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(She is His true love…
Only light to his Dark world) 🌹

” Love is Blind and the lovers are blinded…..”


Author: 🌟IFEOLUWA Babymediagirl 🌟




THEME :🦋 (Meeting His Light)


* * * * *


“Mom, I will come home with him when it’s time and can you stop scolding me already?” I groaned as Mom scold me on phone as usual by being a pain in my ass about me getting marry.

“Mom, I’m just Twenty- five, I still have much time, I don’t have to rush into marriage” I almost yell at her but keep calm.

“Yes yes, I love you, bye” I hang up before she can even say any other thing. I huffed dropping the phone on the table. I looked at the Budget I calculated and sighed, I close the laptop and stood up to get myself a coffee.

Resting my hand in the counter and sipped the coffee.

My boss will never seem to amaze me, will he? How could he pulled such stunts and call off the wedding, just like that? He is not just blind, he is not a ordinary man, that is what I want to believe.

I smile knowing this is the chance for him and Skylar to get together. I just can’t wait.
A arm sneaked around my waist and that made my body tense as he nuzzles my neck, John. He is the only guy that can do that.

“I missed you” He nuzzles my neck and I smile and melted to his touch “I missed you too” Dropping the mug on the counter, I turned to face him and wrapped my arm around him, breathing the same air as him.

My gaze fell on his lips and the only thing on my mind is having those lips in mine.
“I visited Mr. Vincent today” I don’t think i’m listening to whatever he is saying or want to say.

I placed my lips on his and he reciprocate back, drawing more closer and slide his tongue inside my mouth. Fuck! He is a good kisser. He kissed me deeply and my back leaned to the counter on their own as his mouth entwined with mine and I feel our saliva mishmash together.

I pulled away and Chuckled gazing back at his eyes “so you were saying? ” I motioned him to continue what he wanted to say earlier, he chuckled and carry me off the ground and place me on the counter.

“What was that for?” He said referring to the kiss and I shrugged ” I don’t know” I pouted and he chuckled again.

“I visited Mr. Vincent in the hospital” My eyes widened immediately he said hospital “what? Hospital? What happened to him? Why am I just hearing about this? ” I bomboard him with question immediately, he went silent for awhile and smile.

“You care a lot for him” He chuckled.
“He slipped in his bathroom but good news came out of it anyways” He said and that makes me furrow ” Good news?”

“He regained his sight due to how he hit his head on the floor” My eyes widened immediately.
“What! Mr Vincent regained his sight!”
“OMG! This is a great news!


Hopping down from the car, I stood still for awhile staring at the magnificient building before me.

“Any problem?” Ben walked up to me and I shook my head with a scoff “it just that…the house, why so beautiful?” I chuckled and made my way inside.

“Well, You are the youngest Billionaire, what do you expect? I need to make it to the taste of your title” Following me inside he said and I smile. Youngest Billionaire huhn? How did I come this far despite being Blind?

I can’t believe I’ve always walked through this door on my own with my eyes closed. I opened the door and that is when I had the clear view of how the house looks like, the house I’ve been living for almost seven year.

I look around marvelling the great work of arts and the design, it was just so brilliant “You love it? ” Ben asked.

“Really? Why won’t I love it, this is just so brilliant” I confessed still feasting my eyes on everything.

“You are back” Mama popped her head from the kitchen and I smile.

She is cooking as always, the aroma of her food speaks out already.

“I made your food already” She said as we walked into the kitchen. Ben about to eat out of the plantain in the plate but Ma’am Gina smacked his hand with the spoon she holding and that make Ben yelped while I burst into laughter.

“Ouch! Why that now? ” He eyed her spinning his hand “The fried plaintains is for Vincent” She said and put some into my mouth.

“Thank you mama” I smile and she smile but glared at Ben.

“Mama, I don’t think we will be able to eat the food now, We are traveling right now, I will only change into something nice. don’t think I can wait, I want to see her so badly”

She nod and smile “Yeah, Go get her if you can’t wait, I will pack the food for you then” She patted my shoulder.


“OMG! Arianna Grande! There, Skylar” Annie giggled and rushed to the store while I only huffed “Mister, How much for the band?” She asked the man at the store.

Seriously, she wants to buy the head band just because Arianna is imprinted on the band.

