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{ ..Caught In The Act…}

Genre: Romance / Fantasy

Tags; College romance, Roommates, Hatred,
Music, Thrillers, Secrets, Betrayal, Hidden
relationships, Rivalry, Jealousy, Love and
Suspense and many more…

Settings: North America/France




••Extract From The Story••

The bass of the frat party music vibrated up
through her feet as she lined up her beer pong
shot. Carefully, she pulled her arm back… Only
to be interrupted by the chime of her phone. She
checked the message, then made a “T” shape
with her hands as she stepped away.

“Time out, guys. I gotta go take care of
something ” Aneesa said.

“Aw, don’t tell me you’re bailing already. I was
just about to heat up!” Toga bro said.

Aneesa shot him a playful wink and waved her
way through the crowded backyard. Her every
steps revealed another smiling face.

“Aneesa! I’ve been looking for you all night. Let’s
do shots!” Toga bro exclaimed.

“Oh mi god, Aneesa, it’s our song! You’ve gotta
dance with me!” Sorority girl said.

“Later guys,I promise!” Aneesa replied to them.

She made a beeline for the frat house,her skin
warming at the thought of her earlier text

“I miss the taste of you”

Stomach tightened in anticipation,She slipped
into the bathroom and locked the door. Behind
her,she heard a familiar voice.

“I see you got my text…” A sexy voice said.

“I was starting to think you might not show”
Drew spoke.

“I almost didn’t ‘Meet me in the bathroom in
five’ doesn’t exactly scream ‘classy’ ” She

Drew’s hand found her waist,and as his lips
grazed her ear,his whispered voice stroked the
throbbing heat between her thighs.

“I can either be classy or I can make you scream
my name. Pick” He whispered.

“Well,if those are my only two options…” She
said and paused.

She gripped the fabric at her thighs and lifted
her skirt, locking eyes with Drew as he sank to
his knees with a smirk… Only to be interrupted
by a banging at the door!

“Drew! Aneesa! Come out now! I know you’re
both in there!” An annoying voice shouted.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Aneesa
freaked out.

“All I know is,if they catch us in here together,
we’re dead” Drew said, trying to keep his cool.

As a college transfer student,Aneesa mission is
simple: Get in,get educated,get out and get back
with her parents. But will that plan change when
she meets the ultimate partier??

I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna miss this ride for
anything… 😳😍🍡

Then leggo! 💜💜


{ .. Caught In The Act…}


By, Emery Princess J.








*Two Months Earlier…

As Aneesa stood in the housing office of Villa
Chevalier State University with her best friend
Samira, She welled up with pride.

“After working out asses off in highschool
together, best scholarships and doing our pre-
reqs at a community college”

“We’re about to get out IDs at a four year
university! We’re so gonna reinvent ourselves.
Me as a superstar!” Samira exclaimed joyously
beside Aneesa.

“And me as an accentric film student! I can’t
believe we’re finally going to live the lives we’ve
always dreamed of!” Aneesa said, excitedly.

Gallantly, she gestured for Samira to go ahead
of her,and Samira rushed up to the desk

“I’m Samira Saeed. I should be in Straughton
Hall,room 1104…?” Samira said.

“Right you are. Your ID is your key to your dorm
room, laundry and the dining hall,just swipe at
the keypads and with other roommate.” Mr
Townsend said, referring to Samira.

“Do you have one for me too? I’m Aneesa
Valentine, also in Straughton Hall, room 1104…”
Aneesa said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, miss Valentine,but you don’t
seem to have a room or roommate assignment”
Mr Townsend replied.

“That’s impossible! We requested each other on
our applications! Can’t you look it up!?” She
shouted, furiously.

“I see the request,but as an athlete, Samira was
reassigned a teammate to room with… And you
might have slipped through the cracks” The
man said.

“What’s worse,all of the dorm rooms have
already been assigned. We have no space left”
Mr Townsend continued.

“,So, where am I supposed to live?” She asked.

“Perhaps Miss Saeed will let you stay with her
for the time being?” Mr Townsend suggested.

” ‘Perphaps’? Us that really the best you can
do?” Aneesa hissed. With a huff,she charged
out of the building and back onto the bustling
campus, Samira hot on her heels.

“I can’t believe this… I’m homeless on my first
real day of college!” Aneesa said, looking sad.

“Stay with me and my roommate until we get
this figured out. I don’t want to live with a
random anyway!” Samira told her.

“I wish I could,but dorms are barely big enough
for two as it is. What am I gonna do?” Aneesa

As she sulked,a herd of students flock by,
chattering loud enough to hear parts of their

“The org fair is so huge, I had to take a break
from the crowds. There have to be at least a
thousand people there” A student said from the

“That’s it! The org fair is full of students. We’ll
go there and ask around. Someone’s gotta be
looking for a roommate” Samira said and
smiled at her.

Before she could finish, Samira’s phone chimed
with a message. Aneesa peeked over her
shoulders to read it.

” ‘Anyone late will run a ten mile penalty’? Do
you even know where the athletics department
is?” Aneesa said.

