wanted to escort you why the pannick ? I asked and she tried to walk passed me but I pulled her back .

” You made a terrible mistake by walking into my Domain. ..Mia cara …” I said and she struggled to get out of my grip.

Ste lifted her legs to attack but I caught it right away.

A well trained Assassin like Neomi could get away with Killing anyone .

I mean even Her fighting skills where top notch.

” Let me go ….! ….I’d shoot you Smart pants I’m not joking …!” She screamed as she tried to pull out her Gun from what I saw as a geans under her dress but I slammed her back on the wall as she winced Angrily .

” I’d be a good little girl if I were you Cupcake …” I whispered in her ears as my fingers trailed her legs Dirtly.

” Shhhhhhhh Neomi …you know you want this ” i whispered and she tried to winced but mo”ned as i slammed my lips on hers .

She pulled away like she’d just been burned .

” Kissing me doesn’t change a thing Sergio …you better watch your back because the more you want me …the more I’d lead you to your Death …” She spat as I ran my fingers in my hair .

” Kill me if you can ” I spat angrily and she pointed her gun at me

which made me smirk ..I was enjoying every bit of her .

” This is what I like …Cupcake …this feisty nature …it just makes it more interesting when I’d have you on my bed …. Crying my name like your life depends on it ….”

” Begging for more ” I whispered whilst going close .

” I will break you Neomi …untill you have no Power to fight me Anymore …”


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