“Come one Sister, you need to get this for me” She motioned me to move closer and I did.

“Annie, we only come to the market to get groceries and not head band” I huffed but she pouted “please, I will be a good girl from now on” That makes me to cracked into laughter. Really? She is trying to make me buy the head band.

“Fine fine, we wil get it” She jumped up in joy and pay the man. She wore the head band on ber head and make her hair fall back.

“How do I look?” She pose like a model and I smile.

“So beautiful” I told her and she giggled again.

“I need to take pictures please” She brought out her small camera from her bag and hand it over to me.

“Annie, we can’t stay out for long you know” I complained taking the camera from her “Just take the pictures Sis, then we will go back home” She said posing and smiling.

I found myself smiling because I’ve got such a beautiful little sister, got a body like a model too.

“Annie, are you sure you don’t want to go into modelling with your singing skill?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I don’t like modelling, they will have to be watching out on whatever they eat, burns weight, I don’t want to even think about it” She scoffed taking the camera back and we started working home.

“I missed Anita” She suddenly said as we reached our neighbourhood “I missed Uncle Vincent too, I missed Jeremy” She said through her nose.

I glanced over at her and scoffed, not like I don’t miss Anita and Vincent. I’m sure without me, they must be living a peaceful life now. No one will come after Anita because of me and Vincent, I’m not sure.

Has he given up on me? I’ve not been able to get over him. Every Night I dreamed of those memories of us together. I look down at the necklace and sighed.

“Skylar, You zoned out” Annie tapped me and I turned to her “it’s fine” I mumbled but she pointed at our apartment.

“Why is he hanging around our apartment? He even decided to live in the next apartment to us. I don’t like him” I look up to see who he is referring to and I was kinda surprised to see Daniel at our doorway.

What the hell? I thought I told him to stay away from us. What does he want from me?

“And why the hell are you here? In front of my apartment? I questioned him as soon as we walked closer.

He inserted his hand into his pocket and looked in between us and I was shocked when he said ” I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything we’ve done to you and your sister”

I was speechless for awhile, Daniel is really saying sorry? Apologizing for what they did? I’m not sure he is being sincere maybe it is part the con he is pulling. There is no way I will fall for his trick.

“I’m being sincere right now, Annie….” He turned to Annie who looked at him disgustingly.

“I’m sorry for what we did to you, okay? ” He apologized, I seriously don’t want to believe he is being real right now but the sincerity in his voice and eyes.

“Daniel, fine we forgive you, You can go now” I told him and he pouted “Are you sure? ” He asked and I force a smile “yes, we did”

“Thanks for forgiving me, if you don’t mind,we can go out together” He said but I rejected “nope, we are fine”

His face dropped instantly “why? I just want to be in good term with you two, please” He pleaded and turned to Annie.

Annie looked at me with her baby pouted face, don’t tell me she wants to go? I thought she said she don’t like him.

“Okay fine tomorrow” He squeaked in joy immediately I said that and that made me to rolled my eyes.

I’m not trusting him that much, why is he bent on getting on good terms with him after everything they’ve done?



“Finally, We are here” I look around the night busy city of Florida. Here we come for my only light.

I can’t wait to see her, have her near me, her scent, her voice “Sir, come on” Ben motioned me to come with him as he already stopped the cab.

We both hopped in and the car moved.
“The address?” I asked him and he smile bringing out the paper she left for me. At this late night, she will be so surprised to see me and that is what I want.


“Are you sure this is where they live?” I look out from my car and look around the quiet neighbourhood.

“Yes, I secretly followed them and turns out they live here” Logan replied beside me and I nodded.

I’ve been searching all over the country for them and now, they came back. They thought I would have gotten over them. I need to kill them not to leave any traces of what I did. Thank Goodness, for the quiet neighbourhood.

” What are those guys waiting for? Tell them to get them here immediately”

“Okay” He speak through his phone and I watched the two built men walked into the apartment. I’m sure, they would have grown more. I can remember how little they were back then but still that doesn’t change that they witness everything that happened.

My phone rang all of sudden and I picked it.

“Sir, I’m at your house now” Sarah speaks from the other side of the phone and I smirked.

“Yeah, I will be back home soon, get ready for me” I hang up and lick my bottom lips, That girl is way badass at work and in bed.

Getting those two girls is very important now.



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