“No,but if I don’t want to end on Coach bad side,
I’d better find out and quick. Sorry!” Samira
rushed her words as she hurriedly ran to her
meeting. Aneesa decided to follow the crowd to
the busy org fair alone.

“Alright, Aneesa. You can do this. Just walk up
and say hello, and you’ll have a roomie in no
time” She mumbled to herself.

Heart in her throat, she made her way over to
the Greek life booth,and a lady with perfectly
white teeth greets her with a smile.

“Hey, lovely. How’s it going?” The Sorority sister
said.(Sororities are those undergraduate
females and males in an organization for a frat
mostly at universities)

“Better before you binded me with the pearly
whit teeth. Us there a doctor on campus,cause
wow girlfriend!” Aneesa said playfully, trying to
tease her.

“Um… Please say psych” The Sorority sister said
and walked away.

“Yeah, that sounded better in my head. I’m
going to just see myself out” Aneesa said with a
sigh. With the feeling of rejection,you make an
abrupt turn out of the grove of trees… Only to
collide head-on with someone around the


A pair of sturdy hands steady Aneesa,and she
trailed her eyes up from the well built muscles in
his biceps and chest to the sharp contours of
his jawline…

“I’ve had girls throw themselves at me, but it’s
usually a little less painful and a lot more on
purpose” The talk guy she bumped into said,
brushing his hair.

“I’m so sorry!” Aneesa quickly apologized.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.

Before she could stopped herself,she inspected
him for injuries, running her hands down his
firm arms and across his taut stomach.

“You know,if you wanted another feel,all you
had to do was ask” The guy smirked at her and
she scoffed silently.

She quickly stepped back and though his
steadying grip left her arms,the heat of his
touch lingered.

“Sorry. I swear I’m usually much less of a hot
mess” She smiled out.

“That’s too bad ‘Hot’ and ‘Messy’ are my two
favorite adjectives” He said. His voice turned
husky and teasing, flirty and suddenly,her heart

“I’m Aneesa Valentine. You know in case you
need to send me your hospital bills” She teased.

“Drew Leonardo. Don’t tell me the org fair was
so bad it literally sent you running for the hills”
Drew chuckled.

“The org possibilities were a ten out if ten. The
potential roommates on the other hand not so
much. She replied.

“I’ve got an RA friend who might be able to help
you find a roomie. I was about to her at at the
Zeta Xi party. I could introduce you?” Drew said
with a shrug.

Aneesa thought about it for a while as Drew’s
warm smile radiated an infectious confidence in

“Alright” She replied.

Greek Row is awash in clot and sound from the
music playing and as Drew guided her through
the crowd,she passed a group of ladies in
skimpy academic dress.

“Hi Drew!” A Sorority girl waved at Drew with a
smile. Drew just threw her a wink in return and
the lady giggled and raced away, the round
bottoms of her ass peeking from under her skirt.

“Uh… Is it just me or are alot of people missing a
few inches of fabric?” Aneesa asked, indirectly.

“Dressing wild for parties helps people tap into
the sexual energy they keep locked away. It
could do wonders for someone like you” Drew

” ‘Someone like me!’ What’s that supposed to
mean?” She asked, glaring hard at him.

“You know. Someone pent up. I mean your
whole look screams naive ‘repressimg myself to
meet high expectations” Drew responded, dryly.

Aneesa glanced at her outfit and suddenly
realized how out of place it looked on her. Heat
rised into her face shamefully as she melt
Drew’s smirk.

“If I’d known I was coming to this party. I might
have dresses differently, you know!” She
snapped at him.

“You. An still change your holy Mary look” He

“I see whatcha doing but ‘someone like me’ will
wear my clothes like the manufacturer intended”
She replied.

“Of course you will. Come on, my friends are
inside” He said and two of you went inside.

“Duuude! You’re early. The game hasn’t even
started yet” Cisco, Drew’s friend said when they
joined them.

“Damn! Drew best hip hop artist!” Dylan said,
jokingly and Drew threw him a signal.

“Wait… You’re Andrew Lustre, like, the always on
mask guy on stage,the popular musician!”
Aneesa asked,her eyes beaming with surprise.

“You never knew?” He gazed at her with a bare

“I’ve never seen your face before even while on
stage” She said and he shrugged it off.

“Aw, come on, Cisco. You know Drew’s gotta
scowl out the perfect teammate the a
bedmate”Nicole, Drew’s female friend smirked.

“Take it easy or you’re gonna ruin Aneesa’s first
impression on me. Aneesa, this is Dylan, Nicole
and Cisco and everybody” Drew introduced his
three pals.

Nicole eyed her outfit.

“Drew, this is not a place for pajaritos, and you
know it. Why on earth would you bring her
here?” Nicole asked.

“Did you just call me a little bird?” Aneesa asked
Nicole who only rolled her eyes.

“More like,’Baby Bird’ it’s what we call the wide
eyed new students who have no clue how hard
we party” Dylan said.

“Most if you aren’t even ready to have leave
your nest,much less come to something like
this” Nicole said with a scoff. Her new braided
shining under the disco lights.

“I came her for your help and not all this! I’m
having troubles with my housing assignment
and Drew said you could help me find a room”
Aneesa told her.

“Consider it done. Just keep whatever witchcraft
you’ve done to make Drew this helpful far way
from me. I’m not nice!” Nicole said and hissed.

“Chillax girl! She’s just a newbie” Cisco calmed
Nicole’s nerve.

“She’s just one of a kind” Nicole scoffed.

“Who says it was witchcraft?” Drew finally broke

“Yeah, maybe it was my bedroom stares”
Aneesa immediately said. She batted her
eyelashes in Drew’s direction, remembering the
feeling of being caught in his arms.

“They hypnotized him so much when we met,he
neatly fell over” Aneesa continued.

“Careful,Baby Bird. The one I remember falling
is you” Drew smirked at her.

She met Drew’s gaze and there was an intensity
there that stirred something inside her… Before
it goes too far she cleared her throat and looked

“Um, Cusco mentioned a game? Should I
prepare for Snakes and Ladders?” Aneesa
asked, naively.

“Not exactly. We play a R-rated version of ‘Red
light,Green light’ Players partnered up and
follows the sexy commands given by Davina
Claire… A well known sexy icebreaker” Dylan

“It’s one hell of an icebreaker, that’s for sure.
You should play!” Cisco suggested while Nicole
only glared at her.

“Whoa, Aneesa didn’t come to party. Baby Bird
isn’t ready to take the leap” Drew spoke.

Oh his lips,the nickname sounded like a
challenge that stokes the competitor in Aneesa
in a way she had never felt before.

“Actually, I’m more than ready. What do I have
to do?” She asked quickly. Before Drew could
reply, a teen girl in the center of the room
cupped her hands around her mouth and called
out over the music.

“All right you tempting TAs and dirty dropouts!
I’m Davina, your headmistress of horny. Who’s
ready to play?” Davina spoke and the students
laughed at her expensive joke.

Aneesa noticed Davina’s eyes appraised Drew
and then t her for just a moment before turning
to adres the crowd.

“Since I’m in a giving moid. We’ll start with a
softball round. Touch your partner’s, but be
creative about it will ya?”Davina said to the

Aneesa’s face heated as all around you, lovers
started groping each other shamelessly and
Drew raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“I’ll let you do the honor” He smirked.. With her
heart in her throat, she let the very tips of her
fingers graze across his chest,breath catching
at the feeling of the well-defined muscles.

“I guess that counts for a baby bird. Next round
is mine though” He whispered to her.

She quickly withdrawed her hand back,unsure
of the flurry in her chest is from nerves or
excitement at the promise in his voice.

“Alright, let’s start heating things up in here for
some extra credit. Next round is body shots..
partner’s choice!” Davina said from the crowd

Drew swiped a lime wedge,a shot and a salt

“Go this work,I drink a shot of tequila,lick the
salt off of you. So where do you want me?” He
whispered sexily.

“You can lick the salt from my neck” She replied.
Timidly, she tipped her head but he took her
gently by the throat,his thumb nudging her chin
to the side and exposing her oulpse point.

“A little more…” He trailed.

Aneesa shivered as he brushed the lime against
her neck,then sprinkled a pinch if salt before
holding the lime rind to her lips.

“Open” He said, barely audible.

Wordlessly,she did and he slipped the bitter perl
into her mouth with a smirk.

“Bite” He told her and bit from it.

“Good girl” He said. His words stoked a flame
she’s never felt before. As she gripped the fruit
between her teeth,Drew down the shot,then…

“Oh!” She exclaimed. He pressed his lips to her
neck,his tongue grazed against her skin, licking
away the sour salty mixture.

“And now the lime” He leaned close,his mouth
opened, brushing against hers as he plucked the
lime from her mouth and sucked.

“Drew….” Aneesa called. His name slipped out of
her in a shuddered breath. Her head felt foggy,
her heart in her throat.

“Detention for all of you dirty boys and girls!
Your punishment.. Strip a layer of clothing from
your partner!” Davina said, biting her lips.

Within a minute the player next to Aneesa
lowered his partner pants with his teeth and the
crowd roared their approval as her stomach felt
full with butterflies.

“Hey, just focus on me” Drew whispered to her.

He shrugged off his jacket and guided her
hands to the hem of his shirt and her fingers
grazed his abs hard and hot as you pulled the
fabric over his head.

She looked up to see Davina staring at her.

“Sorry Drew but you two are disqualified. If you
don’t have the guts t do the challenge yourself,
yourself,you shouldn’t be playing” Davina
smirked at Aneesa.

“Layoff Davina. I was just helping her get more
comfortable. A party like this is a lot for
someone like her” Drew defended.

” Something like me? I thought I told you, you
don’t know anything about me! Who said I’m
not up for this!!” She snapped at him.

“Oh,now that’s the energy I was looking for. You
wanna stay, Baby bird? Then give Drew a sexy
lap dance right here and right now” Davina

The students went wild with excitement at the

Aneesa glanced back at Drew only to find him
already sinking into the couch.

<><><><>TBC ✎<><><><>

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